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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #1995 on: November 16, 2008, 01:23:56 pm »
"No..." Jordan stretched his arm helplessly at the open door. It's gone... It's all gone... What is there left to save? Who is there left to save? Jordan clutched his throbbing head. Oh, I think I can answer that. He looked up. Nobody else heard the voice. They all sat idly about in varying states of shock and despair. Jordan lowered his head into his hands and whispered quietly. "Who are you?" His eyes darted around. The voice cackled. Not yet, doctor. Soon!

Jordan whispered hoarsely back at the voice, but no reply was forthcoming.

He leaned against the window, looking down at the living hell below. A stray thought wandered in.

Is the lab still usable?

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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #1996 on: November 16, 2008, 01:28:04 pm »
"Oh shi..." said Sally, reaching the open door too late. She steadied herself against the wind whipping past the opening and felt the warm splash of Vincent's blood on the bulkhead.
"What the?" she managed as red filled her field of vision, the essence of War finding a new host for the second time in less than a year.
The sound of artillary barrages, swords on shields and rocks cracking skulls filled her mind's ear for a moment. She shook her head and gazed out at the desolation below.
There was a lot of fighting to do.
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #1997 on: November 16, 2008, 04:21:11 pm »
Daren felt a twinge of familiarity as War found a new host, Death stirring slightly.  He pushed it away.

Taraq...  His parents had been there, along with everyone he'd known growing up.  And he'd...  Abandoned them.  He could have stayed there, never touching a Tesla blade or traveling to Avalon.  He could have protected them, or gotten them out, or something.

Bu there was still hope, right?  Greg was on the Hub and Stranger would be back to straighten everything out.

"The Boss has gone MIA, along with Leonard and...  Natalie?  Right.  According to the contingency he used...  He's not gonna come back any time soon."

So...  His mentor was gone too.  He didn't think TransCorp or Avalon even had a chain of command after Stranger.  So that meant...

He got up and stepped tiredly into the cockpit, depressing the com systems transmit button.  "This is Daren Marstems.  Until we straighten out who should be in charge, I am."  Someone had to do it.  "Get as many of our people back as possible in the next six hours, after that the Alleyways are to be switched over to Control authorized use only.  In the mean time, prepare Avalon's defenses.  Teleportation jammers, ground to air missiles, all of it.  Scavange what's left of the OEI if you have to."


"Because Avalon showed up a full five minutes before TR took over, and what governments are left will want someone to blame."  He cut the line before he heard a response and took his seat again, his look of hopelessness replaced by cold determination.  He was a hero, wasn't he?  Maybe, but he'd protect Avalon if it meant tearing what was left of the rest of the world to pieces.

Greg hadn't heard the news yet.  He'd left strict orders not to be disturbed.  The operation was far too delicate to be interrupted.

He was crouched next to Bartholomew's stretcher, carefully preparing another syringe for the sedated man.  There were already over a dozen, already used, next to him.  He really hoped this would work, no one had actually don this before.

He set the final syringe aside and began checking vitals.  Pulse, normal.  Breathing, normal.  Nerve activity...  He expertly thumped over Bartholomew's knee and nodded at the reflex.  Normal.  Brain activity...  He checked the monitor carefully, watching it for a few minutes before coming to conclusion that it, too, was normal.  For a sleeping man.

And it would stay that way for as long as Bartholomew lived.  Everything else would stay completely healthy, as long as they took care of him, but he'd never wake up.

"A perfect prison?"  Began Greg, a sucker for one liners.  "Only in your dreams."

Stranger, Leonard and Natalie had arrived in a small cave.  With a sigh he dragged a surprisingly modern chest out from a crevice in the back, unsealing it with a slight hiss of cold air.  Inside was a worn leather jacket and a pair of sturdy boots, along with various other odds and ends he thought he might need if he ever went on the run again.

He shrugged out of his trench coat and laid it and his fedora reluctantly within.  He'd liked the getup, but it had been to attract attention and now it was time to dance amongst the shadows again.  After exchanging them for the jacket and boots he started transferring things from the trench coat into his pockets and a sack, which also contained a few changes of clothes.

"Look," Natalie began, approaching him hesitantly, "I know I did wrong, but I've been hoping that you might..."

"It's fine, Natalie, as long as you don't go back to Avalon.  Which you won't, because you and Leonard are coming with me and I'm not."

"But...  Why?"  Natalie asked in confusion.  In her months away she'd gradually added to her memories of the island and now thought of it as as close to perfect as possible.

"Aside from the machines being after me?  Honestly...  Look, you, Leonard and I...  We're not good people," he said bluntly, "we try, but I have anger issues pent up from a long time and a tendency to take advantage of people for my own ends.  You can't seem to aviod getting drawn into helping someone who's out for world domination.  And Leonard..."  They shared a look at Leonard, who was failing in his attempt to look innocent.

"The point is, Avalon is the best thing I've ever done.  It's far better than I am, and I simply don't have an excuse to stay there anymore.  But the world out here?"  He motioned to the cave's mouth, "it's gone to hell.  Out here, we're just the status quo.  Who knows, we might even do a little good.  At least we can't make it much worse."

"Where are we, anyway?"  Leonard asked as they made for the cave's entrance.

"France, one of my old haunting grounds."  He grinned in the face of their stares, "what?  France revolts or riots over just about anything.  I love France."  He held hand t his ear, "hear that?  They're looting Paris again.  Let's go and see if we can't get some new communicators."

"Why would we need-"  She was cut off by Stranger smashing his communicator against the ground and stomping on the remains.  Leonard soon followed suit.

"Because there are some clever people on Avalon," he answered, and pointed towards the rising column of smoke representing Paris, "now let's go!"

"Hold on."  Natalie's arm shot out and she gripped Stranger's outstretched wrist.  She yank the glove he'd been wearing off and revealed the rough augments he'd been using in place of his damaged fingers.  "I thought so.  Come on, I've got some spares from my hand I'm sure we can adapt.  Those look like they only have a year or so in them anyway."  She dragged him back into the cave, armor folding away from her hands to allow for the delicate work ahead.

Leonard followed eagerly behind.  He really had missed Natalie.
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #1998 on: November 16, 2008, 05:54:17 pm »
"Is.... Okay...?..."

"Wonder... okay... she... spell..."

"... all... fault..."

The Next Day

Kim awoke to unfamiliar surroundings.

"Where...?" she said weakly.

"Don't worry, you're safe. But we aren't on Obano anymore. TR's attacks devastated the continent."


"It's not important. What is, is that you are safe. I had to do something I should have over sixty years ago. That spell you used... I should have told you straight up before this happened. It absorbs energy from all nearby electric sources, and if I understand what I've heard, you managed to even draw from people around you... and yourself. It's behind us now, I burned the paper so that no one can ever use that reckless spell again. But for now, you should rest."

Kim fell back to unconsciousness.

The Next Week.

"So, this is the job... Looks like I'll be following in dad's footsteps after all." Kim said as she walked into her new office with a smile on her face.
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #1999 on: November 17, 2008, 04:25:24 pm »
A hacking cough filled the air as oxygen rushed back into the lungs of a person that, by all accounts, should have been dead. They lifted their head and took in the devastation around them. To their eyes it was a thing of beauty, a clean slate. They limped off into Obano with a smile on their bloodied and battered face, intent on rebuilding their empire.

One month later...

The survivor had mobilized quickly. Things were already beginning to happen. People had started taking sides and nobody wanted to be left out.

A tall man of larger-than-normal proportions stood in the thick of a shantytown. Nobody knew him, at least that's what they thought. With the all-encompassing archives of the OEI gone it was nothing to cast off an old identity. It was the wild west all over again and the "newcomer" had taken advantage of it. He wore a faded red bandanna over his face, a sophisticated pair of sunglasses over his eyes, and an Akubra on the top of his head. A dry breeze whipped through the tattered mass of humanity. Coarse grains of sand came with it and people shielded their faces.

Obano's desert was on the move and had already pushed deep into Neros and New Wayward. Soon, it seemed, the entire island would be nothing but sand and ruins. Sunglasses were all the rage amongst the survivors, at least those who valued their eyesight. The "newcomer" had the best pair, he'd found them on the beach a few weeks earlier along with a busted revolver. He wore it prominently on his belt as if to tempt anyone to take him on. People stayed away from him, they were afraid. That was what he wanted. The future of his empire depended on it.

For the second time in its life Obano had become mankind's greatest treasure. The clean new world, as it were...

End of Arc XI

End of Part II