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Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Play my Adventure!
« on: October 11, 2009, 10:16:31 am »

Console Games / Assassin's Creed 2
« on: September 25, 2009, 10:30:12 am »
I think this deserves it's own thread.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Wow, this looks a LOT better than AC1.

Also, note how Italian he is:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

" 'eeeeeey, I remember you!"

Storytelling and Roleplaying / An Unamed Total War Metagame
« on: September 23, 2009, 10:41:05 am »
I'm thinking of making a M2:TW metagame, however there are only two Factions that I consider to "Fun" enough to keep me intrested for a long time; the Moors in the regular campaign and the Scottish in the Britannia campaign.

The Moorish campaign is fun because of the fact that you pretty much can land your ships anywhere in the Mediterranian, and you get a variaty of different landscapes to fight on (The Sahara, Iberian arid grasslands, the Pyrannes and eventually France). Plus theres the added factor that you can have camels and regular soldiers in robes fighting in Bordeux. Plus the Islam factor hads a whole new challenge, since you have to convert the lands you take.

The Scots are fun because you get to watch a ragtag army beat an English/Danish army to a pulp. Who doesn't like that? Also, you have some cool looking infantry which wear kilts!

So, decide!

Alright guys, I'm going to start a metagame using Geo-Political Simulator 2009. First, we need to pick a country.

So, go ahead. Pick one.

Spore: Creation Corner / Racial Weaponry
« on: June 08, 2009, 01:36:31 pm »
Hey, if you could take the time could you please post some examples of your race's standard weaponry? It's for a big project I'm doing with the Forum's Spore RP galaxy. So yeah, feel free to drop in a description or even a picture and backstory if you really want to.

Hey, on the TWC forums there's a little RPG that me and a few other guys made. For those who took part in the "Good old days" of Spore RP 2 years ago or so it'll be very familiar. Basicly you're a commanding officer or such in the Prussian Empire, and you have to infuluence not only the campiagn, but the battles, the economy and the people. There are various newspapers reporting the major events to the masses; The Imperial Courier which reports the news in a propaganda fashion approved by the Crown; The People's Print which is a semi-satirical socialist newspaper which reports news how it is (which is, by the way, banned in Prussia and owning a copy is treason) and the Turnip which is an all round satire magazine designed to take the piss out of everything that moves.

You can visit a General's Club and get drunk and screw about, as well as a lot of other stuff. I really can't describe it and the only way to really know much about it is to see it for yourself.

Join your Comrades in the General Staff!

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Hunt: Planning
« on: March 26, 2009, 03:19:25 pm »
Good day chaps!

This is a message from the Haalan colony located in the central sector, every couple of years we have a great meet up at my club in the country. Assuming you've recieved this message then you're probably a fully fledged member or recieving an application, so let's get a few things clear here, eh? Firstly, our game keepers assure us that the enviroment around us can be changed to fit the circumstances of any kind of alien creature, thanks to our biodomes; so feel free to bring any un-tamed herds of whatever alien game you can find. Secondly, our bio-facilities are now so advanced we can actualy custom order your own game! Obviously all strains of the creature will be terminated after the event, so don't get any ideas about some super-creature.

Simply reply to this message, and fill out this application, to take part! More information for those that show intrest!

Apperance/Indetifying features:
Game (a photo of your preferred game which you wish to ship into the estates recogmended):
Other information:

Okay guys, this is a learning RP. It's just for fun and it's purpose is to teach new RPers how to do this properly. If you act like an arse to newbies then I won't hesitate to kick you out of the RP both ICly and OCCly.

Because this is no longer a succession, I am going to make this a story/community thing.


We goblins are a proud race, defending the world from extreme evil and destroying the Rock hugging filth that are the dwarvern Race. There are many major dwarf settlements are around the world, however none more vile than Arlitast, hiding themselves behind a massive clothes and weaving trade, making them seem passive and un-important to most goblin nations, however we can see the real truth. Their terrible dictator, Plank of Wood, rules with an iron fist, creating an arena for his pleasure and entertainment. The dwarves fully hate our rights, when captured we are treated as scum, not prisoners of war, and kill us or force us to become gladiators to fight to the death for our freedom.

We will lay seige tommorow, hopefully we sneak past their huge defences. Once we have proken in through their waterworks, we will begin pumping pre-maturely and flood the fortress. If we cannot escape in time then we will die knowing we saved the world from a great evil, If we escape we will be treated as heroes.


Curses! Their elité guard have slaughtered our party, our men were forced into the weapon traps and ripped to shreads by serrated blade and old weaponry from many failed attacks before. I managed to avoid the carnage, and I am living in the swamps nearby, stealing what I can from the corpses on the battlefield. Luckily, I have met a dwarf who sympthises with our cause. He told me he will try to spy on the Captian of the Guard and disrupt his plans. Only the Demon knows what they are up to in that Citidel...

Diary of Captian of the Guard, "Plank of Wood" Glovedwink

4th Opal

I have been inclined lately to build an office deep in the City's mines, with a view of the Arena, after all, it is my arena. Hopefully the captured titan will put up a good fight against our captured goblin bandits, however I doubt my underground palace will be complete in time, so I will postpone the fight until after work has been completed. Oh, and a large goblin attack took place today, luckily our brave men destroyed half of them and the rest routed. I'm sure that's not the last of them, but we decided to not tell the citizens about the attack, lest we scare their simple minds.

As a publicity stunt, I am performing a bit of masonry on the pyramid along with the commoners to ensure their loyalty for the time being.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Insect Nation - Parody of Coup D'État
« on: January 14, 2009, 10:41:43 am »
Source of the Idea

Formany years we insects have watched the human race take over the Earth. We thought we could benifit from them; the humans could build us shelter which we would take refuge in as our sworn enemies, the Birds, were always on the hunt. We inspired their leaders with our bravery, our teamwork and our endurance; we clean up waste and decompose dead matter. However, from the day that they declared war on the locusts, roaches and termites, for going too far in their "co-operation". They tried to poison us, crush us with insturments of death and their youth pull off the wings of our flying brethrin insects, probably to sabotage any chance of we, the insects, destroying any risks of aerial attack.

We insects must take back what is rightfully ours - We must make them Human slaves- In an Insect Nation!

(There are five species Insect for us to choose from)


Pros - Can fly, make hives, can sting, Good Teamwork, makes honey.

Cons - Stinging also kills the bee, high chance of being attacked


Pros - Can Fly, make hives, can sting more than once, low chance of being attacked

Cons - Hated by most humans, diplomacy with other insects is harder, too agressive


Pros - Excellent Teamwork, good defence, wide diet

Cons - Vunerable, high chance of attack, sworn enemies with termites.


Pros - Can fly, good hunters, lavae live in water, predators

Cons - Solitary, vunerable to larger predators


Pros - It is a real insect, larvae are the almighty gods of ambush predation, adults can fly.

Cons - Adults are weak, larvae can't move.

Spore: General / TRIBAL RAHGLEFRAGLE aka What Ruined the Game for me
« on: December 22, 2008, 11:10:36 am »
Do you want to know what kills the game for me? Not the depth problems, not the crashes, not even simplicity which everyone considers to be the spawn of the Devil. No, it's the freaking tribal stage. I hate it, I really really hate it. It's taken me 3 months to realise that, but now that I have I feel so much better. You see, before the game came out I thought the tribal stage would be the best stage, I don't know why, but it did.

First time playing the Tribal Stage, my chief glitched whenever I tried to make freinds, so I had to use force to win, and the combat system is extremely tedious. Give spears and axes, attack villagers, die, make more babies, attack again, destroy hut, repeat until stage is over. The repetitive music burned my ears out of their... ear sockets? I was never so glad to reach the Civ stage, which was un-denaibly awesome compared to all the other stage. Next creature. Flier. Tribal stage was a mixure of taking over and allying. Killed maybe one epic. Bored like hell. Next creature, allied with everyone. Got pissed off when everyone attacked me for no reason or because I didn't donate kidneys or something. Finished by skin of my teeth.

Tribal isn't even needed, because you know that the moment you finish it you'll have Metal Gear Ray and the HMS Victory instantly ready and ready for battle/trading/hosting next V festival; however during the tribal stage you're limited to crappy little weaponry, which you use to defend yourself from constant attacks and have little food so everyone starves. You want more food? You can collect it, but you can bet your lucky stars that whenever you leave the food pile un guarded a BASTARD wild animal will come and steal you food or a BASTARD tribe will steal it because they hate you without cause. So leave a guy to guard it then? Sure, you can do that, but if you want to do ANYTHING with other tribes you have to bring EVERYONE, so everything that isn't pinned down will be stolen.

I WANT TO PLAY CIV. Why does the game not understand that? I only play the game from the beggining now so I can get the cooler abilities in space stage or if I want to connect with the creature because I've been there for ever. I like cell stage, I like creature stage, I LOVE Civ stage and I like Space stage. Tribal is the only thing wrong with the game. I'd play every single on of my creatures from the very beggining if it wern't for the bloody tribal stage. Whenever I start a new game, my thought's arn't "What shall I make in this game" like I should do and the developers intended, it's "Oh christ, I REALLY don't want to play tribal again". I'd like to give my thanks to the Dev team for the Civ stage, but I have to take them away for the tribal stage.

You don't get the feeling of wonder and expoloration that you have in the Creature and Space stage, nor do you actualy enjoy the funness of the game like in Cell and Civ, tribal is a boring, repetitive game where you can see everything already so all you're doing is grinding so you can get to the next stage. There's a fair amount of grind in the Creature and Space stage, but in creature you really next know what's over the next hill and in space each planet is completely different. In Civ you can already see everything, but controlling vehicles was very, very fun and customising them was great, watching the huge battles between rival nations is awesome. Whether you make a bunch of primative wagons with cannons on the back or huge 1337 H4X robots is your choice, and what you actualy put on the vehicles changes it's stats. While the same happens with clothing in tribal it really doesn't make a difference, being one man down when performing music will still make you fail all the time, regardless of how many smiley face masks you give them.

So there you go, what ruined the game for me. One stage which is immensly horrible, I'm sorry to whoever actualy made it, but the truth is that I hate it. The only thing I like about it is the music when you're taming wild animals, but that's about it.


Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Paradise Gulf War
« on: December 16, 2008, 12:09:44 pm »
Earlier today a terrorist group claimed responsibility for the recent attacks and rise in piracy. Little information is known about the group in question, however reports claim that they may be a splinter group of REDSTAR supporters; whiles others claim that they are Austian Theocrats. Gal-Ex have put a 50,000,000,000c bounty on the head of this insurgent group, while other large investors have put bounties of....

*channel flip*

A full out invasion of the Paradise Gulf has just occured, the local security force was completely wiped out by unknown forces, possibly mercenary. Radio and Transmissions were jammed several hours before the first planet fell, nearly half of the entire Gulf has fallen. Many civilians are trapped, possibly hostage or dead. While pirates taking over un-claimed planets is perfectly within galactic law, a full out invasion of Intergalactic space is a declaration of war to every Race that obey Galactic Code or are part of the senate. Organised Crime syndicates and pirate fleets alike are working together in an attempt to threaten galactic security, all Races are expected to take part in the war effort if they're able.

"All Mon-Krai Droid fleets, prepare to mobilize within 5 standard minutes. All war related castes report to your local war official if you can for a debriefing."

Spore: General / Plank's Challenge
« on: November 30, 2008, 11:55:23 am »
People of the Sporum, there appears to be a lack of motivation among the players, you're all like "There's nothing to do!" and "OMG too many bugs and no pen0r parts!", well that ends NOW!

Below are a list of challenges, whoever can complete these challenges will be PMed the Silver challenges, post your completed challenges, without naming the objective. You'll then be sent a final, gold challenge to complete, unique for every person. The first person to complete their gold challenge will have won several internets, and also be given a Sig Picture.

Bronze Challenges

Cell Stage - Post a picture of your cell next to a dead Epic Cell
Creature Stage - Post a picture of your creature, surrounded by bodies, hidden, causing suspision for a nearby creature, giving them the question mark.
Tribal Stage - Post a picture of one of your villagers attacking another enemy villager from an angle which makes it look like your creature is attacking his own hut.
Civ Stage - In a Bay like area, next to a port city, post a picture of Aircraft attacking ships, bonus points if the aircraft are Zeroes and the ships are Battleships.
Space Stage - Post a Dogfight above a planet, which includes least 8 different types of spaceship.

10 Standard Hours ago, an unprovoked terrorist attack took place apon the Gal-Ex HQ. Experts report that the bomb was a, or several, Nuclear Fusion Bomb(s) exploded in the GalEx offices. While Automatic sealing prodedures saved many lives, all inside the Main Market Forum and nearby areas were killed by the instant lack of Oxygen. Creatures that breated different gasses and were wearing rebreathers survived the initial hit, but died later from temperature and pressure complications in the void. Those inside the hotels and recreation wings managed to seal the doors before they were sucked out into space, and were evacuated.

The monumental loss of life was only harshened by the effect on the buisness world. The Galactic Credit sank to nearly 10 times lower than other equivelent currencys due to the huge loss of shares, mostly from companies who invested money in GalEx. Questions have been raised apon GalEx's dependancy, and many are pulling out investment, switching to the recently formed and more successful Galactic Trade Confederacy. Whether GalEx can pull off a final last act to hold their lead apon the Head of Trade in the known Galaxy remains to be seen.

Sponsered by Beyon Security Enterprises, your saftey, our dedication.

((This is just a breifing right now, it'll be important in some way when I finish it, later))

Pax Noxia is a former Union Colony, unimportant, and made simply to gain a foothold into some area of space which is literaly empty. During the Galactic War, a rich company bought the colony, this was ata point when REDSTAR was desperate for money to fund their ever ceasing grip in the Union. The company was a harmless Research Centre, or so it seemed, filled with genetisists and ecologists which would be normaly on some industrial world trying to save the Havern Blooper from extinction, the Galaxy was in the middle of a war, and inspecting the Company's work seemed like a waste of money.

Like many Criminal Masterminds, Rogue Empires and James Bond Villians, Pax Noxia gained funding from mobsters and pirates. Most of the people funding Pax Noxia thought they were making some kind of weapon, or designing some super-efficiant ship. But what they were actualy doing was making a type of Super Soldier. Unlike most Genetic "Super-soldiers", the PNS clones were built from scratch, rather then just putting the muscle of a Torpal, the reactions of an Omic and the left pinky of an Urshan in a cauldron and chanting while they stir it up and hope that what they make doesn't go crazy. No, PNS sythetics designed the genes themselves, each cell and chromosone is designed to save and create as much energy as possible. Instead of brains, they made Hard Drives of infinite capacity, and installed them into the clone's nerves.

Testing showed the Origanals to be efficient, cheap to produce, and powerful, but, the fact they couldn't work a gun properly caused many investors to stop funding. It was made known to Pax Noxia that if they wanted beasts to charge the enemies, they'd pick one off of a nearby planet. Annoyed, and low on money, PNS gave the project one more shot. They put the genes into Urshan DNA, and managed to form a fetus with Synthetic qualities. The Project's Codename was "Nox", and that name was passed onto the new Urshan super soldier. While the scientists at PNS tried to install the DNA into Yuminius and Torpal fetii (lol fetii), it appeared that only Urshans were compatable.

Nox could handle weapons, perform CQC well, had extremely good reflexes, and could take on a Full grown, Enraged Torpral (though it was mainly speed rather than strength). One of the few funders left, a smuggler, was intrested in Nox, very intrested. Smugglers make a few enemies, whether they be the audthorities or crimanal, and this one wanted full control over the local market. He forked over a good One million Credits for an assination, which was completed promtly.

PNS now wanted a whole Army of Noxs, but the market for Mercanaries was dying down, REDSTAR was gone and Pirates in the Galactic North were being eliminated by Union forces. With so little criminals, and so many Empires getting their own damned armies, PNS was going bankrupt. They rufused to go onto the open market, as a Stock Crash was possible in the near future. So instead, they took their chances with invading an independant Planet. The forces of a small, pirate owned colony was overrun instantly. The populace started to become PNS employees, they grew food, which was sold to the public under Alter-Egos, and Urshans donated gametes, volentaraly or not. PNS was now on it's way to becoming a major faction in the Galaxy...

With the fall of the High Command in Union Space and the birth of the Galactic Trade Federation, two potentaly opposing alliances were formed. While no hostility existed at that point, many of the members of both alliances had fought against eachother at some point. Some Colonies and planets in the Union still hated the Kratair for the REDSTAR wars, while this was mainly old Veterans passing on exagderated stories to their children, much of this hate dissapeared during the many, many civil wars. Still, some hick worlds not involved in the High Command wars didn't forget Alliance attack. The Galactic Trade Federation was a trading alliance, thus a rush for colonies was inebitable, especialy with all the young races joining it.

Since the GTS was trade based, there was only one thing Rivaling it, Gal-Ex, while mainly neutral, it was Union funded, Wexxian supplied and Built by the Senate. Pax Noxia understood that profit for them came from war, and if they could trigger a war, then money would come to them. More money ment more synthetics technology, more cloning funding, and more ships. That meant more spoils of war for them, and that meant more money. War would only start if tension began between the two Alliances.

Gal-Ex at the moment was weakened, they were forced to cut off Union trade due to hostilities. All it took was one market crash and GTS would be in control of the Galactic Economy. That would put Union economic power down in the gutter, what's more, PNS would pay crooked Dealers to break the GTS market through Union contacts, making it seem as if the Union was sabotaging the GTS. While this may not start a war, tensions would start between the two. All of this was just the planning of High up PNS officials, deep down in the PNS HQ.

They would cause a lot of hell, and there was a chance that the plan would backfire and cause both GTS and Union investigations, but backup plans were being devised.

Spore: General / An Extremely Shameless Advert For the People of the Sporum
« on: September 17, 2008, 12:04:54 pm »
Hi, as you might be or might not be aware, we have had a Spore RP section for a very long time. Now, if you go down there, you will notice it is, well, let me put it this way, T0. Which is a mighty big shame, as there is 30 RP years worth of Wars, alliances, and in depth Political scenarios. Seriously, if you are able to at least tell Right Wing from Left Wing, then I recogmend that you check out the alliance threads and war RPs now. Heres the problem: There is no-one RPing, so the Major races are inactive, making the entire RP galaxy inactive too. Heres the thing, the Main RP Galaxy has been dead for 10 months, and it just went out, in the middle of a war, no-one played any more. We then made the NG, which also died, one of the Superpowers went inactive in that too, or we just ran out of ideas.

But one of the main reasons it died was the lack of New RPers, that's right. You. The problem is, to join, you make a creature Thread in the "Creature Creation Corner", however, not everyone is an Artist, or a good writer, so newbies were scared away because they were afraid of embarrising themselves with their MS Paint drawings which they made in thier spare time, or being mocked for making a logicaly impossible political belief. But now, we have Spore, the full game. No longer will the new players have to be blocked by their un-artistic drawings, as the creature creator takes care of that for them. So, if you want to take part in this wonderful comminity, rather than browsing the forums of a game which you now have snugly shortcutted on your desktop, I definitly you click on the Link below.

Creature Threads posted here
The RP forum

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