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Fuel for the Fire
« on: December 10, 2007, 09:04:32 am »
The planetary world of Arhok (9C) has been occupied by troops and has unofficially been annexed to the Klathi Dominion.

The planet on the boundary of the Outer Rim has no native inhabitants but is home to a large number of settlers from across the Galaxy and is independently governed. Many refugees settled here following earlier Galactic turmoil. It appears to have caught up with them.

While Arhok is not affiliated with any Galactic organization, it remains a major mineral exporter with ore, hydrogen and triok as it's largest exports. Referred to as the Trinity trade, these elements are necessity in the production of fuel cells which power thousands of objects from lamps to InterSystem Ballistic Rockets.

Senator Karek stressed today in a press conference held at the Galactic Senate that the move was merely designed to offer the planetary government more protection.  Appealing to the Outer Rim worlds he said:

"The wars in the Middle Rim are of no interest to us but the unrest is. Times like these can greatly affect fuel prices, therefore we feel it important to form bonding alliances. An independent world is open to attack and vulnerable to the open market. An Energy Cartel benefits both producers and consumers."

"Our interest is to protect and supply." he later added.

Karek refused to rule out further annexation, but noted that "Conjecture and hype from third parties would be unwise at this time."

Elements from the Dominion's 3rd Expeditionary Fleet have begun landing on the central Barrera Plateau since last week while much of the Fleet remains in orbit above the sprawling plains. Millennia ago, much of Arhok was underwater. Natural climate change following geographic upheaval has left it barren, but resource rich.

Communication arrays with the planet have been cut, although Marshall Hrek, Commander of the 3rd Fleet guessed full contact would probably be reintroduced within the next month.

It is understood a new Provisional Government has been set up under the supervision of Dominion officers. Officials in the Dominion's Foreign Affairs office have expressed that the new Provisional Government is by design, determined to serve the people of Arhok and dramatically enhance the Trinity trade.

Exports have also been temporarily taken under the wing of ORE (Outer Rim Exports) the largest logistics operation between Klathi and the Middle Rim worlds. ORE refused to comment on the situation.

The unprecedented move has come following civil unrest within the Enlightened Union and months of war plaguing the Middle Rim.

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