Author Topic: Nuri's critter creations on a slow evening.  (Read 1201 times)

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Nuri's critter creations on a slow evening.
« on: June 16, 2008, 09:49:08 am »
Below are some of my critters that I've made within the first 5 hours of owning the demo.


I'll make a more accurate Tuskoraptor when I get the full game.

A friend made this one.

The Epictoad. Because it is epic. Why?. Its a mystery.

Misilepod, a creature created by a long dead alien race as a biological weapon, now it lives amongst the decayed ruins of its creators, no carnivore predates upon it, careful examination gives an idea why.

A Hellfist. Yes, Hell does exist, it orbits star PX67-G in the Garook'aksha constellation.

Isn't it adorable?.

The Sqawooch is a cute little critter. It reproduces by paralyzing a sentient lifeform then injecting its ravenous larvae into the abdominal cavity of the host. It evolves into worse...

And last but not least, the Tankmite, a tough little guy, his shell might be hard but his heart is as soft as warm butter.


These are some other beasties made between me and my mate.