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Spore: General / Little icons next to planets
« on: March 01, 2009, 11:05:37 am »
So if you look at the view of all the planets in a solar system by mousing over the system you get a list of all the planets as well as if they are inhabitated, what kind of spice they have, etc. but if you look to the far left you see that each planet has a colored circle. What is that colored cricle represent? ive seen some that were blue, red, and green and thats all the colors ive seen so far. i have also seen a blue circle for one planet with a little cricle for another planet.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / My new creature
« on: June 22, 2008, 09:35:12 pm »
Behold the Shale! This isn't my first creature but it is my first attempt at using armor.

Spore: General / Name Limit
« on: February 10, 2008, 04:06:43 pm »
So I noticed  that in Sins Of  A Solar Empire (great game) that there is a limit in how many characters you can have when naming a planet. In fact there is a very unreasonalbe limit. I know there should be a practical limit but I think that the limit presented in SOASE of 11 characters is too small. So my question is do you think that there would be a small limit in the nameing of things. I think that at least 26-30 characters should be the limit. the main reason i am bringing up this is becasue of the openness of Spore and that i would be surprised and angry if not enraged that we should be limited like this. I like to give long names to my planets and buildings and all things i wish to create so i certainly hope that it is not limited.

Everything Else / Enchanted weapons
« on: July 08, 2007, 10:51:24 am »
I literally just thought of this. What type pf weapon would you enchant and with what?

I would use a trident enchanted with lightening.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / UFAC Prisoner Caprture RP
« on: July 06, 2007, 12:18:53 pm »
((ok lets get his started))

From:Suntor Covenant Home World President

To: All Foreign Alien Nations and Races

   Dear Sir/Madam,

       Please let it be known that the race known as the Suntors will be splitting apart in violent conflict. Let it be known that the Suntorian government will be split in two. The

1st government,the original founding government, was for many Ages, a republic that demonstrated good manner to its citizens and to the rights that they held. Within twenty

years the government has become corrupt and now does not respect the citizens rights. How could this be you say? How could they have fought against the tyranny that were

the Pirates if they had been corrupt? How could they have stood to do these good deeds as well as others? Its simple they did it as a cover up. They did it to keep there actions

under wraps. To gain your trust in doing so. And then to take you all over. This may sound like false documentation or propaganda to some. But the facts are there. But you ask

us why should we believe you? And why haven't we heard of this before? That is also simple. I cannot answer why you should believe us as that is the decision of each

individual. But I can answer why you haven't heard of any of this. Because the 1st government does not want you to know. They have blocked all non government

communications and have banned immigration. Instead of calling the 1st Suntorian government by this or by calling them by there race name they shall now be referred to by

what they call themselves. And this name is the "Suntorian Delegation" but we will refer to them as the Delegation from now on in this letter but you may refer to them as the

"SD" if you like to not get them confused with other delegations. And who are we? We are the 2nd Suntorian government. The non-corrupt government. The counterpart to our

other war-mongering,greedy,and corrupt government of the same race. We are the "Suntor Covenant". We are the people and political officials that do not condone the actions

of our old government. We strive to reunite our broken people and bring ultimate peace all around.We will make our nationality known when we approach other nations by

referring to ourselves as the Covenant. If any Suntor does not do this he must be killed or imprisoned immediately. That is all we can say for now but if you wish to ask questions please do so quickly.

 Thank you,

 John Freeman, Covenant Home World President

Spore: General / What type of creatures would you like in the game?
« on: July 02, 2007, 03:46:49 pm »
WW mentioned in GDC and others that you can choose what creatures you would like to populate the Galaxy. So what TYPE of creatures would you like to populate your world? When I say "type" I don't mean specific creatures I mean what type like herbivores or warlike or peaces like,etc. I personally would allow all creatures in my game and perhaps put restrictions on my game VERY VERY much later in the space phase.

Spore: Creation Corner / New Ideas for Ship Design
« on: July 01, 2007, 10:39:47 am »
Hey guys I was just thinking that after seeing all of the Spore videos over and over again and also seeing the great movie classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still" not too long ago Im beginning to become attracted to the idea of a new UFO design and Ive decided to separate the definition of a UFO and ship/spaceship/starship. The UFO design I find myself to become more drawn to is a classic round design or perhaps a compact "spacefighter" type of look (like the blue one in one of the Spore videos) than that of the large/huge and bulky ship designs that I will use in my star fleets. The compact UFO would be more of an exploring tool for me and the fleets of large bulky ships (which im almost certain we will have since we can have space stations) an attacking and general defense tool. Though I am still working out the final details so I can begin my blueprints. What do you guys think?

Spore: General / Blackhole
« on: July 01, 2007, 08:25:12 am »
I was looking on Sporepedia(Sporewiki,whatever) and I looked at a picture of a blackhole and it looked like it was from ign but im I cant remember.Anyway is this black hole in a video? It looks like it is because of the lack of detail (fuzzyness) of the picture and the uneven black edges on the picture.

((ok this is just a template im still working out some things so don't rp here. You can leave comments if you want and ask questions. Anyway this Organization is meant to make Universal Standards for industries ans companies. The standards do not cover the militaries of other nations. The industrial standards area covers only the industries  that span the galaxy or a solar system.))

Spore: Creation Corner / Check it out!
« on: May 20, 2007, 11:41:10 am »
This site is awesome. You can generate alien names. I got an idea of my race from this by combining a few names.

There is also another generator site that has a WHOLE LOT of generators. I don't really remember what the site was but ill try to find it and locate it.

As stated above the Federal Union faces a dilemma on its foreign policy in terms of military conflict. We all know of the Universal Rights of Creatures (URC) that was created in a response to the extreme lack of interest and respect for the basic rights of the many many creatures that reside in our fair universe. The Federal Union adopted the URC as a second constitution (and yes we can do that) and encourages the other nations of the galaxies to look down upon the nations that are against the URC. The event that,you may be asking,started this push for URC was one that shocked the nations of the sector of the galaxy that the Federal Union and its allies reside. The Federal Union was approached by a creature group calling themselves simply S4. The group showed no thought of rights and the Federal Union was shocked at such a disregard. The nations surrounding the Union were frightened at the S4s actions and pleaded with the Union to help defend them. The Union did just that. The S4 were pushed back though not destroyed. After those incidents as well as the fact and evidence of current incidents of the same nature the URC was established and special task forces were formed. The grave threat of the anti-rights groups (such as S4) gave a new perspective on the different nations governments. It has been reported multiple times from the Federal Union Office of Intelligence Services (O.I.S.) that there have been attempts by groups like the S4 as well as the S4 themselves to disrupt the basic fabric of the URC. The Federal Union asks that any and all nations interested in defending the URC to please speak now and help in the defense of the Universal Rights of Creatures.

The United Federation of Arms Control (U.F.A.C.) (pronounced U-FAC or just U-F-A-C if you wish) is an intergalactic organization that controls the use and production of large and small weapons of mass destruction. This Unification of Nations has not the authority to declare war, declare sanction nor participate in any wars or battles therein but may observe the wars. The U.F.A.C. promises the CAB and the NU and other Unifications of Nations that it will not interfere with any of there interactions unless said interactions constitute the sale,co sale,production,co production and/or trade of any and all weapons of mass destruction that the U.F.A.C. finds to be in miss use in any way shape or form.
Senate Representatives:
George Goodwill
  • Peskitoriantais
  • Tal'po
  • UTR
(OOC: Please note that my race the Suntors did not create the UFAC so we can declare war on it at any time.)

Spore: Creation Corner / Suntor Dossier
« on: May 01, 2007, 02:34:58 pm »
 I know that ive talked the talk about the Suntors but Ive never actually told you what they where so here you go.
                                                                             Suntor Dossier   
And a pic

C.A.S. Classification:

Name: Suntor
Scientific Name: Suntorous
Number of species: 3
Governing Body: United Suntorian Covenant
Senate Representative: John Freeman   

             Land Suntor/Suntorous Terraous   
Species type: Warm Blooded Reptilian
Lifestyle: Social Predetorial Omnivore
Hunt/Forage Success Rate: 60% Hunt,40% Forage
Armor: Thick-skinned
I.   Weapons:

 1.   Offensive Weapons Include:
  a)   Spikes on tail
  b)   Powerful Tail Swing
  c)   Large powerful hands with razor sharp claws
  d)   Powerful Jaws with large sharp teeth
  e)   Large claws on powerful feet connected to strong legs

 2.   Defensive Weapons Include:
  a)   Highly Toxic Bacterial mucous can be excreted from the skin at will and at any point on the body
  b)   Can excrete acid from the mouth at will

II.   Tools:
  a)   Large intelligent brain that is always learning
  b)   Long very talented fingers
  c)   Two pairs of arms on each side of the body

IV.   Method of eating:
  a)   Grasps the prey with lower hands
  b)   If itís a crestation its upper hands or its beak like mouth gently break open the shell
  c)   If itís a skinned animal it cuts open the skin with one of its sharp claws
  d)   The Land Suntor then eats the meat by either using its hands or by its mouth
  e)   Reproductive Rate: Sexual Maturity is reached within 12 years of birth

V.   The Land Suntor can reproduce any amount of times in its life time.

VI.   Gestation:                                                                                                 
  a)   9 weeks after reproduction an egg is hatched if the baby is female
  b)   If the baby is male no egg is layed and the baby is born live
  c)   Interestingly both sexes grow up with no differences in instincts or traits

VII.   Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity):
  a)   65% to 97%

VIII.   Singular/Plural/Possessive:
  a)    Suntor/Suntor/Suntorian

IX.   Sapient:
  a)   Yes

X.   Diet:
  a)   Meat and flora

XI.   Appearance/Features:
   a)   Bipedal
   b)   Four large spikes on back
   c)   Large reptilian tail w/4large spikes on its end
   d)   Long red eyes that can see great in light and dark
   e)   Large ears on the back of head
   f)   Long beak like mouth with hundreds of small razor sharp teeth
   g)   Small but keen nostrils
   h)   Long powerful legs w/large feet and sharp claws
    i)   Four strong long arms with long and large hands and sharp extractable claws   
XII.   Disabilities:
    a)   Not a good swimmer

XIII.   Personality:
    a)   The Land Suntor is extremely observant and can remember every detail of its life from the day it is born. Because of this observant behavior the normal Land Suntor is
         extremely intelligent and innovative. The Land Suntor is a favored species of the Order of the Suntor as the main species used in its intelligence services and itís the main     
         species used in its representative diplomats.

XIV.   Culture:
    a)   The Land Suntor is the most culturally strong species of its kind on its planet.

XV.   Religion:
    a)   The Land Suntor does not believe in a specific god or goddess but they do believe in a higher being. It is this belief that gave the Land Suntor the ambition to find the identity of this being and discover the secrets of the universe. Thought they do not believe on a god or goddess they have many references to gods and goddesses of the ancient Roman and Greek empires. Not much is known about these empires except what is written in the Suntorian Mythology catalogs in the Suntorian Grand Senate.

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