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In the beginning...
« on: September 02, 2007, 07:49:34 pm »
(you dont need to read this wall of text)
In the beginning...
There was nothing but a star, a star nearing death. For Billions of years the star had provided a shinning beacon to the nearby comets and solar system. Though now its white light had faded and now it showed as a faint red sparkle in the distance. Then, it grew. It expanded. The lighter pink color of the star faded into a angry red, swirling with dying heat. As it expanded it appeared as a simple twinkle that grew into a bright red orb. Then almost instantly, it collapsed on itself, its own fiery mass coming together into a tight small disk. It sucked in the light from nearby stars and in its black swirling center held the key of life. Though it ripped the very matter of the things around it, slowly but surely it formed a spinning cyclone of matter in the sky. As the clouds of matter spun around it, it collected together, forming either massive balls of iron and rock or turning into plasmic balls. As the millennia went by small balls collected the other matter around it with gravity. while one of the plasma balls had a nuclear reaction and formed a bright red star. while the others turned into massive balls of gas. The other balls of iron formed meteors and comets in the night sky...our story revolves around one of the volcanic balls. The 3rd one from the sun

After the end...
The meteors that failed to form planets orbited around the primary star and spun around the solar system. they struck the planets and soon enough their surface became pelted with holes. However a stream of Comets which contained hydrogen and carbon spun towards the closer planets. the 2nd and 3rd rocks from the sun were devastated with a shower of massive hail. The hydrogen and oxygen formed water and the surfaces of the orbs of flame cooled and formed planets. However the 3rd rock still was ripe with volcanic activity and the amino acids resulted in the form of single cells. The single cells adapted to the harsh climates of volcanoes and thrived in the lava and boiling pools. The single cell extremists multiplied and formed more complex cells. The cells turned into creatures. Living in the now deep waters of the cooled planet. The complex cells evolved into creatures living in the deep. Eventually several of these climbed onto the surface of earth with their basic brain tissue and thrived on its land. Evolving. and changing. adapting and altering. Though the 2nd planet lost its atmosphere and its water evaporated into space the 3rd one remained lush and beautiful. For now...

(ok now is where you need to read)

Ok, water hit the earth when it was still a volcanic ball of fire. And the single cells grew from the amino acids and lived near the very hot lava. the single cell extremists developed into creature yada yada yada... Anyway The point is if the earth wasnt in its infancy and with so much heat then would the single cells would have survived? now heres where it gets spore related. When you hit the surface of a volanic planet with ice comets and wait, does that help cool it down. and what happens if you dont add atmosphere to the planet you added water to? Im sure they would release a,"how to make your own planet hospitable...step 1: matching furniture" or something else pretty stupid but as for now lets just speculate on how we make the planets hospitable and if anyone says that speculating wont do us any good and we should just wait for spore, then i would like to tell him/her to dont post here and go off and sit in a corner and wait for spore. Post away.

-This second one is Matt Groening's theory of Homer Evolution.

-This first one is Matt Groening Version of the powers of 10.