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Unpredictable - Part 1 Posted
« on: November 30, 2007, 12:02:39 pm »
I was sick today, and since I was so bored I came up with this story. It’s based around my most recent update in the Omic thread, so go check it out if you haven’t to help you understand. I’m not a very good writer, especially when it comes to suspense, so don’t expect a masterpiece.


5 hours, 27 Minutes.

     It was just turning dawn on the Novar Hidran space station, and the beautiful red giant Hidric was just shining through the ships heatshields. It seemed so long ago that this bright red light bulb had been a threat. Tamik had finally settled down to a deep glass of Froctora Water, settling out by a huge galaxy shaped pool on the sundeck.
   The space station was a marvel of engineering, even for the Omic, whose deep history spanned millions of years across several planets (and two universes.) It was spiral shaped, a tribute to their old religion, and was topped off with the sundeck ,under a gigantic dome shaped force field. Tamik had spent countless days here.
   She was almost asleep on a bed located on the section of the “galaxy” that was modeled on the planet Tjorn (this section was always unusually empty.) When an ugly rectangular ship managed to block out the sun (no easy task!) It docked with the sundeck and out came a large Omic, or whatever you called Omic that were larger than average.
     “You are Tamik Ur Dwurtik. Aren’t you?”
It was clear from his tone that he already knew she was, in fact, Ms. Dwurtik. Lead scientist of Gadigotik Industries, and the woman who had invented Wexxian sun cream.
     “Who’s asking?”
     “That would be your superior, Ms Tamik, and I’m here to invite you to come for a ride on my ship.”
Ah, what the hell. She thought. There’ll be a million unhappy robots ready to sue if I disappear.

    Seemingly, the ships interior architect was a couple of dimensions above the person who had designed the outer ship, because the semi-rich Tamik had never seen such extravagance.
    “So, to whom do I owe this… pleasure?” Tamik said, putting on her best pretty-girl smile.
    “That’s not important, miss. I’m just the messenger. My superiors were wondering if they could borrow you for a day, you’ve been picked from several scientists to test out a product with, well, several scientists.”
   “I’m not interested in testing your products.” Tamik frowned, and sadly turned for the door.
    “Oh yes? This cheque says differently.” He said, smiling.
    “I am, however, interested in inspecting high-tech new technology …”

   The next day, Tamik woke up in a sunlit cabin, with her clothes folded at the foot of her bed. After she had agreed, she had been shown to her room (“no time to return to your apartment!”) and had been advised to rest early, it would be a long day tomorrow. She only had time to pull on her clothes before the door flew open and some ship personnel escorted her out, down a hall, to a lab.
    It was clear she was the last member of the party, already 5 people were waiting for her. One other woman and four men. She recognized one as the man who she had met yesterday.
   “Ah,” said the man, grinning, “now that you’re all here, I can start us off. My name is Mr. Tuyrtik, and I am proud to announce you are all here to test a revolutionary new invention. We have selected you all because you are experts in certain fields.
     I’ll allow you to introduce yourselves later, but first, I need to make my own introduction. This…” He said, pointing at a panel in the floor that was sliding open (three people quickly jumped out of the way)  “… Is the Infinite Rationality Machine. And it predicts the future.”
     A ball with four grey ridges rising from the surface, even bigger than Tamik, rose out from the hole. It couldn’t be more dramatic.
    “We’re going to allow you to test it’s predicting power, watch it’s prediction, than try and avoid what it foresees, it’s quite fun.”
    Some people laughed nervously, other people tapped the ball, wondering how it was all possible.
    “Oh, don’t worry, we’ll explain how it works later. If you find any problems you’re welcome to open this one up and try and fix it, this one is replaceable and we don’t care what you do with it. For now, however, just be… unpredictable.”
   And with that, Tuyrtik turned and left.

  After pacing around and muttering greetings to each other for a few minutes, someone finally broke the silence, waving at Tamik.
   “Hi, I’m Axonik. My parents owned a small fortune and sent me to college to study robotics. I’m guessing that this is powered by some small AI.”
    The atmosphere soon warmed up, and everyone else talked about themselves and their opinions about the IRM. There was Joiek, the multi-millionaire investor, Tas, the mechanic, and Trairi, the programmer -
   “Nonsense!” Trairi interrupted them while they were throwing in their ideas. “It’s a gimmick. It predicts something then hypnotizes your subconscious into doing it!”
   Axonik rolled his eyes.
   “Let’s find out.”
    He turned to the device and spoke flatly; “Machine; activate. Predict the future of the whole day and show it to us in ten minutes.”
    There was a hollow click and it seemed almost like the machine had broken, but then it started making a quiet whirring noise, rising from the air to hover a couple of centimeters off the floor. With no signs of acceleration it instantly began rotating at high speeds. Over the spinning surface, a distorted image appeared. Tamik recognized herself, but she was moving unnaturally fast and she realized she was seeing about eleven hours being crammed into ten minutes. Suddenly there was a bright flash and there was a dead body lying on the floor of the projection.
    “Stop it there!” Cried Tamik. She saw herself, sobbing over Axonik’s body. She turned to the pale-faced Axonik, who was as shocked as she was.
    “Rewind!” Cried Tas, breaking everyone else out of their daze.
     The hologram wound back much slower, until it reached the flash again.
     “Now stop and darken.”
     The IRM worked instantly, the picture was crystal clear. Joiek was clutching a gun, and Axonik was on the receiving end of the clear beam. The time display told them this would take place in 5 hours, and 27 minutes.
    Axonik instantly made for the door, followed closely by everyone else. Unfortunately, Tamik was the quickest.
    “Right.” She said, locking the lab door shut.
    “Everyone must calm down! This is a malfunction and no one is leaving until we can isolate the problem. If we all stay calm I can still collect my money at the end of this.”

No way dude, you're trolling me.

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Re: Unpredictable - Part 1 Posted
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2007, 12:47:21 pm »
Good story. Murder and mystery!  ;D

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Re: Unpredictable - Part 1 Posted
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2007, 03:34:18 pm »
It's a mix between sci-fi and those old styly shows where everyone smokes cigarettes and goes "murder?"
No way dude, you're trolling me.