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Everything Else / Re: Nexus War ###Deus Vault!###
« on: April 21, 2007, 03:34:29 pm »
I'm having trouble hiding, so I've died already...

I also created my characters recently and yeah, I end up dieing quite often. It annoyed me at first, but I've sort of got used to it now, and I don't really mind any more.

Actually, that's probably because I created my future Pariah, and started beating people to death.

I think my three will be a Voidwalker, an Advocate and an Elementalist. Seems like an interesting mix of characters to play as.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: New Creature - Has'ri
« on: April 15, 2007, 08:15:25 am »
Using your picture as a guide, I tried to draw a Hasri.
It turned out... different. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.
This was actually the first picture I coloured in photoshop.  :-\

Hope it's ok, I tried to keep to your original design as much as I could.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: too many bugs
« on: April 14, 2007, 09:17:32 pm »

 I also have an insectile alien race idea

almost everyone has an insect alien race idea!
the entire hive and swarm idea really catches on. I guess we should move on to something else.

Like a14gt said, there aren't that many insectoid races here, though they are becoming more common.
Can you really blame people,  though?
Insect life is so... well, alien already, so they quite often end up as inspiration or have things based on them. They're rather diverse, too. You can do so much with them, in creature creation terms.

Oh, and no Metroid creatures? ;)

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Hiithel
« on: April 14, 2007, 06:19:12 pm »
No replies? :-\


The Hiithel, rather than believing in one or more deities, have a more spiritual religion, called Vsir, which means flow.

"Vsir is the destination and the journey. To experience it you must live, but to live it you must die. Our lives are finite, yet infinite. As the wind flows and spreads, so shall we. As your journey ends, so shall it begin."

They are the opening words of the Vsiric scripture.
Vsirists believe that life is the journey to be at one with the universe. Living to your fullest means that they can die in peace, becoming part of the flow. Those who do not, are cast away from the Vsir, doomed to forever lie in emptyness. The Vsir is the guide, at peace with all, and it gives itself to those who give it to others.
Due to this, the Hiithel aid each other in the path to living to the fullest and becoming one with the flow.

As Vsir spread, so did the Hiithel become more peaceful and happy with their lives. Since Vsir became the dominant religion, there has not been a single war, as killing others or doing evil things detracts from your internal flow, meaning you cannot be at peace.

Now, comments, questions, suggestions, things about these guys you would like to see?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: The Historical Superpower OOC
« on: April 12, 2007, 07:38:23 pm »
Cool, I like him!

The only thing I would question is the extent of Itzal's power... I'm just wondering to what it would take for our characters to stop him, other than that he's great!

Itzal's not amazingly powerful.
He knows most low and mid level chaos techniques, and a couple of higher ones. As he's not in his proper body, he's weakened.
Be aware, that it's just his mind that changes, nothing much happens to his body, apart from the obligatory aura. He'll probably leave you alone if you don't attack him. If he does, just slap him around a bit, he'll turn back. ;)

You probably won't be seeing too much of him anyway, as I'm going to stay as Robert unless I really have to, which would probably be in a combat situation. Robert doesn't have any worthwhile offensive skills yet.
He's mainly there as I think it'll be fun to write as a character with a completely opposite split personality.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: The Historical Superpower OOC
« on: April 12, 2007, 07:06:46 pm »
Robert Luxar/Itzal Nuray

34 years of age.

Before the incident, Robert was a priest and scholar. Knowledgeable and intelligent, on his time off from his priest duties, he was always seen in the library, reading or studying.
One time, he found an ancient book with no text on the cover or spine. Inside, there was detail on how to perform magic. In awe that a simple being like him could perform such deeds, he read and learnt how to perform miracles: Order Magic. After studying the order pages for a few weeks, he read the balance section, but there was little of interest to him. Then, he started to read the chaos section. The first page contained a strange symbol and some writing in a language he couldn’t understand. He turned the page. It was identical. Confused, he flicked through the remaining pages. All had the same text and symbol. Sighing, he put the book down and let his mind wander.
Without thinking, he started stroking the edges of the symbol in an anticlockwise direction, and phonetically spoke the words.
Suddenly, all light vanished and he felt like he was falling into an endless void.

Two hours later, he awoke with a burning headache, in the remains of his town. He had completely leveled it.

The book had a malignant chaos sorcerer sealed inside its pages, Itzal Nuray. Now, with Itzal residing in his body, Robert seeks release from the torture. He seeks an area of holy ground in the West, where he can rid himself of his literal demons.


   Parallel Mind
Due to his possession, Robert has to suppress Itzal’s presence at all times. If he lapses, accidentally or deliberately, Itzal will gain control, allowing him to use his powerful Chaos magic. Itzal will not discriminate between friend and foe, and once he has control, it can take some time and energy to suppress him again. The only time he is not affected by this is when he is asleep.

   Order Magic
By using his acquired order magic, Robert can heal some wounds and perform some alchemy, though he is not experienced. He still possesses the book, so he can gain more skills using this as time goes by.

Is this okay? :-\

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Hiithel
« on: April 12, 2007, 05:47:14 pm »
As promised, here's reproduction, probably the last of the weird biology stuff I'm going to post for a while. Next, I'm going to do culture, religion and then some techology.


In my previous posts, I mentioned the uses of the back two gill like things in their head. Reproduction is what the front pair are used for.

The Hiithel is symbiotic with a hive minded single celled organism, known as Fivar, which reproduce virally and communicate between themselves and the host Hiithel by releasing chemicals into whatever they are residing in and reacting in different ways, depending on which chemical is released. They also react to the electric pulses that the Hiithel uses for communication.
In return for the cells for reproduction and the liquid the Hiithel provides to them to gain energy, they aid in the Hiithel's reproduction and defense.
The Hiithel can eject some of the Fivar from their front set of 'gills', then exhale sharply to fire them at another organism. If there is a gap in the organism's defenses, like a mouth or an open wound, the Fivar will enter it's body.
Normally, the Fivar reproduce just enough to keep a stable population, but if a specific electric pulse is detected, which is made by their symbiote Hiithel when being killed, then they go into overdrive and reproduce wildly, killing the host.

The Fivar also contain the stored DNA of the originating Hiithel. If the chemical signature of a different strain of Fivar is detected, then they will send out a signal telling the others nearby that it's meiosis time!
They split in half, each with half the chromosones. They then fuse with the other strain, which goes through the same process. Then, they split again, this time seperating the Hiithel cells from the Fivar cells. The Hiithel cells then imbed in the tissues of the host and grow, creating a tumour like growth containing the Hiithel embryo, which quickly forms a relationship with it's Fivar. The two 'donor' Fivar strains deactivate their ability to untertake meiosis, and defend the new Hiithel from the immune system of the host.

After 1 month, the Fivar start to slowly weaken the host, preparing for the birth.
By 3 months, the Hiithel has grown enough and built up a large enough energy supply to survive outside, and so the Fivar execute the host. After the host's death, the Hiithel then break through the skin of the host, and promptly run in a random direction to escape the angry group that the host belonged to. Usually, about four Hiithel survive to this point.

If they are not eaten, then the young Hiithel will attempt to find some adults, who will adopt it.

Incidently, the Fivar are also the reason why the Hiithel live a relatively short time. If they cannot produce enough energy for the Fivar, then the Fivar end up slowly killing them. Simple as that.

The Hiithel's front 'gills' are normally sealed until age seven, when they slowly open. So, they are unable to reproduce until then.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Hiithel
« on: April 11, 2007, 08:39:06 pm »
Quote from: Crazen
also, I was planning to make a creature without eyes. no fair :'(

Heh. Sorry.
When creating these guys, I wanted to do something original. So, I thought: What are the normal things I associate with being human?
They were bipedalism and the face.
So, that was that. More than two legs and no face.

This of course led to problems: lack of sight, which I fixed with the electroreceptive sense, and the lack of mouth. I didn't want to take 'the easy way out' with photosynthesis, and after looking up electron transfer chains, settled for this. It would never naturally evolve, so I went the 'madman and genetic engineering' route.

Err... Yeah.
4:30 ish. I should stop lurking here and go to sleep. Damn insomnia. :P

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: The Historical Superpower OOC
« on: April 11, 2007, 08:15:30 pm »
If you are looking for some new blood, I would be honoured if I could join the RP.
I have some roleplay experience, though it isn't recent. As such, I might not be perfect at first, however I think that when I get into my character, I would be at least reasonably good.

If you are fine with this, then thank you.

If I do create a character for this, then how realistic does it need to be?
Or to put it properly, how far can I delve into the realms of magic?

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Hiithel
« on: April 11, 2007, 05:10:32 pm »
Thanks, Opera.

I would have tried to find out, but I get the internet on my computer turned off at midnight, so I don't end up staying on it until 4am.

And so I'm having to post on my Wii now. :P

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Hiithel
« on: April 11, 2007, 05:01:16 pm »
copy all your information into the first post. that way, new readers of this thread wont have to read usless pages of chatter

no! some people don't like having to go back to the top each time they want to read an update.


When I've got on to page two, I'll start to add links to the posts that contain new information. That way, people can skip the stuff they don't want to see, or they can do it the way Opera does.

That is, if you can link to specific posts, I'm not familiar with this forum's software. :-\

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Hiithel
« on: April 11, 2007, 03:43:27 pm »
Heh, thanks. It means a lot to me. :)

I've been planning this and lurking here since December, and now I finally think it's ready.
I've lost count of the times I've changed stuff about these guys. :D

I've also got some pics and stuff I want to scan in and colourify, but I'm absolutely drowning in coursework currently. Eh, it'll be finished soon, then I can turn my attention back to my little friends here.

For now, some short info about their numbering system.

They use base 14, due to the 7 digits on each of their mid legs.
Incidentally, they use their central pair of limbs as manipulators, as if they used their front pair, they would lose balance, and they can't get their rear one in front of them.
Conveniently, their ligaments and tendons are fluid based, allowing them to get their central legs in front of them.
Of course, each of the other limbs can also be used if needed, but it is easier to use the central ones.

Went off on a bit of a tangent there, didn't I? ::) Sorry.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Hiithel
« on: April 10, 2007, 07:05:53 pm »
The Hiithel

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”

And that was the start. One man’s imagination, a rich fool from the outskirts of the galaxy. His urge to create took over his mind. After purchasing a synthetic planet, built to his specification, he taught himself genetic engineering. His first attempts were complete failures, and he threw them out on to the barren planet to fend for themselves, among the ecosystem he designed. Finally, he succeeded in creating what he wanted; this unnatural thing, this monstrosity. He called it a Hiithel, from the word Hiirav, meaning child and his name, Thel.

In isolation on his planet he lived, with his children. Unknown to him, the two Hiithel he created had invaded the depths of his mind and were slowly destroying him from inside, using him for their own desires. The way he designed them made them require a host for reproduction, and his two had chosen him. Every day he grew weaker, never realising his mistake. Finally, his life came to an end. As he lay there, taking his final breath, the two Hiithel spoke to him in his language. “Thank you. Thank you for our life, and our children’s lives.” Finally, his two hearts stopped beating. Slowly, the three young squirmed their way out of his back, breaking his skin and revealing themselves to the world. Softly, the adults picked them up and placing them on their backs, strode out into the outside world.

Fourteen-thousand years later, the Hiithel had built an advanced civilisation spanning all of the continents and even the oceans.

Average length: 4 foot.
Average IQ: 214.
Average lifespan: 40 years.
Status: Sapient, has FTL tech, uses Cold Fusion, yet are not space faring as they have no concept of space.
Current relationships: Neutral with everyone, as they don't know they exist.


The Hiithel, being genetically engineered, have several features that could not have evolved naturally. However, due to the perfectionism of their creator, they perfectly suit its habitat.
The first is their unique way of gaining energy.

The Hiithel use a highly modified autotrophic method to produce glucose.
Photosynthesis starts with an electron in a molecule in chlorophyll, excited from impact with a photon. Instead of using a photon to excite an electron, the Hiithel takes this electron directly from a charged atom.
The way their creator intended for them to do this when they left or he died was with lightening. The planet was designed to be constantly stormy and the top layers of their planet is covered in a substance not unlike graphite, with free electrons allowing it to carry a charge. Instead of normal soil where the charge from a lightening inpact would spead out pretty much equally, this material makes it much more lifely for the charge to diffuse sideways, just under the surface. The Hiithel implants their retractable claws on their rear leg into the ground and carries the charge through a nerve like system to their storage organ. 1 lightening strike is enough to feed the Hiithel for the equivilent of 40 days. The other required elements, carbon dioxide and water are absorbed through different methods; water absorbed through a membrane in their front set of hands and carbon dioxide through spiracles in their skin. They have the spines on their back for the same reason a pine tree does: to increase their surface area and take in more carbon dioxide.


The Hiithel has four main senses: Electroreception, Hearing, Touch and Taste.
Their primary sense is Electroreception. The Hiithel pumps sodium ions, removed from the water it absorbs, out of the electrocyte cells layered in the Hiithel's crest. This creates a electrical field around the Hiithel. It has electroreceptor cells  spread across it's body, just under the skin. By sensing disturbances in the electric field, the electroreceptors allow the Hiithel to discriminate between objects of different size, shape and conductivity, and also allows it to determine the distance from the object and also, by picking up the own electric field produced in the brain, whether the thing in question is alive or not. The skin is also not very resistive, which improves the sensitivity of the electroreceptors. The disadvantages of this is that it is energy intensive, and it only works over distances of a few body lengths.

The Hiithel's hearing is acute, to make up for the lack of distance electroreception works over. The Hiithel speaks through the middle set of 'gills' under the electrorection crest and hear using the back set. It speaks in a language derived from their creator's, but with tenses and emotional words mostly removed, as they are encoded into the pulses used for electroreception.

The Hiithel's touch sense isn't great, due to the extra use of the skin as a respiratory membrane and the electroreptors below. However, it can still feel if the right amount of pressure is put on it.

The Hiithel, altough lacking a tongue, can taste the air, with layers of specialised cells located under the creature's head.


Hiithelian society is based around the principles of equality. They value rights highly, and treat the other members of their race with respect and friendship, as their creator once did to them.
Each Hiithel recieves from the government a set amount of electricity and water for living with, a set amount of leisure electricity and an account, which credits are paid into weekly, the amounts of these depend on the difficulty of the job and the willingness of society to fulfil the role which the Hiithel chooses. Each Hiithel also recieves living accommodation. If the Hiithel is paired, they take their belongings and move into accommodation 2.5 times the size of a single house, to encourage pairing.
The Hiithelian government works democratically, with anyone being allowed a chance to gain a position of governmental power. The heirarchy works with a leader from each city being elected, then one of those from each country, then 14 ofg those to make up the council. Each of these positions receive a wage that is slightly above average.
When something needs to be done, the situation is brought to the city leader, who holds a vote on whether it should go ahead or not. All suggestions are dealt with like this, as if something stupid is suggested, then it will simply be rejected.

That's it for now. I'll make a post with culture and religion, as well as their reproduction method soon.
Now, if you've got any questions, I'll answer them.
Firstly though: I will be RPing with these, starting with a first contact RP scenario, preferably with one of the more peaceful races. I don't really want to get wiped out on first contact. :D

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