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The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« on: December 27, 2007, 01:14:14 pm »
The year is 2079. Humanity is at the beginning of a great scientific golden age which has the potential to make life better for every man, woman, and child. The island nation of Obano, the creation of which marked the start of this golden age, is now the site of scientific advancements that boggle the mind. Unlimited free energy, flying cars, and beam weaponry are only a few of the things that have come out of the last sixty years and there is much more to come. However with this great prosperity there is also great poverty; events that nearly destroyed Obano over half a century ago have ravaged the land and turned most of the country's lush forests and open plains into waste. Chaos has spread across the nation and it has been divided up: The posh Green zones are where the wealthy movers and shakers of Obano reside, Yellow zones are home to much of the country's working class and conditions are barely livable, Red zones are places that have been condemned and the law is all but absent. 'Mankind's greatest treasure, the clean new world' as it was once known is now the cradle for humanity's future, as well as the breeding ground for humanity's downfall.

It is up to YOU to decide how humanity will fare in this troubled, yet hopeful time. Will you be a beacon of hope, helping those who can't help themselves? Or will you take on a different guise and attempt to rule them all with an iron fist? The choice is yours and yours alone, welcome to Obano.

RP Specific Rules:

1. Players may drop in and out whenever they want. Just try and avoid leving if your in the middle of an arc.

2. One main character at a time, if you have two you will be removed, no exceptions.

3. Try and keep your posts easy and understandable.

4. If you are gone for a long time and the plot is depending on you, it will be moved on.

5. New rules are open for suggestions.

Universal rules:

GamingSteve Forum Story-Based RP Rules.
Written by Samog, PatMan33, and Krakow Sam. Last Edited 2/25/07

The object of the game is to play a character in a fantasy world of your design. You will tell the story from your character's point of view until the story ends, you die, or something along those lines...(If you do die you could always come back as a ghost or clone or pull a "never really killed" kind of thing. Anything works, it's totally up to you) These games are very fun when you have a dedicated group of players that can write good stories. Remember! The point is not to win, the point is to write an interesting story that people want to read!

Rules You Should Follow (Unless you want Pat to come after you)
-Don't speak for anyone else and don't play as another person's character. Let the other people playing the game respond to anything your character says and does to them. In other words don't do this:

Poster Four: I said no, but "Poster Three" said yes. Then he shot at me.
**This rule is not set in stone so use your own discretion. If you are posting during a drought and want to move the story along you may speak for others, also you may allow other characters to say simple things if it's really not story related.

-If you want to enter the story you can create a new person (In the Out of Character [OoC] thread) and introduce that person; also you can take over for an NPC. If your character has partners in their story, feel free to let us know if there are any open positions that you might like to see filled.

-Any created roles not filled by people (like a bus driver, shop keeper, etc...) can be taken over at any point in the story. Until then it is fair game to write what they do and say and such.

-You are always allowed to leave the story but be careful; if you do this, it's possible you may not have your original character to go back to later on should it be "bumped off" or something. To keep them safe you can make them ride off into the sunset, if you will, and reintroduce them later. If you do not the other players are allowed to do what they want to them.

-Nicknames are allowed.

-If someone's prolonged silence is interfering with a plot line's continuance other players may treat their character as an NPC until the controlling poster returns. You can NOT kill that character though.

-Use spellcheck and proper punctuation or I will kill you. (I think you know who added this rule.)

-Try to stick with the basic rules of the world. No flying monkeys in a world with no magic.

-The RP is a game, but you must be a decent writer if you wish to participate. Posts are expected to have detail and well thought out dialog. You are not allowed to make single sentence posts. We strive to make a story, not a topic full of stage direction.

-Don't be afraid to ask for help or to coordinate plot sequences. Conferring with your fellow players is the key in making a good RP, however don't give up your whole plot or become reliant on other player's ideas. Part of the fun of the RP is trying to "out write" your rivals. It makes for a good time.

-An RP usually follows a set point of view. Generally RPs are written in third person limited omniscient. It is not unheard of to have an RP written in first-person but it is generally seen as more rigid.
**Note that whichever form you write in, be it these two or another, your writing should be heavily influenced by your character's knowledge of the situation.

-Posting rules are simple, don't post unless there is at least one other post by another person after your most recent post. Also you should post regularly!

-Finally, if you feel inclined to join an RP that is in progress make sure you are not jumping in during a scene that is pivotal to the plot or at the climax of a story-arc. This can ruin an RP.

What different fonts denote:
Normal Text: Denotes plot development and character actions. The bulk of the RP is made of this.
"Text in quotations": Denotes speech. A large part of the RP is usually made of up speech.
~"Text in quotations preceded by a tilde": Denotes a translation. If your character speaks another language and you wish to write what they say in English, put a tilde (~) before the first quotation. This kind of speech is rarely used, but it adds to the atmosphere.
Italics: Denotes thought and inner monologue. Also is used for flashbacks, dreams, books, and computer readouts.
** There is no need to use Italics for books if the entire post is an excerpt from a book. Just make mention that it is an excerpt from a book and Italicize that one line. (Ex: Excerpt from A History of Obano...)

Here's an example of how the game works: (Written in first person)
Poster One: Well, it was Monday again and yet another day of school was coming; I was waiting lazily at the bus stop. When the bus came I got on to find it empty save for the bus driver and myself.
That's weird. I thought to myself I'm like, the fourth to last stop... There are usually no seats left when I get on.

Poster Two: I got on the bus and saw 'poster one', but no one else.
"Where is everyone?" I asked.

Poster One: "I don't know" I said back to her "Maybe they're all out sick."

Poster Two: "I don't think everyone could be out sick..." I replied.

Poster Three: I silently agreed with her in my head. I had been driving this bus for 3 years, and usually only 1 or 2, if any kids were out sick. I didn't say anything at that point though because i was just there to do my job and drive the bus. Still i couldn't help but wonder where everyone else could be.

And the story would basically go on until the problem is resolved or at least the current conflict ends. Sub plots are very likely to lead into another RP where it becomes the main plot.

Your character

Be original with your origins and powers, and remember, the OOC thrad is the same as it always was. I have some quick words of advice for new RPers too -

1. Mean or handicapped charcters are likely to just get you excluded from the action. You want to blend.

2. Remember your settings AT ALL TIMES. Likewise with your side, if you are bad, be bad.

3. Ulterior motives confuse things. Only let your character haveone if you are an experienced writer.

Finally, sorry for my spelling, I am using a laptop and the keyboard is weird. (History has a funny way of repeating itself)

All content in this thread is copyright the respective poster.

Now, let's get this show on the road!


Just another day on the job for Darius Miyan. Then again, another day on the job wasn't exactly as boring for most as it was for him. The Vigil dealt with all kinds of things, from fires to robberies. There was nothing they couldn't do! There only difficulty was having to cope with living in the shadow of the OEI. Darius - or Vice - was in a sweet spot on his career ladder. High enough to not have to deal with petty robberies and arson, but low enough to still get a taste of the action.

"Vice - Wake up! Hostage situation on Greenbury!"

Okay, so not exactly.

Vice pulled on his visor and jumpsuit -  a combination of Kevlar an Spndex, emblazoned with the Vigil Logo - a large V behind two scarlet eyes.

"But isn't Greenbury in the Green Zone?" He shouted back to his colleague.

"D'you really think the OEI has time to deal with a pair of maniacs who got hold of some guns?"

They hopped into  car and went vertical - meaning they were driving on one of the gravity defying car only roads.

"We're gonna need to go faster, our friend has been threatening to shoot if we don't answer his demands. Although I guess that's what you'd expect him to say..."

Luckily enough Greenbury wasn't too far away. It was a pretty street, with perfectly symmetrical trees and tall red townhouses. The street was empty, and the only people were gathered around one of the houses. A man was sitting on indowsill and barking out demands.

"Get inside!"

Vice and his partner split up and he started to climb the stairs. He had counted the floors to climb from outside, and he wasn't unfit, so he made it up in a minute. The door was open and one of the armed men was guarding. The minut he saw Vice he drew his gun.

"Oh, come on, you're daling with a trained proffesional wearing bulletproof armour. Just admit you've been defeated and we'll try and get you a shorter sentence."

Everything that happened was a blur. The man made a break for it but Vice remained still. His partner was still downstairs and would make short work of him. Inside there were three people, two hostages and the criminal. He had heard the commotion outside and was holding a gun to a woman's head.

"If you move any closer she'll die!"

Vice didn't blink. The amount of times he'd run into this situation had given him plent of time to hone his hostage negotiations.

"And then what? I'll shoot you and if you don't die you'll go to jail injured and with blood on your hands."

"I'll shoot her!" The woman was crying, and in his panic the man turned and punched her in the face. This gave Vice plenty of time to draw his gun and shoot him in the leg.  He fell to the floor and Vice sprang forward an tagged him. He instantly dissapared. He had been teleported out of the building.

The woman was lying on the floor, unconscious. Her head was covered in bruises. The other hosae, a man, stood up and put a hand on Darius' shoulder.

"Thanks you sir, I owe you my life." But Vice was distracted. The woman's bruises were clearing away, and in turn the man beside him crumpled to the ground. The injuries had transferred bodes.

"Well... That's interesting..." Darius gasped.

No way dude, you're trolling me.

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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2007, 01:17:03 pm »
Three figures sat in a lavish office at the top of a tall tower. At the foot of the tower was a large patch of greenery which gave way to a sprawling city. The buildings closest to the tower seemed to glow in the light of the morning sun and a gentle haze made the entire scene look oversaturated and euphoric, the people walking within it reflected this. Past this urban paradise was a sharp divide beyond which the scenery took a somewhat unfortunate turn; a gray haze hung over this place, the people within it moved sluggishly and their eyes seemed glued to the ground. Even further out the landscape took on a bleak and hopeless look, steel skeletons stretched into the sky where buildings used to stand prominently; the streets were nearly bare, and what people could be seen were always running from something. A bright light rose up from the desolate landscape and a column of smoke made it's way into the sky. Back in the lavish office on top of the tall tower one of the figures sprang up, leaning heavily on a cane, and pointed at one of the other figures who appeared to be sitting at a desk.

“You've got to break this cycle!” the figure with the cane yelled “Look out there and tell me everything is okay. You, like your predecessors, took an oath to protect these people and do what is best for them!”

“Please return to your seat.” the figure at the desk said coldly “And refrain from telling me how to do my job... how can you possibly understand what it is that I've been tasked with?”

“I was working for this organization before you were born, you'd be doing your job to listen to some of my advice.” the figure with the cane retorted.

“Your advice?” the figure at the desk said, moving in close to the person he was arguing with “Why in the hell would I want to take the advice of a criminal? That's why you love those ignorant fools in the Red and Yellow Zones so much! They're scum, just like you!”

The third figure, who was sitting next to the first figure, extended a rather large hand and whispered something.

“Very well.” the figure with the cane said, returning to the seat “Keep pushing the same policies of your predecessors... and know that in a year's time you'll be in a box. This is our sixth counsel for the sixth new Chief Executive in the last five years. Shoot... Johansen didn't even last three weeks in office.”

“Is that a threat, Mr. Likely?” the figure at the desk spat.

“It's not a threat, it's a promise.” the man with the cane, Mr. (Richard) Likely, spat back “You keep running this country and this organization into the ground and I won't have to come up here and wring your neck. The people will be more than happy to do it for me. That silly metal suit isn't going to protect you.”

“Get out of my office this instant!” the figure at the desk yelled “Get out now and don't you dare set foot in here again! Mother f-”

“Chief Executive Noel.” the figure that was seated spoke firmly “With all due respect, it would be nice, for a change, to have a Chief Executive who makes it to the one year mark unscathed. Unless there is a shift in policy, no progress will ever be made.”

“Agent One...” the figure at the desk, Chief Executive (Walter) Noel, said slowly “While your feedback is appreciated, it really is not appropriate. You have your place, as I have mine, and it would make my job easier if you minded your own business.”

“Very well.” the figure sitting down, Agent One, replied “Have a pleasant day, sir.”

Agent One saluted to Chief Executive Noel who looked at him for a moment before rolling his eyes and spinning his chair around. Richard Likely looked over his shoulder and eyed a man standing off in the corner.

“Let's get a move on, Theodore.” Richard said “Looks like we're done here.”

The man in the corner nodded and stood behind Richard, he saluted to Agent One.

“At ease, Theodore.” Agent One replied.

Richard moved his hand onto the armrest of his chair and pressed a button. The chair vibrated slightly and began to move towards the door, Theodore followed close behind with the hulking form of Agent One taking up the rear. They all piled into an extravagant elevator and headed for the lobby.

“Well?” Agent One asked.

“It's like dealing with Sam Smith all over again.” Richard said curtly “I don't know why I still cling to this organization... it's barely a shell of what it once was. Remember when we had people like Mantar Yasipolitz and Jenny Godwin? They were the real deal, competent Agents with a good spirit backing their actions. Nowadays it's just a team of goons out there bullying people into submission. We're the last two left and what good are we?”

“I can not disagree with you, Richard.” Agent One said “But you know my sins better than anyone, I am unable to amend this sad turn of events.”

“You're doing what you can, the Agents that you still control uphold the traditions that the OPF stands for... oh right, sorry, I mean the OEI ” Richard said “Just look at Theodore here, he's a shining example of what an Agent should be.”

“I do what I can.” Theodore said with an embarrassed smile “Ah, here's our floor.”

The elevator doors opened and the three exited from the car, Agent One and Theodore exchanged salutes. Richard pulled Agent One close and whispered something to him.

“You going to be good for eleven thirty?” Richard whispered “Can you get in under the radar?”

Agent One nodded, then turned and disappeared into the crowd of people milling about the lobby. Richard and Theodore took another elevator down a few floors into one of the basements that contained a teleport back to Power City, Richard's research and development center. Along the way Richard and Theodore discussed the events of the day.

“Making friends quickly as usual.” Theodore said sarcastically.

“These Chief Executives are a dime a dozen... they've been scraping the bottom of the barrel for decades now. All of the good people are too scared to take the job.” Richard said.

“Still, it's his first day. He hasn't been in office an hour and you're at his throat.” Theodore said “It's not fair... the poor guy is scared to death of being killed.”

“You were poking around?” Richard asked.

“It's what I get paid to do, it isn't my fault if I happen to pick up what some important people are thinking, is it?” Theodore said jokingly.

“Not at all.” Richard said “Getting anything from me right now?”

“I've tried, believe me.” Theodore said “But your mind is so full of clutter and junk that it's like diving in a sea of pea soup filled with molasses.”

“Good thing you're not me then.” Richard said with a laugh.

“Hm... incoming.” Theodore mumbled somewhat dejectedly.

A door on the side of the hallway they were in opened and a sinister looking man garbed in a black robe stepped out. He spotted Richard and Theodore and walked over to them.

“Richard Likely, just the man I was looking for...” the sinister man said in a deep and haunting voice “It would appear that the time has come...”

The sinister man reached into his robes and removed a long golden knife with several strange symbols carved into it's surface. He moved the golden knife toward Richard with lightning speed and stopped it just short of his nose. Richard, unflinching, looked at the blade and smiled.

“You're returning it already?” Richard asked.

“Yes... my research yielded nothing of interest.” the sinister man said sadly “However the ring is next on my list.”

“Ah wonderful!” Richard said “With any luck we'll be able to patch this hole in the family tree. Jason, I don't know what I'd do without you.”

“Your praise means much to me, Richard.” the sinister man, Jason, replied “I will do my best to assist you. If my theory is correct, this missing link in your tree could prove to be a fantastic discovery. If in fact this person is who you believe it to be, the history books may have to be rewritten.”

“One step at a time Jason, one step at a time.” Richard said with a smile “By the way, how is the Concentration Enhancer working out?”

“Wonderfully, it was because of it that I was able to study the blade so quickly.” Jason said, tapping a silvery device on his right ear “I pity my peers who feel that science is a fools endeavor.”

“It would seem that our kinds can do great things together.” Richard said “As it were, I must be off to add a third group of people to this lovely conglomerate.”

“Ah yes, you will have to tell me more of Project Vigor some time.” Jason said, glancing up at Theodore for a moment “I will keep you updated on my progress, farewell.”

Richard and Jason shook hands and then parted ways, Theodore watched Jason return to his office in a cold silence. The pair resumed walking down the long hall.

“Why so quiet all of the sudden?” Richard asked “You never seem to have anything to say to Jason.”

“Well why should I...?” Theodore said in a low tone “He's a Necromancer, one of those forbidden magic types from the old world. You know what they do...”

Richard's chair came to a stop and he turned around to address Theodore.

“Now that really isn't fair.” Richard said, somewhat annoyed “You can't condemn a person based solely on one part of their life. Jason Wyomissing is a good man, a little different, perhaps, but at his core he is a very honorable person. It is a shame that people are not willing to give him a chance just because of what they hear about him.”

“Perhaps... but it's just tha-” Theodore was cut off.

“No.” Richard interrupted “You can't pass proper judgment on anyone if you don't know them. I know that as well as anyone. Ah... come on, we're on a tight schedule. Our eleven thirty appointment is going to be pissed if we’re late.”

They continued down the hall in silence until they arrived at a large blast door. After an ID Scan and a weapon check (A check that Richard always seemed to fail for one reason or another) they were escorted into a room that had a large blue dot painted on the floor. The two stood on the dot and after a few moments they vanished. They appeared in a similar room located in a vastly different facility that was miles and miles away, clear on the other side of the country.

“Good morning, Mr. Likely.” a receptionist said with a smile “The team has assembled in the lab.”

“Great!” Richard said “Let's hurry then.”

After a few minutes of traveling through a myriad of fantastic and strange rooms, Richard and Theodore arrived in an enormous warehouse. The perimeter of the warehouse was lined with large work rooms and observations areas, computers dotted the floor and wires were running everywhere. In the room's center and situated up against the far wall was a raised steel platform. On the platform was a cylinder with a large power cord entering it's side, the top of the cylinder had flat panel connected to it and it was tilted at a forty five degree angle. Beyond the strange device was an enormous window that took up the entire remaining wall, the view beyond it was of a large empty field pocked with scars and burn marks.

The rooms along the warehouse's perimeter were buzzing with activity, however the main room was empty save for two people. A man and a woman, no older than twenty, were making out behind a large bank of computers. Richard rolled into the room and looked around inquisitively. He made his way to a large workstation situated on the same raised platform as the strange machine. Four metal fingers and a metal thumb tapped across the workstation's polished finish; Richard rolled up his sleeve, revealing one of his many abnormalities. Starting at the shoulder, instead of flesh and bone, was a silvery metallic device in the shape of a human arm. Richard concentrated for just a moment and began to speak, his voice now carried throughout the entire warehouse via the personal address system.

“Mr. Pimsty, how many times must I ask you to remove yourself from Miss. Vales?” Richard said with a grin “Get yourselves out here, our guest is going to be here soon and he does not appreciate delays.”

The man and woman walked out from behind the bank of computers and, slightly embarrassed, headed toward Richard.

“Mr. Pimsty...” Richard said dully “Keep your Focusing Visor on please. Must I remind you that your unfocused powers play hell with the equipment here?”

“Sorry about that, sir.” the man, (Ren) Pimsty answered “But it just gets in the way sometimes.”

“Shut up!” the woman, (Happy) Vales whispered, hitting Ren in the back of the head with her hand.

“Nicely done, Ren.” Richard said with a chuckle “However I would take Happy's advice. Please shut up.”

Next to Richard was a large blue dot, identical to the one that he and Theodore were on when they teleported over.

“Right, it looks like he's here.” Richard said loudly as a green light began flashing “And on time too, what a shock!”

The green light stopped flashing and remained on, there was a faint flash and Agent One appeared.

“Likely...” Agent One said as he looked around the room “Glad to see everything is on order… the test ready yet?”

“Yup, let’s get this thing going.” Richard replied “If everyone will take their positions we can begin shortly.”

The atmosphere in the warehouse changed as everyone began taking up their positions. The technicians in the booths along the sides turned to their screens and issued commands to their subordinates. Richard pressed a few buttons on the console in front of him and looked toward the strange device on the raised platform. Ren walked over to a station that had a couple dozen clear tubes that each contained different substances, he flipped his visor over his eyes and began scanning each tube. Happy climbed up onto the raised platform and approached the strange device in it's center. She stood before the device and placed both of her hands onto the panel, Richard in turn flipped a switch and the panel lit up. Agent One watched what Richard and Happy were doing with extreme interest. Happy closed her eyes and relaxed herself as Richard's machine did it's work, after about a minute the light on the panel faded and she stepped away.

“Right.” Richard said, double checking that the recording systems were on “This is test number three hundred thirty three of the PV-001 Synthesis Device, also known as Project Vigor. With any luck this will be our final test. We've spent the last few weeks recalibrating the containment fields and the memory matrix inside the PV-001 has been modified slightly to eliminate an anomaly that caused an unexpected loss of data. We are running the system on a one terawatt Class III Xeno Reactor. Alright... now that we've got the pleasantries out of the way, let's give this a go... cross your fingers, folks! Happy, give us a few shots.”

“Alright...” Happy said vacantly.

She approached the large window and looked out at the broken landscape beyond it. A massive storm cloud swirled into view, seemingly from nowhere, and rain poured down. Some bolts of lightning criss-crossed the sky and back down on the ground a massive chasm opened.

“Very good.” Richard said “You can ease off now, let's see if this works.”

Happy took a step back and the excitement beyond the window stopped as quickly as it had started. Agent One took a few steps forward as Richard gave the order to begin the actual test, he had produced a datapad to take notes on and he was also recording the scene through his ocular visor. The room was filled with a loud humming sound as the machine began to operate, Richard's console suddenly lit up and he looked it over.

“Moment of truth time... again!” Richard said “How about some rain?”

He pressed a button on the console and the sound coming from the machine died. Richard jumped out of his chair and leaned over the console to get a better view. Outside the massive window a storm cloud formed, exactly as it had for Happy, and within moments fresh rain was pouring down from the sky.

“Yes!!” Richard yelled, jumping high into the air “We've done it! We've done it!!”

He jumped clean over his console and ran up to Happy, her feet left the ground as Richard gave her a big bear hug.

“Happy! Look at it...” Richard said, mesmerized by the scene outside “Look at what you've done... it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.”

“Well shoot… Richard it looks like you actually did it!” Agent One said, walking toward Richard “Good work, I guess the standard practices will apply here?”

“Yeah.”  Richard replied. “Not a word to anyone… at least not yet.”

Agent One nodded and looked around a bit, he replaced the datapad and cleared his throat.

“Well then, I’ve got to run. I’m supposed to be eliminating a small mom & pop operation…” Agent One said “They authorized lethal force for a bunch of software pirates…”

“Times sure have changed…” Richard said, patting Agent One on the shoulder “You’ll make the right choice, I’m sure.”

“…” Agent One said nothing and returned to the blue dot, he vanished.

“Richard!” Theodore said, approaching with a cane in hand “Forgetting anything?”

“Oh right...” Richard said, grabbing the cane “Don't know why I use it here, the whole 'crippled old man' act is for the people at the OEI. But whatever, let's end the celebration for now and get back to work.”

The room quickly returned to normal and everyone began writing their daily reports. It was business as usual in Power City, Project Vigor's success would remain a secret for quite some time so the celebration would have to be short.
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2007, 01:17:50 pm »
Later that evening...

Richard sat in his office at the top of JLR Tower, the office took up the entire upper floor and was separated into a few different rooms. Most of the rooms had tools and papers strewn all over in a magnificent display of ordered chaos that only Richard seemed to comprehend. However there was one room that was tidy, it was Richard's meeting room which was where he was during business hours. It was nine thirty, office hours ended at ten, and Richard was writing up a final report on Project Vigor. He was grinning from ear to ear, it was one of the best days of his life; the only events that could rival it were his wedding day, the birth of his son, and the day he and his colleagues first made sense of Xeno Theory.

There was a bit of a ruckus in the reception room, it was the room directly before Richard's office; the doors were very thick, however, and so none of the sounds came through. The heavy doors to Richard's office opened slowly and Happy entered.

“Happy?” Richard stammered, somewhat surprised “What brings you here at this hour? Security didn't notify me of your visit, is the intercom out?”

Richard tapped the intercom button a bit and got static.

“Guess so... something else for me to fix!” he said with a smile “Anyway, what can I do for you tonight, Happy?”

Happy approached Richard's desk slowly, she glanced out the large floor to ceiling window off to her left and stood rigid; her expression was one of fanatical determination and she seemed to be trembling with excitement.

“Project Vigor...” she said in a surly voice “It’s not going to work.”

“How so?” Richard asked curiously.

“The reactor... one terawatt of power is not enough.” Happy said “We need more power. With it the PV-001 will not be restricted to Obano and we can stretch it's influence across the entire world!”

“Happy, you know it’s not our mission to do that.” Richard said, looking somewhat concerned “Our primary goal is to help the people of Obano, they are the most desperate right now.”

“No!” Happy said, her volume increasing “No it isn't enough! It would only take a quick fix... and then we can control it all!”

“A quick fix? Control it all?” Richard asked, now somewhat confused “Happy? Happy is everything alright?”

“Everything is fine! All of the pieces we need are here, you are the key! Your arm... the reactor in your arm… it's a Class I Reactor with an output of fifty terawatts! It's perfect!” Happy said, taking a step toward the desk.

“What? Where did you find out that information?” Richard said, getting to his feet and glaring at Happy “What is going on here? The things you are talking about boarder on the insane. Tell me that this is just some kind of joke because you know I can’t allow you to do what you’re thinking.”

A few floors down from Richard's office was the dormitory level, Theodore was standing outside of Happy's room with a team of armed guards.

“The room sensors are indicating an unknown emergency situation.” one of the guards told Theodore “We'll have to risk a breach, her protection is our highest priority aside from Richard.”

“Very well, breach the door.” Theodore said, rubbing his head “This just doesn't feel right.”

A team assembled around the door and raised their weapons, the team leader counted down.


“Sir, I can't reach the security desk outside of Richard's office...” another guard reported to Theodore.


“What?” Theodore exclaimed, surprised.

He reached out with his mind and searched the reception room outside of Richard's office, there were no signs of life and Happy's presence in the main office was overwhelming.


“Damn...” Theodore said dryly, turning to face the door.

Before anyone could say anything the team breached the door to Happy's room. A sea of flames erupted from the open doorway and flooded out into the hall; Theodore and his team were consumed by the unstoppable mass of fire and debris.

“It's no joke! Imagine what we'll be able to do!” Happy yelled “We will have total control of this planet! We can shape the world in any way that we wish! The world will literally be ours!”

“Happy!” Richard yelled back “What has gotten into you? This is not the Happy that I know!”

“You never knew me!” Happy yelled, the atmosphere in the room growing more tense “You have no idea what I've got planned and what I’m capable of!”

“Happy, I can get you help for whatever is wrong.” Richard said, calming down a bit “Let me call for help.”

A loud laugh filled the room and Happy spat at Richard.

“Help?” Happy said “There is  no help anymore.”

The entire building trembled and a roaring sound filled the air, the large window in Richard's office shattered and a bright ball of flame soared past. All sorts of alarms began ringing and the entire compound lit up.

“What have you done?” Richard asked, raising his mechanical arm “What have you done!?”

“I did what I had to do to get what I want.” Happy said bluntly “Now... give me what I came here for.”

“I am at a loss for words.” Richard said “You've broken my heart, Happy.”

A clicking sound came from within Richard's mechanical arm and Happy's face contorted into a look of rage. Outside the window a massive black cloud formed, by then Richard's arm had transformed into a gun-like shape and something could be heard charging. At once a bolt of lightning flew out of the black cloud and struck Richard in the chest, a red beam of light shot out of the end of Richard's arm and tore through the side of Happy's face. Richard flew backwards into a bookshelf and slumped up against it, by some amazing stroke of luck he was still fully conscious.

“Damn my horrible aim.” Richard mumbled, sliding his hand across the wall “I'm getting too old for this...”

“What did you say!?” Happy yelled, her hand clutching the gaping wound on the side of her head.

The section of wall that Richard's hand was on looked like a bookcase, he ran his fingers across a red ‘book’ that had the OEI seal emblazoned on it’s spine.

“Your little tricks won't work.” Happy said as a bolt of lightning hit the ‘book’, chunks of plastic and wiring flew everywhere as the panic mechanism was destroyed. “Who knew you would still put up such a fight? I guess that's why you made it this far in life.”

“This course of action will only lead to your downfall Happy!” Richard pleaded, discreetly moving his mechanical arm into a position so that his palm was aimed directly at Happy “Stop now while you still have a chance.”

“Pleading for your life? How pitiful...” Happy mocked Richard “Why should I stop when I've already beaten you?”

A beeping sound seeped out of Richard's mechanical arm and filled the air, Richard looked away from Happy.

“What?” she yelled “NO!”

An unseen force washed over Happy and the exposed skin on her face and arms was ripped backwards. She fell to the ground, screaming in agony and clutching her ears which were bleeding uncontrollably. Happy fell onto her back, her face had been all but torn off and her clothes were in tatters. She wore a look of utter shock as if she had just woken up from a bad dream. A sick laugh escaped from her throat and she rolled to the side, her eyes were blood red and she had the appearance of a walking corpse. Richard stopped his assault and looked at Happy, he gasped in horror, it was a wonder she was still alive. A grin crept across what remained of Happy's face and her eyes stared straight through Richard. Another bolt struck Richard and he fell forward onto his desk, he was bleeding from the head and struggled to keep Happy in his view. She got to her feet and slowly limped toward the desk.

“Why are you doing this?” Richard gasped, unable to keep an even tone.

“Because nobody, not even you, can stop me.” Happy said, gurgling up blood with each word “Now lie down and die old man!”

A third bolt of lightning leapt through the window and hit Richard square in the head, he fell to the ground with a crash and was silent. Happy approached Richard warily, unsure if he was really finished. She reached under his shirt and pressed two concealed buttons at the top of his mechanical arm, it disconnected itself and ceased operation. Hefting the heavy arm onto the desk, Happy began entering a long string of numbers that only Richard was supposed to know. Within a minute the reactor that powered the arm was released and Happy slipped the small cube that contained it into her pocket.

“You old fool...” Happy mumbled to Richard “Why even bother to stand up against me?”

A thunderous crash rose up from the reception room and footsteps began approaching the office. The thick door was blown apart and Theodore staggered in, he was covered in blood (None of it was his) and looked as if he’d just been blown up (which he had).

“Too late!” Happy sneered, already being carried away by a torrent of air.

Theodore swiftly made his way to the window and watched helplessly as Happy disappeared into Obano, he was leaning heavily onto the window frame to keep himself upright. After regaining his composure he turned and knelt down next to Richard's body, reaching into one of Richard's pockets Theodore produced an old communicator. He entered a number into the device and waited for a moment.

“What the hell did you do, Likely?” came the voice of Agent One “The screens are all lit up!”

“Sir…” Theodore said, his vision becoming blurry “We… we need your help…”

Theodore dropped the old communicator and fell into a sitting position.

“If only I had gotten here… sooner…” Theodore slurred “S-sorry…”

Theodore fell onto his side and blacked out; it would be another five minutes before a team would arrive to find the pair.

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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2007, 02:45:41 pm »
Ernie rode his old motorcycle around the city looking for any members of the local gangs to rough up. He had been doing this for a while now and times were good, the police had neither the power nor good will to deal with the problems. The fact that he and his friend Lukas had put away twice as many people than the OEI or Vigil was not much of a surprise. The gangs had their methods of avoiding the police, of course Ernie was not  the police. He touched his helmet and turned on the police scanner

"We have gun fire in alpha quadrant "

The report meant that  it would be at least a half hour before anyone actually showed up, plenty of time for him to take care of business.

"Luke I’m going to check out that fire fight" Ernie said as he speed off toward the alpha quadrant.
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #4 on: December 27, 2007, 04:12:32 pm »
Teller Utopia allowed a little swagger to seep into his walk as he entered the bar. It was a standard Yellow Dive, menial workers hunched over drinks. What time of day it was didn't matter. Since the new labour laws had been enacted , antisocial hours weren't something that had to be taken in to consideration, and it was always evening for someone. A young man with a mouthful of studs and rings was thrashing out some old post-punk song on a guitar, Teller raised his wraparound shades to get a better look. Image search turned it up as a Stratocaster... one of the old school instruments with strings instead of buttons and a paddle. Teller sat down on one of the greasy plastic barstools and waved for the barman.
"Whatdyerwant?" grunted the man, he was a short fat man with a bad combover, like every barman in a place like this.
"Seventeen double Vodka and cokes please" said Teller, unbuttoning his trenchcoat. The scientists had run a movie night every week back at the Ice Station, and Teller had picked up pretty quickly that Trenchcoat equals Badass.
The Barman looked taken aback for a second, but bustled off to fetch more glasses when Teller stuck his card into the bartop reader. A perfect credit rating went a long way to getting you what you wanted, no matter how crazy.
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #5 on: December 27, 2007, 05:50:59 pm »
It was cold on the rooftop. The people underneath didn't know she was there, and she didn't get the feeling that they'd be happy it if they did. But they were inevitably going to catch on when she started feeding, and she'd have to be light on her feet if she didn't want to catch a bullet when they figured out what was happening.

With her human eyes, she found a route of escape - across the rooftops, down the fire escape and into a murky pond connected to the Red Zone sewer - while her mind's eye kept track of the people around. This wasn't going to be fun, but she was tired and hungry and didn't want to go looking for another building with power. If she had to go much longer without recharging, she'd end up relying on that rusty little lasgun to defend herself - a stun gun at best, exploding in her hand at worst. For a moment she worried that her clothes would slow her swimming down: the bulky hooded robe wasn't designed for swimming, and the brown material absorbed water a bit to readily. But she was a faster swimmer than any human, even with a dead weight dragging her down. They wouldn't catch her.

Go time. Sparky carefully wedged one of her webbed hands into a crack in the side of the fusebox and, with a yank, pulled the rusty metal apart in splinters - her hand came out holding a bundle of wires torn free. Down in the building, the lights went off. Pulling out the surge protector and clutching the bare connections underneath, Sparky let the electric current flow into her while listening closely to the feelings of those underneath her.

She'd drained the current for around a minute before the image of the roof drifted up to her out of the misasma of consciousness, and that was her cue to leave. It wasn't nearly enough, but it would have to do for now. Pulling her hands out of the fusebox, she sprinted away and leapt to the next rooftop before anyone made it to the roof. They yelled something incoherent and drew a gun as she jumped down the fire escape, before completely losing sight of her as she finished her escape: a swan dive into the polluted water of the Red Zone.

She was nowhere near full. Perhaps it was time to make an excursion to the Yellow Zone - they always had electricity there... but then they always payed closer attention to who was clambering around on their rooftops, too...
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #6 on: December 27, 2007, 06:08:31 pm »
"I predict a riot! I predict a riot?"
The guitarist's voice suddenly became very small as the power went from the building and his mike went dead.
Teller drained his last drink and glanced around the room. The mood was more one of general disgruntlement than panic.
"Looks like the primary ducts are behind in the maintenance again!"
"That old bastard in Powertown better get his ass in gear!"
"Hey! Someone stole my wallet! NOONE LEAVES UNTIL I FIND MY WALLET!"
Teller's brow furrowed. According to the Power Authority website the maintenance on the power ducts in this neighborhood had been undertaken earlier that morning, they were functioning perfectly, apparently.
Putting down his glass, Teller strolled out of the bar and looked around the filthy street. Spotting a small waiflike figure in a filthy hooded robe out of the corner of his eye he looked up at the roof.
"Hey! What are you doing up there?"
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #7 on: December 27, 2007, 06:29:23 pm »
Ah. That was bad. How could she have been spotted before she finished feeding? How did this guy sneak up on her? Sparky glanced down, there was only one of him - but this time there wasn't a convenient body of water in which to make her escape. She was going to have to leg it, and webbed feet weren't the best for that.

She let go of the power terminal, took one last look at the man in the trenchcoat, and made a break for the other side of the building. If she ran hard, it wouldn't take too long to make it back to the Red Zone - but this guy had spooked her. She didn't know if he was following her or not, and that was a frightening sensation for her.
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #8 on: December 27, 2007, 06:40:29 pm »
Hmm, whoever it was hand't even bothered to make up an excuse for what they were doing up there. They were clearly guilty, and guilty of denying power to machines which needed it, no less!
Teller broke into a run, entering the alley adjacent to the bar and leaping between the adjacent walls to boost himself up to the roof, the miscreant was just ahead.
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #9 on: December 27, 2007, 06:47:11 pm »
Daren was lurking through the local Red Zone.  Lurking?  He thought, no, that's hardly right...  Creeping?  Stalking?  Sleuthing, that was it.  Whatever mode of locomotion he was using, it was important.  Since he'd arrived a few weeks back he'd decided to take his grandfathers route and tackle the problems no one else could.  As it turned out, there were very few such problems when there were two law enforcement agencies in residence who employed meta humans and high end tech.  He'd found only one, a gang which no one seemed capable of tracking down.  They would show up, do what they had planned according to some larger and apparently inscrutable design, and then disappear down some dark alley, unseen until the next strike.  So far he'd puzzled out that it was a lot larger than most gangs, almost every strike contained completely different members than the others.  And that's where the trail ran cold.

His train of thought was derailed as the lights in one of the bars across the street flickered and died.  There was some commotion on the roof and in the street outside.  He reached over his shoulder and loosened his Tesla Blade in its sheath.  After a moment he ran across to the bar.  He had to deal with at least one crime in his first month, on principal.
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
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A dark figure moved through the Taraq Red Zone, the air around it was heavy with anticipation. A short distance away was the crossing into the nearby Yellow Zone and just beyond the crossing was a large fortified structure with the word 'VIGIL' printed on the side. Happy's plan was almost complete, all that remained was the acquisition of a Xeno Power Coupler which was safely stored in the building's reactor room. All of the large and important government buildings were equipped with their own power source so that they could remain functional in case of an emergency; this precaution proved invaluable in the past and had been credited with saving many lives. Happy stepped into the light to reveal a black robe that stretched from head to toe, her face was covered by a dark veil and the overall appearance was of a woman in a burqa.

Without pause Happy raised her right hand and looked at the Vigil building, the night sky became even darker as a black cloud appeared. In the immediate area the wind began to pick up and flickers of lightning lit up the ground. One of the bolts hit the Vigil building and the lights turned off, a moment later they popped back on as the backup power supply kicked in.

"Die..." Happy whispered to herself.

All at once a series of lightning bolts struck the building blowing out windows and doing minor structural damage. Alarms began to blare and floodlights came to life, they scanned the area before settling on Happy's dark outline. Hailstones the size of tires condensed in the air and hurtled down into the building, screams could be heard from inside and somewhere a fire had started. Happy smiled to herself and concentrated harder, the air seemed to be sucked away as the pressure levels around the structure changed. A funnel descended from the black cloud and settled on the building's roof, the structure defiantly held for a few moments before being ripped asunder by the immense force.

"Open fire!" came a voice as a small detachment of Vigil personnel ran toward Happy.

A gust of wind caught the group before they could fire and blew them down the street like toys. Another gust caught a wayward vehicle and slammed it into the security personnel who were still moving. There was a loud pop and a massive ball of flame erupted from the Vigil building, sending the last portion of the structure crashing to the ground. Happy closed her hand into a fist and brought it down to her side, the freak display of nature's fury stopped almost immediately and there was silence. A biting cold gripped the area and within seconds the temperature was well below freezing. Cries rose up from what remained of the Vigil building but they died down soon enough, Happy waited for a moment before releasing the area from the cold. She looked around and laughed out loud, things had gone much smoother than she had expected; the forces of Vigil appeared to be no match for her superior strength.

Happy walked toward the rubble and began searching for the missing component, it would not be too hard to find.

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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #11 on: December 27, 2007, 08:41:33 pm »
Kim made her way past a few trees and on to a relatively unused path. Following a route she learned from her father, Kim eventually was surrounded by a collection of derelict buildings. The location no longer officially had a name, and it was classified into a larger "Yellow Zone" by the OEI. Unofficially however, this location was almost as safe as any true "Green Zone", and it had a name; Century's Rest, though few knew of those truths anymore. Coming to a clearing in the middle of the buildings, Kim stands in front of two crosses, one made of metal and bearing the former symbol of the OEI from 60 years prior, known as the OPF back then, the other made of wood and bore only a single word: "Aei". The wooden cross in particular generated many rumors of Century's Rest, ghost stories, as once a year, a fresh bouquet of flowers would appear there, no one ever knowing where they came from, or how or why they got there. Stories ranged from the ghost of Aei planting them thereto spite her murderer, her final lover; to the flowers themselves being Aei manifesting herself as such on the anniversary of her death; others claim to actually have seen the "ghost", saying it was a dark, transparent figure, however none of them ever stuck around long enough to see it close enough to see any features. Kim knew better, as she was told part of the story behind the cross, she still didn't know the whole truth, but she was told to avoid Century's Rest on one specific date. The metal cross, however, she knew much better, as it was made and planted by her father himself.

Opening a large pouch she keeps with her at all times, a small robot with two smaller robots docked on it flies out and hovers in a cricle around her head. She runs her hand across the metal cross and sighs.

"EncycloHub, are there any new offers from Vigil?" she asked the robot as she pulls out a flower from her bag and places it on the ground infront of the metal cross.

"Negative." the robot replied.

"I see... that's unfortunate."

Standing back up, she turns back on to the path and walks along with the robot close behind her. Following the path for a few hours, she eventually arrives at the city of Taraq.
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #12 on: December 27, 2007, 11:14:19 pm »
Ernie arrived at the location where the fire fight had been reported. He grabbed his shotgun and approached the building cautiously but without fear. As it was his ‘job’ to take care of these criminals he knew not to just rush in or to reveal his identity. He also had a reputation with his enemies, the smart ones knew not to fight back, the stupid ones tried to run, and the crazy ones tried to kill him. A few quick shots rang out and two gang members fell to the ground, dead. Ernie kept a count of how many he killed, over time he picked up on patterns and the group he was tracking always sent the same number of people on jobs. At least one of them would have to live so that they could be pumped for information.
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #13 on: December 28, 2007, 03:32:11 am »
After that strange occurence in the apartment Vice had to be taken to a counselor. She was in a beautiful office full to the brim with potted plants.

"Is he dead?"

The counselor smiled as Vice walked through the door. "No, he just has some major bruising on his face and stomach. You may be happy to hear that Helen, the other hostage, got out without a scratch on her."

This wasn't the first time something had happened to Vice. He remembered the time he had healed another kid in his orphanage but spent 4 days in hospital afterwards wth the exact same injuries.

"Darius, you're shaking I really think you need some sick leave. Does two weeks sound like long enough to you?"

"Well, I guess s-"


Suddenly alarms were blaring and red lights were flashing. //We are under attack. All personell assume offensive stance.//

Darius didn't need telling twice. He grabbed the counsellors arm and shot a nearby window a few times.

"I guess it's lucky I'm still technically on duty!" He shouted, with a slight smirk. They climbed through the window frame.

"Get to one of the bunkers!" He told her and then started running. Whatever it was it was coming from around the other side of the HQ.

Suddenly the building started to get struck by lightening. Once... Twice... It wasn't stopping; That had to be unnatural !After ten or more strikes the building gave way and imploded. Lucily Vice was a safe distance away, but he was sure several people had just died.

And then he saw him... Her... It. Whatever gender the person was. It looked like it should already be dead. Meaning it would probably go down after a shot or two. Darius drew his gun.

"You! Step away from the building and put your arms on the ground!"
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Re: The NEW Superpower RP - Part II
« Reply #14 on: December 28, 2007, 05:24:31 am »
Down in the R&D section of the HQ beside a series of test tubes was Alan Trilby. After mixing a few chemicals he brought the tranquilizing mixture over to a gas converter to test it on some lab rats. If the mixture works Vigil will have a way to knock out everyone in a building without any negative side effects.Just as he reached the conversion machine there was a loud crash followed by the alarm, that cause Alan to drop the test tube. We are under attack. All personnel assume offensive stance. Hearing the alarm he dashed off to the bunker, where all the non-dispensable personnel would be.
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