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The kuro
« on: March 29, 2008, 10:52:38 pm »
Got bored, so i posted up something that i've cobbled together from looking at the different creature parts and renders availiable.

Name: Kuro

two arthropod legs with sucker feet
6 eyes located on the knees
A large toothed mouth in the torso
Two arms with extendable spines, acidic sacs, and hands
two mantis scythes located on the shoulders
a head with three eyes

Diet:Having evolved acidic sacs and a mouth connected to their stomach, the kuro can ingest most other organisms and flora quite easily. However being of a predatory nature, the kuro prefer the sustanance of flesh over plants, their favorite being fish.

Government: Being of insect descent, the kuro are ruled over by a hybrid of a hive mind and an oligarchy; Working together for the common good of all but resting at the top, the royal family vie for power over the matriarchy of the hive. Although connected through a hive mind, evolution has catered the kuro an increasing level of sentiency and individuality. The result being small tribes of kuro's breaking off from the main hive to form cities and villages. Furthermore this individuality given has made kuro's stand on two feet, evolving hands instead of suckers and allowing the development of technology to take place.

Habitat: Having evolved dorsal fins and suckers on their feet, the primary habitat of the kuro is usually near large body's of water or caves. This allows them an abundant supply of fish as well as safety from other predators that lack the ability to fly or climb.

Lifespan: 1 - 50 years, although descended

Particular habits:
Infancy:Climbing caves, impaling fish
Adolesence:Consuming giant lollypops, yelling whassup.
Adulthood:Entering either the soldier corps or worker corps of their hivemind/ village

Sitting quietly waiting for spore's release....... for 2 years and counting T_T.

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Re: The kuro
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2008, 12:15:30 am »
Awesome race! 8) ;D

Man it'd be so awesome if they can wear wing-like jetpacks! 8)

Adolesence:Consuming giant lollypops, yelling whassup.
:D True. So true. ;)