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Gormania 2.0
« on: August 31, 2007, 07:38:25 pm »
My re-visioned Gormania World. (NOW WITH 25% DONE EVO TREE!)


Welcome to Gormania

Gormania, long ago, was a beautiful world filled with life. Then its SUn went super nova. Afterwards, the Sun absorbed a hydrogen nebula and condensed back into a regular sun. Gormanian life then evolved onto land. Then it was hit with a moon from another planet. The planet was rained down with poisonous lead from the moon. Its atmosphere was also mostly blasted off. Gormanian life adapted however, and evolved to consume the lead for protection from the sun. Then the creator was hit with a solar flare, permanently turning half the planet into a lava field. Its first smart life forms were wiped out from the meteor. Some survived to carry on the knowledge. Another species evolved and became sentient, and the dieing off species taught them their knowledge, then went extinct. Gormania is dieing off, and life is
holding on the best it can, but the planet is dieing.

Gormanian life evolved completely alien to that of Earth. Where as on Earth, fish evolved Jaws and feet, went onto land, and became everything, life on Gormania came into existence much different. The first cell fell into Gormania from a meteor. It was a simply celled organism. Completely "dumb", without a nucleus or anything. Quickly, life took on two forms. Plant life, and animal life. Plant life evolved a nucleus and sticked together, converting sunlight and water into food:sharing it amongst each other, forming the first multicellular "mold".
Animal life evolved a nucleus, but in a different way. The first nucleus equipped cells chunked together with non- nucleus cells. Eventually, the nucleus equipped cells took over the non-nucleus cells, and made them into "slave" cells. The first multicellular animal  evolved. As organisms got bigger, these chunks of "slave" cells lead by a nucleus cell clunked together. The organisms began becoming one. The nucleus cells clunked together and became the first brain. The slave cells split into 3 groups. Outer slave cells, inner slave cells, and messenger slave cells. These chunks of cells moved in sparatic movements once in a while grabbing a bite of smaller chunks of cells. Eventually, the brain became more advanced; master cells with a nucleus became more organized, and their movements became rhythmical; movement was created. These organisms split into two groups: skeleton and non skeletons. Basically fish and squids. A brake off of Earlier organisms became network cells: a chunk of slave cells attached to the ground lead by a single master cell.

Meanwhile, plant life became more advanced. They split into 3 groups. Land plants, sea plants, and coastal plants.

Early bugs formed also from an earlier break off species of animal cells. Insects were the first land walking creatures.

Animals evolved. Squids split into 4 groups. Deep sea squid, smart squid, flipper squid, and fish-like squid. The fish split into 3 groups. Filter feeders, tube sucking feeders, and tentacle feeders. Filter feeders split up into more various species. Some even evolved early legs.  Advanced life forms still stayed in the sea though. Despite all this, however, Gormanian advanced life did not Walk out of the sea first, they flew out. Flippered squid evolved wings, and their light, boneless bodies flew up and out. By this time, trees had evolved and these early fliers took to them. Tentacles of squid grew nails and claws to cling to the trees, and they ate insects for food. The Largest flying squid evolved soon after, called the Ultak Squid. It was also the first walking land based creature. The squid evolved a skeleton it was so large. It grew a 150 ft wing span and was 75 feet from head to tail. Despite its massive size, it was light and very mobile, able to go up, down, back, and forward, like a humming bird. These massive beasts roamed the skies for eons, and their great size caused great fear amongst the smaller flying squid. Despite their fish like appearance, they were amphibians: having lungs, slimy skin, and giving birth to soft shelled eggs.

Soon after, a meteorite killed off about 50% of life on Gormania. Only simple cells and advanced life forms survived.

Then the first land based walking creatures from fish came to be. The filter feeders walked onto land. The sudden explosion of cellular and insect life after Gormania was hit by a comment made filter feeders very successful. They used filter feeders to capture bugs and cells for food. Soon reptiles evolved, then many other things. Eventually, sentient being formed. They built up early civilizations, built large cities, and beautiful ones at that. But all this ended.

A moon from another planet was knocked out of orbit. It was pure lead, and it hit Gormania's moon. The 2 moon's rubble rained down hell on Gormania, and a chunk of the moon hit the planet, blasting off 65% of the atmosphere and creating a gasping sea of lava acros half the planet, also leading to lead poisoning across the world. Life learned that Lead was good against solar radiation, and adapted it. With no ozone, life on Gormania was forced to seek protection from the sun. Lead was perfect. And life learned how to survive through it.

Some survivers of the sentient beings stayed alive, and kept their knowledge of the ancient world written down and in their heads. they couldn't adapt, and were forced underground. When Gormania evolved new sentient beings, thy came back up to the poisonous world, and told the ancient knowledge to them. Now life is beginning again, but it better advanced quickly, for life's days on Gormania are numbered.

Gormania, is a dieing world.

kind of out of date map of land features:


Evo chart is AWESOME, but so large it must be downloaded(open in gimp or something):

Low res:
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Re: Gormania 2.0
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2007, 07:48:23 pm »
So much Graphicky Evolutionary Celestia-E goodness!  :)

Well done.

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Re: Gormania 2.0
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2007, 09:37:31 pm »
oooooooh very nice
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Re: Gormania 2.0
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2007, 11:02:44 am »
You can do that on celestia?... cool
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Re: Gormania 2.0
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2007, 08:40:24 pm »
OOooo00oo0o0ooOoO lots of pictures  :o
evo chart is awesome too