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« on: November 09, 2007, 04:34:08 pm »
I sorta made this up with my sketch comedy group at school, and just realized it may be a fun game to play on the fourms.

The way it works is, you're given a scenario, with a somewhat obvious problem.
You're equipped with 3 different items. Using those items (and the environment around you provided by the scenario) You have to somehow solve the problems surrounding you.

Here's an example of how it would work:

Poster 1:
You're trapped in an elevator slowly filling with water. Piranha infested water. With you, you have only:
-A Promotional poster for the movie Garden State
-A Purple tinted, clear GameBoy Color
-A Side Salad from Wendy's


Poster 2:
I take the poster and use it as a makeshift raft. As you know posters for Zach Braff movies are conciderably boyant so I should have no trouble there. I pour the side salad out into the water to distract the Piranhas, and by the time they realize It's not real food I've floated up and made my escape through the roof hatch of the elevator. And the GameBoy? The Gameboy I keep. For obvious reasons.

You're deep inside a darkened cave. You've been there for hours and have been having trouble finding your way out. Suddenly you hear a sharp growling noise coming from about 12 meters to your left. With you, you have:
-A large brass bust of Douglas Adams
-A Music Box that has a 50/50 chance of playing either the most amazing song in the universe ever, or Copa Cabana.
-Tyra Banks

Have at it!

And the 3rd poster would give their reply and a new scenario and so on...

So here is our starting Scenario:

You're a time traveler who has become trapped in a bookstore in the 1990s as your time machine has broken. Any extended staying in the past is problematic because you don't want any wormholes to form, so you've got to hurry to get yourself back to your own time. To make matters worse your time displacement has caused you to temporarily lose all the superhuman abilities everyone in the future is born with. (You know...You never really realize how much you take Laser vision for granted until you lose it.) Your time machine is currently disguised as an orange bean bag chair.
With you, you have:
-A Weeble (The kind that wobbles but doesn't fall down)
-A VHS of the previous night's Seinfeld
-A monocle


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Re: Scenario
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2007, 05:16:53 pm »
I sell the CHS tape to some hobo on the street, in exchange for his smelly shoes. I toss the shoes at some old lady til she finally sprays me with pepper spray. I stumble around blindly for a few seconds, but thanks to the old-fashioned chemicals infesting my eyes, I'm now able to use my powers in an old-fashioned time! I take the monocle and use it as a magnifying glass for my laser vision, powering my time machine back into the future!

Oh, and before I leave I give some random person on the street the Weeble, and tell him/her, "I'm from the future, and your future self told me to give this to you. Never lose it, for it might just- Well, you'll find out. WHen the time is right, you'll know what to do." I then run off and dissapear behind some fat guy.

You're inside a locked box, 20,000 leauges under the sea. All you have to use is:
1. A large stone statue of George Clooney
2. Bass guitar missing two strings
3. and a rusty spoon from the 1300's.

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Re: Scenario
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2007, 11:06:17 pm »
I dig a hole through the bottom of the chest with the spoon, and then pull myself along with it until I find a thermal vent on the ocean floor. I use the statue to plug up the vent, causing it to blast me back to the surface. then use the guitar string to lash together a pair dolphins, which carry me to the shore

you find yourself in a nice, comfortable and safe room. however, entering the building is a pack of commando dinosaurs with guns and an assortment of gear.

you have:
1. a laptop computer with high speed wireless internet connection
2. a jumbo sized ant farm
3. a Pomeranian dog
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Re: Scenario
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2007, 04:49:24 am »
That's simple. I crack open the ant farm and leave a trail of ants to the laptop, which the dinosaurs will then begin slacking off and using. I simply hide long enough for them to get bored enough to start fighting over who gets to use the internet, at which point I sic the dog on the survivors and escape in the confusion.

You are on the streets of a deserted city. All exits to the city have been blocked or destroyed, there is no safe way out of the city. Somewhere within the city limits a super-powerful predatory clone of you has been activated. It is stronger than you, faster than you, more enduring than you, and will not stop until it has hunted down and killed you like it was brainwashed to do. There is no way to kill the clone, you must survive long enough for the city exits to become unblocked, at which point you can escape. The clone cannot leave the city limits, so once you are out you have won.

To aid in your mission, the organisers of this experiment have given you the following items:
1) A full set of lockpicks
2) A first aid kit
3) A TV dinner

Please detail your survival plan carefully. Should you survive the experiment, you will be offered employment with the organisers and will be entitled to create one (1) experiment of your own choosing.

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Re: Scenario
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2007, 11:20:08 am »
I eat the TV dinner, out of hunger (obviously). Then I pick some locks into a building (which was locked, duh). To my surprise, there's my clone chilling with some random guys playing Medal of Honor. Seeing me, my clone kills me. In other words, I don't survive.

Anyway, you're on a small island, about the same size as those bathrooms in Walmart and all you have is:

1. A Newfoundland (the dog)
2. An ancient battle axe, passed down for generations by your Viking ancestors
3. and a half empty 2-liter of water.

How do you escape, or if you don't, what DO you do?

Better to live like there was a God, then die and find out there isn't than to live like there wasn't a God then die and find out there is.

Christianity is a relationship, not a religion.

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Re: Scenario
« Reply #5 on: November 10, 2007, 11:39:25 am »
First I panic and spill the water so that it runs out in the ocean. Desperately I try to separate the fresh water from the sea water until I realized that it is impossible. I spend the next three days banging my head against the palm tree (all small islands have one palm tree) until I snap out of it and think about.
First I make the dog watch out for aliens, partly because I began seeing strange colours while I was banging my head against the tree, partly because dehydration has set in. I then use the axe to decapitate some sea turtles who wanted to lay eggs on MY island, and use their entrails and shields to make a raft. Me and the dog then travel out to sea for six days. I am slowly driven insane and I think about killing the dog for food, though I give it up when I realize the dog fell in the water two days ago and the other thing in the raft is a seagull. I am eventually rescued by a sea cruise who don't understand why I didn't eat the seagull, or cut down the palm tree instead of float around in turtle entrails for a week.

Needless to say, I slaughtered them all with my axe and spend the rest of the cruise looking for aliens.

Oh right another scenario.

You are in a small submarine underwater. There is a small leak but it isn't serious yet. Besides yourself there are two Russians guys who try to tell you that you could easily bring them all back to the surface, if you would just let them use the control panel. Anyway, you are pretty deep down and the leak is getting bigger. You have the following.

1. A miniature submarine
2. A can of hairspray
3. A Russian to English dictionary

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Re: Scenario
« Reply #6 on: November 18, 2007, 10:53:13 am »
I break a small pipe off the submarine and spray hairspray on it, making a pen.  I use the can to kill the Russians, they are evil.  I write "Rescue Us" on the dictionary and send it to the surface with the miniature.

Aliens have captured humanity and strapped everyone to chairs, to be eaten later.  You have metal loops on your wrists.  You have

1.A paperclip broken into 2 pieces (1 inch long)
2.3 ounces of lint
3.A laser pointer (4 inches long, only creates light, does not destroy things)
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Re: Scenario
« Reply #7 on: November 18, 2007, 01:19:25 pm »
I fire the laser pointer into the guards eyes.  He yells in pain and falls towards me.  Moving quickly, I hold the paperclip in such a position that it punctures his neck and kills him.  flipping of my shoes, I root through his pockets and get the keys, then, using my amazing acrobatic abilities, reach up with my feet and unlock the wrist bands.  I get up and make a run for the door.

You're sitting in a chair glued to the top of a bus.  A flying bus.  It's currently somewhere over the himilayans.  It's one of those big tour busses.  It's being driven by a grizzly.  The pasangers consist of various species of mammals.  And they're all on fire.  The driver bear is wearing a top hat and a monicle.  Stapled to one side of the bus is a two headed clone of William Shatner and on the other side is Jesus.  WHAT DO YOU DO?

You have:
- a Bucket full of toast
- a cuddly Yak doll
- 6 pounds of TNT
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