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... that I have no name for yet.

Well, technically, I do, but it's still just in one language, and that language is not necessarily the planet's dominant one.

Plus, I'm aiming for at least 70+ different countries so it might take some time to sort things out.

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 : Terrestrial, Amphibious, Arboreal and Space-dwelling.
Appearance           : Echinodermian-Insectoid [all of the "breeds" pictured above] / Humanoid-Insectoid / Otherworldly-Cybernetic-Insectoid
Gravity preferences  : 1 - 1.75 g / 0.75 - 2 g / 0 - 2 g
Temperature pref.    : 20 - 30 C
Atmosphere breathed  : Nitrogen - Oxygen
Body cover           : Thick skin with hard-shelled top
Body color           : Gray, Blue, Purple or Violet, depending on ethnicity / Same, but predominantly gray / Silver metallic
Hair                 : None
Hair color           : N/A
Eyes                 : Two, sunken, and encased in a mutual transparent shell. Identical set up found on each limb
Eyes color           : Varies.
Body characteristics : Shells / Shells / Shells, Cybernetic Augmentations
Diet                 : Omnivore / Omnivore / Omnivore, Mineralovore
Sexual reproduction  : Two sexes
Reproduction method  : Live Birth
Limbs pair n 1 : Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg - Turret - Plating - Etc.
Limbs pair n  : Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg - Turret - Plating - Etc.
Limbs pair n  : Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg - Turret - Plating - Etc.
Limbs pair n  : Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg - Turret - Plating - Etc.
Limbs pair n  : Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg - Turret - Plating - Etc.
Limbs pair n  : Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg - Turret - Plating - Etc.
Limbs pair n  : Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg - Turret - Plating - Etc.
Limbs pair n  : Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg - Turret - Plating - Etc.
Limbs pair n  : Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg / Arm - Leg - Turret - Plating - Etc.
Limbs pair n  : None / Arm - Leg / None
Limbs pair n  : None / Arm - Leg / None
Limbs pair n  : None / Arm - Leg / None
Mass :  Haven't made some solid calcs yet.
Size : Chimpanzee to Elephant-sized / Elephant to Sauropod-sized / Building to Asteroid-sized

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy       : Varies from nation to nation and culture to culture.
  Determination   : Varies from nation to nation and culture to culture.
  Racial tolerance: Varies from nation to nation and culture to culture.
  Progressiveness  : Varies from nation to nation and culture to culture.
  Loyalty         : Varies from nation to nation and culture to culture.
  Social cohesion : Varies from nation to nation and culture to culture.
  Art             : Varies from nation to nation and culture to culture.
  Individualism   : Varies from nation to nation and culture to culture.
  Body            : Varies from "breed" to "breed".
  Mind            : Varies from "breed" to "breed".
  Speed           : Varies from "breed" to "breed".
  Lifespan        : Varies from "breed" to "breed".
  Tech level      : 6 ; With FTL / 6 ; With FTL / 8 ; No FTL

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   : Federation containing, as well as associated with, a vast assortment of governments ranging from Artificial Monarchy to Tribalism.
Religion          : Greatly varies, though majority share the same root.
Devotion          : Varies from nation to nation and culture to culture.

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
 -too tired to type it all out right now.  :V

Tried using Paint for a change.
Also, was supposed to draw a Van Allen belt, but got lazy.

Behold! Planet Moon Whatchamacallit!

(Section 1 -- System)
Star: Fish No name yet.
Star Type: Black Hole : p Yellow Main Sequence
Planet 1: Sexy Hot Rock.
Planet 2: Gorgeous Hot Rock.
Planet 3: Dumb Cold Rock.
Planet 3: Brown Midget Dwarf
Planet 3.1: Ice Ring.
Planet 3.2: Planet Moon Whatchamacallit
Planet nauseam: a metric crapton of smaller moons
Planet 4, 5, 6, 7... : lots and lots of barren gas/ice/rock/lava balls that I won't elaborate upon right now...

(Section 2 -- Terrain and Atmosphere)
Size: 2.5~ Earth Diameters
Gravity: 1.75~ g
Average Climate: Cold and Wet. Very, very, very wet... :d
Liquid: Oceans, lakes, poodles and aquifers.
Land-Ocean Ratio: 6% Land versus 94% Oceans. May the currents have mercy on you if you somehow get lost at sea. The ocean's so gi-freaking-gantic people from other continents might not even meet until they build ridiculously large ships and/or long-distance planes.
Average Terrain: I MARRIED THE OCEAN! Also, some islands.
Continents: 20, at the very least.
Density: Dense. And is also kinda dumb.
Composition: Nitrogen, Oxygen and Aragorn.
Length of Day: 24~
Length of Year: I have no idea yet as of now, sorry. :v

(Section 3 -- Life)
Main Species: Intelligent race on the planet? Sandworms xD The guys on the pic above. Are they native to this planet? Maybe...
Native Animals: So numerous and diverse it makes the Amazon look like a meadow.
Imported Animals: Earth cattle om nom nom None so far...
Native Plants: ^ ^ ^
Imported Plants: Protoculture ^ ^ ^

(Section 4 -- Development)
Structures: Land cities, aquatic arcologies, orbital cities, Culture Orbitals, etc.
% Urban: Well, some of them do have a couple of Pope-like dudes. I'm not exactly sure yet.
Spaceports: Surface, orbit, you name it! Some even have cargo railguns so big you'd think the architects were compensating for something. And they most likely were.
Imports: Minerals LOL Raw Materials.
Exports: Cheap Lead-Contaminated Goods Space Colonists, Obnoxious Bureaucrats, Advanced Technology, Main Characters, Quirky Intellectuals, Long-Distance Generation Ships and a metric crapton of warships [we'll get into this last one at another time].
Capital: I have no idea yet, other than it's on the side facing the Brown Dwarf.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Yuu's stuff...
« on: May 29, 2011, 08:46:04 am »

Need a lift?

Civilian version.

Someone is not very gifted.

For when you just have to keep those pesky boats away from your Spice rigs.

Because killsats never go out of style.

Airships. Yeah.

Which one will you kiss? ~

Swat Kats + Macross = ?

Mode Change!

I suck at humanoids...

For when a single M3 just isn't enough.

Quick! How many ramjets can we stick into this frame before it shatters into a trillion pieces?

Forum Games / Pointing out flaws in popular fictional spacecraft
« on: May 28, 2011, 05:49:29 pm »
It's glaringly obvious that 99% of spacecraft in fiction suffer from bad design.

Basically, the objective of the game is to take a ship from any popular work and point out the flaws in them.

The one rule is to follow the format below:

  • Criticize the ship posted by the previous person.
  • Post another ship to be criticized by the person after you.

For example:

Poster 1:

Poster 2:

Giant exposed bridge.

Battle 25 from Macross Frontier.

So, to start it all off...

The Death Star from the first Star Wars Trilogy.

TV / Dinosaucers
« on: May 16, 2011, 10:15:18 am »
Anyone else here who watched this show?

Seriously, dinosaurs in SPACE!

Granted most of the story happens planetside, but still, there's nothing like turning into an Allosaurus and beating the crap out of a T-Rex.

Spore: Creation Corner / Can this hypothetical star system work?
« on: May 15, 2011, 06:22:27 pm »
I'm planning on making a star system, you see, and I wanted to know if the arrangement I made could actually hold out against real physics.

The system is basically a Sun-like star orbited by several gas giants, one of which has a large moon with life on it.

The first planet is a Saturn-like gas giant about 2 AU away from the star.

It has a highly visible and large set of icy [or rocky, in case 2 AU is far too close, I'm not sure] rings. Additionally, it has a single large moon wedged inside a gap between the ring's two halves.

Said moon also happens to be the one that bears life on its surface.

It is a tidally locked mostly-oceanic [9:1] world with a mass of 6 to 7 Earths. The atmosphere is supposedly thick enough to compensate for the planet's distance from the star as well as its position as a moon, though I'm not really sure just how thick it must be.

It has no axial tilt, possessing a mostly uniform climate on all latitudes. Altitude, rainshadows and other non-latitude based climates still exist, though.

Land is composed mostly of mountainous strips that are sprinkled about [though still with enough space to sustain advanced societies]. Additionally, there is supposed to be one continent on the planet-facing side, whose inland is basically a super-sized Atacama desert with another ring of mountains inside that keeps a self-contained rainforest from leaking outside [basically ocean>land>mountain>desert>mountain>rainforest].

The other gas planets are more or less just like the first one. What I want to know about them is how far must they be to not screw with the planet-moon system established so far.

Additionally, just how many additional gas giants can be added to this hypothetical star system?

That's basically it.

Any thoughts?

Spore: Creation Corner / How do your guys get around?
« on: April 23, 2011, 01:24:37 am »
Transportation, basically.

From pedestrian to global to interstellar travel, how do your guys get around?

While you can include military logistics, this thread would focus on how civilians [or your races' equivalent thereof] usually travel to and from points A and B.

So, how does it feel to travel if you're an [insert race here]?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Versefleet Academy
« on: April 04, 2011, 09:58:20 am »
You are awake.

Or at least you seem to be.

Conscious and somewhat coherent, yet unable to comprehend your senses save for a muddled field of light.

Slowly, the light gradually raises intensity, as an oddly familiar sound begins to fill your ears.

"WHAT IN THE WORLDS?!", the loud voice reverberates through your skull as you try to pull yourself together and get a feel of your surroundings.

A sudden flash of light finally rekindles your awareness and you find yourself standing in the middle of an urban crossroads.

Taking in more from your surroundings, you quickly realize the rather unusual lack of persons within your vicinity, as if everyone is trying to gain some distance from you.

Likewise, the odd presence of abandoned vehicles swiftly point out to a vastly unfavorable conclusion.

Which was then quickly supported by the blaring sound of military sirens.

Once again, you hear a voice, the same as from before, calling out to you from your back.

"COME ON!!", it calls to you in a positively aggravated tone.

Turning around to face the voice's origin, your eyes are, for a moment, caught in an intense glare as the Sun's rays catches you off-guard.

Adjusting your sights, you face the source of the callings.

A seemingly young man of light complexion and azure hair.

Suited in some sort of white and blue vestment, you notice a exceedingly faint and intangible aura emanating from his presence.

Looking back towards yourself, you quickly notice that you have an identical set of attire.

"WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME! LET'S GO!", you hear the young man call out to you, stretching out one of his hands and urging you to advance.


Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Umm...
« on: April 01, 2011, 05:11:04 am »
So yeah...

To everyone who participated in the Spore RP Section's TWCBN, sorry to say this, but...

... I'm gonna have to cut it.  :-\

Sorry.  :(

Everything Else / Ask a Filipino
« on: December 20, 2010, 11:54:54 pm »
Been willing to make this for a while now.

So yeah, fire away.

The Gaming Steve Universe... in TVTROPES!

Sure, why not? Post the link if it does get made.

You're welcome.  :)

actualy, i've been catagorizing all the tropes my races fall under. was thinking of making a thread dedicated to tropes :)

It is done!   8)

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Blue Planet
« on: December 16, 2010, 12:25:41 am »

Sixty years have passed since a strange artifact of unknown origin was detected on the Red Planet.

Soon after its discovery, the alien device suddenly sprang to life, unlocking the waters beneath, returning the fleeting sky, igniting the once dormant core, and spreading the seeds of life all across the surface of the previously dead planet.

It is now the year 2110.

All traces of the once great artifact has all but vanished, and in its place, a vast and thriving world, both strange and familiar, has arisen on the once Red Planet.

You are but one of many individuals tasked with commanding your own arsenal of highly advanced technology in a bid to claim the vast and untold riches of the new Blue Planet.

How you achieve this mission is up to you, or to be more precise, your employers.

May it be through knowledge, power, or cloak and dagger diplomacy, all is fair in business and war!

Welcome back foreman...

Blue Planet is a multiplayer mapgame which runs under the same principles as its successors, Octagonapus' War of the Tomes and Crazen's Chopping up the Planet, though mostly the former.

Each person, or in this case foreman, will start with a small starting base, drones included, proximal to their point of landing. They will then make their way across the Blue Planet as they try to expand the clout of their employers' organization.

Whether it be for glory, riches, or SCIENCE!TM, be sure to keep in mind that expanding one's hold is no easy task. Along your path to success lie a myriad of challenges, not the least of which are the local flora and fauna, other hostile frontiersmen, the interventionist UN Spacy, and a plethora of natural disasters caused by the lost artifact's wake.

Will you struggle side by side, or against your fellow pioneers?

That, is for YOU to decide!

Now go, and make a faction, including its color!

Be sure to make it plausible for the timeframe in question. We are aiming for mid-level tech here, no Aeon Illuminates, please.

Afterward, go and choose a site for the location of your initial camp.

Post in this thread your orders for the first turn. You can build up your camp, construct drones, put down defenses, establish a mining facility, among other things. Make them plausible for your current state, so no building a planet-spanning army despite only having a single factory the size of a small barn.

Also, keep in mind that enacting hostilities on other people will make you hotter and hotter in the eyes of the United Nations Space Army. Push their tolerance to the limit and they'll strike you with a railgun or two. Push their tolerance waaaaaaaay past the limit and they'll send in a unit from the spacy itself.

You can try and appease the UN using the stuff that you've gathered on the planet, such as raw resources, cash, or scientific findings. Keep in mind, however, that it doesn't always work, though frequently bribing treating public officials certainly increases the chances of getting crap past the censors.

In any case, we will start when there's enough people on board.

Though, of course, latecomers are always welcome to the race!

Mars c.2110

So yeah, this is the thread for discussing about the many facets of the site's sci-fi universe, and how they measure up to that of other similar worlds.

For convenience, let's say that it's the Reborn Galaxy alone, with no interference from the Extended Yuuniverse, Phitire-Shadow Era, Novus Cluster, Meridian, New Galaxy or other such parties.

General Opinions

How does the Gaming Steve Sci-fi Universe measure up to...

#1 Star Wars?

While Star Wars may not seem to be as relatively varied in its palette, especially when it comes to humanoids, it does, however, appear to possess an immeasurably greater level of depth.

In the end, while GS might have what it takes to become a great sci-fi universe, it is unfortunately rather lacking in the depth and maturity department, being primarily player-driven and having no "true" overarching story which encompasses the world's somewhat long history of events.

#2 Star Trek?

"Star Trek is great story but awful Sci-fi.  Unoriginal aliens.  Lots of technobabble.  Unimpressive combat."

-- Martyk

#3 The Culture?

Coming Soon...

Now, let's begin with a commonly asked one: Star Wars with [and without] the Extended Universe.

So, guys, how does the GS-verse measure up?

Feel free to bring up any suggestions, as long as they aren't snarky or anything.

TV / Highschool of the Dead
« on: November 27, 2010, 09:37:11 pm »
So, has anyone else here heard of Highschool of the Dead?

It's more or less an animated version of L4D, but with highschool students instead of the former's cast.

Might as well post this now to get some ideas from everyone.

While it might not be good to start so many RPs simultaneously, I thought it wouldn't hurt much to at least establish what has happened during the Perrachi Reconstruction, like what ever happened to Khanedin or Angela Merkel Enna Miq, or to the Perrachi's government, soceity and military as a whole.

So, any thoughts?

I, for one, would like the Perrachi to keep a socialist system. Just make sure those ultra-leftist extremists don't get into power again.

And so it begins.

For the OOC thread, click here.

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