Author Topic: The Isskmalus: The Creators  (Read 1474 times)

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The Isskmalus: The Creators
« on: January 23, 2008, 01:02:58 pm »
The Isskimalus are among, it not the oldest, the origanal races, eons before the "First Generation", they ruled an empire that made up most of the galaxy, they created over 70% of sentient life (not directly, but by creating planets and putting them in conditions that allowed life to evolve), and possibly the truth behind the "Great Creators" theory. They themselves, are almost sub supernatural.

Appearance and History
The Isskmalus are crystline crabs, due to the fact that they are silicon based.. They live on a planet with so little food or land, that their heart and other vital organs have become tiny, while their brains became a huge percentage of their body. As the crabs grew, so did their brains, by the time they were 50cm in width, they were smart enough to create spacecraft from the liquids in their ocean. Since there was no other spacefaring races at the time, they went crazy with creating lifeforms, and creating huge crystal cities where the most of their civilisation lived in harmony.

The Downfall
After nearly one billion years, the life that they had created was spacefaring and sentient, but rather then being welcomed as creators and gods, they turned against the Isskmalus, and tried to destroy all the creators had made. Shocked that such things could happen, the Isskmalus's most philosophical bunch came up with the idea of war, this caught on amongst the Empire, and they created a huge, crystaline, living warfleet, and sent it towards the Destroyers. A bloody war raged on for at least a million years, and finaly both sides had worn themselves out. The Destroyers were completely defeated war-wise, yet their goal was complete, they caused so much havoc, death and destruction, that the Isskmalus had abandonded all of their precous "Baby Planets" and retreated to their secret home world, which was so advanced that the whole planet surface is encased in the very cyrstal that allowed the Creators to leave to world in the first place.

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