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Slartibartfast's Theriomorphic Menagerie
« on: June 14, 2008, 12:55:59 am »

I'm pretty much just messing around at this point.  The few premade creature I've thought of I'm waiting for the full editor before I try them.  Most of these creature have one or two parts that I decided to "Let me see what this does" and I liked the outcome. 

Currently, I'm having the most trouble adjusting the spine.  I'll want to change the angle between just two vertebra and I have a domino effect of cracking the spine like a whip.

Also, my creatures hate the camera.  They either are unphotogenic or just plain uncooperative.  I swear I was trying to take a headshot of Tube-eye and he just started barrel rolling for no reason.


Spotted Stampede

Swamp Hound


Moving Hazard

False Front Fernback

Spotted Tube-eye




Branch Lurking Nest Robber


Cutsie Poo


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