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Hoo yeah, VERY Gal-Civ! I hope that Spore's AI of interstellar races lives up to th astonishing AI of that game, even down to them getting peeved if you disrupt their trade lanes, etc.

Hmm.....I'd quite like to see some kind of news network that's completely independent of you in-game rom the city stage onwards as technology develops. Example:

A big event happens, such as overcoming a vastly superior critter that was trying to rampage through town, a decisive war victory, or the development of an astounding new technology. The game, being as it is mostly procedural, records certain things without your say-so and saves them, only to play them on giant screens or holographic projectors in your capital city.

It might be interesting to see if the gam can procedurally recognise important events as you play, record them seamlessly and then integrate them into your civilisation's news network.

Having said that, I kow nothing of procedural methods so this entire idea might be barking very much up the wrong tree.  ;D

Spore: General / Re: Image Archives
« on: April 01, 2006, 10:34:15 am »
 ;D Astounding stuff! These are some seriously overwhelming images. Thanks to all who found them!

The tortoise is pretty nifty. Maybe Maxis are kind of saying to the community that it's OK to make real-life things after all.....I'm still sticking to out-there zaniness, though. Walking on hands is awesome!

 ;D Presumably any species reaching sentience will develop some kind of rudimentary religion. So if it's wildlife, maybe no God thing (unless it's altered to Creator), but if they have their own society (e.g. are aliens from another world) they would probably have their own religion.

One thing I would enjoy seeing is a really flexible camera, similar to that seen in Sims 2, that is highly manueverable in pause mode (which ideally is a freeze-frame, rather than something that summons a menu). This would be so I can zoom and rotate around critters, not only to get an idea of the level of detail that's gone into them by their player-creators, but also for photography purposes (e.g. screen captures) and to weigh up how heavily armed they are etc.

Usng external screen capture methods isn't the same as a Sims-esque phot album.

Another thing I'd like to see, though may be a bit pie-in-the-sky, is parapitetic cities. In WarCraft III, for example, the night Elves had buildings that were actually moving natural entities that could walk around at will, enabling you to move your entire settlemen if the need arose. They were slow and cumbersome but it was still a nice touch.

In Spore, cities in danger could sprout gigantic robotic legs and stomp on tanks like insects. The entire city would need to be built on some kind of secret disc hidden a few feet underground or something.....but still. Walking settlements are probably more for impressing inferior races than having actual remote usefulness.

 ;D I like that! It's a very good picture. I can't decide whether he;s looking at us with a 'who cares' attitude or is contemplating clawing our face off with the grasper-tail. Either way, it's nice to see him close and motionless so that we can see how he's been put together.

Spore: General / Re: More Images and Comments
« on: March 26, 2006, 07:59:11 am »
 ;D He always looks so casual......kind of like 'Howdy, I'm here to talk about inspiration, more books than you've probably ever heard of and the entire composition of the space-time continuum and I'm not even going to break a sweat doing it while you fumble in confusion to grasp my astounding mental powers. Please feel free to bow now.'

On a more sensible note, great imagery! I particularly like the cute - science comparison. When the game finally arrives it'll be great to see cartoon characters and hyperealistic monsters in the same galaxy........and, should they be evolved right, those doe-eyed critters might even be the ones chasing the fearsome brutes!

Well, you never know. I'm going the toony route so all your scary beasts can eat me up. consider it me giving something back to this marvellous community.

Spore: General / Re: New Spore Video!
« on: March 25, 2006, 01:58:33 pm »
 ;D Thanks for these images and the video, looks absolutely fantastic! The stumpy demon kind of reminds me of a Norn from the dearly deceased Creatures series (tragically, a lesson in how NOT to bring custom content to the masses, but a rather indepth simulation of the workings of organisms nonetheless). It's all in the eyes.

Interestingly, the wings are quite small but it looked like at some point the critter was flying; albeit statically. Kind of a frozen midair pose. I was worried that to lift certain creatures it would need a large wingspan, but this puts my mind at ease (unless I'm disastrously wrong).

The scuttling movement is awesome and certainly something I'd like to explore further. Splodey may look even more fearsome had he walked that way.

The be honest, I assumed it was an outside program. To think it might be the new editor is intriguing......I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

Either way, a very cool and comical creature with a very appealing gait. Now the community needs to give him a name so he can join the ranks of Willosaur and Splodey and suchlike.

And rock on baby versions!!! ;D

 ;D Rock on! Why build a ship when you can turn the world into one?  8) Though I get the idea about altering environments.....I think that'd be a cool effect to watch. If the game succeeds in procedural evolution, which I think Maxis are planning to at least let the game experiment with, it would be awesome to watch races develop thicker and thicker fur for warmth if you joyride their world into the inky void. Eventually they'd all die out, naturally, but it'd be groovy to watch them struggle and strive to adapt.

Incidentally......robots obviously could survive on planets with no atmoshperes, so.......what if you could build terraformation droids that would try and work on getting the planet habitable for you whilst you go off and do something else? Might be a cheaper but more over-elaborate alternative to the Genesis Device.

Seeing as all other members of the race that reaches sentience are different, it gets me wondering.....say you decided to make your own favourite city an entire race of cyborgs by giving them hyper-sensitive optic reception implements and tail-mounted Gatling guns, just to keep the Splodeys at bay. This city is your favourite, you nurtured it froma tribe of nobodies into the cultural epicentre of the planet. It has been from here that you launched countless invasions and trade delegations to sloly close your fist around the world.

However, other cultures with other city types and philosophies on life, though under your control, still would have their own opinions and traditions. A druidic offshoot of your species that settled in faraway forests to live an elfin life of love and peace may be under your control, yes; but your embracing of technology and insistence upon staple-gunning cool mechanoid implements all over yourselves has made them distanced from your culture. In other words, cultures you've dominated can break away if they find your leadership too conflicting with their own ideals. Sort of like the way intergalactic relations would work, with everyone sensitive to certain ideas and offended by others, only more on a terrestrial level.

Having said that, it might overcomplicate play......but I suppose that the safety-valve for that would be some nice brain-altering propaganda aimed in their direction that makes them drop the daisy-chains and stop sitting around the fire singing 'love, love, love' and instead embrace overcomplicated machinery and attaching big metal things on various areas of their body.

 ;D Well, I plan to make the creatures peaceful and studious in order to gather knowledge and the robots, providing they don't get axed from the game before release somehow, the defenders. This, of course, throws up the possibility of robotic rebellion, and thy'll be armed more than those who created them thus intitiating a mass exodus to escape the planet before we get wiped out. Which, incidentally, is art of my wishlist; having a rebellion, whether robotic or actually from a culture you control.

Secondly, I'd like to see options whereby you can put a smaller head on the tongue of your critter, kind of like some of the things in the film Evolution and suchlike.

Finally, I think it would be great if it was possible to destabilise a techno-industrious race using an electromagnetic pulse. As I'm sure we all know, EMP could, if detonated correctly above our own world, spell the end of civilisation as we know it. The same applies here; switch on the EMP (from a safe distance of course) an watch in glee as those advancing tanks stutter to a halt, the enemy's planes plunge from the skies and all their boats are quite literally become sitting ducks. All the submarines simultaneously clunk to the sea-bed, cities shut down as bewildered creatures amble about wondering why their mobile phones have stopped working and why they can't listen to their SporPods any more. Furthermore, underwater cities lose all supplies of oxygen (or insert other respiratory gas here for more exotic lifeforms), and sloly suffocate beneath the ocean in sheer futitility! Cue evil laugh/massive guilt trip.

I think the last idea might fit well with Mr. Wright's idea that some of the UFO features are supposed to be a little wild and untamed. Players unfamiliar with the concept of EMP could press it in a 'see what this does, then' mentality and watch in shock/glee as the entire planet switches off.

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