Author Topic: Looking for a Spore-Specific Writer for the Main Site!  (Read 4129 times)

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Looking for a Spore-Specific Writer for the Main Site!
« on: February 13, 2008, 08:04:03 pm »
Between running the main site, trying to keep up with all aspects of the gaming world, and working full-time, I simply don't have the time to cover every single Spore-related article and cover it on the main site. Hence, I am looking for a full-time contributor for the main site to cover all things Spore-related on a daily basis.

If you are interested in applying for this position here are the details:

I am looking for a writer who can post on a daily basis on all things Spore-related on the Gaming Steve section of the main site. This position requires:
  • The time and passion to keep up with the latest developments within the Spore-world and writing about them for the site. This will require you to continuously scan dozens of sites and keep close tabs within the Gaming Steve forum for the latest and greatest in Spore developments.
  • Solid writing ability.
  • Ability to write under pressure and quickly respond to the latest news.
  • A professional attitude towards the gaming industry and gaming as hobby.

In addition, I also require that you:
  • Possess a fast computer (a laptop is best).
  • A fast, reliable Internet connection.
  • Have the software and knowledge to create and manipulate photos and screenshots.
  • Understand basic HTML coding.
  • Are eligible to work from wherever you are writing from.
  • Are reachable via cell, IM, Skype, etc.

This is a non-paid position, but you will have access and get insight into perhaps one of the most anticipated games of all time. This can include interviews with the Spore development team, hands out demonstrations of the full-game, invitations to Spore-related community events, and more!

How to Apply
Send an email to an email with the following information (all information will be kept completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone in any manner):
  • Your Full Name (preferably in the subject line).
  • Your City, State, and Country.
  • Daytime & Evening Phone numbers.
  • Your Email Address.
  • A cover letter telling me why you want to join the site.
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What is your educational background?
  • How long have you been playing video games?
  • What consoles do you currently own?
  • Please provide two NEW writing samples, each no more than 300 words in length. Obviously these should be Spore-related and can cover one of the many Spore-related news items which have appeared over the last few days. Please write these two articles as if they would be posted on the main site.

I will only consider 100% complete applications. After I have received a enough applications I will follow-up with the finalists with additional details. Due to the expected volume I cannot respond to each and every application, but I do thank for your interest and will be looking for more contributors in the future. Good luck all!
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