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Art / Great Gaming Steve Group Photo 2010!
« on: January 01, 2010, 07:57:39 pm »
I had this idea a while ago. Basically, apply for inclusion in the picture, and I'll draw your avatar (or a previous one you had) into the picture.

Current applicants:

Darth Greivi
UFO King
Great Distance

Spore: Creation Corner / [AC] Chara'ai Crystalline entities
« on: December 31, 2009, 03:39:06 pm »
The Chara'ai Crystalline Entities

Above: The Chara'ai in it's purest form

The Chara'ai Crystalline Entities are an extraordinary species. Almost completely composed of quartz like crystal structures, they sit on the boundary between a natural biological creature and an artificial construct.

Table of Contents:

ALL YOU NEED TO "BINO": An Information Handbook on Khuris and its Inhabitants

In this guide you will learn all there is to know on the planet Khuris and its primary sentient species, the Bino.

((Note to readers: please, for now at least, I would like for you to comment in the Original Bino thread))

[Begin Star Wars style scroll here...]



It has been two months since the
fateful first contact of the Riether,
and the peace will last for little more time.
Preparations have been made on the
Riether side to launch a large scale
investigation into these beings,
whom had been identified

Habitation ships were launched in virtually every direction;
the Riether were squeezing every bit of resource
out of their territory as they could.
And it was rumored that the main drydock of the Imperial Riether Navy,
ZARAKAZAN, was housing a great project, a ship to end all ships...

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Nations
« on: November 07, 2009, 03:20:29 pm »
OK, the premise is this: We've got a planet, right? We all make continents (I make what you tell me to), then we lay claim to countries. You select attributes, like on a scale of 1 to ten: things like tech level and aggressiveness and population and such. Then, we can do anything: trade, make alliances, war, anything.

I hope this will attract some attention, but if it crashes and burns... oh well.

Current map:

Nation blank (add name here)
Government type:
Stability (chance for revolution, or other bad happenings is worse the less points there are here):
Special power:

Okay, to fill out that sheet, you get 10 points. Government type doesn't count towards point spending, only chsncing it, which costs 20 points. The special power starts off weak, but through the investment of points can get stronger. You get 100 square kilometers of land per point. This is subject to change as the game progresses, namely the difficulty of expanding into another territory/buying territory from others. Progress is tech level. you will start at 1 without investing points, which is caveman level. For scale, 5 is 18th century tech. I'll cap it at that for now. 3 points per level ATM. Stability will cap at 100%, one point per 10 percent. This isn't completely guaranteed
to be true though...

Current Nations:

Government type: Parliamentary system
Size: 400 Km2
Progress: 4
Stability: 30%
Special power: technological prowess (add 1 to progress)

Head of State: Prime Minister Arvin Charez
Major Allies: Kitkatia has developed strong ties with The Republic of Yufoland, and both are each others' main economic ally. The two have fought together in numerous wars, due to the balancing nature of their armies. Kitkatia has a fairly good relation with Flamestopolis, due to their selling of trade caravans and the like to them.
Major Enemies: They aren't on good terms with the Leviathan Empire, sice they look upon their crude and unrefined nature with disapproving glances. Kitkatia is rather overprotective of their territory and will most likely attack if an unidentified ship gets too close.  

Major Exports: Ships, caravans, baked wheat goods, paper
Major Imports: wood, iron, cloth, fruits

Military Power: moderate/high
     Army: Kitkatia has a rather small land based military, mostly composed of mechanized units (like trebuchets and stuff of that nature.)
     Navy: The Kitkatian Navy is among the most advanced in the world. Metalwork and woodwork are the main jobs and pastimes here, and they put them to good use on their ships. They are very good at long-range travel.

Goverment Type: Totalitarian Democracy
Size: 300 km2
Progress: 3
Stability: 30%
Special Power: Naval Nation (More effective navy and sea merchants)

Head of State: President Gu-Hara, Red Party (Elections are held every 2 years, rival needs 60% of the vote to overthrow existing president. Their are three parties, Red, Green, and White. Red party is generally more expansionist and aggressive, Green Party is more conservative, and the White Party will do whatever it can to increase trade, and generally let companies do what they want. Every two years, a canidate from each party is chosen to compete in the general elections, with an extra option to keep the president in place. Maximum four terms for president.)
Major Allies: They are on good Terms with the Grazoin Empire and Kitkatia, mainly because of the level of trade.
Major Enemies: They have no enemies as of yet, but with a large navy and an eager merchant class, they will not hesitate to attack and gain land if they can find a reason.

Major Exports: Ships, Fish, Cloth, Wood, Fruit, Spices, Paper (Being a tropical Archipelago, Klarcotopia is covered in lush rainforests for most of the islands interiors)
Major Imports: Metals, Machinery, Raw Materials, Grain

Military Power: High-Moderate
     Army: Klarcotopia has an almost insignificant army, mainly a reserve that helps control the population and acts as a supplement to the police force.
     Navy: Klarcotopia, being a Naval Nation, has the largest and most effective navy in the world. The active navy is used to escort and as merchant ships, which they use to bring exotic spices and other products to the Grazoin Empire, Kitkatia, and the Republic of Yufoland. They also trade, to a lesser extent, with Kento and the USRA. Most of the navy, however, remains in reserve acting as a coast guard and sometimes even fishing vessels. Most of the reserve ships are at dock.

Government type: Communist
Size: 700 Km2
Progress: 2
Stability: 20%
Special power: Winters (COLD!)

Head of State: Mediator Isshin Oyamada
Being communist in the fullest sense, Kento almost has no government.  Everyone shares, because in the cold north, you have to to survive.  The Mediator makes sure everyone treats each other in fairness.  Those that don't, disappear.  Their economy is command, but the people are encouraged to sell stuff to each other at reasonable prices.
Major Allies: Phutania, for economic reasons
Major Enemies: None

Major Exports: Timber, Snow
Major Imports: Grain

Military Power:
   Army: Sufficient to protect borders.  The populace can be mobilized if necessary.
   Navy: No warm water ports yet, except in the most southern regions.  Therefor, very little naval activity

Grazoin Empire
Government type: Absolute monarchy
Size: 200 Km2
Stability: 40%
Special power: Non-Traitors (Less likely to have a revolution and betray allies)

Leviathan Empire
Government type: Empire
Size: 500 km2
Progress: 2  (hopefully Viking era, Swords Leather, chain mail, Not plate.)
Stability: 30%
Special power: Berserker, The soldiers of the Leviathan empire, Forget about protecting them selves. They pray to god for protection then charge and do as much damage as they can, before death.

Phutanian Rebublic
Government type: Police State
Size: 300 km2
Progress: 3
Stability: 30%
Special power: Military Police (Decreased subterfuge from other nations and fiercely loyal military)

Head of State: Governor Marrick (Federal Socialist Party), elections are held in each state department every 2 years, but are mainly for show, in reality a select group of officials decide who will be best to support the party's interest, and install them in office, the party also chose from one of the 16 department governors who will run the country.
Major Allies: A few small neighboring states are practically under the thumb of Phutania's administration and basically serve as a source of timber production and easy consciption due to their abysmal economic standing, other than that any particularly strong ties with other nations are hardly long lasting and mostly built up around trade. However, Yufoland is a strong ally with Phutania, forming a formidable military partnership if ever it was needed. The other two major states on the continet also have good relations with Phutania, even if it is only because of the valuable oil and coal supplies which they can provide to fuel new industries.
Major Enemies: Amongst other nations there is very little hostile attention payed to Phutania, although within it's own borders the administration is at odds with several groups of dissenters and rebels.

Major Exports: Heavy Machinery, Weapons, Grain and Food Crops, Timber, Oil, Steel
Major Imports: Luxury Goods, Cloth and Fabrics

Military Power:
   Army: A well disciplined and reasonably large infantry armed with some of the best cartridge loading rifles and equipment available, along with a heavy use of artillery. Cavalry shows some but little use.
   Navy: A small but well equipped navy operates around the gulf area that Phutania borders but is mainly focused in the small oil producing island colonies to the north.

USRA (United Soviet Republic of Awesome)
Goverment type: Communist
Size: 400 km2
Progress: 3
Stability: 20%
Special power: Workers revolt, could make workers rise up in a neighbouring countries turning them COMMUNIST

Republic of Yufoland
Government Type: Presidential republic
Size: 400 km2
Progress: 3
Stability: 20%
Special Power: Land Nation (Yufoland is a big place, which means a bigger army)
Head of State: President Nicola de Coffea
Major Allies: Yufoland is strong allies with Kitkatia, and both are each others' main economic ally. The two have fought together in numerous wars. Yufoland is also on good relations with the Phutanian Republic.
Major Enemies: None. So far no opposing nations have been created on the same continent.

Major Exports: Fruit, coffee, fish, steel, textiles
Major Imports: Raw materials, construction materials, machinery and equipment, wheat, cotton

Military Power: High
     Army: The Army of Yufoland is one of the largest and well trained in the world. It is known for staying well-equipped with new technology like cone-shaped bullets and quickly conquering territory.
     Navy: The Yufish Navy is significantly less powerful, and does not see very much military action. The government does not see much appeal in overseas imperialism, preferring to stay focused on the mainland. The Navy usually assists in conflicts fought by its allies, such as Kitkatia and the Phutanian Republic.

Government type: Aristocracy
Size: 200 Km2
Progress: 3
Stability: 40%
Special power: Traders (Able to manipulate the world economy.)

Head of State:
Assembely Overseer Julius Von Elor
Major Allies: Flamestopolis is on good terms with most nations because of their trade caravans it sends out.
Major Enemies: No nations have yet opposed Flamestopolis

Major Exports: Luxury Goods,Silk, Wine, Art
Major Imports: Raw materials, Grapes, Wheat

Military Power: Low
     Army: The Army of Flamestopolis is composed of a relatively small number of well armed troops. Flamestopolis usually hires other nations to get them to help Flamestopolis in wars, or mercenaries for smaller conflicts.
     Navy: The Navy of Flamestopolis is limited to a small number of merchant guards that escort merchant ships through hostile waters in times of war. Like the army the navy also hires the help of other nations to guard their merchant ships from attack.

I'll always be accepting nations, so don't be afraid to COME ON DOWN! ;D

Yay, no (())s!

If you want to find the stuff about the second chapter, go here

((Hey all!

((First of, I don't like this title, but I can't come up with a better one! >:())

((I think I'll start this off rather differently, with the contacter starting the RP off.))

((I would initially like this to start off between the Core Combine and the Riether, but maybe others could jump in later.))

((I could make an OOC if needed))

Spore: Creation Corner / The *NEW* Riether Thread!
« on: October 19, 2009, 08:04:31 pm »
OK, First off, forget EVERYTHING I said in the previous thread. I absolutely despised what I did with them. They were awfully different from the original version, and nothing of what I intended.

This is the typical military garb of the ____________________ (Still looking for form of government)

First off, I'd like to point out the vast physiological differences in the original design. I was trying to make as demonic a creature as possible, so I gave them lots of spikes 'n stuff. They have highly developed... erm... what do you call those knobs just below your hands? Anyway, it has become a combat device, basically built-in serrated daggers. For safety, they're typically kept in metal casings. I have no idea where the four arm concept came from, but that was one of the things I hated about the new version.

Next, their personality. I have absolutely no clue where the status obsession idea came from, that was another thing that I harbored great hatred for. They were, and are "again" a military based society, with individuals aspiring all their lives, typically, to do something for the navy. One thing that survived from old to new and back to old, is their extremely strict code of conduct. For example, one rule in the book is: Do not kill without warrant. If you kiil for the sake of killing, you will be convicted.

As you can see, they aren't exactly the nicest species in the world. In fact, the entire concept was to be something of an "antibino". Whereas the Bino put a high priority on life, individuality, and spirituality, the Riether have no problem with assassination and death, individuality is frowned upon due to a high priority on social conformity, and the Riether have no religion, not counting the Code.

I'll add more later, just need to get the sheets and such.

Alien sheet:  Riether

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 : Erm... cave dwellers, whatever that would be.
Appearance           : Reptillian
Gravity preferences  : .4 - 3 g
Temperature pref.    : 6 to 80 C
Atmosphere breathed  : nitrogen-argon
Body cover           : Thick-skinned, Scaled, Spiny, Hard shelled
Body color           : deep red
Hair                 : Bony Crest, neck/back fan
Eyes                 : Two, Double-Lidded, Slitted Pupil
Eyes color           : orangish-red
Body characteristics : tail, fans, serrated arm protrusions, claws
Diet                 : strict carnivore, sometimes canniballistic
Sexual reproduction  : two genders
Reproduction method  : eggs
Limbs pair n 1 : arms
Limbs pair n 2 : legs
Mass :  140 kg
Size :  280 cm (10 ft)

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy       : 20
  Determination   : 20
  Racial tolerance: 6
  Progressivness  : 17
  Loyalty         : 19
  Social cohesion : 20
  Art             : 3.5
  Individualism   : 8
  Body            : 30
  Mind            : 24
  Speed           : 40
  Lifespan        : 115 standard years
  Tech level      : 8.4

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   :kratocracy
Religion          : They have a strict code of conduct, but nothing else.
Devotion          : Very very high

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:

Acute Vision
Bonus skills
Cold blooded biology
Cold Tolerance
EM imaging (Can see Electromagnetic fields generated by magnets, electronics, etc.)
Extra heart (Race has more than one heart)
Fast healing (Race recovers from damage quickly)
Field sense (Race can detect and orient itself to electromagnetic fields. Like a bird's internal compass)
Heat Tolerance
Heavy sleeper (Race sleeps for more than 50% of the time. Humans only sleep for 33%)
Infrared Vision (Predator vision, Yey!)
Leap (Has extraordinary jumping ability.)
Light sensitivity
Nictating membrane (Race has a third, clear eyelid)
Night Vision
No Sense of smell
Perfect balance (Race can easily keep it's footing even on narrow walkways)
Poor hearing
Pressure support (Can withstand heavy atmospheres or the vacuum of space.)
Radiation Tolerance
Radioactive sensing (can detect radioactivity)
Regeneration (Able to regrow lost body parts.)
Sonar (Echolocation!)
Spatial orientation (Race can naturally orient itself relative to certain landmarks or planets)
Spectrum vision (Able to see radio waves, gamma rays, X-rays, and/or ultraviolet)
Time sense (Race allways knows what time it is.)
Toughness (It... Won't... DIE!)
Universal Digestion (I eats anything!)

(Notice how it's mostly oriented toward special senses)


(Section 1 -- System)
Star: n/a (no star)

(Section 2 -- Terrain and Atmosphere)
Average Temperature: Very hot underground due to volcanic activity, Bitterly cold on the surface
Liquid: small pockets of water hiding in the colder regions of the cave. The rest is steamy.
Average Terrain: jagged mountains on the surface, huge and intricate cave system beneath.
Density: very thin topside, thick underground
Composition: (underground) Nitrogen, argon, water vapor, sulfur dioxide

(Section 3 -- Life)
Main Species: Riether, native
Native Animals: various cave animals
Imported Animals: none
Native Plants: lichens/fungus
Imported Plants: none

(Section 4 -- Development)
Structures: typically, houses are carved out of the rock itself. Larger cities are composed of stone-masonry buildings.
% Urban: 40%
Spaceports: quite a few, almost doubling the inhabited volume of the planet
Exports: extremely rich in metals

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / GA Halp
« on: October 17, 2009, 12:53:20 pm »
how do I get advanced trait options? And other things, like how do I get those nifty door doohickeys that you walk into and get transported?

Spore: General / I can't find My Creations!
« on: October 16, 2009, 08:57:08 pm »

what am I doing wrong?

Title says it all. You can apply for more then one ship, but you have to link to it somehow.

EDIT: Oh, and do try to keep the applications under 10 Kilometers long.

Well, basically, the plot is like this:

It is 200 years into the future, The Riether of this time have went back to the present day, and have conquered the USSS using it's power to take over the entire RG. Small resistance movements have rebelled, but to no avail. The RP will be about a group of rebels in one souped up ubership, that travel back in time to current time, and correct it all.

AND NO, this isn't a place to debate how time travel works, or how it would affect the timeline or anything like that.

Got it Ufo, Razon, Omega, and any other people who might argue?

This will primarily be members of the USSS, but it's far enough in the future that others could be members.

First of, the ship:
:P no picture since I don't have scanner access at the moment.

Or, we could all design the ship.

And, the characters:
Just give a description and a picture maybe.

I'll iron out the kinks and stuff if anyone's interested. It's been a while since I made an RP, so be nice :P.

Forum Games / Story of the Lolcats!
« on: August 20, 2009, 08:53:17 pm »
Title sez it all.
To start it  of:

Evil Lolcat is evil.

Spore: General / Assistance rquired
« on: July 12, 2009, 05:33:35 pm »
Where is the saved stuff folder of spore?

Spore: Creation Corner / [NC] Akazi
« on: July 05, 2009, 02:54:56 pm »
My picture is still VERY much a work in progress; it might not be up for a while...

The Akazi are a race living in a huge gas giant, quite an unusual habitat for intelligent species. They get nutrition through chemosynthesis, this also gives them the ability to change the simple gaseous elements in the easily habitable habitable zone of the planet into heavier ones. Without this, they would most likely be no more then floating bubbles of bacteria, rather then the majestic flyers they are today. They have a tough exoskeleton to protect from the vast pressure differences in the planet's atmosphere. They cultivate vehicles and such by a similar bacteria to their predecessors, creating structures like their exoskeletons. They are curious explorers, and are brave in the face of danger. They aren't afraid to fight. So far, they are progressed about as far as twenty-third century Earth, only just exploring outside their system, and know little of international peace. The first warp vessel has been created recently, and has been on a long voyage to a distant star system.

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