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Spore: General / Weaponry?
« on: April 04, 2007, 05:05:44 pm »
What sort of weapons will there be, like for the vehicles? Not just death rays right? Bullets? Tank ballistics?
Carpet bombs? c4? Napalm? Otherworldly weapon of mass destruction?? so on, so on....

Spore: General / Word!
« on: April 04, 2007, 02:55:36 pm »
I was wondering,(sry if it has already been posted.)
will there be writing? or alphabet? literature?
Like the iq-increasing-monolith-thing, it would be cool if one could have some sort of inscription in it to make the creatures that live near wonder or something.

or maybe there will be an Universal alphabet, which all civilized creatures have to use, like on earth we have English which is say"universal".

if your Creature was talking, say "Urskgt" or something, and it controls most of the entire universe, then all the civilizations that were under their rule, had to talk Urskgt?
Haha. Discuss... ;)

Spore: General / Civ styles- how are you going to rule?
« on: March 30, 2007, 04:43:40 pm »
So, I just thought about starting a new topic after looking at the topic about city styles, why not Civilization styles, like how would you be emperor of your creatures?

Go on... Discuss... :)

Spore: Creation Corner / The Almighty Gazurg!!1one
« on: March 28, 2007, 10:38:51 am »
I bring you the almighty Gazurg race. they have been my "first-to-create-in-spore" creature.

Well, some info:

They are Carnivores. Savage, savage carnivores. ;D
They aren't exactly the brightest creature in the universe, but they always manage.
Their home planet is a hot and arid desert world, where every creature fights to survive, every day and night is a struggle.
The Gazurgs are very strong and capable, they also are social and have formed tribes around the savannas of their planet(I haven't come up with a name yet.) Together they hunt other weaker creatures, it is not often they band together to fight a greater foe(the Gazurgs prefer to fight alone.)
The Gazurgs are not the greatest or strongest creature to grace the vast plains and deserts of their planet, but they are the most social ones.

As you may have thought, they have not gotten far into technology yet, still living in small villages and hamlets.
They have a "reliable" trading system with each of their villages, as they do not know(yet) to control other creatures to do their work for them, they must use their own strength to drag their merchandise to the designated village/market. Therefore they often tend to relax on their way, often leading to that the wares don't reach their target in the supposed time... :D
The Gazurgs have one strong leader, he is also the brightest. The people select a ruler through several simple tests, fight one another, mazes, math(!) and so on. The one who wins all the tests, becomes the ruler!

A Gazurg Scout. There are lots of other things there as well. My apologies for the lack of color, it just messes him up.
there's also some flying creature on top.

Updates are coming(if I have the time)

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