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Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Cellular Sporecast: need cells to add
« on: September 24, 2008, 07:37:02 am »
I'm making a cell based sporecast. I'm not sure how they get uploaded to the Sporepedia but I'd like to collect as many as I can into one sporecast. I have 4 already. If you have a cell in on your page or if you find one, please link it here. Here is the sporecast:

Spore: General / For Caryl: What we DO like about Spore
« on: September 15, 2008, 05:52:40 am »
Since your here Caryl... any word on what is up with the process that seems to be breaking some people's space game?
Which thread?  I'm trying to be selective and avoid the trolls today.  It's too depressing for me (on my first Saturday off in over 3 months)

When I read this it really made me sad. Maybe it's because I met Caryl and the team when I had a chance to go to Maxis. I've done a lot of thinking over the weekend about Spore and the impact it has had in my own life.

But it's just a game. Yes, it's a game, but it became something more. Three and a half years ago I was on the Sims2 forum and found a thread where someone mentioned Spore, a new game by Will Wright. I followed the link and ended up here, at Gaming Steve. That was on day 3 of the forum's existence. I signed up and joined in the discussion, wanting to know more about this thing called Spore. I watched a video and then another. I listened to podcasts. I got to know members here and made friends. I was asked to be a moderator. I've learned to draw and color and make up stories. The forum has become like a family community. I've chatted with people and even met some in person. I've been to Maxis and met the team, I'm going to EA again this week so you see, for me this has become more than a game. It has impacted my daily life and things that have happened in it.

So this is for Caryl and the team. This thread is to list the things you DO like about Spore. What was fun, what did you enjoy?

1. I love the vehicle editor. I'm blown away by the things you can make and the ease of use. It all just molds together and then I can paint each little section a different color. LOVE IT!! I would have paid $50 for this alone.

2. I like spice mining. I'm having fun going from planet to planet buying up spice and reselling somewhere else.

3. I like the voices in tribal, they're funny. These little guys crack me up.

4. I like the cell stage. It's easy and cute and hard to find all 6 parts.

5. I like terraforming, especially since I got the hang of it.

6. I like earning badges and achievements.

7. I like that it's like having 5 different games in one package. Each level plays a different way.

8. I like coverting cities in Civ stage to my religion. The hologram image is cool.

9. I love the music in the game. It's really enjoyable.

10. I love the sporepedia. It works so much better than I ever expected.

There is more but I'll stop at 10. So from me, well done. I know that you'll work out any glitches and problems and it will just keep getting better.  :)

*note: this thread is for positive comments only, if you don't have anything good to say then don't post here.


Spore: General / Please help the mods: Use search before making new topics
« on: September 08, 2008, 06:06:11 am »
I'm asking for help again. The Spore section is bursting with new topics, most of which could have been posted in a current topic. I don't have the game yet, I expect it on Wed. and I'm trying very hard to moderate the forum and avoid spoilers. Here is how you can help me.

1. If you want to talk about something, use search to see if the topic has been made. Then post in that topic.

2. If you find a thread that could be merged with an existing thread, then please post both links here or pm me.

3. If you encountered a problem with the game but were able to fix it, please share with the forum so I can add to the Q/A thread.

4. If you want to talk about surprises and easter eggs and whats in the center, please use spoiler tags in the title of your thread. Don't give away anything for the people who can 't play yet.

Thanks  :)

We will try to help solve problems by organizing the answers to problems as they come up. The Dev team have been posting and trying to help us with answers so let's help them by containing the issues in an organized manner.

1.Please search for your problem before posting. If you don't see it, then make a new thread. If you find a thread with the same problem, then please post there.

2. Label your thread very clearly regarding the problem, do not use "OMG, please help". If your problem is installation related, then call it: Installation Problem, wont' register.

3. Remember that we are players like you and we don't have all the answers but we have kind members who like to help others. The official EA help section is located at forums. Tech Support

If you are unsure whether someone who is trying to help is really from Maxis, please ask a moderator, we can check the IP's.

Spore Creature Creator
Creature Creator Help thread

SPORE: The Game
Invalid CD Key
Maxis is aware of the problem and is gathering more information to help fix it. Please visit the thread above for more information.

Error while installing
Q. Just picked the game up, put it in the drive, and I got an error:
Error Code:   -5005 : 0x80070002
Error Information:
>Kernel\KernelMedia.cpp (95)
>SetupNew\setup.cpp (836)
PVENDOR:Electronic Arts (
@Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600)  IE 7.0.6000.16711
Anyone know how to fix this?

A: It means the Creature Creator was not uninstalled. Here is a fix:

Problem: Black Screen in Custom Paint Editor iMac
Answer: Change Graphics effect settings

*Thank you to those posting your Q/A here in this thread, I'm going to leave them and let others do the same.*

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Gaming Steve Sporecast
« on: September 03, 2008, 12:42:05 pm »
I created a Gaming Steve Sporecast. I added tags but it seems that I have to drag and drop creatures into it. If you'd like to have some of creatures in the sporecast then please post a link here so I can easily add them. Please limit it to your most favorite 3. I think that's a fair amount. I'm also going to add any featured Gaming Steve creations.

You can find it here:

Spore: General / Please don't post spoilers if you get the game early!!!
« on: September 02, 2008, 09:29:17 am »
This is a request for those who have the game already and those who will get it soon. Please don't post spoilers about the game for those of us who have to wait until next week. If you have to post something, use a spoilers tag in the title or in the thread. I'm worried about having to monitor things and then run across something that will ruin the experience.

I'm happy you guys are getting to play and I look forward to my own experience.  :)

Spore: General / Religious Cities - Will Wright comment
« on: July 25, 2008, 03:04:55 pm »
Over on the Spore forum there is a long topic called: Religious cities--plague rain?? healing powers?!? ...Seriously?

First post:
From the thread "In Game Text dumps found on xSpore!"
"The Religious Super Weapons include the Faith Heal, Black Rain, and Messianic Uprising.

The Faith Heal is unlocked after capturing 3 Religious cities. You can use the Faith Heal on your own vehicles or buildings to heal all units in the area.

The Black Rain is unlocked after capturing 5 Religious cities. If you use Black Rain on a neighboring city, it will cause a large Black Storm to appear over the city, raining diseased creatures on their city. This causes extreme unhappiness making it easier to convert their city.

The Messianic Uprising is unlocked after capturing 7 cities. Launching the Messianic Uprising creates a large holographic image of your priests chanting over your city and sending your religion across the globes. Awestruck, all cities immediately convert to your nation. "

If this is true then I am severely disappointed. Such rampant mysticism should have no place in a game so explicitly scientific in nature. When I think of how much they've trumpeted their scientific credentials, making such a show of the sophisticated technical science behind their tutorials--and especially when I think of Mr. Wright's remarks about the inspirational potential of a science-based toy in fostering a rational outlook and a passion for the investigation of nature, I can't describe this as anything but hypocrisy.

Clerical healing powers are something out of dungeons and dragons, and have utterly no place in a science-based game.

One would hope they try to give this some kind of sciency veneer to integrate it with the rest of the Spore setting (e.g. they described the "Messianic Uprising" as involving a hologram), but I can't see how it would work.

And a further, related point--I've read that adopting a social strategy in the earlier game results inexorably in having religious cities in the Civ phase. This has no rational justification.

I am appalled.

About halfway down the page (link posted above) Will Wright posted under the name MaxisWill.

Quote from: MaxisWill
I do read the threads here when I get the chance (though been a bit on the busy side lately).

As you might know I've been very interested in using Spore to motivate an interest in science. At the same time we want to make a fun, humorous, playful game. The superpowers in the game were added both to make early decisions you make in the game (cell, creature, tribe) continue to have consequence in the later levels and also to add more humor and playfulness to the overall experience.

If you look at the Civ superpowers they are more realistic for the economic and Military strategies than they are for the religious. We could have labeled the religious powers differently (maybe enhanced memetic transmission or fundamentalist jihad) and given them the same rough effect but they would have felt a bit more gritty and out-of-character with the rest of the game.

Usually when we hit design bumps like this we like to fall back into humor, it's something everyone can relate to and most tend to then view it as a metaphorical solution to something that's below the simulation level of detail.

A good example of this was in The Sims when the characters needed to do things that would have been messy to simulate. For instance when a sim needs to change clothes they jump in the air, spin around and are redressed. That's obviously not the way it works in reality. Also if they need a small object they always pull it from behind their back (the "everything comes out of your butt solution"). Most players understand these methods as a humorous metaphor for what would really happen.

The space level of Spore has a number of abilities that I guess you could argue might have technology solutions but that I personally view as highly unlikely (such as traversing a wormhole). Again these increase to playability and narrative density of what's possible in the game.

At the end of the day I think the "educational" impact of Spore is less important than the "motivational" impact. In other words, I'd rather promote an interest in the larger world around us instead of downloading known facts. To have the largest impact we first and foremost need to make a game that's compelling and fun to play.

This is a fascinating debate though (which is why I felt like I had to comment a bit) and I don't mean to end it. In fact I would love to hear everyone weigh in on what they think about the creative license that we're taking with these subjects.

- Will Wright

Thought some of you would like to read about it. If this has been posted before, let me know and I'll merge it or delete it.

Spore: General / I need a helper to merge topics
« on: July 11, 2008, 08:08:44 am »
The Spore forum has been flooded with new threads and many could have been posted in a thread already established. I haven't had the time to sit and go through and read them all and merge them but it needs to be done. It probably goes back 10 pages by now.

So, I'm asking for help. If someone has time, could you go back through and see what threads could be merged with others. Just post the original thread and the ones that should be merged into it and it makes things so much easier for me.

When it's done, I'll graveyard this thread so it won't clutter anything.

Thank you :)

Site News / GamingSteve Wiki
« on: July 10, 2008, 01:56:58 pm »
This is the official topic for the unofficial GamingSteve Wiki.

I created a wiki on my website to host the GamingSteve Wiki. You can find it here: GamingSteve Wiki
There are no advertisements on this site so it's clean and usable. We can use it for documenting projects and history in an organized fashion. You will have to register on the wiki in order to make articles or edits.

Oviraptor and I have already set up a basic structure but we're open to suggestions to make it look better. We need to keep it looking nice to keep all your personal things in your user page.

So, let the wiki fun begin. If you have any suggestions or problems, let us know. I'm currently having one and I'm trying to find a solution.

Large image won't produce a thumbnail

You cannot create an account on the wiki, it must be done by myself or Oviraptor. If you want an account, please message us your user name and the password you want to use.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Gaming Steve Featured Content
« on: June 20, 2008, 07:29:30 am »
I thought it would be nice to have a thread to honor all the Gaming Steve members who get "Featured" on the Sporepedia. I've only seen one so far but I'm sure more will be coming as we have so many good creature makers here. Please post here as you see them come up. If you see that your creature got featured, then post here too.

Dragonfly Tree by Hydromancerx

This is the official story thread: I will post the story of what happens on the ship in this thread. Please post and discuss things "in character" in this thread. If there is special information you need to have, I will send that to you by pm. Please keep notes about what information you receive as you are trying to figure out a mystery. If you have questions, please post them in the planning thread.

Welcome aboard the SS Glicker!!

After much waiting, embarkation day finally arrived. The passengers were ready to set sail on the brand new ship for their high sea adventure. 

They gathered at the Ship terminal to check in the luggage and receive room keys.

Bodhi felt a little uneasy leaving his luggage, this was his first cruise.

Lines formed as they waited their turn to board the ship. We have a celebrity on board this trip, the famous Huckbuck is traveling with us.

Oviraptor began snapping pictures the moment he arrived. He should have a great photo album when the cruise is done.

It seems that two of our passengers might know each other already.

Finally clearance was given to board the ship!

All passengers walked the gangway and entered on board.

In each cabin was a paper that served as a daily guide to the activities on the ship. Be sure to read it daily to see what's happening!
THE DAILY SAIL - Your daily guide to FUN
Captain Hydromancerx and First Mate Andrew Ryan welcome you aboard the maiden voyage of the SS GLICKER
Cruise Director: Celdur / Purser: Didero
Sunrise 6:08 am / Sunset 7:32 pm
Boat Drill: At approximately 4:00 pm today there will be a mandatory lifeboat drill for all guests and crew. Please refrain from smoking or drinking during the drill. All departments will be closed during the boat drill. Please listen for the announcements.

Join us tonight for the Welcome Aboard Show featuring our show stopping performer, Space Oddity. 9:00 pm in the Show Room. See you there!!
Dinner tonight is at 6:00 pm in the main dining room. Plenty of great food prepared by our award winning chef Alwayswatching.
Book your spa and hair reservations soon as our hairdresser Anou Mawi books up fast. If you want that special look for formal night, be sure to get in early.
After the show tonight visit our Casino. Sign up for the Texas Hold 'em poker game in the main room.

Embarkation special in the Internet Cafe! Purchase an Internet Time plan today and receive up to 20 minutes free! Enter the raffle to win 500 free minutes! Need assistance? Contact the Purser. He can also help you with your room keys and any other special needs.

Your luggage is delivered to your cabin anytime up to 8:00 pm this evening. If you find luggage in your cabin that does not belong to you, please contact your stateroom Steward Lualmoba or the Purser's office.


Site News / Unfortunate News - The 2008 April Fools Joke
« on: April 01, 2008, 04:43:26 am »
I know we don't normally talk about these things but we had to remove a long term member's access today. It started with his use of an offensive word, and when his post was edited, an argument ensued.  It was taken off the forum and into private messages and email. The final insult coming early this morning. Unfortunately, the final result was that we had to make a decision and that was to ban Patman.

Steve felt it was best to tell the forum this time since Pat was the highest poster and a long term member. Also to serve as an example of what not to do.

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