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A Faerie Tale
« on: April 12, 2008, 08:07:37 am »
(Note:  In this story, I shall be using actual folklore.  So do not try and “correct” me on certain subjects without a source.  For instance, a Kobold is not a lizard-like denizen of DnD, it is the German version of the Knockers, a Cornwall goblin that haunts mines.)

The wind billowed around the old elderwood trees, shaking their thorny branches violently in the early morning fog.  It was a cold autumn morning, and nothing moved save for the swaying branches.  Nothing, that is, except for two small figures stealing quietly through the wood, tears of fright and exhaustion streaming down their faces.

One of these, a boy of about fifteen years, looked sharply back over his shoulders, making sure that no one was following them through the desolate glade.  He was of a thin stature with wild hair, and his gaunt eyes peered fearfully into the dark behind him.

“Never once must we speak of this.  Not once.” He whispered hoarsely to his companion, a small girl covered in ash from head to toe.

He repeated this to her, and she nodded solemnly.

“Not once, brother.  Or the hags will find us again.” She answered softely.

Naught saw them save for those that do not matter…


1.   The village
Jack ran through the marketplace, scampering between the legs of the taller villagers, much to their protest.  Despite being of the age of seven, he was still at the short stature of 3’ 6”, and was ridiculed for this many times by his schoolmates.

He scratched at the band concealed under his black tangled hair, and thought with dread about the tasks that awaited him that day.

It was Sunday.  And Sunday meant going to church.

Oh, how he despised it.  The stiff clothes, the hard benches, but worst of all was the prattle of the priest.

He did not know why, but for some reason every time the priest gave a sermon he felt the uncontrollable urge to laugh out loud, cry, and cringe in terror at the same time.  He disliked this surge of emotions, and thus he had volunteered to get water for his family so that he could clear his head.

With this in mind, he jumped over the stile at the end of the road, an impressive 2 feet tall, and stumbled up to the river bank on the other side of town.

Humming to himself a tune he heard in a dream, he slowly watched as the rushing water filled the bucket in his hand.

Suddenly, someone finished the tune for him.

He looked up startled to see a grinning girl of four years, shorter even than he was, wearing a cloak of scarlet and prancing about on the stile.

“Oh.  It’s only you, Rachel!  For a moment I was worried.”  Jack sighed in relief.  He had heard stories of water creatures like the dreaded Peg Powler, whose sole delight was to drown and devour little children.

“Heya, cuz!  What’cha doin?” she asked, half giggling, half speaking, always prancing about in an almost hypnotic fashion.

“Getting some water to douse your silly hood with, little Red!” he laughed, gesturing the bucket toward her.

She immediately frowned severly, trying not to smile, and said with a pout, “Don’t call me that!”

He laughed, and started to prance around her, flinging water with every step.

“Little red!  Little red!”

She squealed, and started to pelt Jack with acorns.

Suddenly, a clatter from the stream froze them in their tracks.  A green head, adorned with shells, surfaced from the water.

In a dry rasping voice, it spoke.  “Hello, children.  Would you like to go on an adventure?”

It leered at them cruelly.

What should Jack and Rachel do?

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Re: A Faerie Tale
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2008, 09:28:35 am »
A weird guy surfacing from the water? It's obviously a paedophile Gungan.

And if I remember correctly, always follow someone who says "Do you want to go on an adventure?" Or see his puppies.

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Re: A Faerie Tale
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2008, 12:43:32 pm »
Jack looked on with apprehension at the grinning creature staring at him from the water.

"Who are you?" he asked, thinking back to what his parents had told him of Peg Powler and the rest.

At this the monster cackled, causing its shells to clatter about its head in a gruesome manner.

"I am Shellycoat of the Greenteeth clan, vagabonds of the Tuatha de (Too-tha da).  But come out into the river, child.  Many joys and wonders await you in the magic kingdom beneath the surface!"

At this, Rachel piped up.  "Auntie Gretel told us not to talk to strangers, Jack!  Get away from there!"

Shellycoat extended a slimy arm toward Jack.

"Ah, but tell me your name, child.  Then we will no longer be strangers.  We could be friends...forever..."

Jack pondered this.  "My name is Jack Grimm.  This is my cousin Rachel Grimm.  I would love to go exploring with you, but now's not the time.  We got ta' go to church..."

Shellycoat cried out and coughed.  "Jack?!  Jack o' Tales?  F-forgive me, master.  My eyesight is not what it was."

With this, the vile monster dived once again into the creek.

Jack stared confused at Rachel.  Had they really seen that?  Was it just a dream?  What did Shellycoat mean by "Jack o' Tales?"

His reverie was interrupted by the church bells.  They were late!

He and Rachel scrambled up from the riverbank, sodden all over.

Jack bumped into the preacher as he stepped out the church door.  He scrutinized Jack all over.  "Where have you been, child?"
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Re: A Faerie Tale
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(Meh.  There isn't much of a choice there.  Don't worry, it will get interesting soon!)

“At the river.”  Jack mumbled, averting his gaze.  He subconsciously tugged at his headband, and scampered into the congregation.  His mother, scrutinizing his ruined clothes, gave him an angry glare.  His father appeared indifferent.

The sermon was agonizing, worse than before.  The preacher seemed to resemble Shellycoat, and flecks of black seemed to emanate from him.  Everything just seemed so unnatural!

He stole a glance at Rachel.  She was fiddling on her chair, playing with her hood.  Grinning at Jack, she mimicked the manner of the priest’s face.  Jack was shocked.

You too? he mouthed at her.  She stole back a giggle, nodded, and ducked under the bench.

No!  Jack thought!  Not now!  He looked on as the small form wriggled out between the seats, unseen by the rest of the congregation.  Sweat started to pour down Jack’s face, as he thought of the consequences of her being caught.

He forced himself to look at the priest again, his face now resembling a donkey, and did not see as Rachel accidentally tipped over the bowl of water at the church entrance!

Everyone spun around at the large grating sound of stone hitting wood, the splash of water cascading around the door, and the shriek of Rachel as she tossed around in pain.

The priest immediately ran over to help her, but stopped in his tracks as soon as he got closer.  His eyes popped out, and his vein pulsating, he looked on as dark red burns started to form where the holy water had touched her.

Jack’s mother and uncle exchanged guilty glances, and solemnly stood up to take Rachel away.

The priest, who now had a dark look on his face, ushered the rest of the villagers out.

2.   Consequences

Jack hid behind a gravestone, having followed his mother to the back of the cemetary, at the outskirts of town.  He looked on as the priest paced around a scared Rachel, who was now crying.

“She is not your child?”  The priest demanded of Jack’s uncle.  He slowly shook his head.

The priest stared at Rachel, and said slowly, “We must perform the rites…”

At this Jack’s mother cried out.  “No!  You cannot do that!  They’re only children!”

The priest looked up in shock.

“They, Gretel?  There is more than one?  By God, woman!  Why did you not exorcize the spirits earlier?  Who is it?  Is it your bastard son?  Weak and sickly boy…  They’ll be killing livestock soon!”

At this, Jack’s uncle stood up angrily.
“It’s not our fault.  We couldn’t bring our children back!  The witches…”

“To hell with the witches, Hans!  This…thing is a crime against God!  They do not belong!  They never will!

He struck Rachel across the face.  She cried out in pain, and fell to the dirt.

Jack rushed out of his hiding place.  “Don’t hurt her!” he yelled.

“No, Jack!  No!” Hans yelled.  But it was too late…

The priest scrutinized Jack.  “You are one of them too, aren’t you?”

With a nasty glint in his eye, the priest grabbed Jack’s hair, and tore off his headband.

Two long pointy ears unfurled, and Jack grabbed at them, trying unsuccessfully to hid them.

What should Jack and Rachel do now?
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