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Art / The Merry Doodles and Sketches Thread!
« on: December 06, 2007, 10:54:58 am »
I dunno if this type of thread will work, maybe it'll be deserted in a few days...

but here goes:

I decided to make a thread where we can all post our drawings and artwork.
It does not need to be magnificent quality, just something you'd like to share.

Like this:

Go ahead, post!

PC Games / Demolition sim(s)
« on: November 29, 2007, 02:04:11 pm »
i'm trying to find a program that simulates destruction/explosions in buildings/implosions/etc like this one:

It looked so much fun, and i just had to download it, but i cant seem to find it anywhere. :'(

Can you help me? maybe a way of downloadin' it or something just like it?

Everything Else / Life Tips & Tricks
« on: November 26, 2007, 08:11:11 am »
So, i thought this thread would be a cool thing.
Give tips about life, what not to do and what to do.

Example: Girls like it when you are nice to them, but they also like it when you are a bit mean to them, so mix it up a little.

I'm kindof dry atm, so that's all i could think of.
Go ahead! post ;)

Everything Else / Halp!!
« on: November 17, 2007, 12:39:25 pm »
Youtube stops playing after 2 seconds, and no sound.

Whenever i play a youtube video, the sound disappears. and it stops after two seconds... This is really annoying, cause now i cannot play half life 2 episode 2 or any other game, with sound!! >:(

Please, does anyone know how to fix this?

Everything Else / What are you (going to be)?
« on: November 13, 2007, 02:58:00 pm »
Hey, i was just wondering, what do you people want to be? (work, etc.)
If you allready have work, tell us what it is!

I want to be a physicist.
If that fails, i'll try and become an maritime electro engineer.
if that fails, i'll want to become a concept artist for a game firm,
if everything fails, i'll just draw my own comic.

Spore: Creation Corner / .- Nihili -.
« on: October 25, 2007, 05:02:11 pm »
I made a creature!!

They are called the Nihili. I just started so i havent really done too much. Might come by and update when i've got enough time, or if you really want me to. Remember, it's a work in progress.. hence the small amount of info.
Let's kick off with the history of them, shall we?


The Nihili are an ancient race which has been observing all the other creatures and sentinent lifeforms in the universe.
They are very intelligent, and have found the ways of war unneccessary. They are a peaceful race who love to communicate with other creatures/lifeforms.


They live on a planet called Velea. The planet looks like this.

You may have noticed two things, light-blue orbs which are scattered around the planet. These are Orb Sanctuaries. These are the homes of the Nihili, (you may call them cities.) in which they live and do their daily chores (science and understanding of the universe, or trade on the local market.).
The other you might have noticed are the purple-ish things. These are Crystal dunes. They produce what the Nihili call Vertiala, or just Power. The crystals are grown to the ground and needs quite some force to be pulled up. But this is not neccessary. The Nihili have found a way to draw power from the crystals without harming them.

The Nihili live in a class-society, every Nihili is given a rank out from her/his' achievements to society.

Here is one very high ranking Nihili, the Keeper.

The keeper is dressed in a dark cloth garb. It may not give too much protection but it is not needed, since the Nihili can easily create a protective sphere around him/herself. The Keeper's job is to protect the Leader of the Nihili(which i am yet to find a good name to.).
Keepers have one primary attack, it is rarely used, as there is no need for war in Velea.
The attack is created by the Keeper focusing hard enough to create a lethal bolt of lightning.


The Nihili are not one race, but many. There are different races around the planet and this here is one example.

The Hiraka.

This picture illustrates two Hiraka kids. They stand about half a meter high. The Hiraka(meaning Cold) hail from the northern parts of Velea, a place called Hiraka Irashi (meaning Cold Country), you might have thought from the looks of the planet that Velea is completely arid desert terrain. Well, think again! even though there is no snow in Hiraka Irashi, it's extremely cold. So cold infact that the Crystals almost cannot be harvested!
Hirakan people live in mountains, or on the icy fields where they dig holes in the ground. There isn't very much usable on the surface of Hiraka Irashi, and the Nihili or Hirakans don't remember how the earliest Hirakans managed to dig their ways into the stone hard mountains.

PC Games / The Witcher
« on: October 24, 2007, 02:59:42 pm »
Hay, i've been watching this game for a while, but forgot it for a while, then one day it seems that it's just two days till it's released in Europe! yay! (America must wait a bit longer, mohaha)

It looks very good, seeing as it has been given a 6/6 on a review.

Discuss, what do you think of it? will you buy it?

Oh, and here's the linky

Spore: General / Will recieves award!
« on: October 15, 2007, 11:20:15 am »
According to Kotaku,

For the first time in the history of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, the Fellowship - the Academy's highest accolade - will be bestowed upon a member of the video game industry. SimCity creator Will Wright is rightly receiving the honor at this year's British Academy Video Game Awards, taking place at London's Battersea Evolution on October 23rd.

Hilary Bevan Jones, Chairman of the Academy said "Will's immense, creative body of work and his continued contribution to the industry make him a most worthy recipient of the Fellowship and being such a pioneer, we are thrilled that he will be the first person to receive this honour".
Past winners of the Fellowship include Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin, and Steven Spielberg. Congratulations Mr. Wright. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bloke.

Sims Creator Wright inducted into BAFTA Fellowship Creator of The Sims, Will Wright, joins legends such as Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin and Steven Spielberg as he is inducted into BAFTA's Fellowship at this year's Awards ceremony
Monday 15th October/... Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, the world's best selling PC gaming franchise with more than 90 million units sold, will shortly join an exclusive number of household names from TV and Film as he becomes the first recipient of the Fellowship from the video games industry at the British Academy Video Games Awards 2007. The Fellowship is the highest accolade the Academy can bestow on an individual for their creative work.

Until now, the much lauded Fellowship has remained an exclusive part of BAFTA's more established pillars, TV and Film. But today's British Academy recognises the massive impact of video games on popular culture and their huge contribution to the whole art form of the moving image.

Hilary Bevan Jones, Chairman of the Academy said "Will's immense, creative body of work and his continued contribution to the industry make him a most worthy recipient of the Fellowship and being such a pioneer, we are thrilled that he will be the first person to receive this honour".

Wright, who is widely accepted as one of the world's leading visionaries in the field of video game design, has been passionately creating games for more than twenty years. Although he has worked on a number of hugely successful games, among them Raid On Bungling Bay (1984), SimCity (1989), SimCity 2000 (1993), SimCity 3000 (1989) and SimCity 4 (2003), he is best known for bringing to fruition one of the best-loved games franchises in history, The Sims - a game whose inspiration sprang from a combination of the aforementioned titles.

Other 'firsts' at this year's Awards include the BAFTA Ones To Watch Award in association with Dare To Be Digital which recognises up-and-coming talent, and the PC World Gamers' Award, the only publicly-voted award of the night ( This year's Awards will be held at London's Battersea Evolution on 23 October. Music acts will include the indie rock band Athlete with another act being confirmed this week. The show will be broadcast on E4 on November 4 at 11pm and repeated the following weekend on Channel 4.

Maybe this will boost his morale about spore, by doing so, polishing the game even better!  :D

Forum Games / Tweaked Sponsorships
« on: October 09, 2007, 11:24:21 am »
Okay, i thought that this might be fun, you find some item that people can buy(for example, not necessarily) and than find a company-slogan and add it.


Item: Condom
Nike: Just do it.

Go on, slogans may be reused, ofc.

PC Games / Lion
« on: August 11, 2007, 06:43:27 pm »
Anyone knows which game i'm talking about? you are controlling a group of lions and hunt food and live the life in the african savannas.
I have tried to make it work on my copmuter but it just won't. if you know anything, then pm me or just post it here ;)

Spore: General / Which Phase will you enjoy most?
« on: August 09, 2007, 04:01:26 pm »
In the near future, when the game actually comes out, then repost, won't you! ;)

as for me, i think it'll be creature phase. Even though the others might be fun, after seeing so much from the creature phase in will wrights' talks and such, i am more excited by that than the others.

Everything Else / Posting a flash movie
« on: August 08, 2007, 04:42:18 pm »
Anyone knows how and if i can load a flash video here on the forum? like a little video for a new creature in the Spore: Creation Corner.

I didnt really know where to put this so i just put it here. please halp guys :D

Spore: General / Sieges
« on: August 08, 2007, 08:06:14 am »
Have there been any talk about that you will have to defend your city in the early stages of civilisation age? like with swords and bows and large walls n' stuff. And your creatures can walk on the walls to fire arrows at the enemy or something.

what do you think?

Spore: General / gravityy
« on: August 02, 2007, 10:08:36 am »
How will gravity have an effect on the creatures, if they live on a planet with gravity that litterally pulls you down to the ground, when the creatures get used to it, and maybe go out into outer space, and visit a planet with for example the gravity of the earth, would they be affected? stronger, maybe?

Everything Else / magrathea
« on: July 16, 2007, 07:25:05 am »
I looked into Slartibarti's profile, and read where he came from. Magrathea...."hmm..wonder where that is."

So i googled. and found
Thought people would like to see it. looks pretty fun, though i haven't had the time to try it out.

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