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Deus Xenos: Major Philosophies and Religions of Gehtranus IV

Estimated adherents: 1,458,134,000

A monotheistic, organised faith, the religion of Kalaidor is huge both in adherence and in sectarian diversity. From the monks of the Isle of Uniyi Minor to the imperial cult-church of Brailinat, Kalaidor is a religion with influence across cultures, continents and ethnicities, aided in it's promulgation by the devout of Yurrok, Braig and mighty Brailinat.

Kalaidorians believes in a singular, masculine deity called Ais, who is held to have created all of existence and to actively take part in it, and mortals affairs. He is benevolent and omniscient, omnipotent and purifying, being ascribed by many followers several Attributes, wisdom, strength and compassion, often represented as three 2 dimensional lines of equal length or a volcanic-jar in a green landscape. The 4th book of the Seven Books of Light, tomes used as primary religious texts to record the prophecies and commandments of Ais, states that Ais is also a deity of construction, having inspired the architects of the legendary Lost Ocean Shrines and blessed his children in the Praetyrians with the ability to be amphibious.

Numerous sects and divisions exist within Kalaidorianism, but the most well known and major ones are fourfold:

Ikriliani: Majority religion of the Yurrok Congloremate and it's adjunct territories, the Ikriliani stress the preservation and study of the Seven Books, balanced with a life of cautious venturing, often associated with exploration and enterprise. They also believe that the Otendrin, a leader ordained by Ais himself to lead his followers, has not yet arrived on Gehtranus IV, unlike their cousins in other sects.

Brigint: State religion of the Holy Republic of Braig and more commonly known as the Church of Braig, Brigintii believe the Otendrin has already come in the form of the Anaetrul, their religious and state leader, and that monarchy is a form of false doctrine based around the idolatrous worship of mortals. They also consider a strong connection with Ais more important than the fruits of his Wisdom, which has often led it to be more liberal towards new converts and less strict in it's priestly requirements.

Tunus: State religion of the United Imperial States of Brailinat. Unlike the Ikriliani and Brigint, Tunusians hold that it is blasphemous to ascribe gender qualities to Ais, an application of limited mortal concept to an infinite deity. They also hold the Emperor to be the semiethereal descendant of an angel of Ais and Lamas, mother of the first, legendary Emperor. Martial training and honouring of Ais through fitness, physical or mental, is held to be essential for a painless transition into the afterlife and for the full recognition of spiritual consciousness, believed to be darkened since the rise of ancient cults.

Nairin: Unlike the Ikriliani, Briginti and Tunusians, the Nairin are not generally or even majorly united under a single body, beginning as the union of a liberal and a conservative splinter group of the Ikriliani and Briginti respectively. Most Nairin generally concur on the masculinity of Ais, with some even holding women to be a secondary, lesser creation. In this line, several denominations of Nairin are significantly more tolerant of polygamy than other Kalaidorians, holding it as both "secondary stewardship" and a necessary step towards the "outbreeding" of rival sects. Other generally held beliefs are that the Lost Ocean Shrines are myths created by the Emperor of Brailinat and that BoL prohibitions of homosexuality do not apply to relationships between island-monarchs and militarymen.

Estimated adherents: 670,145,000

Eretril is an anti-theist, materialist philosophy collected from the writings of several south Urdusian workmen, who later went on to found several island-king dynasties. While obviously lacking a deity and in fact, condemning the entire concept of religion as a blight upon intelligent life and a childish, noxious delusion, Eretril places a very high value on the gathering and application of knowledge, stopping just short of resembling the ancient cults, which it admires for their "active faith".

Eretril is the state philosophy of the Directorate of Merithia and it's territories, and possesses small to moderate numbers of adherents in other nations. Many island kingdoms, particularily the Chain of Yorath near the equator of Gehtranus IV, have also adopted this philosophy unofficially, in part due to influence from trade to Merithia. Within it, several distinct schools of thoughts exist, which Merithia itself has historically moved from absolute adoption of one to syncretism to it's current state of agnostic tolerance, one of which had it's genesis in the Holy State of Wyriolz.

Granguk: Grunguk is the most commonly adhered to school of thought in Eretril, and thought to be the philosophy of Chairman Vanatar Tamless by overseas speculators. Grunguk holds the primary failing of theism to be the division of Praetyrians and thus the lack of unity towards the tangible (as opposed to immaterial) bettering of the Praetyrian peoples and races.

Kukrun: Kukrun, named after itís founder, Braig-born philosopher and one time Special Governor Taidus Kukrun, is primarily based in the remote, tropical Isle of Rus, and has strong influences in the small band of nations on the continent of Arrop not aligned with itís primary nation. Kukrun held religion as a psychological construct created by primordial fears in infancy, and worked to ďdeconvertĒ religious youth through philosophical processes and polemics against the major organized faiths and leaders of his day.

Zemal: Zemal was originally a heretical branch of the Wyriolz religion founded by two brothers and fellow soldiers, Zen and Mal. They believed the present Wyriolz religion was straying too close to what they saw as the mindless, worldly and oppressive doctrines of religious like that of Rteís and Kalaidorianism. More ecologically focused than mainline Eretril, it was officially adopted by several assemblies within the junker communes of the Peopleís Autonomous Confederacy of Khreior. It believes that religion is a tool invented by capitalists and political schemers to gain control and placate the populace while destroying the planet for their own gain, and advocates measures to preserve the environment and thus the biodiversity of Gehtranus IV, which they value as being more pluralistic with other species than other Eretrilians and the survival of the Praetyrian race.

Kalgin: Mysterious in itís origin, known only to first surface in a small island confederacy now a protectorate of Merithia, the Kalgin believe the material world to have temperamental intelligence that should be harnessed for Praetyrian benefit, and claim descendance from a follower of the ancient cults. The state religion of Annel, they are more organized than other Kalgin, some even organizing into communal foundations ostensibly designed to stall the progress of religion and competing popular movements in their native lands.


Estimated adherents: 615,515,000

Teldrus is the panentheistic, monotheistic Goddess-based state religion of Wyriolz, and adhered to almost universally among itís population. Itís deity, called Hudrun, contains reality within her body and created an ancient race whoís descendants ultimately became planetary bodies, and the blessed grandchildren of Hudrun.

Hudrun is also believed to have given sapience to Praetyrians directly as a contractual loan, and to have made the first Praetyrian a woman. It is also believed that the Grand Mother of Wyriolz carries the mark of Gehtranus IV itself, capable of being possessed by the planets living consciousness through the consumption of itís most ancient plants.

Hudrun is opposed by Methun, who was a rogue leader of the ancient and massive race who tried to establish himself as a deity and the creator of reality, and is the deity worshipped by Kalaidorians. Frequently, festivals are held to scare away Zethun, often represented as a red fang.

A vast variety of sects exist within Teldrun, the most major being practiced by the leadership of the Holy State of Wyriolz. The religion itself has gone through multiple incarnations, and thus sectarianism is far more pronounced than in other faiths.

Nukri: Nukri holds special reverence for Gehtranus IV as the princess of a primordial kingdom of the stars, and believes in astrology as the hidden, lost tongues of the ancient race.

Buthrun: Buthrun believes the third dimension to be a natural illusion, and enlightenment to be achieved by thinking in two dimensions, that of something being good and of Hudrun, or evil and of Methun.

Shuy: The Shuy place special emphasis on passion, and itís role within nature. They, unlike the celibate orders within Teldrus and the celibate priesthoods of Kalaidor that Praetyrian relationships and passions are not only not proscribed, but required for salvation. Accordingly, they sometimes find common ground with devotees of the god of love in the religion of Arrop.

Estimated adherents: 502,123,000

A polytheist, male dominated religion, and the state religion of Arrop, Hopraninisik is the spiritual descendant of the ancient religions of the empires of Fal and Urdus, known for worshipping at the same shrines and then going out to slaughter each other en masse. The 4 deities of Hopraninisik are all male, half animal and take a personal interest in mortal affairs, granting centurial blessings and having once possessed avatars in ancient eras. Despite the effects of the ancient cults, Hopraininisik survived through the death of itís followers, and major archaelogical revivals of some of itís imperial tenets has taken place since the discovery of a lost expedition to eastern Arrop.

The 4 deities of Hopraninisk are Thek, god of war and the elements, who is said to have ten million eyes and ten thousand arms which he uses to shift the elements of the universe, Mumun, god of love and fertility, said to have spread his seed into the primordial oceans to create the beautiful crops of Arrop, Neseree, god of knowledge and construction, said to have a humorous side and have created the Seven Books of Light as a practical teleological joke on his people and Phena, god of water and time, said to have many servants administering various areas of life who are worshipped as household gods by many Arrop citizens.

Despite itís many gods, only two sects of Arrop are truly notable enough to merit mention, being the subject of several wars and even the largest Praetyrian gathering in Arropís history. The Arrop stateís stance on sectarian issues, as a pure democracy, varies with that of itís people.

Quenus: Quenus, named for the demigod sister of Mumun, believes that the 4 deities are at war with each other, and that they will all destroy anyone who tries to worship more than one through a process of spiritual splitting. They also believe in reincarnation through the afterlife of the 500 Circles of Nature, supposedly where the Praetyrians were first given sapience.

Rtahqan: Holds that the gods are united in fellowship and will eternally torture any who do not worship all 4 of them equally for the sin of flattery, and that the afterlife cannot be, by itís very nature, known by any mortal or demidivine person, and that all who profess to know the truth about the afterlife are the products of underworld half-demon birthings.

Estimated adherents: 234,045,000

Rulak, the state religion of Rte, could be considered an offshoot of Kailidorianism, but possesses numerous fundamental and doctrinal differences separating it from itís ancestor. It believes Ais to be amoral and noninterventionist, having long ago left Praetyriankind to itís own devices and set up conditions leading to the holy establishment of the Rte system of government, and holds Ais to have a physical body that was once present within the world.

Rulak is almost exclusively practiced in Rte, itís origins a topic of hot historical and theological dispute. Rulak itself claims to simply be the result of Rteís peopleís divinely planned realization of divine truth, rather than the promulgation of a particular man or woman. It possesses leaders, but no unified leader, and considers the doctrine of the Otendrin to be symbolic, not literal.

Only 3 notable sects exist within Rulak, divided primarily by their adherence through the 3 Grand Lords of Rte. They exist in a state of isolationism with each other, the actual specific practice of them forbidden within the halls of the Council of the 3 Grand Lords for centuries.

Uitqa: Uitqua denies the doctrine of the Attributes of Ais, instead holding them to be, like the Tunusians hold divine masculinities, mortal constructs. They typically hold their beliefs as extensions of the amorality of their deity, though on different rationale.

Braum: Braum believes that the 3 Grand Lords are the reincarnations of the architects of the Lost Ocean Shrines architects, key cogs in the divine machinations of the creator. They believes them to be inspired specifically by Attribute, and for them to eventually become marshals of Ais in the afterlife.

Ten: Ten holds that questions like that of the Attributes, Otendrin, Seven Books of Light and Lost Ocean Shrines to be meaningless, because they are simply mortal attempts to rationalize the impossible. This is often known as an extreme form of the apatheism among Tunusians and Uitqua, and is in stark contrast to those who hold them to be essential doctrines.

Estimated adherents: 150,989,000

Nutoc is the polytheistic, esoteric state religion of Khreior, known for having caused schisms among simple atheists, Eretrilians, Kalaidorians and itself mere decades ago in the Second War of Khreior. Nearly all of itís adherents are citizens of Khreior, though it holds small influence in some of the countries of Sudul.

Nutoc worships a variety of deities, most of which whom are male and all of which are amoral and deist, akin to the Rulak conception of Ais in their cosmology. Generally, the religion is liberal in freedom of worship and of belief, a variety of devotions coexisting and sometimes even cooperating in the cases of deities believed to be wedded.

Despite this, several sects exist displaying somewhat different theology from mainline Nutoc, which is often itself viewed as a denomination by religious scholars. Khreior currently holds a mainstream stance, but other sects continue to grow in prominence and power in both religious and secular areas of Khreior society.

Kalagrif: Mainline Nutoc, beliefs and practices detailed above. Recently, a trend of naturalistic orders holding reverence for nature and minerals have sprung up, separate from the devotions to the deities of these functions, though still considered part of Kalagrif.

Kevun: Kevun, founded by the high priest of a war-worshipping sect, believes that one should make striving for a good death a primarily spiritual priority, deaths from unusual accidents (viewed as the work of a minor divine jester) or work being viewed as in the top ďcircleĒ of passings into the gates of the afterlife.

Trusin: Trusin, formed by a council between a group following a heretical Kalaidorian philosopher and a group following a god of knowledge, holds that all the gods are merely aspects of a greater being, some even holding them to be itís servants. They believe conversion to their sect is the only way to fulfill the plan of the overforce, and hold significant influence within the junker communes in the southern wastelands.

Alright.. I've come up with something that might be useful. I based it partly on DG's own Alien Sheet and partly on the CIA Factbook, in addition to my own ideas.

Nation-State Template:

National Motto:
Official Language:
Extent of Territory (1):
Government Type (2):
Head of State:
Head of Government:
Currency (Exchange rate to US $):
GDP per capita:
Economic structure (3):
Chief Export:
Chief Import:
Protectionism (4):
Gender Ratio (If applicable):
State Religion(5):
Majority Religion(5):
Head of Military:
Military Branches (6):
Military Budget as percentage of GDP:
Total personnel (7):

1: >1000 square km, 10,000-100,000 square km, 100,000-250,000 square km, 250,000-500,000 square km, 500,000-750,000 square km, 750,000-1,000,000 square km, 1,000,000-5,000,000 square km, 5,000,000-10,000,000 square km, 10,000,000-20,000,000 square km, 20,000,000-30,000,000 square km, 30,000,000 square km-planetary, planetary-solar, solar-multisolar, multisolar-sectorial, sectorial-quadrantial, quadrantial-galactic
3: Capitalist, liberal mixed economy (Switzerland, US), moderate mixed economy (Canada, UK), authoritarian mixed economy (Finland, Germany), socialist (Holland, Sweden), communist (CCCP, North Korea)
4: Scale of 1 to 10, 1 being akin to North Korea, 10 having no restrictions on importation/exportation
5: By type of deity/ies: Atheism (Belief in no deity), Agnosticism (Uncertainity about the existence of a deity or deities) Monotheism (Worship of and belief in one deity), Polytheism (Worship of and belief in multiple deity), Monolatry (Acknowledgement of other gods but exclusive worship of one deity as true), Henotheism (Acknowledgement of other gods and their truth but exclusive worship of one deity), Pantheism (Worship of existence as a deity), Panentheism (Belief that existence is part of deity)
By nature of deity/ies (use all that apply): Male/Female/Genderless/Hermaphroditic, Deism (Belief in one deity that created the universe but does not interfere in it), Personal deity/ies (Belief that deity/deities interfere in mortal affairs), Bentheism (Belief that deity/ies are primarily benevolent), Maltheism (Belief that deity/ies are primarily malevolent), Amotheism (Belief that deity/ies are neutral or above morality)

Christianity: Monotheist Male Personal Bentheism
Judaism: Monotheist Male Personal Bentheism
Islam: Monotheist Genderless Personal Amatheism
Hinduism: Polytheist Genderless Personal Amatheism
Theravada Buddhism: Agnosticism
Mahayana Buddhism: Polytheist Genderless Deist Amatheism
Wicca: Polytheist Male/Female Personal Bentheism
Pastafarianism: Monotheist Male Personal Amatheism

6: With titles and names of heads, be they bodies or individuals
7: Include hard numbers and/or percentages per branch.


Name: United States of America
National Motto: In God We Trust
Official Language: N/A
Extent of Territory (1): 5,000,000-10,000,000 square km
Government Type (2): Constitional Federal Republic
Head of State: President George Walker Bush
Head of Government: President George Walker Bush
Currency (Exchange rate to US $): US Dollar (1 US Dollar=1 US $)
GDP: 13,543,000,000,000,000
GDP per capita: 43,444
Economic structure (3): Liberal mixed economy
Chief Export: Capital Goods
Chief Import: Consumer Goods
Protectionism (4): 4
Population: 304,464,000
Gender Ratio (If applicable): 0.97 male/female
State Religion(5): N/A
Majority Religion(5): Monotheist male personal bentheism
Head of Military: Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Military Branches (6): Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard
Military Budget as percentage of GDP: 3.9
Total personnel (7): 2 255 600 (1,055,000 Army, 335,000 Navy, 328,600 Air Force, 202,000 Marine Corps, 335,000 Coast Guard)
Conscription: No
Requirements: 17-45, not openly  homosexual
Notes: This is an area to put notes about your nation-state that donít fit anywhere else.

Looking at History will be your best aid. Getting information on Greece would help. The Nation-States of Greece had a contentious relationship to each other. Athenians hated Spartans, even after Greece became "unified".

I was more looking for a tool or uniform format for actual data. Eg, some sort of uniform table (extremely basic example):


Or an active tool for formatting, like some sort of program with an easy-to-fill sheet with export features.

I have the data and concepts, just not the medium or tool for them.

Spore: Creation Corner / Looking for nation-state detailing system
« on: June 27, 2008, 07:53:26 pm »
Hello. I am currently looking, after having searched through the Creature Making Resources sticky, for a useful format/tool for detailing a nation-state. My race, the Praetyrians, possess an enormous amount of nation-states, and I am going to be detailing the 9 major powers on their world. I would ordinarily use the Civilization PDF found in the sticky, but I do not possess the editing version of Adobe Acrobat, only version 8 of Adobe Reader. I am looking to detail them in areas such as government (not only fairly basic elements like "Technocratic Oligarchy" or "Fascist Federation" or "Ecotheocratic Matriarchic Constitutional Monarchy, but more advanced areas like the head of state, head of government, that position(s) powers..), economy (not only areas like capitalism, liberal mixed economy, moderate mixed economy, authoritarian mixed economy, socialism, communism etc, but also areas like primary products, exports/imports and so forth) and military (not only the head or governing body of the military, but a way to detail the individual branches, ranks, and examples of the most common munitions used).


Alien Sheet: Praetyrian

Type: Amphibious
Appearance: Reptilian
Gravity Preferences: Above Average
Temperature Preference: 20.5 degrees Celsius
Atmosphere Breathed: Nitrogen/Oxygen
Body cover: Scales
Body color: Colours vary among race, most common are green, white, pink and blue.
Hair: None
Hair color: None
Eyes: Two, slit pupiled
Eyes Color: Black, with yellow pupils.
Body characteristics: Claws.
Diet: Omnivore
Sexual reproduction: Dimorphic
Reproductive method: Live birth
Limbs pair no 1: 4 legs with 4 toed, webbed feet
Limbs pair no 2: 2 elongated arms with clawed, 4 fingered hands and 1 shorter arm with a 3 fingered flipper, functioning as a rudder.
Mass: 90 kg (85 kg females)
Size: 2.5 metres (2.3 metres females)

Militancy: 13
Determination: 13
Racial tolerance: 11
Progressiveness: 9
Loyalty: 11
Social cohesion: 8
Art: 7
Individualism: 10
Body: 12
Mind: 13
Speed: 11
Lifespan: 83 (85 females)
Tech level: 5

Government and religion
Government type: Varies
Religion: Varies
Devotion: Varies

Extra things you should know
Special abilities: Water breathing


Gehtranus IV is a superterrestrial planet, 4th from the main sequence star Gehtranus, located approximately 8783 light years away from Sol. 36,789 kilometres in diameter, it is orbited by three satellites, Ruruak, Mantak and Eiryun. 68.3% of the planet is covered by water, though many of it's oceans have isolated pockets of islands of varying sizes, like miniature tropical archipelagoes. While it has gone through many geographic changes, due both to terrestrial, extraterrestrial and sapientmade factors, it's current landmasses have stood for 139,000,000 years. It's major continents are:

Tamaggun: Located in the southern hemisphere of the planet, this southeastern continent is made up of two distinct landmasses, Futugran, which is circular, with spikes jutting out like an ancient crown, and Tutusan, shaped like a distorted teardrop. Futugran is largely mountanious and volcanic with occasional woodlands and swamps dotting the landscape, the volcanoes being most prominent in the spiked landmasses. Tutusan is a vast grassland, with sinkholes and lakes present, partly caused by heavily industrial operations near geological strata.

Rinas: A large, singular landmass often divided along northern and southern lines due to the presence of the Three Rivers, Risi, Ama and Mut, which cross the vast equator of the landscape. Areas closer to the southern-centre of the continent are generally more mountainious, and several mesa-fields are present close to the continental centre. Ironically, places near the Three Rivers tend to be drier, due to an unknown leeching phenomena and the presence of the Federation of River States. The northern areas are known for their beautiful lakes, popular tourist destinations and the subject of fishing industry alike.

Wynios: South of Rinas and east of Tutusan, this landmass, shaped almost like a bulging letter l, is dominated by rainforests and vast stretches of desert, created by the ancient Empire of Urdus. The coasts tend to be highly rocky, sandy sections being as rare as oasis. A range of mountains dominates the north, worshipped by elements of the theocratic nation of Wyriolz.

Sudul: One of the largest landmasses and located in the southwestern hemisphere, this continent is snowy at it's southern tip and lined by savannah at it's north. This progression is broken only by the marshlands of the mideast, which are thin in air and operate at a temperature unknown to geology.

Birith: Far to the midnorthwest and similar in shape, though thinner, than Wynios, grasslands and peninsulae dominate this area, like the Mediterranean of Earth. Far north, the great Dam of Yingul is a pilgrimage sight used by religious followers from the nation of Braig to observe the natural environment in praise of their deity.

Arrop: Named for it's major nation and slightly north of the equator, this continent is shaped slightly like Africa on Earth, and largely temperate with swamps in the east and woodland in the west. At it's southeast point lies the great Hynr Point, where a giant, triple layered mesa stands among the great plains.

Zellun: A northwestern continent that, despite it's proximity to the northern pole, has a baked, lake-ridden landscape due to a variety of geological phenomena, among them undersea volcanoes to the east. A tiny artificial island is located in the mid-north, created by nearby industrial activities.

Merithia: Not strictly a continent but a gigantic archipelago, Merithia is the coldest and northmost inhabited landmass in all of Gehtranus IV. Originally an enormous Iceland-like continent split off from the northern pole, it was long ago broken up by an undersea supervolcano, which had effects as far as Arrop. Not much is known about the landscape itself, save that it is tundralike and closeknit in geopolitical terms.

A Basic Guide to the Major Powers of Gehtranus IV

Name: The Congloremate of Yurrok
National Motto: Yanor Matur Raytir (Building the Base of Enterprise)
Official Language: Frallan
Extent of Territory: 10,000,000-20,000,000 square km
Government Type: Geo-oligarchic federation
Head of State: Chairman Koboros Nyllun
Head of Government: Chancellor Yaetrun Didiurus
Currency (Exchange rate to US $): Hydrocredit (1 hydrocredit=0.987 US $)
GDP: 18,514,491,013,345
GDP per capita: 51,323
Economic structure: Capitalist
Chief Export: Consumer goods
Chief Import: Industrial supplies
Protectionism: 3
Population: 213,134,612
Gender Ratio (If applicable): 1.12 male/female
State Religion: N/A
Majority Religion: Monotheist Male Personal Bentheism
Head of Military: Chief of Commitee on Military Affairs Urquin Kikrun
Military Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Celestial Defense Corps
Military Budget as percentage of GDP: 0.98
Total personnel: 1,195,469 (770,121 Army, 198,344 Navy, 213,559 Air Force, 13,445 Celestial Defense Corps)
Conscription: No
Requirements: 16-52, supporter of capitalism, resident of a member area for more than 5 years.
Notes: Dominates the vast majority of Tutusan.

Name: The Directorate of Merithia
National Motto: Orar Sey Tazurumnd (Seek Knowledge to Build Worlds)
Official Language: Kyllin
Extent of Territory: 500,000-1,000,000 square km (central territory)
Government Type: Technocratic Apartheid Oligarchy
Head of State: Chairman Vanatar Tamless
Head of Government: Chief Executor Raveus Trallon
Currency (Exchange rate to US $): Baryndan (Exchange rate unknown)
GDP: 15,000,000,000,000+ (estimate)
GDP per capita: 17,000-20,000 (estimate)
Economic structure: Socialist
Chief Export: Capital goods
Chief Import: Industrial supplies
Protectionism: 6
Population: 238,000,000+ (estimate)
Gender Ratio (If applicable): 1.45 male/female
State Religion: Atheism
Majority Religion: Atheism
Head of Military: Grand Marshal ? (Identity unknown)
Military Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Extraplanetary Expansion Corps
Military Budget as percentage of GDP: Estimated at 4.3
Total personnel: All estimates: 14,000,000+ (32% Army, 30% Navy, 34% Air Force, 4% Extraplanetary Expansion Corps
Conscription: Yes
Requirements: 15+, male
Notes: The archipelago of Merithia is so named for it's sole known occupier.

Name: The United Peopleís State of Arrop
National Motto: Quana Quill Qua (Survival through unity)
Official Language: Frallan
Extent of Territory: 20,000,000-30,000,000 square km
Government Type: Representative Democracy
Head of State: President Vyreana Maliki
Head of Government: Director Vyreana Maliki
Currency (Exchange rate to US $): Allomut (1 allomut=0.22 US $)
GDP: 43,455,678,887,105
GDP per capita: 133,345
Economic structure: Authoritarian Mixed Economy
Chief Export: Capital goods
Chief Import: Consumer goods
Protectionism: 8
Population: 488,543,555
Gender Ratio (If applicable): 0.93 male/female
State Religion: Polytheistic Male Personal Bentheism
Majority Religion: Polytheistic Male Personal Bentheism
Head of Military: Secretary of the Military Enulid Yurad
Military Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Command
Military Budget as percentage of GDP: 0.56%
Total personnel: 2,082,942 (845,449 Army, 766,802 Navy, 451,687 Air Force, 19,004 Space Command)
Conscription: Yes
Requirements: 22-53, male, believer in Arrop religions, willingness to amputate third hand
Notes: The continent of Arrop is named for it's majority-occupier.


Name: The Holy State of Wyriolz
National Motto: Bethos Skarran Nyptix (Honour the Motherly Scars)
Official Language: Ainard
Extent of Territory: 20,000,000-30,000,000 square km
Government Type: Constitutional Theocratic Matriarchal Monarchy
Head of State: Grand Mother Akkyias Maakrulluas
Head of Government: High Keeper Mithiiius Ruddelliani
Currency (Exchange rate to US $): Ruk (1 ruk=0.13 US $)
GDP: 29,334,455,547,878
GDP per capita: 74,556
Economic structure: Communist
Chief Export: Agricultural goods
Chief Import: Capital goods
Protectionism: 7
Population: 612,334,555
Gender Ratio (If applicable): 0.2 male/female
State Religion: Panentheistic Female Personal Amatheism
Majority Religion: Panentheistic Female Personal Amatheism
Head of Military: Warmistress Dyniriiun Tunuruk
Military Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force
Military Budget as percentage of GDP: 3.2%
Total personnel: 4,004,515 (3,345,551 Army,  445,515 Navy, 213,449 Air Force)
Conscription: Yes
Requirements: 17-40, follower of Wyriolz religion
Notes: Predominantly based in Wynios and it's surrounding isles.


Name: The United Kingdoms of Rte
National Motto: Ptu Ptu Utp Rtu Thrax (Realms United, Against Adversary)
Official Language: Ainard
Extent of Territory: 20,000,000-30,000,000 square km
Government Type: Aristocratic Oligarchy
Head of State: The Council of 3 Grand Lords (collectively)
Head of Government: Grand Exchequer Nanugran Tansal
Currency (Exchange rate to US $): kymacks (1 kymack=0.98 US $)
GDP: 8,345,559,990,131
GDP per capita: 13,454
Economic structure: Moderate mixed economy
Chief Export: Industrial supplies
Chief Import: Capital goods
Protectionism: 5
Population: 234,124,155
Gender Ratio (If applicable): 1.32 male/female
State Religion: Monotheist Male Deist Amatheism
Majority Religion: Monotheist Male Deist Amatheism
Head of Military: Grand Lord Nyllanair
Military Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Order of the Higher Realms
Military Budget as percentage of GDP: 2.1%
Total personnel: 2,031,243 (989,155 Army, 891,414 Navy, 150,674 Air Force)
Conscription: Yes
Requirements: 16-40, male, follower of Rte religion
Notes: Based in Rinas, dominating all but the north, mideast and the Three Rivers.


Name: Peopleís Autonomous Confederacy of Khreior
National Motto: Yarrirun Mathira Reratun
Official Language: Frallan
Extent of Territory: 5,000,000-10,000,000
Government Type: Corporatist Confederacy
Head of State: Supreme Spokesman Irinun Urivulal
Head of Government: Supreme Spokesman Irinun Urivulal
Currency (Exchange rate to US $): Nanculs (1 nancul= 0.81 US $)
GDP: 6,543,451,515,900
GDP per capita: 24,535
Economic structure: Communist
Chief Export: Capital goods
Chief Import: Agricultural goods
Protectionism: 8
Population: 149,167,669
Gender Ratio (If applicable): 1.13 male/female
State Religion: Polytheist Male Deist Amatheism
Majority Religion: Polytheist Male Deist Amatheism
Head of Military: Workerís Front Board (collectively)
Military Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force
Military Budget as percentage of GDP: 1.9%
Total personnel: 2,604,925 (1,911,468 Army, 541,671 Navy, 151,786 Air Force)
Conscription: No
Requirements: Male, 15-60, believer in Khreior ideology
Notes: Virtually the sole occupier of Futugran.


Name: The Democratic Republic of Annel
National Motto: Tyrad Tuhad Saratrex Plull (Peace, Prosperity and Plurality in People)
Official Language: Kyllin
Extent of Territory: 1,000,000-5,000,000 square km
Government Type: Constitutional Democracy
Head of State: President Nayarn Deemouru
Head of Government: Secretary of State Jessel Turuniux
Currency (Exchange rate to US $): Goracrin (1 goracrin= 0.76 US $)
GDP: 11,778,901,145,152
GDP per capita: 56,991
Economic structure: Socialist
Chief Export: Agricultural goods
Chief Import: Consumer goods
Protectionism: 4
Population: 209,141,939
Gender Ratio (If applicable): 0.96 male/female
State Religion: N/A
Majority Religion: Pantheistic Hermaphroditic Personal Bentheism
Head of Military: Secretary of Defense Wallurun Kayutsix
Military Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Defensive Corps
Military Budget as percentage of GDP: 0.33
Total personnel: 1,921,677 (762,415 Army, 699,991 Navy, 451,150 Air Force, 8121 Space Defensive Corps)
Conscription: No
Requirements: 20-45
Notes: Located in the northwest of Sudul.


Name: The Holy Republic of Braig
National Motto: Opahradi Eratt Naminua Atteruk (Bountiful are the Eternal Gifts of All)
Official Language: Frallan
Extent of Territory: 20,000,000-30,000,000 square km
Government Type: Democratic Theocratic Republic
Head of State: Anaetrul Maramul Tekruni
Head of Government: Supreme Governor Laydrin Thusfa
Currency (Exchange rate to US $): Lenden (1 lenden=0.84 US $)
GDP: 5,778,888,123,119
GDP per capita: 62,400
Economic structure: Authoritarian mixed economy
Chief Export: Consumer goods
Chief Import: Capital goods
Protectionism: 4
Population: 298,144,515
Gender Ratio (If applicable): 1.01 male/female
State Religion: Monotheistic Male Personal Bentheism
Majority Religion: Monotheistic Male Personal Bentheism
Head of Military: Grand Marshal Peretri Tymul
Military Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Celestial Force
Military Budget as percentage of GDP: 0.78%
Total personnel: 1,157,178 (578,971 Army, 455,155 Navy, 112,931 Air Force, 10,121 Celestial Force)
Conscription: No
Requirements: 18, male, follower of Braig religion
Notes: Dominant nation-state of central Birith.


Name: The United Imperial States of Brailinat
National Motto: Sharan Krutus (Strength of Collaboration)
Official Language: Kyllin
Extent of Territory: 10,000,000-20,000,000 square km
Government Type: Constitutional Fascist Monarchy
Head of State: Emperor Danaisrun Tanasr
Head of Government: Emperor Danaisrun Tanasr
Currency (Exchange rate to US $): Krawus (1 krawus=1.23 US $)
GDP: 13,314,976,100,544
GDP per capita: 34,679
Economic structure: Authoritarian mixed economy
Chief Export: Industrial supplies
Chief Import: Consumer goods
Protectionism: 7
Population: 589,413,155 (mainland)
Gender Ratio (If applicable): 1.03 male/female
State Religion: Monotheist Genderless Personal Amatheism
Majority Religion: Monotheist Genderless Personal Amatheism
Head of Military: Military Administrative Board
Military Branches: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Space Force
Military Budget as percentage of GDP: 1.8%
Total personnel: 7,414,422 (4,556,514 Army, 2,123,445 Navy, 713,149 Air Force, 21,314 Space Force)
Conscription: Yes
Requirements: 17, second+ generation citizen
Notes: Aside from 5 minor nations, 3 of which are located in the Tooth of Filidruaxi in the northwest, Brailinat is the sole nation state on the continent of Zellun.

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