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Going with Bodhi on the main Ropos site to get the needed votes.

A: Does this even need an explanation?

E/F: Yes, I'm going to cheat a bit on this vote and go with both Arraxis and Bodhi's way. Send in the spies to hinder L.I.C and prepare an expeditionary force that will act as a shield to hinder the winner to approach Morpos while we take it, if only one is possible I'll go with Arraxis. 

To copy Bodhi's Vote from the main forum

78 free IU, Ropidianpower 2680 (160,000 out of action, 160,000 recruited)

I will leave the IU to Jisaan for now unless i can think of something we really need myself

What should the Rangers do?
B) Hold for now
And our reinforcements?
C) Distribute themselves along the line

now to explain that in the opposite order, i want our reinforcement to spread out across the line since the vast majority of Diemus, Nori and pero is infantry, as such they should not be to much trouble.

Due to the above tho i want the rangers to hold their line as to prevent Lasorado to reunite with the others and giving them armor as well as to prevent Lasorado from getting supplies since he is running out of them soon(since the reinforcement should take the load of the back of the rangers they should be able to deal with Laso alongside Tyron)

What should we do in response?

Bodhi 's F) Offer Denilus and Behum a chance to join S.H.O.C AND offer Morpos a chance to surrender

While this course of action might aggrevate L.I.C i don't give two hoots about that, they did not see fit to even aid their own allies and the only reason they are acting now is because they see that the NHA is going to fall and are trying to get a slice of the pie as well(and to strengthen their own position for the future negotiations with us)

To that i say NO, NO and NO again, they are not the kind of allies one can trust and if they don't approve of Denilus and Behum joining us(assuming they accept the offer) then to bad for them, and if they try to claim the cities from US then we will fight them off.

However, we should not march on their cities i think, instead we should simply garrison and defend our new cities(maybe post a division of ROCKS at both cities along with some of our advanced divisions(the laser/armor ones) then enter into negotiations with Lopi and Potis to have them join us before turning our focus on demanding Kolo's surrender when it stands alone

The reason i don't mention Morpos to much in the above is that if they surrender then its to our advantage, if they refuse to surrender while Denilus and Behum joins us, then Morpos will be captured before to long in any case(in all cases Morpos is not really a consern anylonger)


F) Redistribute!
100 chemists and biologists assigned to the genetic analysis of our species

the remaining 200 physicists to be assigned to the Dynamo control system(i can easily be persuaded to change the 200 physicists to research a new space tech if somebody things that is a better idea)

For the main battlefield Tyronis should hold his position and Hipkis should try to free up some of the troops, In regards to the Selis situation we should have our troops march onto Bene

I will be voting for B and B in these two votes, in that order. The north should be reinforced before they brace for the attack.

So should we have the survivors post their background stories or have LadyM do it so people know what they were and their bios?

Going with Bodhi's votes

Going with Godhi's votes on Chrono

What now, then?
A/D: Blast the tanks and bridge into tiny bits

The Southern Bridge is now secure from armour! What shall we do with our troops?

I'll follow Arraxis's lead here(I'd say one tank division tho, while they can't cross, having one by each bridge would enforce the defensive positions )

Bodhi's trade votes(copied from the ropos site)

A success! Anything else need sorting out?

A) A trade pact would be a good idea

there is a few ones I'm interested in, the more of them we get the better

Firstly a trade agreement with our minerals/metals for their tech(fair estimates all around on value of both)

possibly addition wold be some of our minerals/metals for some materials they have on their planet but we don't have

not sure if this fits under trade but a cultural exchange sounds like a good idea to me, let us learn more of them and they learn more of us

B(Bodhi's plan), D, E, A

What action shall we take?
D, E

Where did it head?

Then what shall we build?
O, P, Qx3, R

I'm going to go with Bodhi's votes.

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