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Art / If you have the time, I have the challenge.
« on: February 18, 2010, 08:50:13 pm »
Well, as you may or may not have read, I am trying to outfit my Swim teams mascot in a nice little armor coating. Thing is, I want this to be the real deal, not some tacked on thing that looks bad. Thus I want to at least have some good sketches and designs for the person doing the metal work to go off of rather than just a verbal description.

Thing is, I can't do that.

So, maybe if someone here has the time or desire, you can?

Here is what I have in mind: I want this to look cool. Its an alligator, so he looks vicious already, but I was thinking perhaps some nice curved metallic spikes on his top? A helm that you can still see his teeth in (so, half on top of his mouth, half on bottom). And on his feet, I wouldn't mind the metal to make his claws look sharp and well, evil almost. The tail too, would need to be covered.

Anything somewhat similar to that vague description would be cool. Thanks a lot if you decide you wouldn't mind throwing your sketch out there. (Please make it as blueprint-like as possible, with measurements included please).

Pictures of the actual alligator, to you know, give you an idea of what it actually IS you're working with. Ogre:

I will be able to get more, and better pictures on Monday or so. My friend decided to send me crappy phone pictures rather than get his girlfriends digital camera.

Everything Else / Can anyone here do this?
« on: February 18, 2010, 04:00:22 pm »
Well, I have no where else I can conceivably ask this at, so yeah.

My swim team, we have this alligator bong (its completely unusable, it has a hole cut into both ends) and its made of plastic ATM. So another team unfortunately stole it from us and desecrated it by carving KMC into its belly and filling it in with sharpie. We could just melt new plastic over it we thought. But we had a much cooler idea.

Does anyone here have any ability to do some metal work? We basically want to give him a nice, awesome, armor plating. I will give details, but thats if anyone here even has the means to conduct this in a timely manner. (I'm talking 2-3 weeks). We will pay for the metals if needed. But yeah. Can anyone here basically have the means to put coat a plastic alligator in some metallic material, and do it well?

Movies / Hot Tub Time Machine
« on: January 21, 2010, 02:40:40 pm »
Thats right
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

It must be some sorta, hot tub time machine. [1:23]

Yes. Seeing it.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / A Brief Fantasy Adventure RP
« on: October 11, 2009, 02:31:57 pm »
"Can you tell us what it was you saw?"


A knight with armor half melted to his skin sat in front of a group of  scribe. "Twas mid day if I recall. Me and my men were positioned in the throne room, the twelve of us, on simple guard duty. Of course, when you're a royal guard it's hardly ever 'simple'..." The knight paused for a moment as he recollected his thoughts, all the while the scribes hung on his every word. "Yes... mid day... Then we we're requested to open the throne room door, Lord Kyro had requested a conference with the king." The knight shook his head in regret, "We should have known something was up, when Lord Kyro entered the room it was if the sun itself had come in with him. The heat.... its was incredible, my armor was hot to the touch and you could see the air bend of heat around Lord Kyro. Then, the door shut, and the throne room was only us 14. We twelve 'royal guards', King Christopher IV, and Lord Kyro." The scribes hastily wrote down all they could as the knight told his tale of woe, "Lord Kyro approached the royal throne with a ghastly steady pace, never halting, never slowing down, never speeding up. It was all very methodical... The King asked as Kyro approached, 'My Lord Kyro, what brings you here to my castle?' Lord Kyro has no response. Instead he continued approaching the King, the King asked, 'Why, has something cut out your tongue?' Some of us laughed, some of us questioned why Lord Kyro was so silent. We would receive an answer soon enough." Then, a scribe asked, "Did the Lord say nothing at all?"

The knight thought for a moment and then shook his head, "Nay, once he was face to face with the King he leaned over and whispered something in his ear. None of us knew what it was he said, only that the King solemnly nodded and removed his crown. We we're confused at this action, but we had no time to question it. Once the crown was removed from the Kings head Lord Kyro raised his hands and instead of reaching for his ax merely clapped his hands against the Kings head. There was a brilliant bright light and then it was as if Lord Kyro had brought the room aflame, the heat became so incredible many of us had our armor melted into our very skin. Then, once I had recovered my sight I had seen the Lord Kyro had, during the radiance of the light, murdered many of my comrades whilst they remained blinded! The fiend had cut them down before they could even comprehend the reality of the situation! I.... I fled the room before Lord.... or... King... King Kyro could cut me down as well... I turned back to see him sitting on the throne, ax bloodied and glowing red with heat, smirking at me as I ran." The knight pounded his fist on the table, "I wasn't worth his time! But know this! We of Carridia will not stand for this, our King being slaughtered and replaced by this monster! This... this demon of heat! He will be stopped!" The scribes finished writing all the knight said just before the door to the small home was busted in and soldiers in crimson armor began killing all in the house. Such revolutionary ideals could not be spread. Not whilst King Kyro held the throne...

The great Kingdom of Carridia has recently seen an exchange of power take place. The circumstances are highly debatable, however, the official story is that King Christopher IV had passed away unexpectedly and Lord Kyro has assumed the throne. The Kingdom now reigns under martial law, as King Kyro has had to quell some who wish to spread lies of murder and assassination. King Kyro now rules Carridia with an iron fist, breaking the will of pretenders and revolutionaries with a blade to the heart. If found out at private estates at suspicious times, with a suspicious gathering of people, be self assured your trial will be quick, the verdict being suspected treason. The royal guard will be sure to take care of you, their crimson armor melding with the blood that runs thick along it.


Kyro sat upon his newly acquired throne, his numerous advisors and the royal court all in attendance. A great map of the known world lied in the middle of them. Kyro pointed to the Eastern Kingdoms, "Here... they are numerous and disorganized, yet the lands are fertile, the resources abundant, and the treasure priceless." The men in attendence, the generals, the Lords and Ladies, and others, all nodded in agreement. Kyro nodded too and said "I am glad you all agree with me, because I intend to have Carridia swallow the lands up, purging all who resist, and have it become a part of our great Kingdom." Many advisors clapped in agreement and pleasure, praising their Kings ambition, yet some grimaced, one stated, "My liege, these lands have always been peaceful to us and compliant, why must we go to war with them if they already do most of what we ask." Kyro nodded and said, "Ah, yes, most... most of what we ask. What we plead. What we beg of them to give to us you mean?" Kyro's voice became booming and he continued, "Carridia will no longer be the beggars! We will take what we want! And the people of Carridia will be behind me! Our Kingdom will be legendary, and my reign will go down in history ! We will no longer trade our valuables with theses eastern savages for their goods when we can just as easily take them!" Kyro then pointed to one of his generals yelling, "You there, prepare our armies, gather our troops, light the forges, I want to see smoke from every available workshop and smith in the land!" he then pointed to his bard, "You! Tell the people of Carridia's great crusade for treasures unheard of and land of plenty!", he then turned to the advisor who questioned him, "You! You will die for your treason!"


Upon the Inn door reads a sign, "King Kyro has let loose the dogs of war! Give your life to Carridia!"

PC Games / Risen
« on: October 03, 2009, 01:18:14 pm »
Well, anyone heard of this?

Its made by the same guys who made Gothic 1-3, Gothic 3 might not have been good at all but the other two are. Risen is essentially Gothic 4 with similar combat and leveling system.

Either way, link

I have the game now and am enjoying it enough. Its a good hold over till Dragon Age: Origins in my book. If anyone else here gets this let me know so we can discuss strategies and what paths you've taken. Currently I am within the monastery rather than aiding the Don. Sidenote: This game is HARD, quick save is your best friend.

Expanded Rules
Round One Beginner Bracket Results!
You are the newest space faring civilization to enter the ranks of the Galactic Gladiators! The Galactic Gladiators is the galaxies number ONE choice for galactic entertainment! You bored? Your civilization getting tired of seeing the same old 'nature'? Then enter your team into the Galactic Gladiator scene! Here you biologically engineer the killing machine of your dreams and pit it against other killing machines! You lose? Your new pet ripped to shreds?! Thats no problem you can just engineer a NEW one! Want to make a modification? No problem! Want to have your current gladiator euthanized and start fresh? No problem! We at Galactic Gladiator Corp. do not hold moral qualms with anything! Entertainment is entertainment!

Now. Lets get to business, shall we? Currently, seeing as you have no respect, no cash, and NO sponsors, you are in the Beginner Bracket. This bracket is easy. If you can't make it out of here, then you might as well take your space ship and head back to your home planet. After this, its the big bux! Babes, cash, and the respect of gladiator teams galaxy wide! That is... provided you make it that far.

Here is your nameless killing machines body type. In the beginners bracket you are allowed NO modification to the body. However, because this is a beginner bracket match, you are told your opponents archetype and the type of match you will be place in.
Match: 1v1 Death Match
Opponent Archetype: Brute Hunter
Match 1 will be against a Brute Hunter no matter what, think of it as training for your gladiator. Its almost a guaranteed win until you fight other Gaming Steve members. This is mostly just an example, for the sake of time i wont ACTUALLY be rolling die for this fight. In fact this will be the last mention of this fo-match.

How will you customize your killing machine?
A) Tanker
B) Brute Hunter
C) Range Hunter
D) Pack Hunter
E) Sneak Hunter
F) Air Hunter
G) Supporter

Bux: 0
Respect: 0
Sponsor: None
Bracket: Beginner
Team Name:
Gladiator Name:

Current teams:
Team Predator
The Forgotten
The Demo-Lycans

What will you name your killing machine anyway? And whats the name of your team?

Note: Silly creature names are awesome; but will leave most of the creature creation to me. A descriptive name like Geoff the Basher etc will give me a better idea of what to make of him (if you want more of a say)(or you could always say what you'd like to see on him).

Note 2: Combat will be done behind the scenes due to constraints on well, Spore, it will be a more dice rolling system. I will hold no mercy to consistent losers.

PC Games / Dragon Age: Origins
« on: August 15, 2009, 01:20:32 pm »
Seeing as this will be an awesome game, and that its being released in November, I suppose its time to start its topic eh?

Basically the game is the spiritual succesor to Baldurs Gate 2 (HELL YEAH).

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Main Website:

Why is it called :Origins you ask? Well when you start the story of the game you get to pick one of six 'origin' stories in which you develop character before the actual game and establish just who your character is. Its basically a 2-3 hour tutorial with story elements in it, which is pretty sweet. Most Origin stories also have multiple outcomes, providing for replayability within the first 3 hours of the game.

Magic is also supposedly sweet in this game, it have a 'physics' appeal apparently. IE, you hit someone with oil or cast 'grease' on them and then cast fire to inflict a greater DoT plus the initial DMG. Sounds cool, they call it 'spell combos'. I'm skeptical here because i mean how good will it be? If i freeze someone then hit them with a blunt object can they shatter? Either way it will be good enough for me.

Who else wants this/has some concerns?

PC Games / The Great Gaming Steve Game Exchange, updated v1.32!
« on: July 15, 2009, 02:57:11 pm »
You know, I'm tired of going to Gamespot and getting 5-15$ credits for my 60$ games I bought three weeks ago. Aren't you? So, I figure that why not trade my game for another one I want with people I sort of know/trust? Hell, I dont care if its PC <-> Xbox, 2 Xbox <-> 1 PS3, or even 3 DS & 2 PS3 <->  2 Wii games. I also thought this might be a decent media to get games that are hard to find that some have forgotten they have and don't want.

-You must well, exchange the game(s) requested. I would hate for someone to be duped and get the wrong game, or worse, no game at all. This is zero - tolerance, one report against you and you are banned from requesting and participating.
-This isn't a *you hand me yours and i'll hand you mine* situation, you both (Via PM's) schedule a date to send it and send it on that day.
-Ridiculous request are acceptable, but I don't want a bunch of "GTA4 for Halo 3, CoD 4, and Prototype!"; Be reasonable in your request. If you wouldnt take the request, neither would most other people!
-I don't run this, I just enforce it, don't PM me unless you are fulfilling a request of mine.
-Be respectful of others wants, don't bait and switch and don't laugh at request.
-This isn't an auction house, I don't want people pawning games here, its games for games, not games for money. There are other places for that.
-Post request as so for clarity: REQUEST! Be sure to specify system wanted and offering.
-Post accepting request as so for clarity: ACCEPTING -user's name-'s OFFER
-Keep it mainly disc please, unless you specify in your request, disc is what will be implied as to whats being exhanged.
-Keep mailing addresses to PM's, as well as any other contact infor you want to use.
-Don't be offended if someone doesn't take your accept, they may not trust you after all.
-Cross out fulfilled request or request you are no longer seeking.
-Feel free to bargain. Ie, Instead of this, I can give you this, that ok?
-Keep MMO's on the down low... They don't like that...
-Feel free to make a request while a request is still open!
-Exchange the game(s) requested.
Note: Rules subject to change. Comments, suggestions appreciated.

Current Exchange Request:
eropS - Both or either: CoD WaW (PC)/The Witcher(PC) for either: Far Cry 2(PC)/Overlord 2(Xbox or PC)/Red Faction Guerrilla(Xbox, PC)

Martyk - Alot for: Kirby's Air Ride (GC). Also up for other trades.

Cow - Either NWN2 (PC)/Sims 2 Deluxe(PC)/FFXI(Im assuming PC) for either: Gal Civ 2 Expansions (PC)/Any Total War game after Rome (PC)/Metal Gear Solid 4(PS3)

IamMe - Alot for Paper Mario: 1000 Year door and/or Super Paper Mario. Also up for other trades.

Pixxel - Wants A Tales game, especially after "Tales of the Abyss" on PS2, for FFXII (PS2) or The Godfather (Pc)

Yossitaru - One for one Xbox 360 games, offering Skate/Army of Two/Battlefield Bad Company

Gorman Conall - Alot for Alot (Mostly PC games, some PSP)

Badger Man22 - Trading Demigod(PC), Battle for Middle Earth 2(PC), Simcity Societies(PC) for Any The Sims 2 Exp excluding seasons, university or nightlife (PC), or, Simcity 4 (PC)

Pending Fulfillments:

Cow - IamMe

Fulfilled Request:

Martyk - eropS - IamMe

Yossitaru - eropS

Oh, right:


I have CoD World at War (PC), No box, was a gift, CD key unused.
Also, The Witcher (PC) (Not the newer one), Used, In good condition.

Overlord 2 (Xbox, PC), or, Red Faction Guerrilla (Xbox, PC), or, Far Cry 2 (PC).

Everything Else / Random Forum Member Encounters
« on: May 25, 2009, 09:49:08 pm »
So, have any of you seen a forum member in a different forum or game and you had no idea they were there?

I have. I was playing Halo 3 a couple months ago and lo and behold i see a PatMan gunning around on Valhalla and I was thinking "Holy Crap! What are those odds". Of course my gaming name changes on different accounts so he most likely didn't recognize GMNY 11, but yeah how about them odds? I have also seen Gauph on the DF forums.

Have any of you guys seen a fellow forum member on a different forum/game/anything, whether they recognized you or not is unimportant.

Movies / Dragonball Evolution
« on: April 10, 2009, 11:31:41 pm »
Yes. I saw it. Yes. It was awful. Yes. It ruined the DBZ storyline. Yes. Goku was white. Yes. Piccolo had an Asian lacky who said nothing.


TV / John Stewert vs Jim Cramer
« on: March 12, 2009, 07:57:35 pm »
Comedy Central, NOW! WATCH IT!

PC Games / Best Storylines in Games
« on: February 22, 2009, 08:27:25 pm »
Yeah, we need one of these, because lets face it, some games are better than books, and that deserves to be acknowledged. In this topic, post what you think are some of the best storylines you've experienced and why (they don't have to be RPG's).

For starters, (if you know me its obvious)
Baldur's Gate 2 (With ToB): I mean, what needs to be said? I loved every chapter of this games story, learning the history of my character, while simultaneously the history of my party members. Not to mention the final ending wasn't a huge let down or bust. Plus, you sort of felt like your character truly was the son of a god, not just heresay. This storyline was by far one of the best I've experienced.

The Witcher: Yeah, this one rocked to. This was almost like playing an interactive book, a good book. The depth of the characters and the fact that there was no true good or evil in the whole story was pure win for me. Not to mention how they *SPOILER* related ALvin and the Grand Inquisitor? Are you kidding? That was genious! */SPOILER*

Warcraft: Probably the only game that has, and will ever, make me want to buy and read all 6 books. Yeah, Warcraft's storys were epic because of the magnitude of characters and the distinct personalities they all had that made each one memorable, I mean, in WC3 when I was following Arthas, I was a little sad that it was up and dropped for the last 2 campaigns, thats some good storytelling when your upset that you cant continue to be one person. (or learn their fate). (But then WoW came along and allowed you to kill them all off).

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Virus - 13
« on: January 23, 2009, 03:13:17 pm »
Well, this is sort of inspired by Tragdante, minus being alien, billions of years old, and having other species of you around the galaxy that are highly evolved.

No image for first post.

The premise of the game is simple, we will create the ultimate virus that will cause a complete bodily shut down (death, paralysis, or vegetable state). We will be creating a brand new strand so don't be alarmed or upset if our virus fails to make any logical sense or if its design is flawed. Our virus must be able to overcome obstacles such as white blood cells, anti-bodies, bacteria, even other viruses. Now we must begin with out virus creation process. To begin, we must decide upon out virus's mode of infection, as in how people get it. We can eventually upgrade to all of the following but our virus is weak for now.

Will our virus
A) Be transfered through blood? (STD, etc)
B) Be transfered through the digestive system? (Eating something tainted with feces, etc)
C) Be transfered through saliva? (Cold, flu, etc)
D) Other. (If D is chosen please come up with another way)

Movies / The Spirit
« on: December 17, 2008, 07:01:50 pm »
There are like 10 trailers for this and i still have no idea whats going on.

All i know is I want to see it, badly. It looks so bad, it'll be awesome.

"I have eight of everythang!"

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Game - Chapter 3
« on: November 22, 2008, 07:42:36 pm »
Um, im a little confused by all the stats based games going around, so here's a multiple choice story for you all.

You find yourself waking in a pool of who knows what. Your disoriented and trying to get your barrings straight when you realize the entire room is black, the only light is coming from what appears to be a faintly lit crack in a door at the end opposite end of the room. The wet pool you are laying in has a familiar scent, a scent you easily begin to recognize. Blood. Suddenly, your body kicks in to action and fear overtakes you. Instantly your body jerks up and you begin to analyze your surroundings in greater detail. The light at the end of the room is faint and blue, the room you are in has only one exit, and you are not alone. Horror overtakes you as you notice the body next to you, quickly you check his vitals. Dead. A dead man, was it supposed to be you to? You feel your body, no cuts, no feelings of pain, nothing. You deduce you were drugged possibly, but what does it matter? Your here now and you need to find some way out. As you look around some more, you notice there are hooks lining the walls and what appears to be a rather large hunting knife close by. The smell of death begins to overtake you and you stand up hoping for fresh air. Panic sets in and your muscles tense, your life is in danger and you know it now. Suddenly, you hear a shuffle. Your eyes dart around the room looking for the source. The shuffling continues and your body forces you to turn around, knowing the sound is coming from behind you. Your eyes lock onto a dead man on a hook, a dead man that's thrashing at you. You step back, to scared to run, to fascinated to look away. Unfortunately, you step over the dead man on the floor and trip, splashing in the blood below you. You feel a slight pain in your thigh and quickly look and see the dead man on the floor wasnt as dead as you thought, and he is tightly grasping your leg, trying to pull himself towards you. In a flurry, you...

A) Attempt to beat the dead man off with your fist
B) Try to crawl out of the mans grip and grab the knife
C) Try to crawl out of the mans grip and bolt to the light

Your choices determine your life, so choose wisely.
Majority vote is what happens. If you want to edit your choice a bit like saying A) Use foot instead though, please go ahead.
Go ahead, post your vote.

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