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The Highlight Thread
« on: March 24, 2008, 08:03:39 pm »
Hey guys/gals, I was inspired by the Half Life Highlight video in the PC section to make my own thread that centers around Highlights and or Custom made movies that are around the net. I know theres a youtube section but I figured this thread could be used to compile all of the highlights out there from various catagories they dont even have to be from youtube. So lets see what Highlights you guys can get! Dont be afraid to make your own and post them either!

My Found Videos:
GSP Highlight-
Damn straight it had to be the first one on the list! Great use of all the editing tools especially blackouts and it has a badass introduction with props to X-3!
Highlight Reel Video-
Simply awsome video compiling all sorts of great stunts and feats!

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