Author Topic: Fa Kograk Mi Ko'Kissuf (The story of the Kissuf) [NG]  (Read 5617 times)

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Fa Kograk Mi Ko'Kissuf (The story of the Kissuf) [NG]
« on: April 13, 2008, 09:10:41 am »

The Kissuf

The Kissuf are cold blooded oxygen breathing Xeno-Crustacean's that dwell in the thick and hot and humid rainforests that are abundant on their hot homeworld.

The Kissuf evolved from Crustaceans that moved onto land to fill the empty niches left by the mass extinction of the Dinomamma when a super volcano erupted and devastated life on land.

The Kissuf evolved more recently from a tree living ancestor, that was well adapted for climbing through the trees, and this is visible in the four hands modern Kissuf's still posses, though their rear hand has evolved to facilitate speed rather then climbing, and the larger of the front hands are stumpier then their ancestors, due to primarily being used as front feet.

Kissuf mate by the males dancing and waving gathered leaves and flowers in their lower hands while they shake their "thing", the upper joint between the body and rear leg, dazzling females with their bright upper body coloration to impress her. When they mate they will clasp front to front, and the male will insert his spermatopositor into an opening in her lower mouth and release his gametes into a storage pouch.

only a third of Kissuf population is female hence male competition for the privilege of mating is fierce but peaceful.

The female can keep the sperm package for several months until she is ready to fertilize her eggs, which she keeps internally in her lower body. The embryo's within the eggs will then grow for around three weeks before hatching inside her. She will then release them and they will live on her, for several weeks more, as they grow, sucking up sustainance from pores on the round patches on her back, which are only lime green on the females.

After this period the young Kissuf will still be relatively small, but from that point on they will leave their mothers back and go their own way, the mother plays no further part.

Kissuf live for about 60 years without genetic alteration or otherwise technological and social interference.

Kissuf are omnivores, though with the coming of agriculture, their favorite meat is from the cat sized Gikt that they have domesticated. The Gikt is notable for being a fairly primitive land crustacean, and is an ingredient in many praised Kissuf cuisine.


Kissuf live in avarage sized colonies of around 100 with around 30 leading females, one female being the groups leader.

While Kissuf do have cities, colony tradition is still maintained, much as an Earth clan or tribe, and kissuf belonging to powerful and wealthy colonies are much admired and envied by other Kissuf colonies. The more prominent and leading colonies will be relatively large, while some poor and unimportant colonies can dwindle to 50 individuals. Generally a colony below 50 soon break up, and its remaining members seek to join other colonies.

Colonies generally work together within large associations called cooperatives, these act much like nation states. It is rare for a colony to change allegiance to another coop due to the taboo and sheer level of integration a colony has within its coop. new colonies will generally join the coop they reside in or the coop of their parents.

Crime can be punished by exile from a coop. While small crimes are punished with reasonable punishments towards the culprit, more severe crimes are punished with exile from the coop and colony, and this is effective, since the punishment is essentially isolating and expelling an individual from general Kissuf society. These rogue Kissuf will generally congregate in isolated rural communities, and may form ad hoc colonies, though they are not recognized by any official colony, and female crime is significantly lower then male, hence many of these rogue colonies can only survive on recruitment of newly exile Kissuf.

In the most severe cases, entire colonies have been expelled from greater Kissuf society. Generally though, in all but the most severe cases (which are met with colonial execution) this serves to force an exiled colony back in line, as the leaders will be fully exiled while the colony as a whole merely serves a period of penance, after which, they are allowed back into their coop and Kissuf society.

Kissuf colonies specialize, for example, the leading colony will be in charge of government, martial kissuf will police and defend the coop, other colonies will be involved mostly in administration, or medical car, or their own private business interests. The only exception is the judicial system, where an aspiring Lawyer has to pass a set exam and course of study before being accepted by the coops leading circle of judges. As such while policing may be down to one or two colonies, the court system is one of the few institutions of a coop that is meritocratic and fully inclusive of all Kissuf bar exiled ones.


The Kissuf homeworld is a warm humid moon of a gas giant two times larger then Jupiter. The moon is just slightly smaller then Earth, with no Icecaps, the poles being covered in forest.

The land-sea ratio is about even.

The gas giant orbits a sun like star, within its habitable zone. The system is a binary one with a red dwarf companion star.

There is one small rocky planet between the star and the gas giant, another smaller gas giant beyond the main one, and a thick asteroid belt beyond that, before giving way to open space and the system edge debris cloud.

The gas giant has 12 moons, counting the Kissuf Homeworld, mostly being large asteroids. The outer gas giant is notable for having 20 moons, 14 of which are large enough to be spherical. The largest two hold atmospheres, but are too cold to sustain life.


Kissuf culture is diverse, but due to the predominance of females, involves many older cultures idealizing the female as divine, with religions involving female deities, or stories of a male Kissuf going through great challenge to get to mate with an angelic female.

War is a rare occurance and not a concept most Kissuf idolize. The notion of the glory of war and a warrior being something to admire is fairly alien to most Kissuf. Even the colonies involved in policing/defense see it as nothing more then a regrettable last resort, something their colony undertakes for the well being of the colony, and certainly armed colonies tend to spend more time in other peaceful past times and tasks then actual training and armed endeavor.

As such Kissuf technology in regards to civil use, has always been more advanced and researched then war technology, to most Kissuf, the glory and heights of achievement is to benefit civil cohesion and prosperity. In contrast war and war preparation is merely the logical smart act of insuring against all possibilities.

While rare, war like Kissuf do exist, as is to be expected in a diverse sapient race, but they tend to end up exiled or even executed, due to their criminal disruptions to their colony, coop, or all Kissuf society.


Kssftcltgisk is the rough Anglicization of how the Kissuf call themselves in their own tongue.

Kisufiteclatorgisk Is how their name appears officially in all interspecies (should it occur) contact.

Kissuf is the unofficial Anglicization of their name.

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Re: Fa Kograk Mi Ko'Kissuf (The story of the Kissuf) [NG]
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Excellent! Great stuff, Nuri! :)

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Re: Fa Kograk Mi Ko'Kissuf (The story of the Kissuf) [NG]
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Thank you.  :)

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Re: Fa Kograk Mi Ko'Kissuf (The story of the Kissuf) [NG]
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One can see this is a great race for roleplaying, and the drawing makes its issues pretty clear. I like it too.