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Armageddon Empires - card-based TBS
« on: December 19, 2007, 10:35:45 am »
I'm not a PC gamer because I simply can't afford to be.  All the upgrading of RAM, video cards, CPUs, motherboards, etc. just doesn't appeal to me.  I deal with computers at work all day and I don't want to deal with them at home.  So I've settled into console gaming almost exclusively over the last several years.  Unfortunately one of my favorite genres (strategy) is not well represented on consoles and still continues strong on the PC.

That being the case I am always on the lookout for a simple flash game that's fun or free games that don't require much under the hood to run.  That's a mixed bag though because most games that are free aren't much fun (Desktop Tower Defense being an exception to this rule).  Then I heard about a game on the GFW podcast called Armageddon Empires and how this one-man TBS game was simply awesome.  It isn't free ($30) but there is lengthy demo (allowing for 30 turns) that gives you a very good sense about the game and how it plays.  It's also a different randomly generated map everytime you play so you can play the demo several times and have a different experience.

I played the demo a couple times through and after getting the controls down (the UI isn't as elegant as I would like) I had a ton of fun.  The biggest complaints about the game that are on the forum are about the UI and the dev tries to address all of them he can.  He has made a ton of improvements over the past five months and the base game you download now isn't bad at all.  The few little things that are bothersome (a lot of mouse clicking to do fairly simple things) are easily overlooked IMO because the game shines through with enormous depth and replayability.

If you like card-based games, building your own decks, board games, or TBS games you owe it to yourself to check this game out.  The dev posts regularly on the Quartertothree forums answering questions, posting update info, and he is going to be releasing a free expansion pack very soon.