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The union, does not need foreign assiastance, please remember, you have to begin using your race in RP's new alliance threads and actually have it on the amp before you can begin playing a higher part in galctic politics, we have all had to do this to have our creatures recognised.

Exept for me, I just butted in head first to get myself noticed.

So you need foeign assistance?

I recomend that the Captial is on an artificial planet, to show that the Union is reformed and renewed.

I would like to know what the Federal Unions Foreign Assistance Program (FAP) can do for the countries in the NU and for the NU in general.

The Federal Union would very much like to join the AoHC.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The New Union of Races
« on: May 18, 2007, 03:46:52 pm »
The Federal Union of the Suntors (official name is the Federal Union so please refer to it as such) will whole fully support the NU in all its political,economical,and military decisions as is the Unions foreign policy. The NU and/or its member and allied countries may be added to the Foreign Assistance Program (FAP) upon request. Information about FAP benefits will be issued upon request. Please note that all individual FAP benefits are at the discretion of the foreign governments that are requesting them.

Any questions about the Federal Union or the FAP are greatly appreciated and will be quickly answered.

Hold on, Microgta, I've frozen all new membership until we work out how we're going to revive this.

The Suntors will also join. It has always been a dream of ours to have as much of a positive impact on the galaxy as we can.

Race: Suntors
Full Name: Federal Union A.K.A.: the Union, sometimes it is mistakenly called the United Union (UU),and the Republican Union (RU) OOC: The RU has NOTHING to do with Republican Party.End OOC
Alliance: CAB
Affiliates: UN,Apex Defense Contractors(ADC) (the Federal Unions main supplier of military and government vehicles,weapons,and equipment) ,United Union (UU)
Leadership: Federal Union
  Leadership Government: Federal Democratic Republic
Current State: Expanding. Exploring and Discovering. Defending. Protecting.

Could you add the Federal Union anywhere?


 A new country with high prospects.

   Today an ancient people with a violent past come thogether for the common good. These cretures call themselves the Suntors have just made history on there fair planet.After years of senseless fighting over varies changes in the reasons of the wars they have finally come together as one under a new power.The Federal Union. A name which the Suntors are working hard to make universal. A name which (considering the word Union is in it) is the true pride of the Suntors. The Federal Union,or just Union for short, is quickly
developing into an effective Liberal Democratic Republic (or LDR) in which the Suntors are happy with the developments of there new government and the Undeniable Freedoms they are given.//

I would like that the Suntors are added. Im still working on them so I dont have any images.
I do have info though.

AHH man.


// The Federal Union would like very much to join the DUP. We are a small country and very young. because of our youth we are afraid that not much information is available but we assure you that our intentions are true and if you have questions about our new Union or of our still forming government then please contact us as soon as possible.//

Spore: Creation Corner / Suntor Dossier
« on: May 01, 2007, 02:34:58 pm »
 I know that ive talked the talk about the Suntors but Ive never actually told you what they where so here you go.
                                                                             Suntor Dossier   
And a pic

C.A.S. Classification:

Name: Suntor
Scientific Name: Suntorous
Number of species: 3
Governing Body: United Suntorian Covenant
Senate Representative: John Freeman   

             Land Suntor/Suntorous Terraous   
Species type: Warm Blooded Reptilian
Lifestyle: Social Predetorial Omnivore
Hunt/Forage Success Rate: 60% Hunt,40% Forage
Armor: Thick-skinned
I.   Weapons:

 1.   Offensive Weapons Include:
  a)   Spikes on tail
  b)   Powerful Tail Swing
  c)   Large powerful hands with razor sharp claws
  d)   Powerful Jaws with large sharp teeth
  e)   Large claws on powerful feet connected to strong legs

 2.   Defensive Weapons Include:
  a)   Highly Toxic Bacterial mucous can be excreted from the skin at will and at any point on the body
  b)   Can excrete acid from the mouth at will

II.   Tools:
  a)   Large intelligent brain that is always learning
  b)   Long very talented fingers
  c)   Two pairs of arms on each side of the body

IV.   Method of eating:
  a)   Grasps the prey with lower hands
  b)   If itís a crestation its upper hands or its beak like mouth gently break open the shell
  c)   If itís a skinned animal it cuts open the skin with one of its sharp claws
  d)   The Land Suntor then eats the meat by either using its hands or by its mouth
  e)   Reproductive Rate: Sexual Maturity is reached within 12 years of birth

V.   The Land Suntor can reproduce any amount of times in its life time.

VI.   Gestation:                                                                                                 
  a)   9 weeks after reproduction an egg is hatched if the baby is female
  b)   If the baby is male no egg is layed and the baby is born live
  c)   Interestingly both sexes grow up with no differences in instincts or traits

VII.   Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity):
  a)   65% to 97%

VIII.   Singular/Plural/Possessive:
  a)    Suntor/Suntor/Suntorian

IX.   Sapient:
  a)   Yes

X.   Diet:
  a)   Meat and flora

XI.   Appearance/Features:
   a)   Bipedal
   b)   Four large spikes on back
   c)   Large reptilian tail w/4large spikes on its end
   d)   Long red eyes that can see great in light and dark
   e)   Large ears on the back of head
   f)   Long beak like mouth with hundreds of small razor sharp teeth
   g)   Small but keen nostrils
   h)   Long powerful legs w/large feet and sharp claws
    i)   Four strong long arms with long and large hands and sharp extractable claws   
XII.   Disabilities:
    a)   Not a good swimmer

XIII.   Personality:
    a)   The Land Suntor is extremely observant and can remember every detail of its life from the day it is born. Because of this observant behavior the normal Land Suntor is
         extremely intelligent and innovative. The Land Suntor is a favored species of the Order of the Suntor as the main species used in its intelligence services and itís the main     
         species used in its representative diplomats.

XIV.   Culture:
    a)   The Land Suntor is the most culturally strong species of its kind on its planet.

XV.   Religion:
    a)   The Land Suntor does not believe in a specific god or goddess but they do believe in a higher being. It is this belief that gave the Land Suntor the ambition to find the identity of this being and discover the secrets of the universe. Thought they do not believe on a god or goddess they have many references to gods and goddesses of the ancient Roman and Greek empires. Not much is known about these empires except what is written in the Suntorian Mythology catalogs in the Suntorian Grand Senate.

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