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Spore: General / Re: One of the reasons why Spore is "cute" and dumbed down
« on: November 06, 2008, 10:48:47 pm »
Don't get me wrong on this, because I am not someone who hates Spore... nor am I a devoted fan of Spore.
I have been waiting since Day 1, and I have seen almost all interviews, demos, pics, etc. since before release.
I am not saying this because I thought Spore was overhyped and I was disappointed.
I am saying this because I saw a lot of potential in Spore, and I was let down because I know for a fact that they could have put more into it.

I don't believe the Space Stage is too complex.
I think all of the stages are fine, except for the Space Stage.

I think the Space Stage is far too under-developed and lacks just about everything that it needed to have.

Will Wright himself said that the game doesn't really start until you reach the Space phase.

The Space phase was supposed to be THE GAME. The other stages were supposed to be just part of the game that 'built the story' of your species.
This is what Will Wright told us the game was supposed to be like!!!

However, in Space, the things you can do are extremely limited for what is supposed to be a 'sandbox game'.

All the little things you can do in the Space phase are pointless, boring, and repetitive.... basically things you could already do before or things you will probably never do.
Not only that, but you have to earn the ability to use those things, earn the points/cash for them, and even find the species selling them as well.
And as Spore is now, you can only buy 1 at a time from each species planet, making even trading an extremely boring and repetitive task.

For a game that is supposed to emulate the Universe, in all of it's vastly glory... it sure is empty.

Once you've done it once, you pretty much don't want to do it again.
Which is definitely not how I see the Universe, or the game, should be.

Whatever happened to creating planets, having the power to move even the stars themselves, and ecosystems?
The Spore we received can not even populate anything correctly. Personally, I keep receiving the same 10 or so creatures over and over and over again, even though I have a few thousand downloaded and I've personally made about 200 of them.

On a personal note: Let me tell you 1 thing: I am 100% sure that having random groups of the same two species generated, all over the planet, next to each other who basically never do anything but stand there and look stupid is NOT called an Ecosystem.

The freaking creatures don't even go out to eat anything. If you sit there and look stupid long enough, you may see the carnivores attack and kill another creature... but that's the only thing you'll ever see this "ECOSYSTEM" do.

That's not simulation. That's just generating 'pretty images' for consumers that don't know any better.

Spore: General / Re: Maxis reacts on "science vs. cute" debate
« on: November 06, 2008, 09:56:34 pm »
Sometimes it seems that this forum is just kids.

*looks at all the above responses*
Wow, You know what? You're absolutely right.

:-\ Some of you guys need to grow up.

Spore: General / Re: HELP! Corrupted Save.
« on: November 06, 2008, 01:43:28 pm »
..... I'm shocked that no one has noticed this yet.

Spore makes back-ups of your previous saved games.

On XP, the SPORE folder is in Application Data, on Vista it's in AppData.

Inside the SPORE folder is a GAME folder, inside that one should be Game0 and a Game0.old.
Inside the Game0 folder are your save-games which each use the creature's name for the save-file.

Take the save files from the Game0.old folder and put them into Game0 folder.

Hopefully that will restore any corrupted files. If not, you'll either have to wait for a new patch to fix it (probably not likely, but it may happen) or delete the save-game.

Edit: I probably should've warned you. I've never tried any of this.
You might want to make a backup of your Game0 folder before replacing anything!

Spore: General / Re: [WIP] DarkDragons Editors Trainer
« on: November 05, 2008, 11:06:05 pm »
DarkDragon, have you had any luck ever finding the Asymmetry switch? Even once?
I tried to find it today (I got bored) and there is just too many unknowns for me to find it even once, even if it does change locations on start-up.

I mean I don't know when it's initialized, I don't know what value it has, and it never changes it's value as far as I know.

So put all those 3 together and you've basically got a needle in a haystack.
Except the haystack is a few billion numbers, and I'm trying to pick out just one.

Maybe I'm going about finding it wrong. I don't usually try to hack/mod things, so my knowledge on it is basically limited to traditional programming.

Spore: General / Re: The Glitch Thread
« on: November 05, 2008, 10:51:10 pm »
My suggestion should fix your problem, but you won't like it:
Delete your save-game folder.
I don't think there is anything else you could do.

The save-game folder is in Application Data on XP, or AppData on Vista.
You can use search if you don't know where that is.
Delete the entire "SPORE" folder, ONLY.

Also, I believe you can uninstall Spore and it asks if you want to remove "User Created" stuff. Say YES.
You MAY want to backup the "My Spore Creations" folder inside of "My Documents" before doing that though. Copy or move it somewhere else, and then move it back after re-installing.

P.S. Never ever turn a computer off when it's saving something. Never. You're lucky it didn't bust your hard drive.

Edit: You know what? If you can find the Spore folder in Application Data, you may be able to delete just the save files that got corrupted and save the rest.

Inside the "SPORE" folder should be a "Game" folder, then "Game0" folder.

Whatever creature it was your accidently saved should have that creature's name on the files. I believe there are 2 files for each save game.

If that doesn't work, you WILL have to delete all saved games.

Spore: General / Re: Maxis reacts on "science vs. cute" debate
« on: November 05, 2008, 10:40:33 pm »
I really think you need to drop the whole "Chris Hecker the Indie advocate" thing and perhaps consider his views may have changed since then.

Yeah I know people change. Everyone changes.
I was trying to post on why OTHER people don't like him, but I obviously dislike him so my opinion was reflected in what I said.

But I posted that as why a lot more people were easily blaming Hecker for everything that happened.
That would not have happened if he were not someone people admired before, and someone that became a huge hypocrite to the video game industry.

Chris Hecker was being denounced as the Satan who perverted the Holy Truth of the Realistic Spore, in a immature and small minded way. How does making a totally unrelated statement make you deserve to be slandered on an entirely different matter?

What I posted, shouldn't make me look like a "fool" but I can see where you're getting that from.
I posted things more strongly than I needed to.
I didn't mean to add to this "We blame Chris Hecker for Spore!" thing... on the contrary.
I actually knew from the beginning that he didn't cause Spore to become 'cute' and stray from 'science.'

Instead, what I MEANT was that he has been receiving a small blacklash from the community already, for all the stupid things he has said and done. (Example: Saying the Wii is a "piece of %#!$" when obviously it appeals to a mass market of consumers)
What I meant to IMPLY, but stupidly I said very bluntly, was that it was his own fault that he became the scapegoat for Spore.
But it was those feelings, along with the original post from the 'intern', that caused the hate to snowball into a hate-fest.

I was only trying to explain what Hecker REALLY did to cause such a ... 'upset in the community.'
Instead, I interjected my personal feelings into the matter. I shouldn't have done that.

Basically to sum it all up: I believe Hecker became the scapegoat for Spore because of other things he has done within the video game industry.
Which made a lot of people more willing to believe that he really did intentionally derail Spore.

Spore: General / Re: Maxis reacts on "science vs. cute" debate
« on: November 05, 2008, 06:42:49 pm »
I think there is still a misunderstanding about Chris Hecker.

A lot of people were mad at him, because of the original posts about him starting up the 'cute team'.
But it wasn't just this that caused problems.

Chris Hecker is a hypocrite.

He was originally an advocate for indie games ('independently made games', for those of you who aren't familiar with the term).

And I think Jaleho put it best in another topic:
And you know what drives me insane trying to understand? Chris Hecker is one of the driving people in the world of INDIE Gaming... the very people focused on new, untested, potentially unsuccessful ideas. A major figure in the world of "who cares if it makes a lot of money -- we need fresh ideas that aren't Halo and Madden."

But then I remember Hecker never shipped a game before Spore, that he said he had to give up indie games to "sell out" and make an income, and it all makes sense...

He believed in Indie Gaming, then Indie Gaming let him down, and he gave in to the almighty dollar and the game industry. Because HE couldn't succeed in indie games, he decided "if you can't beat them, join them" and gave in to the "pander to the dumbed-down masses" mentality.

I think he steered Spore away from its "extreme" heading, because he felt (from his own experiences) that Spore would be doomed to failure if it continued down that path.

And even still, Chris Hecker was the one to state in a GDC 2007 conference:

"The Wii is a piece of $#&%!" Hecker began his talk, which was called "Fear of a Wii Planet." He blasted a few bars of Public Enemy to set the tone. Hecker said the Wii is nothing more than two GameCubes stuck together with duct tape, and that the console isn't powerful enough to provide the next-gen experience he has been waiting for.

Although he stated the system is "severely underpowered," Hecker noted that he wasn't simply referring to the Wii's graphical capabilities. He wants to spend a console's CPU making games more intelligent, and he has found the Wii doesn't have the power to process things like complicated AI.

Which implies that without the best graphics and the best CPU, good games can't be made.
Which implies that good games need the best graphics and use a lot of memory.

Which then implies that indie development, something of which he was one of the largest advocates of, is completely and utterly futile.

He may deserve thanks for designing a procedural system for Spore, but that doesn't negate the fact that he is a complete hypocrite and deserves the backlashing.

Just because he failed at what he set out to do, does NOT mean that he should set out to do the exact opposite.
It reminds me of people who sit and drink every night because they hate their lives, when in reality they hate their lives because they sit there and drink every night.

He deserves the criticism. He needs to get his head on straight.
Hopefully he read a lot of people's comments about him, and hopefully he'll realize that he's made a lot of mistakes and will think more clearly about what he actually believes. Right now, He is a sell out.

Oh the entire "science vs cute" thing isn't why I think he's an idiot.
It's his entire attitude towards gaming in general.
He states things completely contradictory to his own actions.

For instance, he is SUPPOSEDLY a big 'indie games' advocate, yet he dropped all of his attempts at making indie games, and went to Spore, a multi-million dollar franchise which is owned by EA, who is the largest video game publisher.

Not only that, but he strayed away from 'indie games' again by not considering Spore to be an artistic achievement of both science and art, but put more emphasis on the mass-consumer market wanting to make the game cuter and whatever....
If he was TRULY for indie games, he would have wanted to see the opposite done with Spore.

Not only that, but he called the Wii a "piece of $@!&" and blah blah blah, which just made him look like a huge kid stuck on "GRAPHIC R WIN!111!!11!1" which basically sums up his entire idea of video games.

Basically, he's a jerk with an ego complex, who can't even stick by his own beliefs.
... I don't think people like that are too smart.

But anyways, we are de-railing the topic. ;) Sorry, SporeBuck.

What'd they say? :-\

And yeah, I still think he's an idiot.
He does things completely contradictory to his own stated beliefs.
So obviously he has always been stating crap that he doesn't really believe.

In other words, he spouts crap he knows is untrue just for argument's sake.

X. None of the above.

I'm the guy who likes Spore, thinks it needs a lot of improvement, and had a thousand times more potential. It was cool in 2005, and it was cool in 2007-2008.
The only reason it didn't reach it's potential was that it was turned into a marketing tool, rather than a video game.

I don't just blame Chris Heckler, I blame everything on EA and consumer market trends.
Although, I do agree that Chris Heckler is a complete idiot.
But like I said, Spore is a decent game, and I'm just waiting for some patches to fix it. It's got so many bugs and glitches that it's really a sub-par game at the moment.

Sorry to bust your archetypes. ;)

By the way, I think you mean "Stereotypes", because 'Archetypes' does NOT fit with those descriptions.

Spore: General / Re: [WIP] DarkDragons Editors Trainer
« on: November 03, 2008, 01:36:13 pm »
A trainer isn't illegal or anything. Neither is using one.

"Hacking" refers to accessing data that should not otherwise be accessible.

Usually EULA's refer to "hacking" as editing the software itself. Because the software is the only thing they (think they) have rights over. (Even though I and many others don't consider them having rights over that either, and they know this.)

Since trainers alter the game's stored memory, it is not and can never be considered hacking of the software.

And technically, mods are altering normally unaccessible parts of the installed software.
According to EULA's, that is considered hacking and is illegal.

But since EULA's themselves are not legal contracts, and most developers enjoy seeing mods, the rules are overlooked.
Especially since if they wished to sue anyone, they know they would destroy the legality of a EULA by having a judge rule against them.

That is why mods, NO-CD 'patches', and trainers are freely exchanged over the internet, with no pursuit of legal action by any publisher anywhere.

So anyways, there should be no moderators against this.

And I'm all for it. If you can do it, I'm sure a lot of people will love you forever if you do it.
I wanted to make an asymmetry trainer myself, but I don't have enough time or patience for it.
I didn't even have enough patience to finish the mod I was working on. :-\
Although I might someday finish one, if Maxis can get their patches to work properly.....

So anyways, good luck!  ;D

Spore: General / Re: Will Wright answers German fan questions
« on: October 30, 2008, 11:47:54 pm »
Actually, it's probably unfinished because of lack of time and interest.

Well I meant they took it out to make an expansion... but it was obviously part of the game at one point.
I didn't meant to imply they had it finished or anything.

They probably didn't even have anything but a prototype yet.

I mean, I'm not even 100% sure that this terrarium will be an expansion. But I have seen and studied the video game industry for a long time, including EA, so this seems the most likely conclusion for this new kind of 'Non-Spore' Spore Expansion.

Spore: General / Re: Steve Grand's "Sim-Biosis"
« on: October 30, 2008, 11:39:03 pm »
Yes, I am Jason (JAson LEe HOlm). Three years ago I got a wild idea and decided to start writing all the people involved with things remotely related to Spore to see what they thought of it. I heard back from Maciej Komosinski of Framsticks, Karl Sims of Evolved Virtual Creatures, Takeo Igarashi of Teddy, and Steve Grand of Creatures. Last week after hearing the science community's blowback of Spore, I decided to write back to Steve Grand and see what he's been up to, and this thread is the responses between us.

Sim-Biosis is on hold or coming along slowly (as he doesn't have a company producing it yet -- just himself) while Steve does some commercial robot products to get funding, to do the game and other projects. All his websites are down for the moment, til he gets a moment to update them.

All cleared up? ;)

Should put this in the first post for clarification.  ;)

Since the first post just starts off the email, with no introduction to what this topic is about.

Spore: General / Re: The Valid Suggestion Thread For Maxis
« on: October 29, 2008, 10:47:44 pm »
Sometimes a species can have several nests at the same time, and for some reason by slaughtering all the members of one nest (usually enough to finish the "hunt" mission provided) all the nests lose their creatures, in my super aggressive creature game I decided to ruthlessly kill everything in my path with my rogue friends, when the slaughtering was done all the nests were abandoned, even the ones I hadn't visited yet. So its safe to say that currently other predators can't extinct species, they only appear to due to the rather unrealistic gameplay element of a species with >30 members (rather large by spore's standards) going extinct after you kill 7 creatures.

That still doesn't explain what happens in my game. I've known about multiple nests of the same species.
As I said I am 100% sure that it was not me extincting those creatures, I am still 100% sure of it.
I can play a completely social creature and I will still come across extinct nests occasionally.

Also, like I said, I've seen glitched nests that act as if I have socialized them, even though I had never done that.

As I also said, I believe it is a glitch... but the result of that glitch is nests appearing to be extincted by other species.

A few times I had just come out of the ocean, and I have seen these extincted/socialized nests, because I tend to wander a lot and search for fossils before I develop - these nests were like that before I had even contacted any other species!
Along with that, once I even had a save-game where one of those glitched/socialized creatures were stuck on my nest, constantly jumping up and down. It was weird.

Maybe it's a glitch in my game, and doesn't occur in everyone's games.... but it's a pretty common glitch in mine.
By the way, I had never used any mods on my game at the time of this stuff going on.

Spore: General / Re: Steve Grand's "Sim-Biosis"
« on: October 29, 2008, 10:34:25 pm »
If the people who made "Creatures" is working on something, it will be good.

Creatures was awesome. I have all of the Creatures games.
I even modded them a bit, and made a few items, back in the day.
I still have Creatures 3 installed!

Let's just hope they get whatever funding they need for whatever they are working on now, unlike what Creatures seemed to have gotten..... :-\

But two questions...
1. Where did this Jason/Steve thing come from, who's Jason, and what's going on in this topic.
2. What is happening with "Sim Biosis" right now?... the website mentioned in the messages doesn't work and there is absolutely nothing about it when Googled......

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