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Spore: General / 6 questions
« on: July 30, 2007, 08:43:54 am »
6 basic questions that have been bugging me

1- Your planet has moons, no? 
    So by having, say, 7 moons..  and being far away from the sun.. wont their be like total darkness on most of the planet?

2- There IS Daytime and Night.. right?
    Because, i really havent found anything about it.. and when its night will they sleep or...

3- Is there Nocturnal creatures?!
    Or are they just daydwellers..

4- They can swim, But once they evolve, can they?
    I mean you at one point CAN swim, so even when you are a land creature, can you still retain the ability..

5- Well i hardly know anything about herbivores in this game,
    Anyone know anything besides, that they happen to be nicer, they eat leaves.. Can they eat grass? Is there fruits?

6- Is there random things that occur?
    Flashfire.. thunder, lighting, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes..

Spore: Creation Corner / Some critters
« on: July 29, 2007, 02:17:04 pm »
I drew some yesterday and some today and im just going to post em all here  :D

Just so you know.. Do not make these when spore come out xD they have little to no chance of survival  :)

Microbial type lennith.. with spikies for armor, maxed out jaws, and googly eyes. 

Evolved mcirobial type lennith... He is a swimmer, and sorta glides with his webby sides.

Lennith 3, its claws are now arms with sharp sides, and its got feet.  Its a land monsta now muwahah!

Muggum, a hungry ogre

Kimnal, a fishy (those things on him him are fins lol)

Behold, almighty Bosach!

Volgen, crocodilian type quadroped

Klind, its on my list of things to try and make with creature editor.. and see how well it does.

Thats Cthul ( )

Dode, (dodo)

Veeg! he sorta a living mushroom.. yeah.. lol

Thats a Pimule lol

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