Author Topic: Classic Doom 3 (A blast from the past)  (Read 1572 times)

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Classic Doom 3 (A blast from the past)
« on: August 24, 2005, 03:51:16 pm »
Woooo... man.
If anyone here has Doom 3, shelfed or not, you need to try out this awesome modification called Classic Doom 3. Classic Doom 3, basically, is a recreation of the original Doom game using the Doom 3 engine. All I can say is that so far the project is in its beta stages and playable with a few fun levels to play. If anything, this is what a lot of us really wanted Doom 3 to be, so I suggest checking it out and having a blast like I did. If the project ever completes I'll see you in co-op mode...;42904