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The Lampards
« on: August 08, 2007, 04:01:01 pm »
The Lampards
Homesystem: Synax
Homeplanet: Black Garden (translated from: Jardix Oscuria
Environment: Earthlike planet, only that it is pitch black everywhere...
Home Territory: Cliffs in warmer regions, deserts, plains
Diet: Meat 50% / Plants 50%
Natural Weapons: Clawed Hands
Specialities: Lamporgan growing from their Head, Sensory Tail, Suction feet

The Lampards are a somewhat humanoid race, originated from very warm regions on Black Garden. They have a nearly non-existant eyesight but an overly supersonic hearing organ. To add to this supersense they have a tail that can sense earthquakes (very frequent on Black Garden), changes of wind, and other weather phenomena before they happen. They walk on their two suction feet, that developped on the cliffs of the mentioned planet. Their manipulators are hands with long claws. They are a slow race who manage to find food by luring animals with their lamps. The only plants (they are very unlike to the plants on earth) they feed on are the plain grasses and Milibiltrees.

The planet is so dark as it is covered by a certain gas known by the Lampards as Mukike. This gas lets through the necessary radiation to keep the planet as warm as earth, but it does not let any light through. The only enlightened places on Dark Garden are the high mountains in the southern continent. The Lampards from this region used to worship these places as the homes of the gods due to the light that they could not understand.

The plants, unlike earth plants, do not need direct light to grow. They produce oxygen by photosynthesizing with the radiation from giant subterannean crystals, that radiate the plant's roots from below.

OK, both of you die and let us know what happens.