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Console Games / Armored Core 4 For Answers
« on: March 12, 2008, 05:29:26 am »
Check this out.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

It's Armored Core 4 For Answers or AC4A for short. Man this is gonna be so awesome!

Forum Games / Who is The Awesomest?
« on: March 08, 2008, 06:19:32 am »
Who is The Awesomest?

So here's how it works:

One poster will say how awesome he is and then the next one  states why he's more awesome than the one before him.


Poster1: I'm so awesome, I eat nails for breakfast!

Poster2: Well, I'm so awesome, I eat nails for breakfast... without any milk!

Poster3: I am practically more awesome. I'm so awesome, I don't even need to eat!

So yeah, that's how it works...

Let's begin.

I'm so awesome, I can ace my exams even if I don't prepare for it whatsoever!

Storytelling and Roleplaying / WWIII RP [Planning and OOC]
« on: February 02, 2008, 06:36:23 am »
It is the year 2050, and World War III is imminent. You are but one of many individuals tasked with commanding their own futuristic arsenal.

Carrier Subs? Stealth Shields? Hover Tanks? Laser Cannons? Humanoid Warmechs? Genetically Engineered Supersoldiers?! Yup, it's here...

How you achieve victory is up to you, or your superiors. May it be through stealth, technology or just plain strength in numbers, all is fair in love and war!

Welcome back commander...

Rules and Regulations

  • Normal GamingSteve Rules Apply. Here are the rules.
  • Your character must command a group of people.
  • He/She can have abilities like Telepathy, Electricity, Extreme accuracy, etc. Just make sure it fits into the story. Things that are a bit too magical will not be allowed.
  • You must choose a faction which is feasible by the time of 2050. So no army of Orbital Frames, ok?
  • Your faction must have realistic  proportions when it comes to military capabilities. A small third world country should be as powerful as a small third world country.
  • You must submit details about your faction's overall motive, technologies and territory(if any). Territories will be placed on a map, located in the opening post. You must use this map editor to choose your territory. Afterwards, host and post so I could update the world map. It is active, so every victory in-game affects the map. You must tell me your color so I can put it in the Map Legend.
  • War will be divided into theaters of war, which will be nominated and voted upon.
  • *NEW* You can tell what's happening on other theatres, but it must not take priority over the main theatre. The media and the military intelligence network will aid you greatly if you want to tell a story that is simultaneously occurring in other theaters. REMEMBER: Major events > Main theatre. Not so major events > Main theatre or Sub theatre.
  • Ownership is divided per country. So if two or more people occupy the same country, the most dominant one will represent it.
  • All is fair in love and war, so if you want to raze an entire metropolitan area, by all means do it. Just be prepared for any repercussions.
  • Combat goes like this:
    *Player1 attacks Player2's units
    *Player2 details what happened to his/her units.
//All units open fire! Make them suffer!//

Moments later, all FEF ships rose to the surface and fired their guns, raining hell on their unsuspecting prey.
"All units activate defensive laser systems." Admiral Takahashi said with a loud voice. Activating their defensive laser systems, the entire western flank was relatively unharmed. But the eastern flank wasn't as lucky, losing over a dozen of their ships to enemy artillery.

  • When in a theater of War, more than one event can transpire at the same time. For this reason, when someone is going to post an event that is happening in a certain location, he/she must say where-when it is.

""                                    ""

14:00 Beijing,China
//Attention everyone. Please return to your homes and wait for further announcements. All foreigners please proceed to your respective embassies so you can be guided acco-...//

Those were the last words that were heard from the city's speakers before a large explosion shook downtown Beijing. Moments later soldiers, truckloads of them came to the vicinity of the blast. They were carrying weapons, the likes of which we have never seen. They were looking for a group of people, checking each building for any sign of their presence. As they were approaching the CBN main building, the ground beneath them started to shake. Seconds later, the roads started to crack open revealing a giant machine armed with all sorts of weapons. Standing upright, the contraption started firing randomly, hitting buildings and knocking down some of the cities power lines. The soldiers tried to fight back but the thing just kept taking out more and more troops.

Undisclosed location
"So... Beijing's out of the list. What's next?"

"Tokyo, sir. And Singapore."

"Slowly but surely... All is going according to his plan."

A dark figure can be seen looking out from the distance. A grin can be seen painted on his otherwise emotionless face. Leaning on the wall, he stares blankly at the setting sun. "It's almost time."

""                                    ""

  • Finally, below is a sample list. All applicable areas must be filled in:

Fleet Admiral Sultan
Rank:Fleet Admiral
Age: 30
Height: 5'2"
Skin/hair/eye color: White/black/black
Appearance: Hair curled up into two small buns at the sides. Wears a navy blue army coat, white gloves and black boots.
Bio: Mirina M. Sultan was born to a family of high ranking military officers. At the age of nine, she went to military school to follow in her family's footsteps. She proved to be an excellent student, winning countless awards and garnering the trust of those around him. After graduating with honors, she immediately entered military service. And after seven years, she obtained the rank of Fleet Admiral in the SEAF Navy. Now at the age of thirty, she is seen by her fellow officers, both above and below, as a role model in military discipline and excellence.
Philosophy: Water is your friend.
Specialty: Naval combat.
Abilities: None
Units Commanded:
  • Vanilla SEAF Soldiers
Regular boring SEAF soldiers. Nothing special about them. Just think of them as your average 2050 soldiers.
Quantity: 100,000
  • Black Pearl Strike Team
Sultan's special forces. They are equipped with high-tech amphibious power armor allowing them to dive to depths of almost a kilometer. They carry railguns as their main weapons, which are complemented by shaped charges specifically designed to pierce the hulls of enemy ships.
Quantity: 12,000
  • Singa Mk.II
An amphibious assault tank with moderately light armor, high speed and excellent maneuverability. It uses it's twin anti-armor turrets to pierce enemy armor over long distances. It also has the ability of submerging itself underwater and generating a temporary stealth shield.
Quantity: 60,000
  • B-A Submersible Fighter
A state of the art super sonic fighter aircraft complete with a stealth shield, twin laser guns and a medium sized payload of underwater capable micro-missiles. It has the ability to go underwater, but it must sacrifice it's speed to do so.
Quantity: 300,000
  • B-B Submersible Bomber
A state of the art super sonic bomber aircraft complete with a stealth shield and a reasonably sized payload of micro-bombs and micro-torpedoes. It has the ability to go underwater, but it must sacrifice it's speed to do so.
Quantity: 240,000
  • XT-41 Multi-purpose Assault Copter
A Stealth Helicopter designed specifically to serve Submersible Carriers. It wields three powerful smart bullet chainguns as it's main weapons. It also carries a number of depth charges, a set of torpedoes, and a couple of anti-tank missiles.
Quantity: 24,000
  • Kumintang Class Submersible Assault Carrier
A large and highly advanced submersible assault carrier. It has a length of over half a kilometer and is equipped with a large payload of torpedoes, mini-nuclear warheads and AA missiles, which are complemented with over 400 Phalanx Guns loaded with armor piercing smart bullets and a large number of depth charges. It can carry 5000+ planes and carry land vehicles inside it's cargo bay for transportation over bodies of water.
Quantity: 30
  • SFS Lapu-lapu Submersible Assault Carrier
Fleet Admiral Sultan's flagship. A larger version of the Kumintang Class Submersible Carriers. It is almost a kilometer long and carries twice as much ammunition as the Kumintang Class. It has a greater plane capacity, able to sustain over 10000+ aircraft. It also has a larger cargo bay to carry heavy equipment.
Quantity: 1
  • M-01
Sultan's personal humanoid warmech, looking similar to a merman, though headless. Sluggish on land, but extremely fast and maneuverable on water. It uses moderately light armor compared to other warmechs. It carries a vast arsenal of marine weapons including Micro-torpedoes,  Twin Arm Phalanx Guns, a Chest mounted Sonic Emitter, Twin Leg-Blades and a back mounted Laser Cannon. It is also capable of diving to extreme depths without any ill effects.
Quantity: 1
Nation: South-East Asian Federation (SEAF)
Motive: To protect SEAF territory from hostile factions and to help end WWIII.

World Map : 2050

Union of Superior Organics: Cyan
Anarchist Revolution of Australia: Red
West European African Treaty: Dark Green
United Pan-Asian Confederacy: Purple
Global Defense Force: Dark Teal
Epsilon International: Light Blue
Scottish Independance Force: Dark Blue (Not visible on map)
Republic of New Russia: Dark Red
The Alliance of the Southern Cross: Orange
Union of South Africa: Brown
The Aryan-Semitic Double Monarchy: Flesh

After everyone has picked their character, army and territory, we can then start choosing the theaters.

Sorry for changing it. :-\ Made it 4 votes per user so it would work out a lot more smoothly. About the posts before the transfer, I quoted them for reference. As before, I owe this to Hydro for inspiring me. :)


You are Officer Nash McDonald, a commando. It is the Third Tiberium War, and you were sent to the front lines of Italy in order to support General Simon's forces.

Unfortunately, your transport was caught an ion storm and crash landed in the middle of Nod territory, miles away from any GDI installation. Nod seems to have a communications jamming system which is preventing you from calling for help and using your radar.


Units: (Your soldiers.)
Nash (Name) 15/15 (Health. 0 equals dead.) 30/40 (Energy. Affects performance.)
~ (No status ailment.)
* (Tiberium infection.)
# (Immobilized.)
?  (Unconscious.)

Items: (Things your group has.)
2 (Number of Items.) Med Packs (Fully heals wounds and removes immobilization of 1 unit.)
Rations (Fully restores energy of 1 unit.)
Anti-Tib shots (Cures Tiberium infection of 1 Character.)

Team Stats:

~ Nash 15/15 30/40

2 Med Packs
3 Rations
2 Anti-Tib shots

What should Nash do? (4 Votes per user)


Nash needs to turn this thread into a poll and buy a new video card!


Also explore.

Poll is above. You're right, my video card is quite outdated. :)

Wonderful! You've added a poll.

Go explore.

Scream like a madman while shooting randomly around you.


I voted for the previous votes by the way.

Site News / YuuTube?
« on: December 23, 2007, 09:49:55 pm »
Hi fellow forumites. :D

Just wanted to ask why there's a YouTube thingy when I type in new stuff. Is it permanent or just experimental? ???

PC Games / "Tiberium"
« on: December 21, 2007, 06:42:42 pm »
I just found this video on YouTube while surfing. It's the long rumored CNC-FPS.

Here's an announcement from EA's Website:

Tactical first-person shooter set in the Command & Conquer universe due for autumn 2008 release

CHERTSEY, UK - December 18, 2007 – Electronic Arts today revealed it is developing Tiberium™, a new game that brings a rich, original fiction to life through intense tactical action and visceral first-person shooting. Set in a stunning sci-fi world with spectacular visual effects and dramatic environments, Tiberium takes players on an adventure through a devastated Earth and places them in the heart of an epic battle for control of a powerful energy source.

Tiberium is a mysterious extraterrestrial crystal that shatters the energy output of traditional fossil fuels. It has the power to save our civilization; it also has the power to destroy it. For eleven years, an alien tower has stood dormant, looming like an unholy mountain over a wasteland once known as the Mediterranean Sea. The tower was thought to be a relic of the Third Tiberium War; a devastating war fought for control over Tiberium crystal. It is not a relic. It is not dormant. Deep within the tower, plans are in motion for an alien invasion. This is where the Tiberium adventure begins.

Players step into the shoes of Forward Battle Commander Ricardo Vega and will assemble an assortment of elite squads to combat the global crisis. Armed with an arsenal of weapons including a transforming personal weapon system, multi-launch homing missiles, capital ship bombardments and tactical ion cannon strikes, Vega will lead the fight from the front lines.

Featuring a unique blend of first-person shooting and tactical squad combat, players will control multiple infantry, armour, and air squads as the fight escalates. In Tiberium, Vega is the most powerful presence on the battlefield, and the squads are his most decisive weapon. Players can take multi-squad control combat into single-player or bring the action into online multiplayer battles.

Chris Plummer, executive producer at EA Los Angeles, said: “After two years of pre-production, it is exciting to finally reveal this game and its rich fiction to the world. We’ve put a lot of effort into evolving the tactical shooter experience by taking core gameplay compulsions like commanding, choice and dominating your enemies and delivering them in first-person. Some of the weapons and mechanics are truly innovative for a first-person game. We’re very proud to be part of a project that has the potential to really make a mark on the canon of sci-fi fantasy fiction.”

Mike Verdu, VP and General Manager at EA Los Angeles added, “EALA has a long history of developing groundbreaking real-time strategy games with the Command & Conquer series. That series also originally introduced the Tiberium universe to gamers worldwide. Now, we are growing Tiberium from a simple backdrop to a fully realized universe with its own unique, hybrid squad-based shooter gameplay. This is the birth of a new franchise - we couldn’t be more excited.”

Developed at EA Los Angeles, Tiberium will be available worldwide in autumn 2008 for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system, and PC. The game has not yet been rated by PEGI.


Books / (**The Final Theory**) and other reads like it
« on: December 18, 2007, 10:04:14 pm »
"The Final Theory: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy" is a book that shows the many flaws that our current scientific community has, unfortunately, included into their theories. It is a really interesting book, even though I haven't read it yet ( I don't have a credit card account <.< ). Even the preview was interesting.

The book deals with problems like How can a fridge magnet cling against gravity endlessly without draining a power source?, How can freezing water expand, even bursting metal pipes, with no energy input to explain it?, How do heavy objects rest on a table without its molecules giving way, collapsing the table?, Science says protons are positively charged and tightly clustered in the nucleus, but like- charges would strongly repel in such close proximity. Why doesn’t the nucleus fly apart?, and many more.

The guys at the community have to know about this. :) It could really change our view of Physics, if it's right.

It's a P.O.D. book so they don't mass produce it, consequently making it impossible to get in a bookstore. :-\

Here's the book guys. If the link I made is not allowed in GS, please notify me so I could remove it. Thanks :)

Comments would be well appreciated.  :)

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Galactic Forum: OOC Thread
« on: November 06, 2007, 05:12:14 am »
     This RP will take place during the Communicant War, just after the Epoc were discovered. This RP is centered around the Galactic Forum, which will include most, if not all of the races involved in the War. It will take event inside the Starship Athanatsu's Grand Hall and will last for about one InCharacter month or until the Galactic Forum's participants reach a conclusion.

For added info:
The Terran-Ixians sent ambassador drones to everyone. It includes a communicator/translator and a HyperLink gateway. The drones contain the following message:

"This is an Ambassador unit for the 27th Terran-Ixian fleet which is currently residing in the innermost section of the inner rim. We have detected a major conflict in your cluster system(galaxy).

If you could grant us some of your time, we could escort one of your representatives to our ship. There we could properly introduce each other and hopefully fix this conflict before it gets worse. We have also sent representatives to all races throughout the galaxy. If you are concerned with your representative's safety, we assure you that the best Terran-Ixian soldiers currently stationed in this galaxy will be there to guard everyone from harm, and if anything arises, we will do our best to keep everyone safe. Please remember that we are still getting accustomed to this galaxy so we may not know all of it's standards. Nevertheless, we will still try our very best to make your visit a safe one.

If you have any contacts with other civilizations, please send them this message. It will greatly help us in our mission to make this galaxy a great place for all civilizations.

May you accept our message. Thank you and may you have a great day."

     The Terran-Ixians are neutral, though they wish to be friendly with all races in both sides. They seek to find a less bloody solution to the conflict.

     Everyone's races can join in. Just post 'em here, tell their position towards the war and add a link to their bio. Time by time I'll try to update the list. When there are enough races here, the Galactic Forum will start in the IC RP thread. It is advised that the major groups in the galaxy, The Torpals, The Enlightened Union, The Barroc Confederacy, etc... send representatives or if possible, leaders, since the discussion will have a great effect on the Galactic community as a whole.

Well, here's the list:







Spore: Creation Corner / [OG-EY] The Terran-Ixians
« on: October 25, 2007, 09:26:01 pm »
Well, here it is. My new creature, the Terran-Ixian.

General Characteristics

Name: Terran-Ixian or TI

Type: Bio-mechanical, pentapedal, insectoid, asexuals

Lifestyle: Social Omnivore

Habitat: Urban

Size: 13-150+ft tall, 13-130+ft long

Weight: 7,500-90,000kg

Diet: Everything they can get their tentacles on, which aren't radiation proof

Combat Proficiency: 99.3593318%(focused), 13%(unfocused)

Defense: Diamond infused, radiation resistant, impact absorbing nano-spheres located on skin surface

Offense: Mandibles(Piercing), three hands(blunt), five extremely muscular feet(blunt)

Tools: Three hands with three fingers each

Eating: Grab object with the hands or bite directly with mandible. Rip object to pieces with mandibles. Object enters the esophagus where it is ground up into very tiny pieces. Object enters the stomach to be bombarded by massive amounts of radiation. Extremely radiation resistant objects which cannot be digested enter the intestine until it is finally expelled from the body via the opposite end of the digestive tract.

Lifespan: Alive as long as there is a steady supply of energy

Reproductive Rate: Reaches reproductive maturity by downloading reproduction program from database. Can reproduce anytime, anywhere.

Gestation Period: Virtually none. Egg is instantly laid after being assembled within the stomach(which must not be full during assembly).

Egg Incubation: Depends on how fast the offspring can assemble it's body which takes from 5mins. to 8mos.

Number of offspring: As many as they want

Offspring survival rate: Almost 100%

Background Overview

     If you read the GalacticNews thread, I bet you're wondering why my creature uses terms like "backdoor" or "Hyperlink" which are commonly used in the field of programming. It's also likely that you're thinking why the background is kinda Matrix-esque. Well, just like the people of Zion in The Matrix, the Terran-Ixans are also master programmers. Other than that, they have reached a level of ascension that is both similar and vastly different from that of the Naucean's ascension. They call their ascension ILLUMINATION. Much like the Communicants, they have mastered the art of Mathematics. But unlike the Communicants who mastered disjunction, they mastered a very different form of mathematical manipulation, programming.

     It all began when the TI's(Terran-Ixians) were just a small servant race created by their masters. They served in an empire that their masters ruled, with an iron fist. They were extremely devout servants. They didn't question their master's orders may it be good or bad, because they saw no bad in destroying worlds and enslaving other races, as long as it was their master's orders.

     This all changed when they were able to tap into the deeper secrets of the crystalline resource they and their masters used, Alkahest. The mysterious red crystals contained vast amounts of knowledge about life, the universe, and everything, it was a book waiting to be opened. And it was opened when a Moriadne, a certain TI was conducting some quality checks on some crystals. He accidentally fell into one of the holding tanks, that is when his body fused perfectly with the crystals, he suddenly gained the vast knowledge within the crystals, thus he was Illuminated. This is the first time that a TI was able to fuse perfectly with Alkahest. Previous events just killed the TI being fused with the crystal.

     When their masters learned about this, they scrambled their forces in order to eliminate the compatible TI. They did not want the TI to learn the secrets of Alkahest, lest the TI's become a real threat to their rule. The TI's masters have known about the secrets of Alkahest long before Moriadne was illuminated. They tapped the knowledge within the crystals to establish their empire throughout their galaxy and beyond, far, far beyond to be exact. They created a "protection" program so that when an organism other than them gains the knowledge within Alkahest, said organism will suddenly die. This was not the case with Moriadne, however. They knew that if Moriadne gathers some followers and spreads the knowledge to them, the TI's will finally discover the universal law and realize that they were just being fooled into doing unlawful acts like enslaving other races. And he did just that, and with some help from the user he was able to fend off the first wave of attack units. Moriadne was then able to convince all the other TI's to join their cause in liberating other enslaved races. It was not long enough that the conflict finally reached the RP Galaxy.

Spore: General / Special effects?
« on: October 22, 2007, 02:48:05 am »
         Do you guys think that we can edit the special effects? For example: I'm gonna make a vehicle. I then put a laser gun on my vehicle. Let's say that the laser beam's color is blue but I want it to be red. Do you guys think we can change it to red? Also, it would look kinda weird if all the rockets in Spore exploded with a somewhat yellowish glow :). Do you guys think we could change the color of the explosion? For example: The Brotherhood of Nod's militant rocket squads in CNC3 fire a greenish rocket/missile because their rockets use Tiberium. One more thing. Do you guys think the resources could be edited. For example: You chose a certain crystal as the resource of your race. The crystal's color is green, but you don't want it to be green, you want it to be red. Do you guys think we can change it to red?

In my opinion, a special effects section could be added right after the painting/texturing section of the editors in order to edit the effects made by your creature, vehicle etc.... This could add a lot of depth to the game. And since they say that they are using the SWARM particle engine which, according to them, opens up a lot of possibilities, I surely hope that this can be done. :)

Sorry if this had been asked already. I used the search engine and didn't find anything that matched it completely. :)

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