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Welcome to The Great Galactic Market Please Wipe you Feet

After all this conflict, rebellion and general disagreement, the Galactic Economy has hit rock bottom. Realy, before any creatures in this galaxy we're space faring, the Economy was still better than it is now.

Even keeping frozen clones cost enormous amounts of money if done en-mass. Nations are using reasources, which could be used elsewhere, to keep thier millataries going.

Soon all that will be a thing of the past. The Galactic Trade Center, Space Station Beyon will serve as the HQ of this new and wonderful Galactic Market. Joining the Union is simple, ask for your race to apply, and hey bingo your in.

This will not clash with any other alliances, waring nations can both join if they wish to do so, but no racial discrimanation will take place here.

Rules and Laws

Part I:

No violence shall take place within the Market. Any assualt apon another nation's reprasentative will be considered a declaration of war.

Part II:

There is no official army as of yet, nations or states may protct thier own ships with thier own troops, but nothing else is acceptable.

Part III:

If you wish to trade a resource, declare over the galactic channels: "X For trade with nation Y"

Part IV:

The Great Galactic Market is acessable by any citzen of a member's nation.

Part V:

If a resource is courupted in any way, it must be removed from market.

NEW! Part VI:

The Great Galactic Market reserve the right to take any goods or evict any trader from the residential area. This is supported by Galactic Law.

The Market Today!


Ediadarian Energy

Various Works of Art
SilverFish Spacecraft

HQ-Computer Programs.

Terraformed Planets.
Carrier Groups (Includes 1 Carrier, 2 Cruisers, and 1 Destroyer)
Clone Regiments (1000 Clone Soldiers per Regiment)

Robotic Regiments (1000 Robotic Soldiers per Regiment
Scrap Metal (Can be melted down to carbon and iron for a small extra price to Gal-Ex metalworks)



Wexxian Steel

((Use this like the Galactic Senate))

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Austian Revolt
« on: June 25, 2007, 12:42:28 pm »
"This is the High Preist of Austa A speaking. Last night, millions apon millions of your bretherin have commited traitorous actions by abandoning Austa Minor and Austa Greater and joining rebellious Generals as they fled the system. At the same time, more traitors landed on the planets, holding their in a weak attempt to overthrow the Holy Cause. The Union has betrayed us, our Millatary have betrayed us, now my loyal followers, we must defend our ground and homes from traitors, heritics and anarchists"

((Long story short, its time to kick out the the Theoist Scum that currently rule the Austians))

Everything Else / Supreme Overlord List
« on: June 14, 2007, 12:38:40 pm »
This page and its links have help me a lot in the past few months, at first I was a meer dictator, but now I am an Evil Overlord of the World.

"If it can help me, it can help you!"

PC Games / Call of Duty 4
« on: June 05, 2007, 01:25:36 pm »
Its out. Buy it freaking now.

Forum Games / Rate the name above you!
« on: May 29, 2007, 11:56:26 am »
Read the title dummy.....

Rate the name above you one a scale /10.

0/10.... I dont know his name!!!

Spore: Creation Corner / The Austians
« on: May 05, 2007, 05:53:13 am »


Austians are bipedal insectoids, who are a mix of green and blue colours. They a have two sets of fangs on the edge of their mouths, which help chew up food, due to lack of teeth. On one hand they have an ordinary hand with insectine scales, while the other has a small claw on it. Austians have no ears, so they have two sets of antennae. While civilians wear ordinary clothes, soldiers wear high-tech(ish*) battlesuits.

*Not as high tech as more advanced and ancient civilisations, but high tech nonetheless.


The average Austian is quite, but speaks out when it needs too, it is protective of its friends, family and, if in the army, fellow soldiers. Priests are stubborn and devout to the Austian ways, and simply accuse others of heresy if they do not agree with the priests.
Soldiers and Guards are generally loyal to Generals and Leaders, and protect their people at all times, but impatient in battle.


Austians civilians are very interested in culture, artists and writers are most of the population on the East half of Austa Minor, because of the massive amount of movies and publishing’s there. Most art is of the sky and planets, because Austians are highly interested in space, one of the main reasons the Austians were overjoyed after the first spaceship was built.


Austian religion is deeply complicated; briefly, the Austians believe that the elements are represented by four tribes, the Dazks Tribe (Fire), Iks Tribe (Water), Viis Tribe (Air) and Linz Tribe (Rock). Each of these tribes split their power up and ruled the Planet. There are many stories about the wars between them. The “Sacred Scrolls” tell that artefacts on other worlds can be used in a ritual to grant immortal life and peace to the galaxy.

This has caused many problems in the Austian Military, as Generals would tend to help in wars and take the sensible options, while high priests send men to their death fighting for planet “Which could help for the holy cause”. Before the Austians went into space, their were many wars about which Tribe was the strongest and had the right morals.

Dazks - That power in milatary might is stronger than all.
Iks - That Rules should be upheld above ones own life.
Viis - Diploamacy and law is better than Fighting
Linz - The final and strongest tribe, they Think that become more advanced and inteligent than the others will lead to victory.

The Linz tribe became the strongest tribe, and all the other tribes split into minor tribes, which eventuly became great nations, before banding together as a planet.

The church system in like the fuedal system. The higher you are up the chain, then you practicly own the people below you.

The High Priest is the powerful, Pope-like person, the Cardinal is the High Preist's assistants, the "Caiisls" are men who are below Cardinals, but above the lowly priest. The regular Priest is beneath them, and at the very bottom is the Holy-Troopers (the holy garison of the Austian army)


The thing that the Austians are known for on the battlefield is speed, Austians get the job done quite quickly, relying on the ability to destroy the enemy Warship’s main guns before they it gets a chance to use them. Although they lack large, strong warships, Austian marines are quickly laded on the enemy ship.

On the planets and moons, Austian troopers charge at the flanks of the enemy, although it is slower, the attack is more deadly. The Austians use many unique troops such as the Flame-trooper or the Electro-Trooper (armed with special guns that electrocute the enemies).

Austian Generals prefer Walkers over Tanks; this includes the R7 Battlewalker, which blasted its way through the battles on Austa Greater. Walkers can walk over petty obstacles that could stop a convoy of tanks.

The army is led by two different kinds of generals, The “proper” Army Generals, and High Priests, who constantly argue about whether they should take part in a battle that might actually help the Austians practically, or just attack a random planet that “Might help the holy cause”.

TV / Monty Pythons Flying Circus
« on: May 03, 2007, 10:21:13 am »
What happened to great comedies like this? What happened to shows which make things up as they go along and are still funny??? Why the hell did Graham have to die!!!!

Who agrees that this is the greatest tv show ever made?

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<This has gotten far to silly, I'm afraid I have to stop this Topic>

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