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The peace within war.
« on: February 11, 2008, 03:43:47 am »
I originally started this as a story on soda. I don't really need to show you this but hey.

I would like critics.

Chapter 1: Beliefs.

It was a clear, Silent night. The moon lit the snow with a Bright reflection like a small, heatless sun.
The flames from a bonfire lights the street houses nearby. A man walks down a street,
Being careful not to be followed. he turns into an alley and heads down the steps.

He chaps the door in a tune, almost in slow motion as the cold hurts his bare hands.
"Come in." Speaks a man in the house. He opens the door and closes it.
He then sits down by a fireplace and begins to speak. "Hello Davidson sir."
"Hello." Replies the man. "Do you have the items?"
"Good, Good. We'll leave for Telvec tomorrow."
"Sir, Telvec is under the Ministry's rule."
"What? When did the Telvec Defence lose?"
"A week ago, sir."
"Brimston, Tell me why." Davidson replies.
"Well, The floods came in and halted all activity so the Ministry could seize most of the
civilian towns and farms. When the floods disappeared, the Ministry's forces captured
the island." Brimston explains. Davidson sighs, A sigh that People do when they hear bad news.
"Tell me this," Davidson pauses. "Did you get all four items?" He asks.
Brimston moves a space on the coffee table and places a suitcase on the table.
He then opens the suitcase to show an axe, a key, a sword and a shield. All were made
from valuable metals and gems. There were carvings on the metal in an odd style.

Brimston payed no attention to the detail. Brimston heats his hands on the fire,
Noting the messy paper all around the house. He has to crouch because he is so tall.
"I don't know what these are for sir"
"You will know what it is for when it's ready, In the meantime, have a cup of tea."
"Thank you." Brimston replies. Davidson walks into the kitchen.
Brimston Finally notices the markings, and pulls out a piece of paper. He sketches the markings down
and puts the paper away when Davidson comes back. "Here you go." Davidson spoke.
"Thank you." Brimston says, taking the cup with both hands and sipping.
"So Davidson," Brimston asks, "What will you do with these items? I mean, You surely don't believe that
those weapons will help you, no?"
"Silence! Those weapons will help the whole war to end on the better side."
"But si-"
"Look, there are things in this world you won't understand. Even I won't. But what I do
understand is that I won't be tricked by a mere thief who I hired."
Brimston got up. "How dare you call me a thief!" He yelled. Brimston storms out and leaves the town.

At the same time in a town called Ts'uil, A group of kids have entered in an old warehouse.
Two children in particular, Are looking about. John Foley and Lanna Syston. Lanna had brown
hair that reached her shoulders. She had blue eyes and a gleaming smile.

She was wearing a coat because of the cold outside. John wore one too. Unlike Lanna, John barely smiled.
He had black, curly hair and eyes that were red. John was using a key he found to look through the file cabinets.
He had to waft the dust away as the paper inside was old. He looked through the files to find an old dictionary
and a few diagrams. He puts the items in his pocket when Lanna catches him. "Boo!"
"Please Don't Lanna, I'm not in the mood." Remarked John. He turned round and sat on a swivel chair.
"Oh come on! You never are in the mood, are you?" Asked Lanna.
"Aww." Lanna and John left the room and headed up the stairs but john pulled Lanna down to the ground.
"What was tha-"
"Shh, Shh. there's someone here." Whispered John. Lanna knew he wasn't kidding because he only lies
when he has to. They kept silent and soon enough heard a man in heavy boots coming up the stairs
opposite them. Lanna peered through the steps to see a tall man walk up the steps.

"Old fool. Calling me a thief. I'll get him." Muttered Brimston.
"Who is he?" Whispered Lanna.
"No idea. He sounds Yureekan to me." John Whispered back.
"Or she. Yureekans have deep voic-"
"Shh!" John hurriedly whispered. Brimston turned is head to the whispering. John Covered his, and Lanna's mouth.
Brimston Turned his head away and proceeded up the steps to the top floor. "Lanna, let's get out of here but be
very quiet." Whispered John into Lanna's ear.
"But what abo-"
"I'm sure they have left." John replied to Lanna's ear. They slowly moved down the steps, Being careful not to
make noise. When they got to the door, They both made a run for outside and raced down the quiet streets.
John stopped and looked at the warehouse to see Brimston staring at him and Lanna. He gave a shiver,
and ran to catch up with Lanna. "Let's go back with the others, It's getting cold." Lanna and John walk slowly on
the pavement, Noting the trashed buildings, The fires and a few Boarded up doors and windows.
How such a place with such damage done to it still have an economy, no one knows.

The town has always seemed to be a welcome home. Weather it be an Orphan, Convict, or a man making money,
people get along here. John the stops out side a Shopping mall. The doors are boarded with plywood
and the windows sealed. Lanna has already opened the door. John Looks at it, Sighs, Then follows
the footsteps into the mall. He closes the door and looks at the massive fire in the hall.

It is contained by stones and metal around and clothes are put on the floor nearby.
There are sounds of children playing, and Lanna's already in the Bed store.
"Home Sweet home." Mutters John. He heads into a room of his own in the Bed store, Each has plywood walls and
doors, and puts the paper in a small chest of drawers. He changes to A pair of jeans, sandals and T-Shirt.
John then picks up his outside kit and places it by the fire to dry. He goes to bed and falls asleep.
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Re: The peace within war.
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2008, 03:48:01 am »
Chapter 2: Translations and codes.

Davidson was busy looking through books and the markings on the items. He
was taking down a few notes on a piece of paper and was muttering to himself.
"Meh." He looks at the sword. "Hmm." He writes the item down and reads the
book. "Oh, A torture curse." He takes more notes.
He begins to read all his notes. After a while he stops reading his few notes
to look at the sword. It is made of gold, With a ruby covering the bottom of the handle.

The markings cover the handle and blade. It was sharp, and a tough blade
that would take a lot to shatter. Davidson slid his finger up the blade,
being careful not to hurt himself on such a cursed item.
He picks up the key and reads the markings.

Davidson looks through the book and drops it. His eyes widen, Gasping for
breath. He then looks at the key and gulps. Davidson Jumps out of his chair
and collects all of the items. He then goes outside, barely wearing anything.

He makes it to the warehouse in the bitter cold. He climbs halfway up the steps
Before he realises his mistake and succumbs to the cold. He drops the case
down the other steps and it falls under a bookcase, out of sight.
"Well, Well, Well. Look who it is. Davidson sir." Mocks a voice on a balcony nearby.
"Please, don-"
"Be quiet!" Snapped Brimston. He walks down the steps to Davidson.
"Brimston, don't!" Pleaded Davidson, shivering violently.
"Don't what? let you live? Steal the sword? You're going to die fool." Brimston leaves
the building and goes to Davidson's house. Davidson soon falls unconscious
to the cold as he slowly freezes. he makes one last breath, and dies.
Smashing the door open by running into it, Brimston enters the house.
Brimstone begins to frantically search the house. "Where is it?" He spoke to himself.
Finally, after trashing the house, Brimston gives up and comes back to the warehouse.
He then moves Davidson's corpse up the stairs where he unlocks a door, puts
him inside and closes it. "Pathetic old fool." He mutters as he leaves the warehouse.
He climbs into a parked car, turns it on and drives it out of town.

By daybreak the town of Ts'uil becomes more active. More people walk across the streets
and shops open up. In the mall the children sell some of the food they grow for gold
or items of use. Lanna was already awake, banging on John's Door. "Wake up, john!
it's Monday!" John was already awake, reading the notes and book.
"Come in, Lanna." John said through the door. Lanna enters, Eyes widened with curiosity.
"What are those papers for?" She asked.
"Hobby." John replies putting them into a drawer.
"Well, C'mon! It's 4 pm and the stalls open in an hour. We gotta get our stocks of food to
sell!" Urged Lanna, pulling john out of bed. They walk into the Parking lot next to the mall.

It's heated by a few fires about and plants, animals and others are processed there.
Just outside are stalls selling almost anything. Herbs, Meat, Clear water,(The water in the snow
can make people sick.) Firewood, Paper and clothes. Almost anything is made by the
children in the mall. Lanna and John head to the 4th floor: Meat and milk. They are
selling some milk and lamb as well as some toiken crabs and artical salmon.

Lanna was busy milking the cows while John smoked the lamb. He killed them before
Lanna woke up because he knew she feels sick at the sight of blood. John places his
meat on the bottom half of a red food tray(Food poisoning.) and moves to a blue stall.
He takes the Lamb and sells it for about 14 gold coins. A good profit for some lamb.
He takes the cart back up and takes the rest of the lamb.

Lanna puts the milk in some clean bottles and seals the top. She carries the Bottles
to a short green stall with "Milk and herbs." written across it. Lanna sold each
for 4 gold coins a piece and this continued until 4 PM. The other half
of the children came and took the current sellers place, and Lanna, John
and the other children left for other places. Some children were already at the
warehouse looking for items to decorate their rooms, play or study with.

Just as John enters a few girls scream. He heads upstairs to where the screams
came from. He remembers it as the room that Brimston was in last night. John turns to one
of the girls called Goodfellow. John then looks at the cupboard. "What Happened?"
asked John. "Well, Hope opened the door and this dead body fell out."
"Has anybody else seen this?"
"Umm, no."
"Don't tell anybody about this. Okay?"
"I won't. what are you going to do with it?"
"Bury the poor man in the graveyard."
"Ohh. I'm off."
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Re: The peace within war.
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Chapter 3: The Ruby and the curse.

Lanna was in the cabinet, looking around. She trips on a book she didn't
Put away. As she was about to get up, she spots a handle of a suitcase,
just under a bookcase. Lanna pulls it out, wondering what is inside.
She hides between two cabinets, careful not to be seen. Lanna then
opens the case to see a shield, a sword, a key and an axe. She also spotted
some notes. After looking at the items, She closes the case in awe.

Dumbfounded, Lanna races to John, In hope he knows what's going on.
"John! John! I found something you need to look at." said Lanna.
"What is it?" replies john.
"Well, I was looking through these books and I found a suitcase,
And there was these items that looked like your drawings and
please John, Look at them!" Lanna was out of breath from not stopping to breathe.

John Takes the case and opens it. He looks around, feeling the sword and axe.
he then reads the notes.

As I read the markings I feel scared. The markings are curses, Not good ones
either. They bring great power, But great misery. The one that upsets me most
is that of the sword. If the sword breaks the skin, The curse says that the person
who has been cut will have their flesh incinerated at that second. It also says
that the owner will die once the sword is taken from him. Personally all the
items are horrible and must be destroyed...

John gasped. he was astounded as he looked at the items in the case.
His heart was thumping, His blood boiling. He can't believe that he was
holding one of the most cursed items in the world. He looks at the axe,
he remembers the diagrams. John gulps and puts everything back in
the case. "Lanna, we have got to hide this..." He says, in shock.
"Why?" Asked Lanna.
"We just have to." Replied john.
Lanna and John walk away, Not having a clue that two armies, Two
powerful armies, Were after those items. And both were watching them.

The first was the Ministry of Amicria, An army that was more or less wanting
to remove all magical entities. They are a powerful army with advanced weapons.
The second was the Ruvonia forces. They wanted peace between magic and technology.
Both armies began a war. This war took the whole world by storm.

Most children in Ts'uil are orphans or runaways. As the Ministry's power grew, The people
who used magic were discriminated. At first, they were banned from public places.
Then they were fired from their jobs and evicted. The Ministry soon collected the people
and tortured, beat, interrogated and killed them. Some children ran away from this Genocide.
and most end up in towns under Ruvonia control. Ts'uil is one of those towns.

Just as Lanna and John walk to the mall, A hovering plane scans their case. The images are
transmitted to a nearby recon ship called Ruby. A man searching the screens receives
the message, And shocked, quickly reports to the captain. "Captain Boloil? I have some images
that are very strange." Said the crewman. Captain Boloil, A tall, Healthy man, Turns from his
ever-important paperwork. "Yes?" asked Boloil.
"Well, our recon plane has captured some images of magical artifacts. The artifacts seem to be harmful
weapons. They also seem to be of value." The crewman reports to his captain. Boloil thinks for a
moment, and finally makes some orders. "Send a small garrison of troops and a light tank. We'll
take the town, Remove the people and destroy the artifacts."
"But captain, most of the people are ch-"
"Most of the people are with Ruvonian forces! Do the order or be killed."
The crewman goes to give the orders, hoping that the children will be safe.

Meanwhile in another building, A man holding a sapphire mirror, Was looking at John
and Lanna. The image of the children faded to show a man, In his thirties, Appear on
the mirror. "The town will be under attack, Wizard. Make sure they get out of here with the
items." The man closes the mirror case and looks at the spyplane. He pretends to be holding
its wings, And as he pretends to rip them off, The planes wings fall off and it plummets.

As it crashes, It narrowly misses a small group of children. John turns round to see the horror
as most children know what it is. He turns to Lanna and says "Get your clothes and some food,
we have to leave, now!"
"You don't want to know." They made for the mall, Took their clothes which they packed into a
Backpack, Took the case, Took some food, Took John's papers and made for the forest.

As soon as the made the forest, Lanna asks "Why do we need the items?"
"The Ministry is after the items, A spy plane just fell down so they know we have it
and they'll kill us if they find us with these things, and do worse if they don't find us
with them. We need to get the items to any Ruvonian general to end the war. That's why."
"But how do you know it'll end the war?"
"They sent a spy plane, no?"
With that break the head for the closest town, Straksborg.
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Re: The peace within war.
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Chapter 4: A race for safety.

A few hours into the night, Most people have left for nearby towns. Only a few
people have armed themselves. The town was silent, A calm, Quiet haze like
total blackness. At midnight, A tank drove into the middle of the main street,
Next to the mall.

A few children had been practicing spells like throwing objects and making fire,
But not this. The tank turns to the mall and aims for the top window. There was
an Arua of hate in the air. The tank fires, Making the front of the mall collapse.
At that time at least fifty men raced into the town. The battle had begun.

Goodfellow was teamed up with three more children. They had some TNT and
had prepared a few fire spells and throwing spells. Two soldiers barge the door
down only to be knocked out with a pushing spell. They then go to the side and
fire into the house with their guns. Goodfellow got hit in the back and collapsed
onto the floor. None of the children moved to her. One man climbed in through
the window and one of the children burnt his face with a fire spell, killing him.
Another child used a throwing spell to impale the other with a knife
as he runs through the door.

Goodfellow climbs to the corner. They pause to hear the sound of explodions
from the tank and the sounds of bullets. She breathes hard, and says "Look. I
need you to blow up that tank. Use those TNT barrels to destroy it. After that
we have a chance to escape." One of the children, Ross,  walks to the barrels.
He pauses, and uses a throwing spell to try and attack the tank. The barrel faces
the house, and fires.

The shell makes quick work of the house as the TNT explodes,
destroying the small house. After a few minutes the town lay in ruins
and not a soul spoke. The captured kids were locked into cages and
sent by boat to Telvec's POW camps. The others were already dead or had made it to
the forest. Captian Boloil stands next to the tank. The tank Sargent looks at the forest
and turns to the Captian. "Should we burn it down?" the captian turns to look at him
and replys "No."
"Then what?"
"We chase them down."
"Why? couldn't we just burn the forest."
"That forest streaches across most of our countries in the south. If the forest is set alight
and left, it will go out of control."
"Yes captian."

Lanna and John make it to an old temple. The place is cracked like broken glass.
Smoke rose from the middle of the ruins and a few tents surrounded it.
This was a good site to rest as they had been walking for hours, days even.
However, the place was very odd. Over the whole clearing, and the ruins, was a blue
dome. You could see it. It did exist. But it was there.

Lanna and John Moved towards it with aching feet and sore bones. Being cautious, John
pulled out the sword to touch it. Lanna quickly grabs his hand and asks "Are you stupid?
You know what will happen it you use it!" John looks at her with a knowing glance.
"Yes. I do know. Now stand back." He stabs the dome with force, but to his suprise, he falls
as if he was cutting air. His whole body falls through landing on the soft grass.

He picks himself up, embarrassed. Lanna steps through with ease. They walk abou the ruins,
marvalling at the small shelters. Someone took their time building this. They think for a moment.
"hello." spoke a voice from behind. Lanna and John both jumped forward, with John holding the kinfe
to the man. "Who are you?" John called out. Startled by the man. He stepped back.
"I am Elcator. I am one of the many demons here. Who are you?" John didn't answer.
Instead he asked "What is this dome for?" The man looked at him with eyes of hate, yet filled with
love. He replied "This was made to prevent me from escaping here. I can travel through bodies
on touch, so people fear me. They put me here with only one way to escape." John feared him.
Lanna feared him. He knew it.

Elcator heads into the ruins with john and lanna following. John has the sword on hand, ready to attack.
Lanna stands behind John, for safety. Elcator soon goes down the stairs. John, who was dying to run away
like Lanna was wanting to, followed. He felt as if he was under a spell, being moved against his will.

They both move towards a room a few corridors away. In that room is a chair covered on leather
restraints. It had blood on it. John Looked shocked at that chair, thinking of the people who could have
died in it. Elcator Turned to them and spoke "This body was of a man named Tisel Gorth. When I crossed him,
I took over and came here. For four weeks I kept his body here until he died. his body is beginning to rot,
so I need a replacement." The Demon turns and goes for John, who has his sword drawn. He goes to punch
him but is cut by the blade. His arm is suddenly ablaze. "Ha ha ha. Thank you John!" the man calls, seemingly
unharmed. "You see, you own that blade and guess what? I don't need to touch who I posses." John looks
on in disbelief. The man falls down, dead. The flames in his body burn out.

Lanna changes from upset to angry. She walks past John without a glance and picks some keys out of
the dead man's burnt pocket. She turns to John, who is standing dumbfounded, and speaks.
"John, guess who?" John gulps. The possesed Lanna then sits down.
"Elcator, No!" Her body gives no response. The key begins to hover, and begins to lock each restraint.
John hs his sword ready to cut the straps but knows if he makes a small mistake Lanna would be killed.
After all the locks are in place. Her emotions change from spite to sorrow.

"John... Where am I? John, Help! Please.."  Lanna wept. She was pulling and thrashing, but to no avail.
John just stood there with a face of misery. He took a step to grab the floating keys.
John grabs them but they felt like a burning star. He lets them go and sees the impressions on his palm.

He turns to Lanna. "Elcator, I need to talk to you."
"What?" Lanna's possesed body snaps back.
"Is there any way I can get Lanna back and help you?" She looks at him with an evil passion.
"Well, there is one way. There is a doll, a golden doll in the town of Straksborg, I want you to go and get it,
then bring it to me. I can take it's body and you will get Lanna back." She replies.  "But make no mistake, she
has a week to live before she dies from starvation." John stares at her. He wants to take that Demon and
rip him apart, he want's to kill Elcator, but he can't. "Okay." is all he could say.

He walks out of the room, leaving Lanna's bag. As soon as he leaves two stone doors crash, closing the
room off from the world. At least the Ministry won't find her. John Soon leaves the ruins to see a group
of kids outside. He walks out the dome and looks at them. "Hello Ryan." He says to one of the kids.
"Why are you here?" he replied. Ryan stares at him with angry eyes.
"To escape the Ministry." John replied. "The dome offers no protection. I think you should go to Straksborg."

He walks back through to look for anything, anything to find. Then he spots the tunnel: It has closed up.
Relieved that the Ministry won't find her at all, he begins his hike to Straksborg. Just behind the other kids.

After a few minuites of hiking he sits down to eat some cold chicken and a slice of stale bread. As he eats
his meal he begins to worry. What if she dies before he can get the doll? What will the demon do? John puts
it all at the back of his mind. He continues up the cliff for about an hour. He was aching with pain and regret and
sorrow for lanna: She's stuck in a black room, bound to a chair, with that demon in her. He felt horrible.
John hikes a few more miniutes before he gets to the town. It was small, yet active. The glow of the moon was
nothing compared to the lights here. He wanted to find the doll but he needed to rest. John pulls out a few clothes and
falls asleep: Tomorrow, he'll get that doll.

"Hello, Wh- Who's there?" asks lanna, Weeping in the dark.
Just me. Lanna stops.
"Who are you? why am I here?" she asks.
You're here because I need your body. Unless your friend John gets me somthing I need, Bye bye lanna.
"You sick, sick thing, if I have a cha-" A sudden peice of cloth gags her mouth shut. Lanna is left trying to scream.
You would do wise to be quiet. Two torches flare up, showing a spear, floating as if by magic, inches from her forehead.
Lanna stopped trying to scream, overcome with fear. She faced a harsh reality: This Demon would kill her at any second.
Now sleep child. The torches turn off.

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Re: The peace within war.
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Chapter 5: Alone.

It was a long night for Lanna. She struggled until her wrists were bleeding and
she was starving. It was pitch black, there is no echo and the only exit is a
small hole, only a few centimeters wide. It was gloomy. She knew that there
was a demon, inside her, able to control her body, alive or not. That that demon
can control other things too. She had little hope. All she could do is pray that John
makes it in time, but even Elcator crushed that hope, all night, all day.

By morning her spirits were almost lifted. It was bright enough to see herself, even
if it was just a silhouette. Her body ached. Lanna was just happy she's still alive, in pain but alive.
Her wrists ached. She cut them trying to struggle free and they were bleeding all night.
Her hands were red from dried blood. She was still gagged from the night before and the spear
was still floating infront of her.

Good morning. I see you were dreaming About John. How did he know? She wondered why he can do that.
I can read your thoughts. I'll untie the cloth now. The cloth around her mouth falls down.
"Thank you." is all she could say, Her mouth was dry and her throught sore. Hmm, It seems you
need a drink.
Lanna was helpless as a bottle of water rammed into her mouth and poured into her
gullet. She began to drink as she would choke if she didn't. The bottle then floats harmlessly to the floor.
Now child, it's best to keep quiet. The cloth slowly floats to her mouth. Lanna screams as it comes
to her lips. She goes to scream again but the spear hits her in the leg, cutting the skin. The cloth covers her mouth,
letting her muffled screams fill the room. The spear stabs her hand, making blood gush down the chair.
Lanna stopped screaming and went silent. All she could do is hope.

John Had a better sleep. He was up and had some water and the rest of the bread. He was already changed
and had hit the town already. He had hit the markets and he never found what he was looking for.
John did not give hope. He looks around and, soon enough, he finds the doll in the front shelf of an antique store.
He's also glad of the price. He has 16 gold coins, the doll costs 14. John walks in to the shop, happy that Lanna will
be safe.

"I wod nut buy dat doll." The man behind the counter murmurs. The Shop is dusty and he's reading a book.
"Why?" John replied. How did he know? did he say somthing?
"Nup. dat demon is gonna kill you if he in dat doll. I wead minds you tee." He replied.
"Oh." John was stunned. He's never known about mind reading.
"I'll buy it anyway, I'm sure I can handle him." The shopkeeper gives him a look with his eyes. He grunts in fustration
and slams his hand down. "Tine. Take it. I don't care." John hands him the money and receives the doll. The man holds
him by the sholder and says "Wen you get your freend back, get oudda there."
"Ok." John heads back to the mountian with the doll. He has already put his sword in his belt so he can climb.
He reaches the top and gasps. When he left, the Ministry had gotten to the camp. There were gaurds everywhere.
Most were patrolling the edge of the dome in the falling sun as it got darker and darker. John would have to wait until night.

It had taken hours before it reached midnight. Lanna was still gagged, only being able to speak when Elcator forces her to drink.
She had been beaten badly with the spear: She had been covered with cuts and bruises. She had stopped trying to struggle or call
for help, all she did was cry silently.

The Captain had found the opening to the stairs, and had began to tunnel through the stone door. Lanna heard the noises of the men.
She flinched, hoping they would lose interest. As the final pieces of rock were blasted away, she almost let out a scream.
She started to struggle, pulling at the straps with all her might. The first few soldiers moved into the room, guns to her head.
The captain came in with a man. The man had a black suit and a chair he unfolded in front of her.

"Pull off that cloth. I want to talk to her."  as soon as the guard pulls off the cloth Elcator begins to speak. "Kill me." Lanna's tears ran
down her face. She wanted out of the chair but Elcator is trying to get her killed. She speaks with anger but her face is full of misery.
"Quiet Demon! I want to talk to the host."
"How did you know?" screamed the possessed Lanna.
"This dome is for keeping demons in. I know these things. Now let me speak to the child."
She pauses and begins to cry. Lanna starts to speak, full of pain and sorrow. "Help... Please, help me..... He's wanting to kill m-"
Before she could finish the spear launches an attack. The man catches the spear and holds it. Lanna starts to struggle again.
"Help! Please, help!" She cried. Everyone was focusing on the spear, how it flew to her head and how it is almost alive.

During this time John had sneaked to the entrance. He had already avoided contact with the other guards and had raced
down the corridor to see the sight. Lanna, still tied to the chair. The man fighting the spear and the other men looking dumbfounded.
Lanna was the first to see John. "John! Help!" John raced down the corridor and flung the doll at her. The doll hits her chest and falls
to her lap.

They all look at the doll for a few seconds. It smiles. The doll picks itself up and jumps off her lap. "John. I'll kill you." the doll spoke.
He runs towards one of the men and taps him, trying to possess that man. He doesn't. He taps him again. Won't work. He tries to
make the spear move. No change. "What did you do to me!" Elcator yelled.
"Trapped you in that doll you wanted. Now, how did you possess Lanna and why?"
The doll laughs. "Because We can't live outside human bodies and we can travel through touch. We don't, and do, exist."
The soldiers cage the Doll before it has time to escape and already have their guns pointed at John. "Put your sword down." said one of
the soldiers. John puts his item down. The soldier kicks it away. John falls to his knees, full with pain. It feels like he's been stabbed
in the heart. The other soldiers cut Lanna's bonds and watch her slowly, and painfully get out the seat. The men already have hancuffed
both of them and began to move them both up the stairs. John tries to resist. The captian hits him yelling "quiet!"

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Re: The peace within war.
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Chapter 6: Ghostly truths.

John was seated in a chair, writhing in pain. A soldier was holding his sword, he stood about ten meters away
from him. Another man, the one that questioned Lanna, was interrogating him. "Where did you find this sword?"
"I don't... know!" John gripped the chair with his hands. He was thrashing his body with pain. John knew they
would start to interrogate Lanna if he told them so he didn't speak the truth.

Finally the man had enough. "Take this child to the cells." He ordered two guards standing beside him.
They handcuffed the child and marched him down the hall. The two guards uncuffed him and threw John
into the cell. The other Soldier fastened the sword into a slot next to the door. The room was made
of stone, hard, solid stone. The only door was heavy and securely bolted to the wall. It was small, two
bunks of hard stone and a thin sheet covered both sides of the walls to make beds. John picked himself up
and looked at the sleeping Lanna. He turned to look out the window, the only scorce of light in the cold grey room.

As john gazed out the window, Lanna was asleep. She was standing, looking at her body that was lying on the stone
bed. She goes to touch her sleeping back and it passes through. It even passes through the wall. She sees john turning
round and sitting down on his bed. staring at her. Lanna feels like nothing, nothing at all. She goes to touch the door
and her hand passes through it. She takes a step back and walks right through the door. She looks left, right and left
again. The guards were patrolling the halls, the long line of cells. Most oddly empty. She walks down the halls, taking note
of the markings in the empty rooms. It was Ilton, language of the dead. She knew only a few words like "you" and "Silence".
Not too many. She tries to walk into one of the marked cells, she can't. The slot is open to show nothing. Lanna suddenly
jumps as the interrogator is walking down the hall with another man. She sees them talking.

"Mr Orcan, are you insane? The damage they could do is immense!" said the man beside the interrogator or the so called Mr Orcan.
He was short and fat with a suit. He wore glasses and was carrying a book. "Relax. If I free them, they could do more." Orcan replied.
"Bu- Mr Orcan, if you do take the energy from these dead souls to make that weapon you- You- I cannot say it. I cannot even think
about it. Just tell me what it is again?" Orcan smiled.
"There are many plains. We live in the third plain. When we die we enter the fourth plain: Plain of the dead. If we die of, say, Decapitation
we take the energy of what killed us to death. We can interact, talk to and even show our dead forms and how we died." He pulls out a
piece of glass. "Ghosts also follow certain rules. We can, say, trap them in a box or attract them to a wall... Anything." He holds the glass up.

Lanna looks through to see a woman, dressed in a wedding dress, standing still. She has blood dripping from her throat as if she was slit.
she takes a step back, startled. She then looks up to see the ghost was real. She gives a scream. The ghost grabs Lanna's arm and whisper's to
her ear. "Quiet. Only the dead can hear you. I'm sorry to say you died while you were sleeping."
"No! I can't be dead! I saw myself sleeping! My chest was moving!"
"Your last breath." The ghost replied. "I'm Sophie Palket. you died from the blood loss."
"What about john?" She wondered.
"He's just found out you are dead. He'll get over it."
"Why are you here?"
"I'm a Reaper. I'll take you home now, Lanna Syston." Both she and Lanna walk down the hallway, Lanna weeping with Sophie's arm around her.

John was sitting next to Lanna's body. He found out she died and was weeping. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..."
He finally tore his eyes away from her and called out. "Lanna's dead!" to one of the guards. The guard opened the door to stop and see her body.
He took a step to check her pulse when John jumped on his back, knocking him down. His skull crunched as it his the floor. John pulls out a key
and unlocks the compartment for the sword. He races down the corridor, guards behind him. He turns and slices one, setting him ablaze, he then
stabs the other. He races out the door and into the dense forest surrounding the camp. "I'll find you Lanna, I know it." He soon makes his journy
to the south of the islands.

It seemed only minutes ago when Lanna died, she thought to herself. She and Sophie, her Reaper, had just entered the land of the dead.
It was cold, with a freezing bright light shining down. As Lanna looked about, she saw many different things. Beasts with no eyes and odd bodies,
floating fish, squads of soldiers and people who are holding their arms and such. There was a massive wall with thousands of doors in it.

The most striking feature was the desk, it had about ten creatures and one man behind it. They were calling names in many, many languages.
"Pierre Vamont?" asked the man.
"Oui?" Replied a boy next to Lanna.
"Vous avez été bons ... Vous avez trouvé la mort dans un incendie ... Aller ŕ la porte de cinquante six ans." The man said. He was looking through a book,
flipping pages at a fast speed. The boy walked to a staircase and entered a door marked fifty six. Lanna noticed his clothes were burnt and his body scarred
horribly from a fire. "Wha-"
"When you die, the marks of your death show. Look at your wrists." Lanna looked at her wrists for the first time and saw her hands covered with blood.
Her legs were slashed and her wrists were clotted. For the first time she was horrified about the damage in her hands. "Lanna Syston?" called the man.
Sophie gave her a small tap. "Here!" She called. The man began to flip the pages.
"Good life... Died from blood loss... What's this? Well, you are a guardian angel." Lanna got impatient.
"To who?" she asked. The man looked up.
"John Foley. Go to door sixty seven and get prepared to be transported. Hollie Gallovon will teach you all you need to know." he called out.

Lanna could barely hold her excitement. She jumped into the air cheering and laughing. Lanna runs up to her door and opens with delight. She walks
through the door into a room. The room is large and dark, lit by only two torches. In the middle is a map of the land in amazing detail. Around the table
is ten creatures again, and this time, a blonde woman, thin and pale, stood at the other end. Her mouth opened and out came a dance of words.
"Lanna Syston." She said. "You have a lot on your mind. The Ministry is making a weapon, designed by evil, forged by demons and powered by the dead.
Being to the point, the Ministry needs John's ghost and the Ruvonion forces need him to end the war. They have an agent, a wizard, in the town of ts'uil.
He's already at a dock in the southern islands. You must get John off the island. keep him alive and make sure he reaches the Ruvonia capital."
Lanna understood. "Okay. I'll do that." Hollie opened her palm to show a small sphere.
"Take this." She said. "It will let you find John, no matter where he is." The ball floats of her hand and infront of Lanna. She takes hold of it and suddenly
appears next to john.

John was hiking south. His feet have begun to ache. John soon sits down to rest and takes some water from his canteen. Soon after he finally gets sleepy
and finds a small cave to sleep in. Lanna took time to watch him his whole travel and enters his dreams. He is standing in a woodland alone. Lanna, who
has entered his dreams, has begun her message. She speaks to him. "John, Go to a dock south of here... there is a man waiting for you."
"Who?" replied John, standing in the slumber.
"A wizard. He'll help. As soon as you wake up, go. Please John, we need you."
"Who needs me, who?"
Lanna's slashed wrists hold John's shoulder. He turns around, startled. She smiles. "The dead and the dying." John suddenly wakes up, sweating and hot.
He then goes back to sleep, worried about what he had dreamed about.

As soon as it reaches the morning, he puts all his stuff into a bag and finds a stream to refill his canteen. John washes himself in the steam and drys off.
He then dresses himself and sets for the dock.

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Re: The peace within war.
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It had some holes and bad grammar, but it was Ok. Nothing great, though.
The best person ever.  She should have won the Peace Prize.

What? No full control over children? You do realize that some of us have particular plans for those children.

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Re: The peace within war.
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Chapter 7: Anveilson's Zodiac.

As John heads down the dirt path, He takes his time to
wonder at the scenery. The odd diamond shaped leaves,
the cold stream flowing slowly beside the dirt path and the
chill, cold air. It was not long before he reached a large
dock south, called Barkon. The town had the name pasted
on a banner next to a lamp post.

It was still light, and his clothes were luckily, the same
as the people in the town. As he walked down the bustling
streets and crowded alleyways, He managed to see the ruined
buildings, the historic gargoyles surrounding the stone pillars
which are laid across the main road. The main road split into
many smaller roads and streets. As John walked down the pavement
at the side, he begins to ponder about the crowded streets, the cars,
carrages, horses and bikes on that road. Soon enough, he finds the
dock. It is relativly empty: A small rowboat and a Yaught.

As he scans the dock, he finds what he is looking for, he more or less
looks normal, acts normal and is just standing, waiting... The perfect
disguise. Lanna starts to edge him to the wizard. That's him! Go!
She told him. It was a similer way as how the Demons could talk to people
inside their heads, but did not require possession.

John walks up to the man, noticing at his cold pale eyes, pale skin and thin jawline.
The man turns his head towards John and asks. "Foley?"
"Yes." John responded.
"Our ship is here, but we need to wait." he whispers into the boy's ear.
His voice is chilled, ice like and a cold breath. "Why?" John whispers back.
"Because, if anyone here sees a magical act, they report and kill the person." He replied.

"Now, I see you are low on cash, and the ship is low on food. I'm giving you these." He hands
John 24 gold coins and a list. As the day goes by John buys supplies and other needed
things with his money, and at night they are back at the dock. As they wait, John asks a question.
"What is your name?" The man turns and gives a small laugh, A lot deeper than before.
"My name is Baltheum Furtios." Is his reply. Baltheum then looks to see if anyone was watching,
and called to the sea. "Hydromencer Catrinas!" He yelled.

A second later the sea rose, the water raising and ground shaking, and a ship comes from
bottom of the water. It is covered in algae and other water based stuff, like a wreck. As they
stepped on John notices that the ship has many rooms untouched by the sea. They both stepped
into a small hatch, and Baltheum clicked a switch. The whole ship lighted up, showing no water
damage of the sort. John expected atleast a chair to be turned, but alas, nothing was broken or
soggy. They both put the supplies away and started to set sail.

A few days into the journey, they have travelled half way across the Delkett stretch, a long
current that covers the continent of Pangeliea. As they travel, John learns a lot about the
sea: Fish types, Diving and other tings of interest. The boat has had to dive a few times to
avoid contact with other ships. As they go, John begins to ask Baltheum questions, Mostly
about the ship and why he is helping him. Later into the third week, it was silent. John and
Baltheum were eating some fish at a dinner. John wasn't focused on food however, and
once they finished eating he spoke.

"Baltheum, I was thinking, why am I so important?" Baltheum stopped dead in his tracks.
"You are important because of that sword!" He replied. "That sword, that unmistakably 
cursed sword, can kill an entire army!" He continued. He bent so close to John, he had to
sit back in his seat and John could feel the heat from his rage. "That sword is the only thing
capable of ruining the Ministry's plan." He calmed down, breathed deep, moved to a chair
in the other side of the table and sat on the seat. "You see the plan they have, they are taking
a different ghost, each that has died in a different way. Your friend is one of those ghosts."
"What? Lanna?"
"Yes, her. She died during the night after being bound and possessed." He pulls out a book
from a desk and throws it onto the table. He then opens it onto a table. "The captured spirit."
John reads from the title. "Is this from the Zodiac? Because I know about the bleeding tree and
the Crying fish, but not that one." John replied, reading the book. It was called the Anvielson's
Zodiac: A guide to the twenty months. "Yes. So far they have capured them all but Lanna. The
Crying fish, the huntress, the blue witch, the giant, the wolf, the golden doll, the blee-"
"Wait, Elcator was captured?" Asked John.
"Yes. Now, I need to list these so you know what to do."
"What is that?"
"Free them. As I said, the Bleeding tree, the fisherman, the anchor, the burning queen, the
drowning king, the axe, the bush, the spear, the predetor and the prey, the snake, the brothers,
the mace, the bluebird and the cage. You can't see them, as is common with all people with a
lack of magic skills." He said, glimpsing Lanna.

She was shocked to be seen as this was a first. "Unless you wear these." Baltheum said,
handing John glasses. As he put them on, Baltheum points behind John, to where Lanna
is standing. "Ah!" He called and fell of his seat. He picks himself up. "I ju- jus- just saw
Lanna behind me! How!" He asked, looking at Lanna, who had began to wave to him. "A
spell was put on the glass. I'm pretty sure you will know how it works soon enough."
He replied. "You can talk to her in both thoughts and speech, wheras she can
only speak through your dreams and thoughts." John was speechless.
"How do you know all this?" He asked. Baltheum laughed. It was the first laugh he
had done in front of John, so he felt foolish. "A little trick. You'll learn how to
know soon enough." He puts the book away under the desk. "Now, Sleep."
John walked into his room and closed the door, he changed clothes and slept.

During that night a submarine was following the ship. In it was Captian Boloil.
He was seated in the middle of a room, with lights and screens and people all
around him. "Sir," said a man at the screen. "We have found them. What are your
orders?" Boloil gave a thoughtful hum, and after a minute, he decided. "fire one
torpedo then take over the ship at the surface." The man followed the orders.
He flipped the switch and a torpedo shot straight into the ship infront. A hit.
Bits of wood break away and the ship shakes violently.

John falls from his bed. He picks his startled self up and grabs his trowsers. He puts
them on and heads into the main room. Water is leaking in and most of the hall is blazing.
John could see Baltheum's bleeding hand, covered in blood strewn across the floor.
He goes back, grabs his sword and runs to the main room. He picks a life jacket and
slips it on. John then looks for the nearest exit, and sees a hole. The water is held
back, like a wall, from the ship. He sees the submarine out side, and the water is shallow.
He steps through, holding his breath and makes for the surface.

"Catch that boy, surface now!" Ordered Boloil to his crew. The great blue submarine surfaced
next to John. John was still swimming, kicking and pushing to the beach. He had gotten his
head above water and was reaching for the shallows. The sub's hatch opened and two guards
jumped in the water. After a few minutes of swimming John had been caught by the men.
One man had grabbed his arms and the other his legs. John Gave up and was taken to the sub.
They then put him in a cell.

"Well," He muttered to himself. "I'm stuck in here. I might as well just wait." He sat down in one
of the chairs. John. I think you have more trouble. John put his glasses back on. Lanna was
sitting on the floor, looking at him. John sits down next to her. "What is it?" He asked.
I can't exit the ship. It's cursed with some kind of spell. she said. John Couldn't believe it.
"I guess we've lost, then. They've got you and me." He remarked.
Sorry. Lanna replies. Almost as if something was pushing her, she was out the door before she
could finish speaking. A chant was pulling her. She floated through the walls that were not bewitched
and into a room. Almost as if in a trance, she came to where the sound was. A glass cage, covered
with that spell. as she walks into it, the wall closes. What an idiot! She thought to herself.
But she couldn't help herself. The spell forced her go to that cage. It was almost sucking her in.
John and lanna, both trapped, could only wait for the time when they knew what to do.

Later that night the sub docked. Lanna and John were taken into a clearing in a forest.
John, handcuffed to a chair, saw what they had planned. Twenty glass cages, each with a
metal instrument above. In one of those was lanna. She could see all the ghosts in the cages.
Each, dressed differently and with the marks of their death on them. One drowned, another
mauled by a bear. John was observing the men. Guards walked around and sientists worked
at a control panel. The control panel and the machines at the cages connected to a large
ring. This ring was made of steel and titanium. It was wide, wide enough for ten men to fit.

As they both wondered at the machine, Captian Boloil pressed a button on the control panel.
All the ghosts in the cages began screaming. No living thing could hear this but it was very
real. Lanna felt all her strengh, her memories and her ghostly body wither away there, she
grabbed her deceased stomach, pounding at the walls in pain. She looks at her hand, only
to see it fade upwards like dust.

John was still handcuffed to the chair, and could see the ring rotate, light up and hum.
He could also see Boloil at the controls. Boloil flipped a few more switches. A green sphere
appeared in the ring, and arcs of lightning shot out. One hit the ground, an explosive roar
and burn marks the result. Another whips across the plains, hitting two guards and throwing
them across the grass. One heads for John, almost screaming. It bounces off the gem stud
on his sword which, stupidly, the guards did not take from him. This reflection ignites the
chair and blows the handcuffs off. He leaps forward and beats the small flames of his clothes.
As he gets up, another arc lashes his chest, throwing him sideways. He picks him self up again.

Lanna was falling into nothing. Her ghostly body was decaying, and she was blowing apart
like dust. Sorry, John. She said to herself. I'm not going to see you again... With
that her body evaporates into small particles, sucked in by the machine. The other ghosts
suffered the same fate.

John soon Managed to get to the place where Boloil stood. The ball of energy had stopped
shooting arcs of energy out and was now looking like a green sun. John pulled out his sword,
Boloil turns round. "John, you have been a great help. I can now do what will make this world
better John, a new era!" He yelled over the roaring machine. John's only answer him pointing
his sword at Boloil. The captian turned round and pressed a blue button. The green orb
implodes then explodes, still green. John was knocked down from the shockwave, Boloil shaken.
As john gets up, A small item appears within the energy ball. A cube. Boloil hits another button
and the Ball of energy fades. The cube falls to the ground. John picks his sword up, and lunges at
the captian's throat. The captian ducks and punches John back. As john fell back, he swung his
sword at Boloil, slicing his arm. His blood gushes out, boiling, and like the others who have died
at the hands of the sword, begins to burn.

He then walks to the cube. All the other people have left so John has some time to examine it.
as he picks it up, the pieces on it, golden, marks on small tiles. Each tile in detail. It's in a seven-
by-seven-by-seven shape, one centimeter on each tile. As he draws his fingers across it, he taps
a tile shaped like a door. He suddenly feels a shoving feeling and in a flash of green, John dissapears.
John begins to look around, startled. He is now standing on an island, surrounded by green water.
He grabs the cube and twists at it, which makes the top piece rotate. "What is this thing?" He asks
to himself. John now presses a tile shaped like a tree, A pine appears. He twists the top piece again,
presses again and a conifer appears next to it. After fidgeting about more he soon makes a river,
a wall of sand and lava spew out of the land. John was stunned. What he had was a tool unlike any
other. A tool of a god, or any creature close or as advanced. John the twists the two bottom parts
once and presses the door button, in another green flash he is gone.

The end.
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Re: The peace within war.
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John Foley:
His Dark Materials trilogy: Will Parry.
Harry Potter series: Harry Potter.

Lanna Syston:
Harry Potter series: Hermoinie Granger.
Firesong, the windsinger and that other book: Kestral Hath.
Star wars: Princess Leia.

Th13en ghosts: Machine, Ghost glasses Anvielson's Zodiac and Ghost cages.
WW2/star wars: Backstory.
Oliver Twist: The town of T'suil's mall and orphan house.
That disney movie about child mobs: T'suil and the tank scene.
V for vandetta: Jail scene.
His Dark Materials: Ghost plains.

The interrogator:
V for vandetta: The secret police/V's attempt at helping the co star.

Captian Boloil:
Th13en ghosts: the grand father.