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Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP OOC
« on: October 07, 2010, 04:15:46 pm »
Why don't you let Pat use his character so we have something to do? At least for the weekend, then you can throw him back in the box :P

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« on: October 05, 2010, 04:46:19 pm »
Isaac landed on the ground and stared at his hand for a moment. "I could've swore I hit something..." Isaac's attention snapped back to the villain at hand. "Now's not the time to think about it. You have a job to do." Isaac casually walked past the group and began to head down a nearby hallway. Blue smoke poured out of his suit as it started to cool off. "Now where is that bank manager..."

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« on: October 04, 2010, 10:14:18 pm »
Isaac's feet slammed into the ground, causing small indentations to form in the stone. Isaac, resisting the pressure, stood still as his arm instantly turned into a beam cannon. While it only took a moment to charge, a bright ball of energy flew from the barrel of the gun and hurdled toward Dr. Rabb. Taking a brief break in between his attack, Isaac turned his head and glanced at Albert. "Seriously, we have enough collateral damage to deal with. We don't need your explosives on top of everything else." Without a moment to spare, Isaac pushed himself toward Dr. Rabb once more, an energy charged fist waiting to connect with his opponent.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« on: October 04, 2010, 08:30:20 am »
"Isaac! Hurry up and do something!" A voice echoed in Isaacs head snapping him back to reality.

"Giant... enemy crab." Taking in the scene, Isaac nodded to himself and charged at the Doctor. With one strong leap, Isaac went flying through the air. Energy began to seep from his hands as he shot through the air, aimed directly for the mechanical monstrosity and the man in control of it. As he closed in on Dr. Rabb, he drew his fist back and let loose a punch.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« on: September 29, 2010, 11:52:45 am »
A blast flew into the crowd of mercenaries as Isaac walked into the main room of the bank, the cannon wrapped around his arm smoking. With one quick thought, the rest of Isaacs armor wrapped around his body. Static rang in Isaacs head as Dr. Adler shouted at him through his headset. "Don't forget all of the training we went through Isaac. The last thing I want to do is fish out your dead body."

Dr. Adler listened to the fight through his speakers and watched the monitor as he leaned back. He rubbed his temples and sighed. "At least he's not destroying my stuff for once." The elevator doors opened up and a middle aged blonde woman made her way across the floor. She slowly made her way through the laboratory, looking at all of the experiments as she passed by, until she stood behind Dr. Adler. She glanced through the monitor and let out a light laugh. "Is the new recruit giving you more trouble?"

Dr. Adler jumped in his seat before realizing who it was. "Still seems like an idiot. He's just a trained idiot now, thanks to you. How can I help you with Victoria?"

"I don't need any help, I'm more worried about you."

"Help? No thanks, I've got this covered." He paused for a second before screaming into the mic. "TAKE COVER YOU IDIOT!"

"I'm being serious dad. You've gone downhill in the past few years. Maybe it's about time you retire."

"I'm being serious too. Isaac needs to learn how to take cover. He's going to get torn apart."

"It would be fine. I could take over for you."

"You're not taking over anything! I love yelling at Isaac."

"No you're compa... nevermind. I'll just talk to you later."

"Oh alright. Stop by sometime... don't be a stranger."

Victoria rolled her eyes as she packed up her bags. As Victoria began to walk away, Dr. Adler lightly smiled to himself. On her way out of the lab, Victoria casually took several sealed test tubes and put them in her pocket. After closing the door and getting into the elevator, Victoria placed the tubes safely in a carrying case.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP OOC
« on: September 29, 2010, 08:41:54 am »
Sorry I disappeared for a little bit. School work and Civ 5 hit me like a ton of bricks. Gonna catch up and hopefully get a post in shortly.

Civ V is a good reason to slack off.

The barbarian pushed himself to his feet, electricity sparking off his body. He swung the axe in one hand, letting it drag along behind him, as remnants of the lightning flickered in his eyes. The barbarian had his eyes set on Dr. Bizarre and his creation, and he was not pleased.

"I'm going to chop you into bits!"

He struggled to move over the ground, but managed to find the strength to launch himself at the magnifying glass, attempting to finish it off once and for all.

Karl slammed into the magnifying glass and fell to the ground, leaving a small indentation where he fell. Karl remained motionless for some time before pushing himself up from the ground. Slowly, he came to his knees, then to his feet as he adjusted himself to fight once more. After wiping some blood of his face he rose and ran his fingers along his face. He put two, thick lines of blood under his eyes and rose his axe into the air. "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!" Lighting poured from the sky and struck his axe, charging his axe and his spirit full of energy. Running at a full sprint, he charged at JC and swung with the power of the heavens beside him.

As JC opened fire, a glint of light caught his eye as a shadowy figure closed in from above. The figure started out small and slowly grew larger and larger until a thunderous roar echoed through the skies. "RAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" The large axe swung, full force, as Karl pushed all of his body weight into his weapon.

Karl carefully avoided the guards as he moved his way through the castle. He saw hundreds of valuable things: golden statues, well crafted weapons, fine jewelry and wine, but none of this was good enough. Frustrated, Karl finally slid his way into the Kings royal chambers. After taking a glance around the room, his eyes fixated on the mans desk. He slowly moved forward and held his hands out in awe. In front of him sat a medium sized mug. It was decorated with jewels and metals, and the most important part: it was the kings. "Number 1 King..." Karl read to himself as he inspected the rest of the mug. After observing it for several seconds, Karl gave a content nod, and secured the mug in his pocket. "Thats one trophy down..." He moved his way back out of the kings chambers and headed toward the roof of the castle. "and one to go..."

"A... gift shop?!?" Karl looks at his men and they talk amongst themselves before putting their weapons away. "Onwards! We shall invade the gift shop!" The barbarians swiftly took off, Karl leading the group.

The barbarians quickly made their way into the gift shop and started to look around. After a few brutal bargains, Karl picked up a shirt labeled with a bright blue castle on it labeled "Castle Cobb." Karl quickly became disappointed with his trophy walked and left his barbarian comrades in the shop. "There is no glory in this. There was no battle... there are no tales. I need something better than this." As Karl finished his thought, his eyes locked onto the castle and images of treasure flashed inside of the young mans head. The barbarian, slipping away before his friends noticed, climbed up to the lowest window he could find and slid through it. After dusting himself off and adjusting his new shirt, Karl set off into the hallway in search of a glorious artifact from the Castle Cobb.

"This isn't for war." Karl wiped the blood off his face and spit the rest in the King's face. He grabbed his axe and ran at the King instead. "It's for glory!" A strong leap pushed Karl into the King and gave extra force behind his axe. He swung with all of his might and let out a silent prayer. "May the gods watch over me."

Meanwhile, the other two Barbarians charged at the LARPers and began to swing their weapons at the panicked children.

Karl and his pack of Barbarians marched through the forest surrounding Castle Cobb and stopped themselves in front of the castle... specifically in front of the LARP crew. Karl glanced at Prince Cristoph and drew his battle axe from his back. The other two barbarians drew their weapons and waited for their leaders command. There was an awkward silence for several seconds before Karl let a blood-curdling yell echo and motioned for his men to charge, himself following shortly after.

Karl and his two comrades entered a large, stone building and made their way into a nearby hallway. With the push of a button, a bright light lit up the number "10." Impatiently, Karl tapped his foot and stared at his newfound trophy until the number went from 10 down to 1. Suddenly, two doors slid open and welcomed the group in. The group walked into the elevator, the door closed behind them, and Karl pressed the number "8." The elevator began to make its way up the floors until it stopped on the third floor. The doors slowly slid open, showing an older, bald man drinking a coffee standing in front of the door. His mouth dropped open when he saw the three Vikings standing in front of him and promptly walked in the opposite direction. The doors once again closed and their journey to the 8th floor was finally complete.

The group casually walked down the hall and approached the room "805." Two sharp knocks on the door and it swung open. While the building was small, the room was quite the opposite. It almost instantly seemed to stretch four times higher and longer than the room should be. What looked like logs coated the sides of the walls, giving feeling of their home. Three long tables encircled the room, while torches on the walls lit the area. Weapons were scattered and mounted on the walls along with decorations and possessions discovered in their old village.

The tables were full of food and ale, and the clansman and woman crowded around it. Their family tradition continued. If a clansman/woman wasn't drinking or eating, they were fighting. Karl glanced around the room and made his way to the middle table. "Hey Karl!" A drunken, hairy man with a sword stumbled his way in front of Karl and glared. "You and I have a score to settle... hic!" He suddenly lunged forward with his sword and let it fly. Karl easily moved out of the way, causing the sword to fly into a piece of meat another clansman was in the process of eating. Angrily, the drunk ran forward and launched his fist at Karl. In one swift motion, Karl slid out of the way, blocked the punch, and slammed the drunk in the ribs.

The man quickly collapsed to the ground and began to cough up some blood. Karl glared at the helpless man and walked past him, putting himself in front of a man and a woman sitting in two large, decorated seats. "Karl, it's nice to see you back."

Karl quickly saluted the tall, bearded man and raised the truck bumper high in the air. Almost instantly, everyone stopped eating and fighting and gazed at the precious new trophy. Speechless, everyone rearranged themselves to get a good look at the trophy and suddenly let out a loud cheer. "VICTORY!" A swarm of people streamed past Karl, grabbed his trophy, and moved over to a wall with the words "Karl the Assimilator" Etched into the side.

As the chatter began to pick up again and the fighting and feasting continued, a smaller clansman stood up and cleared his throat. The dull light reflected off of his classes as he motioned for everyone to quiet down. "Friends! What are you doing? The garbage man wasn't a threat to our clan... he cleaned up after us!"

One of the clansman stumbled up and began to slur his speech. "What about his monstrous minion?"

"What monstrous min..." He looked at the wall, noticing the bumper. "The Garbage Truck? Really?!? It's HOW he cleaned our waste up. It compressed the waste... then he moved our garbage to a land fi..." Suddenly a fist flew out of nowhere, landing on the side of the small barbarians cheek. He flew through the air several feet before slamming onto the floor, unconscious.

"YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" A universal cheer echoed through the halls as the feast picked up once again.

"Karl." The older man took out a piece of paper. "Have you heard of the man, Doctor Bizarre?" Karl silently nodded and looked at the piece of paper. "It's only a matter of time before he makes his way to our new home. You know what you must do."

Karl crumpled the piece of paper and tossed it onto the mans lap. "The gods have spoken." Karl grabbed his battle axe and confidently walked out the door.

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