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               "So, will there be an awesome Mega-RP against "Them"?"

                    -- Plank of Wood

               "Oh god, Yuu, make a huge story about the war XD"

                    -- Yannick


That's right.

We're making this happen.

And we're bringing it to YOU!

Basically, the Nameless Empire, after one of their head honchos got his seat handed to him on a silver platter, decided to rally up and get themselves some payback.

Now, the Empire's very own quirky mini-boss squad is all geared up and clearly out for blood.

The blood of an entire galaxy, that is.

Our galaxy, to be exact.

They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
Information Station

To register, simply fill up the following:

Civilization Name: Take a guess.
Faction: Are you with us? Or with "THEM?"
Specialties: Unique things, qualities or technologies which can be used as an asset in the battle to come.
Link: Link to their CC thread.

Any questions on how this magnificent euphony of Baysplosions will unfold can be posted here.

As for when we shall start exactly, it depends on what Jack and I would agree on, along with what you guys think would be the best choice. So basically, it's still pretty much up in the air.

So, what are your thoughts?

Post away!

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Fortress North America
« on: July 30, 2010, 06:58:59 am »

It is the year 2030...

And YOU are America.

The United States of North America, to be exact.

Also, for some reason, the rest of the world has suddenly united under a single cause...


Though unsurprisingly, Switzerland is completely neutral about the entire thing.

Oh, and for some reason, all of Earth's nuclear weapons somehow turned into duds, and any attempts to create new ones seem to run across the same problem.

What now?

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Galactic Conflict - Part 2
« on: July 05, 2010, 06:20:22 am »
Directress Hatena felt a strong disturbance run through her soul as her orders were rejected and her requests cast aside by the Perrachi Socialist Republic. Yet despite the sudden backlash that this issue was bound to spread, she knew all too well that such would be the outcome of the outrageous request the she bravely submitted in front of the entire summit.

As a result, intragalactic relations with the Republic have become more strained than ever, even going as far as prompting the Orealyianis Monarchy to declare Code Orange - Green within the confines of their main territory. Other nations have also followed their example, raising their defenses and mobilizing their forces in anticipation of possibly the most damaging conflict since the Milika - Supara War.

Better to arm themselves too early, than to face, vastly unprepared, the full brunt of a major galactic power...

Hatena's thoughts begrudgingly conceded. Despite all that she has, and could have done, things continued to defiantly spiral out of her, and by extension the Agency's control. After completely exhausting all legal options left to the fractured organization, there was only one thing left for her to do...

The Directress had already made extensive preparations for the asylum of as many of the Republic's citizens as she can. Chief Enna, including her significant others, were first on Hatena's list. Barring her integral post, she'd be damned to let her fall into the potential enemy's hands. Such vital personnel would be prime targets of the Republic's secret service, and nothing positive could possibly come out of it at this point in time.

It was merely hours away by now, the coalition fleet sent to the Makal homeworld to request the Perrachi's peaceful retreat. The entire crew knew what they were jumping into with the mission they were given. The only thing uncertain now was if the Republic would accept their request, or violently turn them down.


                                             How about we make a separate thread for the anime pictures? It could be called "The Random Anime/Manga Image Bonanza"!

     That way, the people who want to see those pictures get to see them and those who don't, won't be whining every time they are posted. Everybody wins!

                                        -- Great Distance

Since there is obviously a large portion of anime and manga-related images flying around in a certain Random Image Bonanza, and the resulting culture wars, I have personally volunteered to create a thread for oriental animation and comics which will serve as a method for curbing the rampant ridicule of said subculture.

So, without further ado...


Storytelling and Roleplaying / The War of the Lords
« on: June 11, 2010, 03:20:40 am »
The year is 2057.

Forty-nine years since that fateful day.

The day when everyone raised their heads to the skies, and witnessed their unforeseen arrival on this small world.

As people begin to question the nature of these new arrivals, and the knowledge that they carried with them, the world was plunged into a highly secretive war that spanned the entire globe.

Nations, organizations, even individual people began to pick sides amongst the so-called "Visitors," who all seemed to have fallen into their own set of conflicting factions.

I am working for one of those factions.

Scion Industries.

Based in the heart of the Negev Desert, it is the second largest corporation on the entire planet.

Focusing on highly advanced energy-based technologies, it is the most successful in its industry, with almost half of the world's high-end equipment bearing its universally recognized insignia.

Yet despite having bent international policies to its favor for the past half-century and forming strong alliances with the majority of the Western World, not to mention possessing the world's third largest paramilitary organization, no one can still escape the fact that even the world's largest companies find it impossible to avoid the constant damage dealt by the hidden war.

In reality, they were the ones who started it.

Not all organizations are benign.

Some seek to conquer others in methods not at all in accordance with the rule of the law.

Scion is merely defending itself by lashing back at its highly aggressive competitors.

Or so they say.

Regardless, it is in no way alone in its struggle.

A coalition has been formed between Scion and several other companies, hoping that through their combined strength they can finally rid themselves of the collective thorns that have long been lodged in their backs.

Part of my job description is to handle those affairs, and to apply brute force whenever it is necessary.

In accordance with my mission, I am scheduled to meet the Director of Scion Industries himself.

Despite directly speaking to his subordinates on a very frequent basis, no one actually knows the Director's true face.

Much like the other "Visitors," everything about him, is a complete and utter enigma, save for a clothed human form and a face which dampens the minds of those who try to decipher it.

Some extreme rumors even propose that their identities are mysteries even unto themselves.

Thankfully, that's not what I really need to know in order to do what I have to do.

Knowing his calm and collected personality, whether it's original or just another facade, is good enough for me.

"It seems everything is in accordance with our current schedule.", he said to me in a marginally positive tone as I entered his office and saw him facing the window. His entire body was hidden from behind his chair, which bore the corporation's insignia.

"Good morning, Director.", I said as I approached the center of the small yet generously lit chamber. It was actually too bright for my tastes, though of course I was not going to spend the rest of the day here so such a thing should not be my primary concern.

Several hours passed, much to my chagrin.

Still, it was not as bad as it sounds like.

I was actually commended heavily for my efforts in the past few weeks, something which should inspire me to perform my job better.

Eventually, our conversation came to a close and I was simply awaiting his closing remarks.

"Congratulations, _________ .", he said. "You are free to go."

Well, well, well...

Indeed, it seems to have slipped my mind again, probably due to lack of sleep.

What is our full name again?

And while we are at it, what again is our age and sex?

Spore: Creation Corner / The Devex
« on: June 03, 2010, 12:22:47 am »
Xah Devex xhel xah Xor

"The Servants of the Light"

The Devex xhel xah Xor, or "(The) Servant(s) of the Light", are a race of polymorphous trans-biological beings originating from their extensively cyber-formed home planet of Xedah, meaning "Field(s of Pasture.)"

The Devex, for reasons all their own, possess a primarily isolationist stance, refraining from straying too far away from their local sphere of influence, located in the outermost reaches of Xah Xeniah xhel Xor, or "The Slumber of Light", their local name for the galaxy. In line with this, they have never overtly encountered any of the other residents of the galaxy, though they are fully aware of their existence.

Nobody save for the Devex know the true value of their name's etymology, or even if it is really their original name. Even so, one can still quickly surmise that it has something to do with their cosmological beliefs, at the very least.

Almost everything about the Devex's past, especially the origin of their race, is constantly shrouded in a thick veil of mystery. All evidence suggest that this is a deliberate act on their part. As for what reasons, only time can tell...

Main Directory

0. Basic Fact Sheet

1. Anatomy and Physiology
1.1. General Anatomy and Physiology
1.2. Anatomical Systems
1.2.1. Xah Xuku, "The Integument"
1.2.2. Xah Rinxah Xev Xetzem, "The Muscle(s) and Bone(s)"
1.2.3. Lixotah, "(System of) Control"
1.2.4. Virix, "(Blood) Vessel(s)"
1.2.5. Digestion
1.2.6. Immunity

2. History

3. Politics and Government
3.1. Basic Hierarchy
3.2. Government
3.3. Xah Vatxah, "The Howler(s)"
3.4. Xah Lirxah Ezrax, "The Basic Citizen(s)"
3.5. Xah Xuda, "The Order(s)"
3.5.1. Xah Xafas, "The Gatherer(s)"
3.5.2. Xah Vetxis, "The Molder(s)"
3.5.3. Xah Xiraq, "The Reaper(s)" Xah Xiraq, "The Reaper('s Scythe)"
3.5.4. Xah Xorem, "The Teacher(s)"
3.5.5. Xah Morxah, "The Watcher(s)"
3.5.6. Xah Xhurik, "The Linker(s)"
3.5.7. Xah Diramtaxah, "The Diviner(s)"
3.5.8. Xah Valxah, "The Blader(s)" Xah Kaxah Valxah, "The Oneblader(s)"
3.5.9. Xah Kaxinatah, "The Lancer(s)"
3.5.10. Xah Tensakefxah, "The Arbalester(s)"
3.5.11. Xah Xalakayah, "The Soldier(s)"
3.5.12. Xah Haryakorxah, "The Sniper(s)"
3.5.13. Xah Xalmaga, "The Revolver(s)"
3.5.14. Xah Ximron, "The Grenadier(s)"
3.5.15. Xah Rakxaz, "The Bombardier(s)"
3.5.16. Xah Xelnegah , "The Defender(s)"
3.5.17. Xah Xansah xhel Xor, "The Lightbearer(s)"
3.5.18. Xah Thezozoxih, "The Weaver(s)"
3.5.19. Xah Xyilkatis xhel Xalakayah, "The Fighter(s)"
3.5.20. Xah Xalsetah, "The Carrier(s)"
3.5.21. Xah Metxetheskah, "The Destroyer(s)"
3.6. Xah Nimseraxah, "The Twelve"

4. Cosmography
4.1. Tebex, "Home"
4.1.1. Basic System Sheet
4.1.2. Xoldah Xammah "Great Star"
4.1.3. Xah Xedah xhel Xolek, "The Field(s) of Pasture" Xir xhel Xor, "City of Light" Xer xhel Xor, "City of Awakening" Xidam, "(To) Measure" The Azure Moon
4.1.4. Xam xhel Xarah, "Sea of Mountain(s)"
4.1.5. Xoldah Xarah, "Great Mountain"
4.2. Xor, "Light"

5. Economics
5.1. Credit

6. Technology
6.1. Normal Technology
6.1.1. Xakat Mhonxak, "Small Machine(s)"
6.1.2. Lixotah xhel Xalom, "Control of [the] World"
6.1.3. Xarqov Kemetxhat, "Close Metal(s)"
6.1.4. Valxah, "Blade(s)"
6.1.5. Xokah Xholok, "Forceful Sand"
6.2. Xor-Based Technology

7. Culture and Society
7.1. Language
7.2. Morality
7.2.1. What Measures As A Non-Person
7.3. Ceremonies
7.3.1. Xah Xulan, "The Rite(s)"


Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / CSL: Xoridane II
« on: June 02, 2010, 11:57:13 pm »
Chapter 1: A Bolt from the Black

1A massive shockwave roared across the dark moonlit corridor as the outside gates, damaged from the commotion, crumbled inwards to reveal a furious Xoridane wielding his signature weapon and flanked from behind by a sea of broken bodies.

2The master's robe, stained gray with splashes of blood, lay tattered upon his body, rendered completely beyond recognition. The form beneath, however, was almost completely intact, as if he hadn't fought against wave upon wave of armed opposition as he made his way up the now battle-worn tower.

3"XARON!", he yelled unto the seemingly blank chamber as his skin slowly absorbed the white robe in order to repair his injuries.

4Silence was the room's only reply to a raging Xoridane. It would appear as if the traitor had already left, off to some other location in order to proceed with the next phase of his master plan.

5Disappointed, he walked to the other side of the passage, hoping to find another, hopefully living, presence within the chamber of meeting. As he made his way through piles of debris, he continued to distance himself from the passage's deteriorating walls, taking care not to get hit by stray fragments.

6Soon, the nimseraxah will find out that he isn't as alone as he originally thought he was.

7And that falling rocks weren't the only things that he should have been watching for.

8A tiny glint made itself apparent to Xoridane just moments after he had faced his back towards it. Without a moment to spare, a large bolt straight from the black shot towards the now sprinting devex.

9The nearly three feet-long projectile tore through his right shoulder as it ravaged the veins and arteries within. Soon, the floor was sparkling with his blood as he magnetically closed his outer wound and slowly pushed himself up.

10He would have to regain his posture soon or the assailant would finish cocking his weapon and aim for another strike.

11"Arbalester?!", the reaper said under his breath as he faced the source of the missile, bringing his scythe between the two of them to parry any further attempts at him.

12"I never thought I'd see the day...", a voice boasted, coming from the same exact location as the bolt originated. "... that I'll have to use TWO bolts, instead of just ONE."

13"Show yourself!", Xoridane ordered the unknown attacker.

14The assassin obliged, emerging from the shadows, revealing a form belonging to that of a nimseraxah.

15"Greetings...", it said with a rather sinister smile. "... Master Xoridane."

16"Xherkubet?!", the reaper's knees trembled slightly as he saw the enemy's true, natural appearance. "B-but how?!"

17Setting his feet firmly on the ground, he looks down and resumes winding his half-cocked weapon, a massive scoped arbalest which was almost as large as himself. Three-quarters through readying the device, he stares back at Xoridane and begins to speak.

18"I'm pretty sure that, judging by the situation...", he looks across the corridor and up into the red-tinted moon above before setting his sights back on the master reaper. "... you already know all too well the answer to your question!"

19"You...", Xoridane held back his cursing as he tightened his grip on his scythe, which was now glowing brighter than ever.

20"A forest of knowledge, or a bolt of lightning?", his opponent mused as he finished readying his weapon. "Who could possibly come out of this alive?"

21The bleeding began to stop externally as the reaper continued to press onto his wound. Inside, however, was a completely different matter. It would take several minutes for his body to restore the blood back into his system. Until then, he couldn't afford to receive another blow from his adversary, lest he risk losing his strength, and with it, his life.

22"Well, Xoridane?", he prompted the nimseraxah as he raised his weapon and prepared for the next strike.

23"Let's dance..."

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / CSL: Xoridane I
« on: June 02, 2010, 11:18:28 pm »
Chapter 1: The Gathering

1The sound of footsteps echoed across the hallways as an enigmatic presence traveled through the main passage.

2The figure wore a small white coat which went past its feet and dragged across the oppositely shaded floor. The clear night sky further contrasted the lone persona from its darkened surroundings as radiant moonlight pierced the lucid ceiling, showering the chamber below with an azure aura.

3Just as a sense of endlessness finally began to set, the figure had finally reached the other end of the corridor. Looking upwards, the coated entity stopped in its tracks before spreading it's four arms completely towards it's sides. There it stood, motionless and silent.

4Standing before the persona was a large featureless wall, marking the end of the figure's journey.

5Or so it seemed.

6The almost deafening lack of sound was shattered by a sudden entrance of voice from the lone enigma itself. As the being began to mutter a string of unknown words, the wall in front of it suddenly started to vibrate, filling the nearby air with an almost unbearable sense of tension.

7Just as the unearthly pressure slowly began to visibly take it's toll on the now slightly trembling figure, an immense and thunderous sound exploded from the other side of the wall. Along with a faint flash of light.

8As the glow became brighter and brighter, it consumed the entire wall, illuminating the figure as it entered the wall of light.

9With the coated presence diving fully into the ocean of light, the once majestic glow slowly began to weaken. Eventually, the entire wall of light completely dissipated, returning the passage to it's former state of moonlit darkness.

10Eleven coated figures can be seen sitting on their respective thrones, hovering over the large, cylindrical chamber. They too wore coats of the purest ivory, though now it matched perfectly with their environment, save for their shadowed faces.

11Suddenly, a large wall of light, similar to the one found in the previous chamber, sprouted from the edge of the hall, alerting the occupants of another imminent arrival.

12As the first step sprang forth from the seemingly blinding radiance, the eleven entities slowly turned towards the recently summoned entrance.

13As the door behind it returned to nothingness, a familiar figure stood amidst the many onlookers. It was the person from before.

14"Pardon for being the last to arrive.", it said to the others as it marched straight towards the only vacant seat. "There were, complications..."

15As the newcomer's throne began to part from the ground, one of the other entities, the one on the third highest throne to be exact, swiveled towards the rising seat before speaking towards it's occupant.

16"You are pardoned.", it said as it glanced at the highest throne.

17Master Xoridane...

Welcome to the main directory of the Chronicles of the Servants of Light.

This is where all comments and suggestions regarding the series will be posted. But more importantly, this will act as the central hub for all stories which involve the race known as the Devex, and all things closely related to them and their struggles.

If there's a story about the Devex somewhere in the boards, rest assured you can find a link to it here.

Chronicles of the Servants of Light
Main Directory

Main Body
  • Xoridane I
  • Xoridane II
Click Here
Click Here

Art / Yuu's Written Works
« on: May 23, 2010, 04:51:45 am »
So yeah, I guess I'll just go ahead and post a one-shot here to see what you guys think about it.

If things go well in meatspace, I might make additional ones, or even make something similar in length to "Gearlan Chronicles."

In any case, here's that one-shot I mentioned.


          Why are you wasting your time in this place, old friend? Do you seriously think that what you do here could possibly affect the outcome of what will soon come to pass all over this tragic nation? Why? Why do you struggle so fiercely against a force of change which you yourself sought fervently as your greatest mission? Was it not the two of us, who together, back in the orphanage, vowed to save the people from their wretched state at the hands of a horrible, perpetual cycle of torment and ignorance set up by those in power?

          It is already far too late for any of your actions to matter... ... General. Soon, all across the islands, the thieves, the liars, the murderers, and all those who are equally unworthy to witness the birth of a new age will finally succumb to the righteous hand of justice.

          My justice.

          For so long, the people of this nation have been trudged under the heels of those in seats of corrupted authority. They have waited for a hero, to deliver them from their fallen state. I will be that hero. Oppressed, violated, deprived of their every right, the people of this nation have absolutely nothing left to turn to... ... except, perhaps, for their anger. I will use that anger, direct it at those who wallow in their deceptions and avarice, and ultimately, save the people from the torment in which they have slumbered.

          Pitiful humans, mindlessly dismissing their thoughts. And yet they know not the true power of what they hold. The death of stability releases those thoughts. They gather amidst the madness, masterless and free... ... until they weave together to form the spark that ignites the flames of purifying revolution. And when that day comes, we can all truly, finally be equal.

Feedback and constructive criticism is well appreciated.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Ven 10
« on: May 15, 2010, 01:14:32 am »
Somewhere, in the far reaches of space, a small metallic artifact of unknown origin streaks past a cloud of gas at an incredible speed. It wasn't alone, however, for not far behind, another, larger vessel, this time clad in different shades of blue and white, can be seen assailing the lesser object as it tried to dodge a rain of projectiles unleashed by its pursuer.

Within the large craft, the profile of a cold, seemingly commanding cloaked figure can be seen. Sitting on its tall, ivory thrown, it orders the other equally cloaked persons around him to neutralize their target to retrieve what he calls...

"All units focus on disabling the target! I must have the Adeiotrix!"

Seemingly content in his apparently imminent victory, he ponders what he will do once he has finally gotten what he came for.

Back on a certain blue planet, in one of its central landmasses, a small, non-conspicuous school is holding its last day of class for the current academic year. Inside, a ten year old boy, Venture Tenagawa takes a quick look up to the classroom's sluggishly moving clock. Impatience has taken over him as he waits for the saving grace of the school bell. Unable to resist his boredom, he folds several pieces of paper to form a rather detailed paper aeroplane, which he promptly aims and throws at his teacher, hitting her square on the forehead. Soon after, the school's bell rings and a large wave of students burst from the main doorways. Before he reaches the doorway, however, Ven is stopped and is forced to listen to a sermon from his teacher concerning what he did to her.

Later outside, a trio of older students are terrorizing the life of a lone smaller child, soliciting her money in exchange for not giving her a sound beating. Seeing as how summer vacation has started, they choose to be rather gentle on the apparently stern girl, who chose to stand her ground and never give the bullies what they wanted. Seeing this as he goes out, Ven attempts to help her, but only succeeds in gaining the ire of the three offenders. Just as one was about to punch him in the nose, a quick hand parries the strike and replies to the attacker with a quick jab to the chin.

It was the girl.

"Woah!", Ven blurted out as he stood almost speechless. "H-h-how did-"

He was cut off, however, as the girl looked the two in the eye, causing them to flee in fear, the third one being left behind due to being out cold.

Not far away, a man who seemed to be in his thirties calls out to Ven, seemingly ignoring his rather violent predicament.

When he finally snaps out of his surprised state, he looks around to notice the girl has apparently left, and that someone was calling out his name.

"Uncle Matt?", Ven said before his memory began to catch up. "Oh, right! Coming!"

Ven is rather enthusiastic about the trip, but it was quickly drawn away when he finds out that the girl from a few moments ago was now sitting beside him in his uncle's RV. The girl was actually none other than his ten-year-old cousin, Len Tenagawa. She is no more thrilled about the situation than Ven is, having already a well though out schedule, but only to discover that their uncle convinced Ven's mother to let him go along with them on the trip. The cousins, who haven't met in almost two years, look extremely unhappy.

After a very lengthy moment of silence, the group finally reaches their campsite.

Back in space, the large vessel continues its pursuit. After a chance hit damages the smaller craft, the lesser cloaked figures prepare to board their target. Unfortunately for them, the smaller object emits an extremely radiant light that almost vaporizes both ships. As both vessels float aimlessly in the vacuum, a small spherical pod is released from the small vessel which was quickly enveloped in light.

Back at camp, Matt tries to encourage Ven and Len into doing some cooperative activities, but to no avail. Fed up, Ven walks into the woods, wanting some personal time to think.

"I'm gonna go get some fresh air..."

As he strolls across the forest, he complains about his cheap luck in regards to his vacation. As he looks up, he sees what seems to be a bright streak of light.

"A shooting star?", he thought.

He would soon find his guess wrong, the hard way.

As he continued to look up to what he believe to be a meteor, something unexpected happens. Without warning, the object changes course and nearly crashes onto him.

As Ven rises up and examines the resultant crater, he finds a strange glowing sphere at the very point of impact. Seconds later, it opens up to reveal a strange looking device, appearing to be a headband with a crest at the center. With uncontrollable curiosity, he moves his hand closer and closer, trying to reach and take it.

However, he is caught by surprise yet again as the headband springs into the air and towards his direction before finally clamping itself onto his forehead, crest at the center. He tries to shake it off with little success, and immediately goes back to his uncle to tell him what just happened.

As he heads back to the campsite, he decides to fiddle around with the device first in attempt to remove it. In response to his fiddling, the the crest suddenly pops up, revealing a three-dimensional projection of a silhouette of some kind of creature. He tries all sorts of things on the headband before finally pressing down the face of the crest.

A large curtain of light suddenly envelopes his body as he felt a massive surge of energy run through his entirety.

As the light faded away, he looked at his surroundings. Nothing seems to have changed However, as he tried to scratch his hair, he notices something rather strange.

He can't find any. Moreover, it dawns upon him that he seems to be wearing some kind of hood-like body suit, judging from his reduced arc of vision and the tight fabric that was currently hugging his entire body. Slowly, Ven placed his two hands right in front of his face.

He is not pleased with what he saw.

His fingers were now blade-like and tightly bound together by some sort of fabric. The rest of his arms, and the entirety of his lower limbs, were now twig-like in thickness. His torso became so lean as to imprint his muscles onto his body-spanning, neon lined, ivory suit.

What now?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / A Certain Kingdom of Light
« on: March 25, 2010, 12:12:35 am »

Long ago, the worlds were simply one, showered with warmth brought about by the great light...

People, wanting reprieve from their sorrows, gravely sought after it's presence, eventually becoming a part of the light itself...

Some of them, however, asked for more than what the light could rightfully give them...

Embittered, they turned themselves away from the light, opening their hearts to darkness...

In an act of vengeance, they struck down the inhabitants of light...

The world descended into darkness, almost everyone lost their way...

But one last sliver of hope did remain, deep within the hearts of those who believed fervently in the light...

Countless battles were waged between light and dark, the light slowly pushing the darkness back...

The light proved victorious, but at such a great cost...

The world was shattered far beyond mending, the darkness unable to be truly vanquished...

Gathering what remained, they sought refuge in many places, rebuilding the fallen world.

These new worlds, however, were no longer united, distanced from each other by walls of guardian light...

Because the great light was still buried deep within the belly of darkness...

-Records of King Hudor, Royal Archives, Grand Library of Acropolis, Acropolis, Europa

I've been experiencing conflicting thoughts recently...

Is this a nightmare?

Or just another dream?

I enter this world, this ocean, descending into darkness...

Oddly, I never seem to drown, nor am I hindered by any burden...

Eventually, I make my way deeper and deeper into the abyss...


Light from below, it shines with a faint mark...

As I reach closer and closer towards it, I could finally make out what it was...

A large circular pedestal, bearing faces I find familiar, yet impossibly hard to distinguish...

As my feet land softly against the stained glass floor...

I instinctively turn my head to the vastness that surrounds my station...

Another one, a tower appeared, with a road of precious stones appearing before the gap...

I walk, driven by my need to find out...

Arriving at the other end, I find nothing which varied from my previous station...

That is, until I look beneath my feet, to witness the image that rests below me...

It was a young man, clad in the purest white...

Sleeping amongst the clouds, it grasped with it's hand a rather vague looking weapon...

A key...

However, as I travel towards the edge to gain a finer look...

My shadow lengthens, slowly becoming longer...

Until so much so as it began to spring to life...

Turning towards the center, I could barely believe my eyes...

A lumbering colossus, clad in the darkest of ebony...

Born from the shadow, of no one but my own...

Quickly, I drew my sword, bearing it against the monster...

I collected my fleeting courage, prepared for a desperate fight...

To my horror, it dawned upon me, my struggle was never meant to be...

My weapon suddenly fades, as if wanting to let me die...

I collapse onto the ground, losing all my strength...

All I could do now was wait for the demon to seal my fate...

As my body drowns in it's fervent darkness...

I hear a voice, from all directions...

Assuring me, of a certain of hope...

"Remember...", it said with certainty. "You are the one who will open... The door..."

To the light...


Long ago, the worlds were simply one, showered with warmth brought about by the great light...

People, wanting reprieve from their sorrows, gravely sought after it's presence, eventually becoming a part of the light itself...

Some of them, however, asked for more than what the light could rightfully give them...

Embittered, they turned themselves away from the light, opening their hearts to darkness...

In an act of vengeance, they struck down the inhabitants of light...

The world descended into darkness, almost everyone lost their way...

But one last sliver of hope did remain, deep within the hearts of those who believed fervently in the light...

Countless battles were waged between light and dark, the light slowly pushing the darkness back...

The light proved victorious, but at such a great cost...

The world was shattered far beyond mending, the darkness unable to be truly vanquished...

Gathering what remained, they sought refuge in many places, rebuilding the fallen world.

These new worlds, however, were no longer united, distanced from each other by walls of guardian light...

Because the great light was still buried deep within the belly of darkness...

-Records of King Hudor, Royal Archives, Grand Library of Acropolis, Acropolis, Europa

     As some can probably guess from the thread title and opening words, yes, this is a Kingdom Hearts RP.

     Seeing what happened last time, when I got buried too deep inside the lore to actually consider the RP itself, I decided to try a different approach.

     Instead of trying to fit our stories into the franchise's canon, I created an entirely different universe for the setting of the RP. It will retain a lot of basic themes, though most of it will be retooled and renamed to fit the laws of this re-imagined universe.

     Plot-wise, it basically retains the core of the original. A group of chosen heroes traveling from world to world, beating the darkness-enhanced local bad guys and saving the places from destruction.

     Setting-wise, however, it is very different. This RP is set here on Earth, several millennia after the events described in the above excerpt. The different worlds have become more or less isolated from each other, developing technologically at varying rates. So one world may still be using wooden spears while another uses steampunk assault walkers.

     Magic-wise, spells, psychic abilities and other similar things are present, and their prevalence varies from world to world.

     I'll elaborate more on this later. I just wanted to get this out to get some feedback for now.


     It is the year 2140...

     And the secrets of efficient renewable energy has long past been mastered and put to extensive use. With the advent of the energy revolution came the dawn of a new age of modernization and prosperity for most of the global community.

     However, beneath the superficial facade that is the advanced world, an unseen war is being waged between multiple clandestine factions. Some of them fight to secure their own version of order, while others seek nothing but chaos.

     These are the lives and times of a small, but not necessarily lesser, such group based in the heart of the recently established South East Asian Union. They are...

     The Guardians.






     This is a metagame similar to "Buccaneer"s or "UFO", wherein you can submit a character along with their stats and watch them as they fight alongside fellow players as the story progresses.

     This will be, for the most part, a very lighthearted story, so you're free to make characters with fairly ridiculous back-stories, as can be seen in Flabe's "Buccaneers", and to a lesser extent, the Malayo-wank posted above. Be sure to, somehow, keep them within the theme of the story, however.

     First six submissions get to be included within the first batch of new arrivals. The rest will be included when a space becomes vacant or a new slot needs to be filled.

     Below is the format, and a sample.

Code: [Select]
Name: Self explanatory.
Appearance: Any picture, even a doodle.
Sex: Male, Female, Hermaphroditic or Asexual.
Age: In years.
[li]Strength: General level of physical ability. (1-10)[/li]
[li]Endurance: General stamina and ability to withstand injury. (1-10)[/li]
[li]Sense: General acuity of the five primary senses. (1-10)[/li]
[li]Agility: General reflex quality and potential for locomotion. (1-10)[/li]
[li]Intellect: General level of critical thinking. (1-10)[/li]
[li]Willpower: General ability to resist pain, psychic effects or other psychological factors. (1-10)[/li]
Skill(s): Abilities, powers and the like.
[li]Skill 1:[/li]
[li]Skill 2:[/li]
Flaw(s): Like skills, but this time to your character's disadvantage.
[li]Flaw 1:[/li]
[li]Flaw 2:[/li]
Short Bio: Bla bla blah...

*Total stats must not exceed 42 points.


Name: Dr. John Smith
Appearance: <insert picture here>
Sex: Male
Age: 30
  • Strength: 6
  • Endurance: 6
  • Sense: 8
  • Agility: 10
  • Intellect: 8
  • Willpower: 4
  • Skill 1: Is a ninja.
  • Skill 2: Is a licensed psychiatrist.
  • Skill 3: Has the ability to induce basic emotions in others by staring at them eye to eye.
  • Flaw 1: Is generally torn between helping people and killing them.
  • Flaw 2: Has a dual personality disorder.
Short Bio: <insert being an orphan, then getting adopted and finishing his degree before joining the special forces>

     That's about it.

     Well, what are you waiting for?

     Submit your entry today!

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / [AC] A Plethora of Singularities
« on: January 27, 2010, 05:10:38 am »
The corridors' walls hummed innocuously as the vessel swam through the relative vacuum of interstellar space. It had been a while since the craft's photonics masts displayed a different reading, and nothing within the crew's current flightpath was going to change that some time soon.

It was almost time for An Zintra 02-01-5206667's routine check up of the vessel's data inventory. An Sama would be expecting their arrival within the month, and it isn't good business to deliver a package that had a bug or two nestled between it's contents. As such, he began to diligently comb through the documents when the time finally came.

An Zintra 04-06-4114303, on the other hand, performed his task in a relatively lenient manner, mapping the stagnant scenery around them with melancholy. It's not that he wasn't paying attention to his job, he was just bored out of his mind by the utter monotony of seeing the same image every single day since they left for An.

His brother, An Zintra 04-06-4114304, however, dealt with things quite solemnly, always on the ready to protect the crew from any projectiles that might cross their path.

Meanwhile, at the very heart of the craft, An Zintra 03-12-5508 was monitoring the activities of everyone on board. As they all had a mostly singular will, he was the closest the personnel had to a leader. And he made sure to act like one, making especially sure that the people down in the warp generator weren't slacking off too much. Any major malfunction in the machine would cause the compressed space in front of them to unravel, without a doubt shattering their vehicle into a trillion microscopic pieces.

Considering the extremely high risks regarding their current operation, everything was actually going quite smoothly, for the most part. Everyone was already expecting a safe, yet rather uneventful, return trip once they've finished with what they came for.

If only they foresaw the chain of events that would soon transpire before them.

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