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Re: Blissmaker's Stuff(Buildings, Creatures and Spaceships as for 9/11/08)
« Reply #45 on: September 11, 2008, 12:29:01 pm »
Here's two spaceships I made. I'm planning to use them as a series, so that once a couple a rank up I can switch to a different looking UFO. Will be helpful for a storyline/space diary type thing for a species that I am planning. If you can't see them good from the thumbnails, make sure to download it to view it in your game. I might have some bigger pictures later.

This is the Ironwing Fighter, made of resisto-steel, one of the strongest substances in the galaxy. This was the first spaceship design by the [unknown alien race], the design that first took them off their homeworld and into the galaxy.

This is the Ironwing Cruiser, made of the same substance as the Ironwing Fighter, resisto-steel. This design was incorporated into the [unknown alien race] space fleet after a few hostile encounters with other space-faring races. The Ironwing Cruiser has a more advanced armament than the Fighter, and is bigger. Also, it uses a new Plasma Turbine Hover system. The Turbines are similar to the ones used to power a Fighter's Plasma Jets, except the Hover Turbines are nearly triple as powerful, and channel energy directly form the Turbines to propel the craft. 
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