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Forum Games / How well do you know him/her?
« on: November 11, 2008, 07:44:56 pm »
Simple game.

Basically, you say what you know about the poster above you based on his/her posting history. Personal things/preferences/views/etc you found out over reading their post.

-Nothing offensive: Don't say they are stupid, don't say "They have bad political views", don't belittle them.
-You don't need to write a paragraph about the guy, just a sentence of what you know.

Thats about it.

PC Games / In a PC-RPG Mood?
« on: September 18, 2008, 03:19:29 pm »
I am...

Seriously; is there nothing out there better than Baldur's Gate and Oblivion? Really? Its been about 8 years since Baldur and has nothing better for the PC been released? I wouldn't mind an RPG with immersion, good/evil paths, multiple endings, probably a romance sub-plot, and a changing world. Anyone know any game like this? (Besides NWN 1-2; Baldur's Gate; Oblivion; Morrowind; Mass Effect; KotoR; Gothic; The Witcher... yeah...)

Forum Games / Mafia?
« on: July 15, 2008, 09:25:21 pm »
This still around or we waiting for the older one to start back up or just waiting for someone to start a new one or just sick of it or just taking a break from it or is this game over with or do we have to many people now or do we need to entice someone to start one up or would it be to hard to start another or should we just hope the old one finishes.

Or am I just beating a dead horse here?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Darkest Knight - RP
« on: June 04, 2008, 08:15:06 pm »
Winter... It is a cool day in London, the first snow has come and gone, and now only a thin line of snow lays across the streets. People are at home, with their families, the streets are mostly empty except for the average business man rushing to make it back home to his wife. Night was approaching, Big-Ben was beginning its 8 o'clock toll, and the streets of London fell quiet. There was a slight overcast in the sky, the moon and stars were hardly visible. *...dong... dong... dong... dong... dong... dong... dong... dong.......*

"What the hell!?" Screamed a bartender in the midst of the chaos that surrounded him. "Come on little 'un, show me what you got!" said a rather portly fellow to the man who had just thrown his beer in his face. It was a Saturday night, and Christoph was looking for trouble. His goal was simple, attract attention. Chris smirked at the man and said "With pleasure...." And just like that, a lept at the him and mercilessly started to beat upon him. Others began to fight to, some just wanting to get in the ruckess, others just had some serious attitude problems. It wasn't long before the bar was one big battleground. Punches, kicks, breaking glass, smashing tables were some of the many sounds that could be heard, along with your flurry of curse words. One or two fellows managed to escape, no doubt spreading the word of the brawl. Chris wasn't even sure who he was throttling anymore, rage had overcome him and he could hardly stop himself now. Chris knew if any of the others found out he wanted attention, he would surely be scolded; but he was sure no such thing would happen. Instead, he let the fight continue. Lights flickered and shadows moved violently from the outside of the pub... Now it was only a matter of time.

I decided that this forum needs a little more of an underworld RP.

London, a city of beauty, a city of power, a city of old and new. Yet, for centuries it has also been a place of war. Mere mortals don't understand it, people turn up dead, mauled to death, drained of blood, sometimes all thats left of the victim is... fur and ashes...?

War is alive in this city... But not a war of mortals. Werewolves and vampires, ancestral enemies, have chosen London to be their final battleground.

Its the new millennium; and mankind has no room for such battles to take place. Infact, the British government has become so fed up with the string of violent murders that they have turned to hiring an eccentric group who claims they know exactly how to solve the problems.

The Dark Knights, as they call themselves, consider themselves experts of the supernatural; and with the entire Queens checkbook at thier disposal, they intend to vanquish all that is evil. Police, commoners, teachers, parents, all have been informed. Any suspicious activity is taken up by the Dark Knights. In a sense, it has become a witch hunt.

Werewolf and Vampires are on the caution; but the battle continues. With the third common enemy in the fray however, will they unite against him? Or will they both be crushed?

-Standard GS Rules.
-Combat is turn based; Do not god-mod.
-Werewolves cant be gods.
-Vampires cant be gods.
-Superhuman strength and speed applicable to both species.
-Vampires can walk in the day, they are just weakened to the state of mortality while in sunlight.
-Werewolves can turn into a wolf as long as the moon is shining, full or not.
-Weapons are limited, you cant have 4 pistols and an AK 47 w/ a string of grenades, your not Rambo.
-You can have guns.
-Blades are allowed as well.
-You can have both.
-You may not kill another player unless he deems it ok.
-During the day, Werewolves cannot turn (duh....).
-You don't have to stick directly to Vampire and Werewolf lore; you can add your own twist to your own character.
-Please request to be a Dark Knight.
-Dark Knights are allowed to 'appear' in places that Werewolves and Vampires have been/are, as long as they have made themselves known to mortals around them. In the meantime, Dark Knights must continue on thier search.
-No magic.

Please Fill out this form:
Age you look:
Current Age:
Vampire or Werewolf:
Looks: [Pic-link or Description]
Weapons carried:

- The Time Traveller - Vlad Grizzbelson
- Patman - Edwige D'Latour
- neoadept - Vincent Faragoe
- Andrew Ryan - Jebidiah Cobb
- martyk - Issac Lewis
- Empty

- Erops - Christopher Santucci
- Crazen - Gregor Crain
- Plank of Wood - "Mac" Jeraldson
- Empty
- Empty

Dark Knight(s)
- Yuu - John Zeta
- Little - Andrew Jackson

Well, thats all I got.... Just fill out the form and post it here I suppose. Ask questions if your puzzled or curious. Will add more slots if absolutly necessary.

Name: Christopher Santucci
Age you look: 27
Current Age: 27
Vampire or Werewolf: Werewolf
Looks: Chris
Personality: Despite his kind exterior; Christopher is generally a cruel person. Unable to become close to many people. Chris is usually serious in his approach to matters, never straying to far outside the box. Unmerciful and cold; Chris usually walks away from a dead opponent. Intelligent and quick to learn as well, Christopher usually is never surprised.
Bio: Born into a prestigious werewolf family; Christopher was  raised to be a killer. Both his mother and father are living, old yes, but living. Growing up Christopher was spoiled, always getting what he wanted most. Unfortunately that attitude has carried over into his adult life. As a teenager he became more involved in the war, joining attack groups and hunting down Vampires. Never the greatest fighter however, Christopher was always persistent, only fleeing when he was in true mortal danger.
Weapons carried: A Silver Glaive


PC Games / Company of Heroes Slowdown?!
« on: April 08, 2008, 06:19:23 pm »
Well i recently pulled a majo0r overhaul (well a local CPU shop did anyway) and now the only thing thats the same is my hardrive.

Anywho, my old specs were an AMD 1.5GHz processor, ATI X1600 card, and 1.5gigs of RAM. And it could run Company of Heroes on Med-High on about an avg 27.5 FPS.

Now i have this...

Code: [Select]
System Information
Time of this report: 4/8/2008, 08:14:48
       Machine name: YOUR-C055D0182F
   Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.070227-2254)
           Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: System manufacturer
       System Model: System Product Name
               BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
          Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5400+,  MMX,  3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
             Memory: 3582MB RAM
          Page File: 408MB used, 4544MB available
        Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
    DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
     DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.2180 32bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
  DirectX Files Tab: No problems found.
      Display Tab 1: No problems found.
        Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
        Sound Tab 2: No problems found.
          Music Tab: No problems found.
          Input Tab: No problems found.
        Network Tab: No problems found.

DirectX Debug Levels
Direct3D:    0/4 (n/a)
DirectDraw:  0/4 (retail)
DirectInput: 0/5 (n/a)
DirectMusic: 0/5 (n/a)
DirectPlay:  0/9 (retail)
DirectSound: 0/5 (retail)
DirectShow:  0/6 (retail)

Display Devices
        Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS
     Manufacturer: NVIDIA
        Chip type: GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS
         DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
       Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_01D3&SUBSYS_C4293842&REV_A1
   Display Memory: 512.0 MB
     Current Mode: 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz)
          Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor
  Monitor Max Res: 1600,1200
      Driver Name: nv4_disp.dll
   Driver Version: 6.14.0011.6921 (English)
      DDI Version: 9 (or higher)
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
 Driver Date/Size: 12/5/2007 01:41:00, 5773568 bytes
      WHQL Logo'd: Yes
  WHQL Date Stamp: n/a
              VDD: n/a
         Mini VDD: nv4_mini.sys
    Mini VDD Date: 12/5/2007 01:41:00, 7435392 bytes
Device Identifier: {D7B71E3E-4293-11CF-FB40-22E400C2CB35}
        Vendor ID: 0x10DE
        Device ID: 0x01D3
        SubSys ID: 0xC4293842
      Revision ID: 0x00A1
      Revision ID: 0x00A1
      Video Accel: ModeMPEG2_A ModeMPEG2_B ModeMPEG2_C ModeMPEG2_D ModeWMV9_B ModeWMV9_A
 Deinterlace Caps: {6CB69578-7617-4637-91E5-1C02DB810285}: Format(In/Out)=(YUY2,YUY2) Frames(Prev/Fwd/Back)=(0,0,0) Caps=VideoProcess_YUV2RGB VideoProcess_StretchX VideoProcess_StretchY DeinterlaceTech_PixelAdaptive
                   {335AA36E-7884-43A4-9C91-7F87FAF3E37E}: Format(In/Out)=(YUY2,YUY2) Frames(Prev/Fwd/Back)=(0,0,0) Caps=VideoProcess_YUV2RGB VideoProcess_StretchX VideoProcess_StretchY DeinterlaceTech_BOBVerticalStretch
                   {6CB69578-7617-4637-91E5-1C02DB810285}: Format(In/Out)=(UYVY,YUY2) Frames(Prev/Fwd/Back)=(0,0,0) Caps=VideoProcess_YUV2RGB VideoProcess_StretchX VideoProcess_StretchY DeinterlaceTech_PixelAdaptive
                   {335AA36E-7884-43A4-9C91-7F87FAF3E37E}: Format(In/Out)=(UYVY,YUY2) Frames(Prev/Fwd/Back)=(0,0,0) Caps=VideoProcess_YUV2RGB VideoProcess_StretchX VideoProcess_StretchY DeinterlaceTech_BOBVerticalStretch
                   {6CB69578-7617-4637-91E5-1C02DB810285}: Format(In/Out)=(YV12,0x3231564e) Frames(Prev/Fwd/Back)=(0,0,0) Caps=VideoProcess_YUV2RGB VideoProcess_StretchX VideoProcess_StretchY DeinterlaceTech_PixelAdaptive
                   {335AA36E-7884-43A4-9C91-7F87FAF3E37E}: Format(In/Out)=(YV12,0x3231564e) Frames(Prev/Fwd/Back)=(0,0,0) Caps=VideoProcess_YUV2RGB VideoProcess_StretchX VideoProcess_StretchY DeinterlaceTech_BOBVerticalStretch
                   {6CB69578-7617-4637-91E5-1C02DB810285}: Format(In/Out)=(NV12,0x3231564e) Frames(Prev/Fwd/Back)=(0,0,0) Caps=VideoProcess_YUV2RGB VideoProcess_StretchX VideoProcess_StretchY DeinterlaceTech_PixelAdaptive
                   {335AA36E-7884-43A4-9C91-7F87FAF3E37E}: Format(In/Out)=(NV12,0x3231564e) Frames(Prev/Fwd/Back)=(0,0,0) Caps=VideoProcess_YUV2RGB VideoProcess_StretchX VideoProcess_StretchY DeinterlaceTech_BOBVerticalStretch
         Registry: OK
     DDraw Status: Enabled
       D3D Status: Enabled
       AGP Status: Enabled
DDraw Test Result: Not run
 D3D7 Test Result: Not run
 D3D8 Test Result: Not run
 D3D9 Test Result: Not run

Sound Devices
            Description: SoundMAX HD Audio
 Default Sound Playback: Yes
 Default Voice Playback: Yes
            Hardware ID: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_11D4&DEV_198B&SUBSYS_104381F6&REV_1004
        Manufacturer ID: 65535
             Product ID: 65535
                   Type: WDM
            Driver Name: ADIHdAud.sys
         Driver Version: 5.10.0001.6110 (English)
      Driver Attributes: Final Retail
            WHQL Logo'd: Yes
          Date and Size: 1/15/2007 20:09:06, 293888 bytes
            Other Files:
        Driver Provider: AnalogDevices
         HW Accel Level: Full
              Cap Flags: 0xF5F
    Min/Max Sample Rate: 100, 192000
Static/Strm HW Mix Bufs: 33, 32
 Static/Strm HW 3D Bufs: 33, 32
              HW Memory: 0
       Voice Management: Yes
 EAX(tm) 2.0 Listen/Src: Yes, Yes
   I3DL2(tm) Listen/Src: Yes, Yes
Sensaura(tm) ZoomFX(tm): Yes
               Registry: OK
      Sound Test Result: Not run

            Description: Modem #0 Line Playback (emulated)
 Default Sound Playback: No
 Default Voice Playback: No
            Hardware ID:
        Manufacturer ID: 1
             Product ID: 81
                   Type: Emulated
            Driver Name:
         Driver Version:
      Driver Attributes:
            WHQL Logo'd:
          Date and Size:
            Other Files:
        Driver Provider:
         HW Accel Level: Full
              Cap Flags: 0x0
    Min/Max Sample Rate: 0, 0
Static/Strm HW Mix Bufs: 0, 0
 Static/Strm HW 3D Bufs: 0, 0
              HW Memory: 0
       Voice Management: No
 EAX(tm) 2.0 Listen/Src: No, No
   I3DL2(tm) Listen/Src: No, No
Sensaura(tm) ZoomFX(tm): No
               Registry: OK
      Sound Test Result: Not run

Sound Capture Devices
            Description: SoundMAX HD Audio
  Default Sound Capture: Yes
  Default Voice Capture: Yes
            Driver Name: ADIHdAud.sys
         Driver Version: 5.10.0001.6110 (English)
      Driver Attributes: Final Retail
          Date and Size: 1/15/2007 20:09:06, 293888 bytes
              Cap Flags: 0x41
           Format Flags: 0xCCC

            Description: Modem #0 Line Record (emulated)
  Default Sound Capture: No
  Default Voice Capture: No
            Driver Name:
         Driver Version:
      Driver Attributes:
          Date and Size:
              Cap Flags: 0x20
           Format Flags: 0x0

And i get a grand total of...... 9 FPS on med-high....


All drivers are updated, and yet its running as slow as it can get... Any advice?

TV / Discovery: Pushing the human body to the limit:_____
« on: March 10, 2008, 08:33:09 pm »
Has anyone else been watching this series? So far i have only seen sight and nerves, but i must say, this show is really making me think; 'Wow, humans are badasses'.

The show goes really, really indepth into subjects such as how you see, why you see, what you see and where. Pain, why you feel it, how your brain senses it, etc.

Its pretty amazing.

Fixed title

PC Games / Help remembering an old game.
« on: February 29, 2008, 09:52:54 pm »
Well, its been on my mind for a while now so here is what i remember from it. (considering I cant remember the name)

Its old, for starters, and futuristic.

It was a space game, it was mostly 2d, you started off as a puny little trading space ship but as you got more money you could go to other planets and buy new ships at docking bays. You could fight other ships (the game wasnt very graphic) and you got misc task to do as you travelled around the galaxy.

Unfortunatly thats all I can recall. Hell the name would be awesome, but even a point in the right direction would be just as good. Thanks.

Name is up for changing btw.

Well, i have a meta-game idea that i have had for some time now.

It came from an old RP game i played in Warcraft III

Basically, you started having one peon/peasent/laboror/slave/*insert name of worker unit*, and you were to build them up as a successful tribe. As you may imagine its a differant idea in real time and with other live people doing the same thing, but i think the same idea can work here.

You start off as a *insert name of various worker unit here* and you basically vote on to what he would do. I would periodically add explanations as to why more people come/leave, what government has become supreme because of your decisions, determine if other tribes are prominent, add new units as they become viable to the tribe
You guys would decide really how the one *insert name of various worker unit here* acts, then later the entire tribe. Religion, technology (cant really progress past medeival, but magical tech i guess), politics, foreign affairs, etc, are all up to you guys.

Want to play?

(Now underconstruction, will start soon)

Storytelling and Roleplaying / God Wars - The Western Brood
« on: December 04, 2007, 02:49:44 pm »
Times are troubled for these people young one... Troubled indeed....

I called you here to this island to bring these peoples to greatness. Destroy all who oppose you, even your own people if you desire. The people live in the dark forest of this region, by the great river that flows through the mountains. By the mountains to the south you have the great hills, and to the north you have the barrens; a harsh place to live, but filled with many minerals and ores.

You have no face, you have no physical representation, you are born of air and energy, perhaps you could make one for yourself when you so desire?

The life here consist of bears, moose, wolves, geese, and many other northern\forest region animals.

Power is only gained through worship, more people means more power.

If another god attacks, one from another island or one from another world, fight or make peace, thats all you can really do....

Good luck young one, you will need it.

You find some huts laying off the the side of a river. These are your people...


Population: 40
-20 'Tool Wielders'(Swordsmen using rocks)
Faith: 10% (Max 20)
Power: 100 (Max 120)
Affiliation: 0%

-Chiefs Hut x 1
-Large Hut x 2
-Meeting Ground x 1

Known Technology's:
Crafting (1) *Better Weapons*
Architecture (1) *Better Buildings*
Theology (1) *More faith is unlocked (Not more faith is ADDED), power pool is expanded (NOT more power)*

Available Technology's:
Rank up _______
Beast Taming (1)
Fishing (1)

**Can only rank up/learn one tech per turn, you can cast a spell and rank up a technology if it is desired in the same turn as well**


-Heat wave (10)

Water & Ice:
-Let there be RAIN (10)
-Let there be SNOW (15)

Earth:(Cost are double, as it is your polar element)
-Love is in the air.... (20) *human population boom*
-More for the hunt (20) *animal boom*

Air & Energy: (Cost are half, as it is your element of birth)
-Hurricane (10)
-Tornado (5) (Can be used to clear tree's as well)
-Summon Creature of Legend (150)

Dark and Light
Unknown, perhaps none exist?

What am i to do with these people? Afterall, they are the source of my power...

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / A Beacon in the Dark
« on: November 11, 2007, 07:54:20 pm »
((I dont have an OOC thread for this, because im not sure if every RP nneds one... if i do just let me know))

Kyro slowly approached the elevator. The lights flickered on and the gears cranked the Sythic up to the top of a large machine. A clanking could be heard and the elevator door opened. Kyro shuffled out of the small container and nodded to a few of the workers at the top. Uneasily the workers nodded back.

The machine was large and covered in tubes filled with a strange glowing liquid. Gears churned and plasma flowed through the machine.

Kyro climbed up a series of stars and came eye to eye with two other Sythics.

"Criisa, Tyyr, is everything ready?" Asked Kyro, the 7 spiked male.

Criisa responded slowly "Everything is operational Kyro." Criisa was a 6 spiked female that was loved and admired by the people.

"Are you sure you want to do this Kyro? We have lived alone so long, this could be dissatrous." Replied Tyyr, an 11 spiked, large, male Sythic.

"It could also be the greatest thing ever to happen Tyyr." Criisa retorted.

Kyro ended the concern by finally saying, "There is no question Tyyr, we must do it, it is what the people want, and it is what we will do."

Tyyr sighed and said "Yes... but the people can be wrong..."

"Shush you old carcass, we are doing this." Criisa hissed back.

"Start the machine, send the message.. Light the beacon!" Yelled Kyro at last.

A beam of bright green light quickly shot into the air, and a messege was sent to any nearby sentient beings.

// We are the Sythic... //

Spore: Creation Corner / The Sythic
« on: November 11, 2007, 06:50:36 pm »
The Sythic

- Male
Bottom - Female

Avg Age: 63
Size: Height - 4ft  2in (Male) 3ft 8in(Female) Weight - 174 (Male) 149 (Female)

The Spikes that lie on their backs indicate age, for every 1 fully grown spike (No, not 1 on each side) the Sythic has lived 5 years.

Baby/Toddler: Baby Sythics are merely inches tall, and weigh little. Their black eye is closed and the only indicator of any spike at all is merely a nub. Mothers are forced to carry young ones because their bottom spikes are not fully developed therefore they cannot move, only roll. Baby Sythic are virtually harmless and virtually useless until they grow into a child.

Child: Sythic Children are much more developed than when they were a baby. Not only can they now move freely, but at least one spike on their back is fully developed. The talon-like hands are beginning to now develop on the Child, as are the razors that rest by its main eye. The black eye is still closed at this point.

Teenager: Sythic Teenagers are fairly large, about 3/4 of an adult Sythic. The talon-like hands are fully developed as are at least 3 spikes on their backs. Razors at its forefront are now fully grown and at their sharpest. At this point, a small tip protrudes from the backside, the hints of a growing tail. The black eye is still closed.

Adult: Sythic adults are fully grown. They have at least 6 spikes and a fully developed tail (as is everything else now). They are also at the pinnacle of intellect at this age, and will only begin to lose intelligence as they grow older. The black eye is still closed.

Elders: Sythic elders are exactly the same as Adults. Except of course the number of spikes on their backs. However, by the 10th spike, the Sythics black eye opens. They say the eye is the only thing keeping the elders alive for another ~10 years. The eye gives the elders a spirit of youth and a surge of strength. While the Elders may not be as smart as they were when they were adults, oddly enough they happen to be the stronger than they ever were before.


The Beginning - After becoming sentient, the Sythic formed small tribes and alliances. Living underground from the world above they developed cities of rock and ore. They also looked much differant, they had no talons and they had no main eye, why need one if you live in darkness?. They communicated by touch and sound. However, when one Sythic dug to the surface, and he felt the cold air, and smelled the scents, he was enamored. He told the others about his findings.

The Emergence - A time that all Sythic feel disgusted for. When the Sythic race emerged from the earth below, they realized that other things were living on the planet that only the elders could truly see. The Sythic deemed these races unfit for the grand new world they now called theirs. The Elders, being the only Sythic with sight, began a mass Holocaust. They ruthlessly plunge razor and tail into every living thing that wasn't Sythic, until there was no more. The Sythic would only learn later the mistake they made.

The Evolution- The Sythic were severely crippled on this upper world the called Dimentia. They needed no water, but they had no idea what to eat. Most were completely blind, and none could build a thing with only razors and feet made for digging. After centuries of struggling, the Sythic evolved into having 1 eye, and 2 talons. With the talon hands they built many many things, and with the eye they could now see.

The Golden Age - Building and civilizing the planet increased immensely. Life became advanced, they were at peace, they understood War against themselves would mean the end. Technology Advanced, and life thrived....

The Barren Age(Present) - However, Milena after the Emergence, things began to change. Plants began to whiddle, oceans simply dried up, forest dissapeared, and mountains crumbled. Some Sythic said it was the Apocalypse, however, many believe it is retribution by the planet for stripping it of everything but them. They now live on a barren, gray, and dark planet, much like their old home beneath the planet, Dimentia, as they say, was dead...


The Sythic have little to no military, as they feel everyone can defend themselves efficiently. They are new to space travel and have only now began with intergalatic travels. However they have found nearly nothing intresting. Children do go to school, and only Adults can be involved in politics. Elders consist of the small 'organized' military they DO have, and they are only for earthbound fights. They do have vehicles and weapons they operate using a combination of their razors and talons. Woman and men are not equals, the men feel a superiority over women due to size and color. Their government is simple, the people make the law, the government enforces the law, thats all.


Storytelling and Roleplaying / Sim Highlands - Episode 6
« on: April 03, 2007, 10:55:47 am »
Hey. I am a little new here, well, I am new to posting here, I have been reading this forum since around January. Anyway, this is a Sim Caveman/SimRome/Sim Caveman2/Desert Dweller. I may not update it as often as Hydromancer does, mabey one or two time a day.

Oh, and thanks to Hydromancerx for the tips and mods

Sim Highlands

These are the vast highlands of this world, it is a very wet, cold place. Infact, its winters last longer and summer and fall never seem to come while this far north. Vegetables thrive in the seasons between winter, but life is scarce other than the fish.

This is Chip Mountains, he is a brave explorer, ready to brace and tame these wild lands. He only has with him a few seeds, a copper axe, and the cloth he wears. Can he survive these harsh lands? You decide.

Yep, the seasons set here go Spring-Spring-Winter-Winter. I did it like this to add a sense of urgency and to try something differant than the other two Sim Cavemen.

What shall Chip do next?

(Expansions I have: University, Nightlife, OFP, Seasons. No Pets :( and no stuff packs.)

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