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« on: March 30, 2008, 03:51:02 pm »
These are the events of the Cymbroix System, the planetary bodies around the Star closest to the galactic senate.(If anyone wants their planet here, message me first!!)

Current Planets with intelligent sapient life-forms

1.Sunzazim(Tropical Archipelago)- Home of the Leogrec

2.Gahvia(Rocky)- Moon of Sunzazim and home to the Ollijians

Ulvindor(Fiery, volcanic world)

Quick timeline of the system's events (we'll just go by normal years for the sake of time)

2067- Sunzazim is invaded by Insectoid race Vubana. The Leogrec lear much of intergalactic culture from their ships.

2099-First full blast hyperspace engine successfully sends Leogrec politicians to the galactic senate.

2100- The Leogrec decide to colonize the nearby moon of Gahvia, preparations take one year.

2101- Leogrec Shuttle Fleet of 4 ships and 50 colonizers land on Gahvia.

2101- Leogrec representatives develop close freindships with the Ollijians, the dominant race of Gahvia

2102- Ollijian technology is literally skyrocketed 200 years, and Ollijians have now learned how to pilot ships given to them by the Leogrec.

2103- Construction on the Sunzazim-Gahvia Space Station begins with the Leogrec doing all the scientific and architectural work, and the Ollijians supplying manpower.

2104- Ollijian cities begin to rise under great governmental reforms.

2105- The Leogrec Space fleet is established using vubana inspired space weaponry and advanced engines.

2106- The Ollijian Space fleet is established with specially modified ships given by the Leogrec.

2107- The Emerald Phoenix, one of the largest ships in the galaxy(to Leogrec knowlege), is completed after being constructed for 30 years in secret by the Leogrec. It is a mobile space city, with a maximum capacity of 3,500 and huge broadside flanking artillery guns and 2 Nuclear warhead launchers. This obviously, is the Leogrec Flagship. The crew can stay on this ship for 2 years without the need for life support.

2108- Energy sheilds are developed suprisingly by Ollijian scientists, and are applied to all ships for extra protection

2109- The Ollijians gain a seat on the galactic senate- their population is now at 2 million.

2110- Tal'po and Blargbellian embassies are established on sunzazim.

2111- Trade with the Tal'po and Blargbellians is highly active.

2111- Due to Tal'po and Blargbellian technology, new guns are added to Leogrec and Ollijian Ships, including mini-black hole guns from the blargbellians, and more efficient engines from the tal'po.

2112- The Ollijians develop laser guns as a result of exposure to Blargbellian technology, and their medicines are now applied to advnaced technologies.

2113- The Ollijian Medical Core is Established.

2115- The Sunzazim-Gahvia Space Station is completed.approximatley 2 million people live here.

2115- Leogrec and Ollijian Explorers on the Emerald Phoenix venture into the abyss of space to further explore the newly named Cymbroix System.

2118- The Emerald Phoenix Scanners Detect life on the Planet of Ulvindor

2118- The Emerald Phoenix is attacked by Ulvindorian Ships.

2118- The Ulvindorian-Leogrecian-Ollijian war, a.k.a the ULO war rages on for 2 years

2120- The Ulvindorians are beaten into submission, and an uneasy truce

2121- The Ulvindorians finally wise up, and begin to weave a loose freindship with the Leogrec and Ollijians.

2122- The Leogrec and Ollijians realize that interplanetary unity is neccesary, so they establish 3 hyperpace gates to the station using trade technologies, and Military and Trade agreements are made with the Ulvindorians

2123- The Cybroix System Alliance is Established (Leogrec, Ulvindorians, Ollijians)