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Spore: General / The Science of Aliens - SETI First Alien Signals
« on: December 29, 2005, 06:44:28 pm »
I have been reading the book "The Science of Aliens" by Clifford Pickover. I highly recommend it even from the little bit i have read.This book bring up all the things that spore is about. What aliens would look like, how alien behaviors could be, alien sense, alien cultures, alien travel, etc. All within the scope of science as we know it and some (as we don't know it  ;) ) Anywho i am going to start topics like this one now and then on the issues that he brings up. Because these same questions for real life happen to fit within Spore very well. Can't can't help think maybe Will Wright read this book too since it was written in 1997.

SETI First Alien Signals

It is a factthat Earth leaks its media transmissions into space all the time all the way back to the earliest forms or radio. However in this leaking aliens could get just about any kind of show from us. The first view of us could be a soap opera, MTV video, or even the Olympics (like in the movie Contact). These shows being our ambassadors. How should aliens view us as? Based off Sitcoms? Sci-fi Movies or Reality Shows? In turn if we get a signal from aliens what should we base our views upon.

What if our first images are from "an alien version of the The Three Stooges where they are throwing green pies at each other"  or worse hardcore alien porn where "aliens plunge their elephantine proboscis into the paroxysmal esophagus of some nublie, alien marsupial"

In short I pose 2 questions to you.

1. What do you thin will be the first message we receive from an alien world?

2. What do you think will be our first message found by an alien world?

Spore: General / Who dung it?
« on: December 20, 2005, 03:36:59 pm »

Spore: General / Caveman Challenge Game
« on: December 20, 2005, 03:33:01 pm »

Spore: General / Sea Monsters Adventure Game
« on: December 19, 2005, 09:51:05 pm »

Spore: General / Spore Game Manual
« on: December 12, 2005, 02:45:19 am »
For those of you who bought the old Maxis games like Sim Life, Sim Earth, Sim Farm, Sim Ant, etc they came with really nice game manuals. They not only included how to play but gave great background to the game. Each were like mini science textbooks. For example in Sim ant i learned a lot about ants outside the simulator or with Sim Farm how real life farms work.

I would hope that in Spore they would have such a thing. One in which talks about everything from microscopes to telescopes. I really miss those kind of manuals. And even in say the Sims 2 strategy guide they are lacking that sort of thing. Sure they give you  the game tips but they don't really go into real life stuff. The whole research of the game.

So Will Wright if ya listening it would be great if you included a manual that included all the research into the many subjects of Spore that one would obviously have to gather to make the game. If not with the game at least a separate book that can be bought like the strategy guide. I found that they were much more interesting than any textbook.

Spore: General / Podcast Episode 30 - Sub Stages within a Stage
« on: December 11, 2005, 05:21:48 pm »
In the lastest episode Steve confirms that their will be sub stages within the other stages like the tribal stage or city stage. What do you guys think their will be?

Do you think it will be like in say SimEarth of Empire Earth with like ...

Prehistoric Age
Stone Age
Copper Age
Bronze Age
Dark Age
Middle Ages
Imperial Age
Industrial Age
Modern Age
Space Age
Digital Age
Bio-tech Age
Nano-tech Age
Quantum Age

Or do you think it will be completely freeform where the ages/stages are whatever you want them to be?

Spore: General / Neat Biology Website
« on: November 25, 2005, 03:43:56 pm »
Here is a neat biology website i found today. Enjoy!  ;D

Tree of Life Project

Spore: Creation Corner / Naucean - My New Creature
« on: November 25, 2005, 03:58:43 am »
Table of Contents


Statistics 1
Statistics 2

Pseudo Mandible 1
Pseudo Mandible 2
Naucean Sounds 1
Naucean Sounds 2

Life Cycle



Solar System
Solar System 1
Solar System 2
Nauceanica 1
Nauceanica 2
Moon Maps

Old World
New World


Population Video

Creature Stage

Evolution Tree
Evolution Video

Age of Giant Monkeys

Age of Nauceans
Modern Creatures

Tribal Stage

Prehistoric 0 to 500,000 (500,000 years long)
Ocean Tools
River Flowit
Cave Painting
Glowing River

Stone Age 500,000 to 550,000 (50,000 years long)
Naucean Gods
Swamp Tribe Hunter
Lystrophant Hunter
Knuckle Walker

Copper Age 550,000 to 555,000 (5,000 years long)

Bronze Age 555,000 to 557,500 (2,500 years long)
Tribes 1
Tribes 2
River Tribe Basket House
River Tribe Village
Dwellings 1
Dwellings 2
Quill Swordsman
Musical Instruments
Hydromancy Priest
Blood Priest
Sphere Graves
Other Stuff
Reed Ship
Lystrophant Mount
Woolly Gobblehorn
Desert Gobblehorn

City Stage

Iron Age - 557,200 to 558,200 (1,000 years long)
Quill Swordsman
Double Bladed Longbow Archer
Aohoshi Village
Shrine of Aohoshi

Medieval Age 558,200 to 558,700 (500 years long)
Quill Swordsman
Emperor of the 3 Kingdoms
City of Au

Renaissance Age 558,700 to 558,950 (250 years long)
Hand Cannoneer
Assassin of Au
The Great Hydromancy Pool
War Lystrophant

Exploration Age 558,950 to 559,150 (200 years long)

Civilization Stage

Industrial Age 559,150 to 559, 350 (200 years long)
Slavery 1
Slavery 2
Steam Engine

Flight Age 559, 350 to 559,700(150 years long)
Sky Battleship Au

Emancipation Age 559,700 to 559,850 (150 years long)
Pterabat Bombs
Air-Wing Biplane
Dome Tank

Atomic Age 559,850 to 559,950 (100 years long)
Ball Turret Wheel Tank

Solar System Stage

Rocket Age 559,950 to 560,050 (100 years long)
Space Sation
Landing on Sina
Land Grab on the Moons
Jet Glider
Rocket Cannon

Modern Age 560,050 to 560,100 (50 years long)
Flowit Walker
Bubble Car
Drive In Movie
Exotic Dancing
SJ Bubblewrap
Marching Band
Deep Submarine

Digital Age 560,100 to 560,150 (50 years long)
Shock Troopers
Hologram Sphere
Glowing River City
Moon Mech

Biotech Age 560,150 to 560,175 (25 years long)
Naucean Geneticist
Cloned T-Boon
Dictator Gibil
Genocide Plague
Biohazard Suits
Genetic Disorders
Sirenia Colonists

Galactic Stage

Robotics Age 560,175 to 560,200 (25 years long)
Naucean Android
War Mech Suit

Nano Age 560,200 to 560,225 (25 years long)
Nano Second Skin

Galactic Exploration Age - 560,225 to 560,250 (25 years long)
Crop Triangles

Galactic Colonization Age - 560,250 to 560,275 (25 years long)
Sphere Runner
Seeding Alien Worlds

Universal Stage

Halycon War Age - 560,275 to 560,300 (25 years long)
Mother Sphere

Necromonicon War Age -  560,300 to 560,350 (50 years long)
Time Sphere Po
Beyon Band
The Doctor

Galactic Isolationism Age - 560,350 to 560,400 (50 years long)
Time Nano Suit

Ascension Age - 560,400 to 560,500 (100 years long)
Mass Ascension

Post Ascension
Mysterious Hooded Figures
Hover Taxi (Beyon City)




Spacecraft / UFO



Spore Adventures
Naucean Sproecast
Prison Escape

Naucean Figures
Naucean Figure

Here is my creature called a "Naucean" that I am develping for Spore. Here are some pictures and information about my creature. I plan to make this when Spore comes out so please to not copy this for your creature. (Make your own its fun :D)

Spore: General / UFO Mode - Alien Cities and Tribes
« on: November 16, 2005, 12:14:54 am »
Ok in the video and interview Will said that in tribe mode there would be other tribes of your creature around, then in city mode same deal with other cities of your own creatures. Everyone follow so far?

Ok then you go in the UFO and SETI a planet and then go to a new planet and contact aliens on another planet. But are their more than once type of cultures of that alien on the planet? Just because one city is hostile will there be another more peaceful city of aliens to find? Or is the whole planet under one alien culture rule??

Will also said that you could plop down monoliths to help evolve primitive creatures to intelligence. If that is so when out come back will there be diffrent tribes of the creatures? Or all one tribe of these new aliens you helped evolve?

I am just wondering because in the interview he was saying things like encountering the Borg or Klingons. But in general those are alllike one mass culture rather than separate cultures on the planet within the Borg or Klingon species.

Spore: General / Where is Will Wright Interview Part 3 ?
« on: November 10, 2005, 10:43:34 pm »
I was re-listening to the Will Wright interviews with Gaming Steve and noticed he said there "might" be a 3rd episode.

So is their one?? Is it in your bag of rations Steve?  ???

*crosses fingers*

Sorry i am just excited since i did not hear that the first time around listening months ago.

Spore: General / Spoted a New Creature in the Spore Video?
« on: November 09, 2005, 10:22:51 pm »
Ok i was watching the GDC-TV Spore Demo video today for the millionth time again and i think i spoted a new creature in the creature mode.

There is of course in the creature mode ...
1. Sea Williosaurus.
2. Glowing Fish thingys
3. Jelly Fish things with eyes at the top.
4. Willosaurus with legs.
5. Monopod hopping guys.
6. Big predator spider thing that gets abducted later.
7. The huge flying dragon thing people have circled in stills.

and ....

A new little flying bug thing that willosaurus walks by after being chased by the giant spider thing. You can see it after he rust past him runing far into land and then right before he turns right pasts some rocks and many of the monopod hopper guys. It is only there for a few seconds but starts out by the rocks and then flies to the tword the camera to the side. You can also see its wing futtering very fast like a bee or humming bird.

Am i going crazy or is this a new creature in the video??  ???

Spore: Creation Corner / Spore Planet
« on: November 08, 2005, 07:08:38 pm »
After searching for ideas for Spore i decided to get them all in one spot. Its not your typical Spore website. Its mearly there to post my ideas for creatures through art. It also has many links to other sites for ideas. So if you want to get some ideas of your own for creatures take a look.

Also if anyone knows how i can join the Spore webring send me the info. Its not a news site like here or  the others though.

Yes i know there is another site called "Planet Spore" but i did not realize this until after i got the web address. This was really to be a spoof off the discovery channel shows like "Alien Planet" or "Dinosaur Planet".

And of course all hail gaming Steve! I am not eveing putting up a forum because this one is way better than I could ever put up. And i don't need Spore news because this is the #1 place for Spore news. In short this is just more like my own personal Spore creature gallery to eventually be put in Spore when it comes out. :D

Spore: General / Underwater needs fins?
« on: November 06, 2005, 01:29:54 pm »
I was thinking. In the video once the willosaurus got legs it came out of the water. But do you have to leave the water if you have legs? I mean in Earth's history arthropods (spiders, scorpians, insects, crabs, lobsters, etc) have walked on the ocean floor without any fins and just legs. It would be interesting to have sea scorpionss like Earth had in its early history. Just becuse they were not swimming around didn't mean they could not catch food swimming by.

Spore: General / Arcology
« on: June 19, 2005, 12:47:21 am »
If you guys rember back to SimEarth and SimCity 2000 there was a building called an "Arcology". Basiclly it was a huge building that could hold a population the size of a whole city. In SimEarth you could do an "Exodus" and all your population on the planet would leave and move of into some other planet in space and leave the planet to the native life and let eveolution take its course again. Also if you had enough of them in SimCity 2000 i belive they would all take off and the land where they were were open to build on again.

My question is do you think you should be able do that to Spore planets? Meaning if you rule the whole planet you can just pack up your city to your UFO and use those resurces to plop a dome city like was mentioned in Will's speech. This would be no addtional cost than what was sucked up into the spaceship of course.

This way if a planet is is a perfect spot for life to grow up you could set it back to a nice little evolutionary nursery. And see what grows on your planet again. I personally loved the whole concept of an"Arcology".

What do you guys think?

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