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Star Wars: Republic Commando
« on: August 18, 2005, 12:12:07 pm »
I think this game Rocks, Only 1 thing that I dislike.. the length of it.. why cant it be Longer?! its such a great game! I really felt Replenished after each time I played it.
It was actually like a Great Kick@zz movie. In other words an Absolut MUST in my opinion. (check the list below)

1:   The Inviroments are great, every way you turn your head theres something New and interesting and well theres been put ALOT of work in the levels/level designs.
and its all in a very high quality. I dont usual walk around looking on statics, but I cought myself doing it several times in this game

2:   Your Team mates Feels so real so that IF you kill one you actually feel like an @zzhole. maybe its the chatthing all the time that creates the bonds or something.

3:   The weapons are great:D lotsa punch in em and theyve got great looks and all (my fave is the Energy shell Shotgun;))

4:   DETAILS! Im a sucker for details and so was the creators of this Genius game. for an example. youre wearing a helmet at all times, when you kill someones to close to you blod squirts on the helmet glass;) as well as raindrops and bugsplat:P whereafter a nifty little feature cleans it of;). Another thing is that when your shooting on droids, Parts come of. some armor here and there before they are destroyed. And if you fire at a Trandoshans fuel backpack He "rockets" like fireworks;).

5:   Commanding the Squad is VERY easy.. only one key.. the F key. the way it works is pretty neat:). theres like a "holografic projection" or something like it, at the objects and such that you can command your troopers to interact with, its hard to explain but it really works very very well.

6:   The AI is actually very good. your teammates are always in cover finding the best tactical places to sit, you dont really ever find you self thinking "damn stupid computer ai I have to do anything myself:P". they help eachother and talk to eachother often and its just great. I came to like thier personalities and they seemed very realistic.

7:   If it Ever gets to hard, Just go into options and alter the Difficulty. Simple as that. It Changes the second you do so, to whatever you choose.

8:   Its Action packed from start to end. and well thats just Great:)

9:   well theres Tons of stuff in this game:P so i could keep doing this forever or just end it here;).


1:   Its too short.. you dont want it to end, I actually went through it twice after completing it the first time;)

2:   And ive heard the multiplayer part aint really that great. but i have to test it when i get the chance

Well I personally like this game Alot. and for those of you that have not tried it and that likes FPS games. Go get this. or at least try the demo (I know gamespot has a demo). Its a great game and a Great experience.
an absolut must in my opinion;)

Anyone else played it?. or am I all alone:P

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