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Author Topic: New Way to Organize your Creature/Planet Information  (Read 24210 times)

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Re: New Way to Organize your Creature Information
« Reply #60 on: May 03, 2008, 05:04:48 pm »
What about a goverment ruled by children? An example is the Dali Lama as a child.

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Re: New Way to Organize your Creature/Planet Information
« Reply #61 on: March 02, 2009, 05:55:19 pm »
Along the lines of the Creature sheet, I present thee with the Planet sheet (Thanks to UFO King for the help)

(Section 1 -- System)
Star: (Name of Star)
Star Type: (Color (blue, white, yellow, red) and size (giant, medium, dwarf, etc.))
Planet #1: (Name of the planet closest to your star. Is it a hot rock? An ice ball? Asteroid belt? Gas giant? Habitable?)
Planet #2: (Rinse and repeat. Put as many of these as you need.)

(Section 2 -- Terrain and Atmosphere)
Size: (Compared to Earth)
Gravity: (Earth = 1g)
Average Temperature: (Very hot, Hot, Mild, Cool, Cold, Bitterly cold)
Liquid: (Where's the water/magma/ice/other fluid on your planet. Are there oceans? Or are they more like lakes? Or puddles?)
Land-Liquid Ratio: (% Oceans vs. % Land)
Average Terrain: (What's the majority of your planet like?)
Continents: (How many major land masses are there?)
Density: (How thick is your atmosphere? No Atmosphere, thin, average, dense, very dense)
Composition: (Gas list below)
Length of Day: (In Earth Hours)
Length of Year: (In Earth Days)

(Section 3 -- Life)
Main Species: (Who is the main Intellegent race on your planet? Are they native to this planet?)
Native Animals: (Are there any animals native to your planet? Are they primitive or advanced? Are there many, or just a few?)
Imported Animals: (Same as above, but for non-native animals)
Native Plants: (Same as native animals, but with plants.)
Imported Plants: (Same as above, but for non-native plants)

(Section 4 -- Development)
Structures: (Are there any artificial structures? Tents, buildings, monuments, etc?)
% Urban: (How much of the habitable area is covered by city?)
Spaceports: (Are there spacedocks on the surface? In orbit?)
Imports: (What does this planet need?)
Exports: (What does this planet produce?)
Capital: (The name of the Planet's capital(s))

Atmospheric gasses: (Pick five maximum. Nitrogen/Oxygen is the standard atmosphere)

Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide
Water Vapor
Other Hydrocarbons (ethane, propane, etc)
Nitrogen Dioxide
Ozone (Most atmospheres are assumed to have at least trace Ozone)
Nitrous Oxide
Sulfur Dioxide (related to volcanoes)
Silicon Dioxide (Realy sand, here it is a gas, for silicon races)
Hydrogen Chloride
Hydrogen Flouride
Hydrogen Cyanide

Example Sheet:

Planet sheet: [Earth]

(Section 1 -- System)
Star: Sol
Star Type: Yellow, Main Sequence
Planet #1: Mercury, hot rock
Planet #2: Venus, greenhouse
Planet #3: Earth, habitable, 1 moon
Planet #4: Mars, semi-habitable, 2 moons
Planet #5: Asteroid Belt
Planet #6: Jupiter, gas giant, many moons
Planet #7: Saturn, gas giant, many moons, rings
Planet #8: Uranus, gas giant, many moons, rings
Planet #9: Neptune, gas giant, many moons, rings

(Section 2 -- Terrain and Atmosphere)
Size: 100% Earth
Gravity: 1G
Average Temperature: Mild
Liquid: Water, large oceans
Land-Liquid Ratio: 66% Ocean, 33% Land
Average Terrain: Varried, includes grassland, forrest, jungles, mountains, and cities.
Continents: 7
Density: Average
Composition: Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon/Carbon Dioxide/Water Vapor
Length of Day: 24 hours
Length of Year: 365.25 days

(Section 3 -- Life)
Main Species: Humans, native
Native Animals: Simple to Advanced, widespread
Imported Animals: None
Native Plants: Simple to Advanced, widespread
Imported Plants: None

(Section 4 -- Development)
Structures: Post-Industrial buildings.
% Urban: 65% of land, 15% of planet
Spaceports: None
Imports: Advanced Technology
Exports: Food, Raw Materials, Simple Technology
Capitol: No unified capitol.

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Re: New Way to Organize your Creature/Planet Information
« Reply #62 on: March 02, 2009, 06:22:22 pm »
This might help with the stars.

It should be noted that a Sol-sized star cannot be blue or red or anything. The color depends on the star itself.
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Re: New Way to Organize your Creature/Planet Information
« Reply #63 on: January 07, 2010, 09:51:16 pm »
It's my thread and I'll necrobump it if I want to...

I've recently put more thought into the various Technology tiers, and their descrtiptions. Here's what I've got.

Tier 0: No obvious signs of sapience, but shows potential. Capable of learning and using basic tools. Primitive social structure with basic communication.
Tier 1: Invention of language, uses complex tools. Social structure more defined.
Tier 2: Non-nomadic civilization accomplished. Creation of structures as monuments or as shelter. Use of metallic tools. Development of agriculture. Invention of written language.
Tier 3: Use of primitive vehicles, roads, pack animals for transportation. Widespread use of written language. Highly develped government and a code of laws. Begins to use complex metallurgy techniques. Beginnings of complex mechanical structures.
Tier 4: Industrialization. Widespread litteracy, institutions of learning. Mass production of various commodities. Complex machinery and weaponry not powered by pack animals. Vehicles capable of traversing long distances.
Tier 5: Wireless communication, globalization. First steps into space. Race is starting to become dependent on technology. Death rate plummets. Nuclear power discovered.
Tier 6: First permanent extraterrestrial colony. Beginnings of efficient interplanetary spaceflight.
Tier 7: First permanent extrasolar colony. Near-light or ligt-speed travel invented.
Tier 8: FTL achieved. Rapid expansion of near stars.
Tier 9: Efficient FTL achieved. Empire/reasonable travel distance now more than a dot on the galactic map.
Tier 10: Potential to colonize entire galaxy. Almost any point on galactic map reachable within days.
Tier 11: Potential to colonize other galaxies. Time travel and/or true dimentional travel achieved. No race can stand against them and win. Total domination is a matter of the race's whim/

(I kept the requirements after Tier 5 vague since they have no equivalent in human history)

Also, it has occured to me that I never put up my insanely long list of questions in this thread. (a few people know what I'm talking about) If you guys want it, I can post it here. Beware, though, it's designed to poke into every nook and cranny of a creature's biology and culture, and thus is insanely long.

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Re: New Way to Organize your Creature/Planet Information
« Reply #64 on: January 08, 2010, 06:47:39 am »
I'd love to take a crack at it.

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Re: New Way to Organize your Creature/Planet Information
« Reply #65 on: January 08, 2010, 07:12:36 pm »
I guess I've got some extensive editing to attend to. :)

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Re: New Way to Organize your Creature/Planet Information
« Reply #66 on: January 08, 2010, 07:50:25 pm »
Hm, well, here it is.

This series of questions is intended to force creators to think out a broad range of aspects for their creature, including biology and culture. It is suggested that you answer all the questions, but post the information in paragraph form in your actual creature thread.

I repeat, do not simply copy-paste this into your thread. Use it instead to flesh out your creature to the point where you can write a decent paragraph about each of its various aspects.

You can answer these questions with however few words you want, but the goal is to get you to think about your creature. Everytime you have to create an answer, you've just fleshed your race out all that much more.

Race name:

Reason or meaning of name:

Nickname(s) given to the race by other races/groups:

Reason(s) or meanings of nickname(s):

Where does this race live?:

What is the environment around them like?:

How have they adapted to it?:

How does it affect them?:

How is their society organized?:

If there is a hierarchy, what is it based on?:

How do these people govern themselves?:

Do they live in an empire?:

A league of nations?:

How are leaders chosen?:

How large is the society?:

Is this race the only intelligent species on their world?:

If so, how do they feel about this? Proud? Lonely? Do they know/care?:

If not, how do they relate to the other races of their world and how different are these races:

===Biological Anatomy===

Is the race unicellular or multicellular?:

How does the race breathe?:

What is the circulatory system like?:

What/How does the race eat?:

How does the race grow/mature?:

How do they reproduce?:

Are they warm or cold-blooded?:

What kind of symmetry does this race possess?:

Where are their sense organs located?:

How are bodily wastes eliminated?:

From where are they eliminated?:

What is the body cavity like? Are the organs specialized/highly developed?:

What kind of structural support does the race have?:

How does your race move?:

Does it move?:

How does it grip things?:

Does it have opposable thumbs?:

Or prehensile tails or limbs like an elephant or octopus?:

From where did the race's "hands" develop?:

What kind of opposable thumb do they have?:

Could the hands have evolved from something other than the forefeet?:

What is the nervous system like?:

Does the race have a central nervous system?:

Is the race intelligent?:

You're obviously reading this. Just saying; DO NOT copy-paste this into your creature thread.

Do they operate on instinct alone?:

Physical Appearance/Physiology:

===General Anatomy===

Common eye color(s):

Common hair color(s):

Common skin (or scales, or etc) color(s):

Average Height (male/female):

Average Weight (male/female):

Average type of body/build (male/female):

Predominate features: 

Distinguishing marks (head crests, spots, tails):

Number of Sexes (male, female, neuter, hermaphroditic, etc):

Number of Gender(s):

Means of locomotion:

Average Lifespan (does it vary according to sex?):

Means of reproduction (egg laying, live birth, budding, etc.):

Number of children/birth:

Number of limbs (arms, legs, tendrils, tails, etc.):

Number of sense organs (eyes, ears, noses, mouths, etc.):

Most dominate sense (for humans, it tends to be sight):

Other senses (telepathy, pyrokinesis, etc.):

Other abilities (flight, increased strength, etc.):

Looks like:


Are there subraces/subcultures?:

What are the rules of the society as far as gender is concerned?:

How are children treated?:

Is there some kind of coming of age ceremony?:.

How does this society educate its children?:

Are children taught by their elders?:

Is there a state-supported system of public schools, open to all citizens or are there private institutions open only to certain classes/groups?:

If there are limits, how well are they enforced?:

What sorts of knowledge are unallowed?:

How severe are the penalties for breaking these laws for the teacher?:

For the student?:

Do certain professions require different schooling?:

What is considered the minimum level of education necessary to be a successful adult?:

How are pregnant females treated?:

How are the elderly treated?:

How does this affect the raising of children?:

The transmission of knowledge?:

The concept of lineage and family?:

How does this race view the physically/mentally/emotionally disabled?:

What is considered to be disabled?:

Sorry to bug you a second time, but seriously, DON'T Copy-paste. Paragraphs, people.

What are racial views on intoxication?:

Is there a stigma associated with being intoxicated or is it just part of life or is it viewed as part of a religious ceremony?:

What makes people intoxicated?:

What does this race consider to be deviant behavior?:

Why are these people considered deviant and is the label fair or not?:

What is considered criminal behavior?:

How is this crime detected and how is it punished?:

How is marriage arranged?:

What type of marriage is common?:

Where do married couples/groups live?:

What is a marriage ceremony like?:

What other ceremonies are important and why?:

How is death viewed?:

What is the funeral ritual?:

How is grieving handled?:

How long do they last?:

How is inheritance determined?:

How important is birth order?:

How is the family organized?:

Who is in charge?:

How are children named?:

Is there some kind of ritual to it?:

Does a person's name change through time?:

Are names considered powerful?:

Does a person have a private name and a public name?:

How does this race relate to other sentient beings?:

Do they recognize other beings as sentient?:

How is this race perceived by its enemies and/or allies?:

Why are these groups enemies or allies?:

Have these alliances changed over the years?:

What does the race consider to be the ideals of their society?:

What is the worst thing you could do if you were a member of this race?:

What is the best/most noble thing you could do if you were a member of this race?:

What personality traits does this race admire?:

What personality traits does this race despise?:

Who or what does this race consider beautiful?:

What makes up that image of beauty?:

What is valuable to this race?:

Do they like pie?:

Yes, that last question is totally necessary.  :P
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