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PC Games / Pirates of the Burning Sea
« on: January 09, 2008, 12:52:23 pm »
Didn't find a topic for this so thought I would start one. Yarr!!

Have any of you tried the Open Beta and/or are now in the Pre-Boarding for this?

As an ex-WoW player, who's been cold turkey for over 6 months now (:p) I tried the Open Beta of this after a friend recommended it to me and was fairly impressed. It's not Warhammer, which is the game I'm most looking forward to but it's a nice change from the usual MMO's out there.

Sailing a ship on the sea, being a trader and building up the economy (99% player run), being a naval officer and protecting you ports, or being a pirate and just doing what the hell you want.

I've tried the trader route, and in this game, just wow. It reminds me a bit of Eve in this respect except that no one person can build everything he needs for a ship due to the limit of 10 'building' slots per server, per account.

The ship combat is well fleshed out and looks rather darn pretty and and is quite tactical, and PvP can be quite tense, especially when it is more than 1 on 1.

It does have a downside and that is the hand to hand combat during boarding and land missions, but that is a fairly new feature and so is still being worked on as we speak.

Anyone else out there have any thoughts about this game? Or is anyone thinking of trying it?

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