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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / New Evolution Game! (Name Pending)
« on: September 06, 2008, 11:30:53 am »
 This is an evolution game based on Sporevo, using the Creature Editor in 'Create'. The rules are copied from Sporevo, with a little amendment here and there...

1. You cannot evolve a creature you made. However you can evolve one that someone else evolved from yours.

2. You may only add up to 100 DNA points per evolution. 1 Backbone spine is worth 25 DNA. Colour changes, resizing of any parts and moving parts* is free! However if you sell back parts they can go towards that generation's DNA. Replacing the mouth, for example, lets you spend the cost of the mouth+100 DNA. DNA can not be banked. *Try to keep placement sensible. Eyes should be close to the brain, which should be close to other sensory organs.

3. The numbers or parts each count so if you have 2 mirror parts they are not equal to one centred part but double a centred part. For instance: 1 Whipwick (Flagellum)=25 DNA, 2 (Either separate or mirrored)=50 DNA, 3=75 DNA, etc.

4. Limbs cost 20 DNA per bone (part between joints). Limbs do not apply to the below rule...

5. To stop jumping to complex and powerful parts, you must start with the left-hand column of what you want and work from there. For example, if, somewhere you want to get the eye Evil Eye, the creature must first have had, or still have, Coygamine, Grumpeye and Furtive. You can have as many of any parts apart from...

5.5. A creature can only have one mouth at a time, so you will have to replace mouths. This is crucial as the far right mouths cost 250 DNA, which is the last mouth (150), plus 100. If you want to change rows of mouth, you have to go back down the row, and then change. But, as you can't edit your own creature, it has to be planned for. Perhaps even a secret collaboration.

6. You may not upload any of these to the online Sporepedia and must use an image-sharing site such as Photobucket to post your PNG.

7. It must follow the following format...

*PNG Image file so we can right click and download it to use*
Name: The name of this species
Ancestor: What it evolved from
Diet: Carnivore, Omnivore or Herbivore
Added Parts: Listed parts you added.
Subtracted Parts:List parts you sold for DNA.
Food Web Placement: This is a little stylistic on my part. Choose any of the areas from here (PDF) apart from the plants.
Habitat: What sort of terrestrial biome the creature lives in. Here are some examples. This is important for colouration moderation.
Any description you want to say.

Clean Copy:
Added Parts:
Subtracted Parts:
Food Web Placement:

We're going to straight onto land, as that is where the Creature Phase begins. If an Underwater stage happens at some point, or a less sugary-sweet, but just as fantastic, evolution simulator comes out, and this crashes before then, I'll start again. But, here is the first creature. It has a Gobsterclaw, as that is the closest I could get to a Cell Stage mouth.

Name: Primas
Ancestor: N/A
Diet: Carnivore
Parts: Gobsterclaw (Mouth), Stalkgazer (Senses), Brawnysaurus (Limbs)
Food Web Placement: Insectivore/Small Predator
Habitat: Tropical Rainforest
Description: This thing emerged from the primordial ocean, come to conquer the land.


Notes, postscripts and thank yous.

0. The MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: This is made using the Editor in the Spore Game. All costs are from that.

1. We will stay in creature. No going to tribal.

1.5 No going back into the water either. If an Underwater Editor does come out, it will be slightly separate. That doesn't stop you using fish-like parts.

2. There is no need to make plants. For herbivores, just assume the right plants are there to eat. However, you may make Planimals, animals with plant features, which herbivores can eat. This could be helpful in the tundra areas where there is very little plant life. Idea: You can put in your description that the ball weapons dangling from the creature is actually fruit.

2.5 And on insects and fish: They are ambient. You don't have to make them (unless they are huge insects).

3. The quality of eyes is thus among the columns: monochrome (black and white), dichrome (black, white and one primary colour), trichrome (all three primary) and quatrichrome (all spectra; including ultraviolet and infrared). This is important for predator-prey relationships. Plus to make sure there are upgrades. (Thank you Yannick for the colours.)

3. I am the moderator (unless I say otherwise). I will be doing weekly updates (If I have the time), where I will be listing all that happened in the last week. Particularly which animals are extinct and extant. Part of my decision is based on colouration, plus some other criteria. Or maybe sometimes on a whim.

4. There is no map, mostly because I don't know how to make one that isn't using a fractal generator. Anyone who wants to make one, feel free to. Just assume that there is one large continent at the moment, with all the biomes. If you want you may put which side of the equatorial rainforest the biome is on in Habitat.

5. If anyone wants to do a taxonomy graph, a wiki, photoshopped dioramas, or anything like that, feel free to.

6. I hope to make a Sporecast of this, once we get enough creatures and when we've decided on a name.

7. Thank you to (I'll credit anyone who does something major to contribute):
    Hydromancerx, who came up with Sagan 4, Sporevo, and his Naucean on SporeWiki is what brought me to Gaming Steve.
    Maxis, for creating The Sims, The Sims 2 and Spore. The first two gave and gives me hours of fun, and the last is sure to give me fun to come.
And to You, the eventual contributors.

8. Unthanks to EA, who gave my family a whole load of grief thanks to your Draconian download limit.

Thank you for reading.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re-birth of the Has'ri
« on: July 05, 2008, 08:43:42 am »
Now, I'm good at following the crowd. I've noticed, with the CC being available, people doing revitalizations of their creatures, a la Doctor Who. So I've done the same.

Klick Haare for original picture.

Mouth = S'gnarly
Eyes = Felizard
Nose = Snuffle
Ears = Kitty
Arms= Doubelbow
Legs = Thighstrider
Graspers = Setaetarsal
Feet = Slasherknight
Details = Grasstachio
Details = Triterraflops
Details = Megachiraptora

I'm unsure it translated well...Also, in the Prima guide that was out, it said if your creature is too complex, it won't be able to go to Tribal phase. Now, it also seemed that it was based on an older build, despite that, would the fact that it's orange be a problem?

More to come, paticularly creatures, of which I was light in my first thread.

Who else thinks the CC needs some sort of gladitorial combat mode? I do.

Greetings. This will be in the form of a guide book, in that it'll have a picture of the creature, and a short description. I probably won't get the full creator until Thusday, so you'll have to put up with the trial version for now. :p (oh god did I just use a smiley?) Anyway, I'm kinda annoyed Sporepedia is down... :( (and again)

Green Text means it's in Sporepedia
Black Text means it's not in Sporepedia.

The Common Hasoid

Scientific Name: Hazshezan Trog
Order: Primates
Family: Hazsh-like
Distribution: The Shadowglade Rainforest, a dark mountain rainforest.
Habitat: Rainforest, paticularly dark, dence ones.
Diet: Carnivores, mostly small birds.
Lifespan: 45-50 years
Conservation Status: Threatened
Info: Although they have wings, they are vestigal. They can glide for a while, but not as much as other creatures. Plus they are deaf.

The Occulens Hasoid

Scientific Name: Hazshezan Trog Occulens
Order: Primates
Family: Hazsh-like
Distribution: Most tropical rainforests, paticularly The Riverrun Forest.
Habitat: Tropical Rainforests.
Diet: Carnivores, again small birds and mammals.
Lifespan: 40-45 years
Conservation Status: Vulnerable
Info: When you live in an enviroment filled with Drop Birds (Birds that jumps out of trees break the bone of their prey) and falling branches, it pays to have eyes everywhere. This is the case with this Hasoid.

Carnivorous Pouell

Scientific Name: Pouellen Carnivora
Order: Even-toed
Family: Long-necks
Distibution: The Southern Grasslands
Habitat: Savannah
Diet: Scavenger, so anything it finds dead.
Lifespan: 20-30 years
Conservation Status: Near Threatened
Info: Like a cross between a hyena and a giraffe, the Pouell stalks the savannah in search for food.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Hero's Guild Poll-Game
« on: March 24, 2008, 08:28:12 am »
"And so, from now until your eventual deaths, you shall now carry the title of Hero. May you go forth from these ancient halls into the world, destroying the evils that plague the lands of this planet. But bare in mind this. You are not the first, neither are you expected to be the last heroes of the world, and you are certainly not alone. The people need you, and you need them. Be proud, but humble, for without those around, you would be nothing. And if you ever stray from the path of good," the old man smiled, "be sure there is no place in this world you can hide for long. I pronounce you all Heroes!" With that, one hundred voices cheered, with all accents and genders. Then came the party in the city of Elyar. It was used to it's annual binge-fest from the nubile, hormones-escaping-like-a-trapped-waterfall, rich new heroes from the Guild. I won't go in to the details, but this year was no different.

The next morning, the bar room of The Elixir and Book was a mess. Various things that should be inside the body were covering the walls, floor and ceiling. It was here that Warner Jelden awoke. Warner tried to think, it hurt. Soon, probably the most important piece of information was flooding towards him. 'What is my gender?'

Use the Poll To Vote!

This is going to be like the Mystery Poll game, except you are a hero, instead of a psychopath. Though, you can be if you want to be.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / World Builder Project
« on: February 15, 2008, 12:22:52 pm »
Well, with Spore finally within our grasp, I thought I'd try something new. Using this site, I would this site to make a new part of the galaxy. Of course, thanks to it being incomplete, I will then move onto here when we get to the intelligent stuff.

But I also want help from everyone else on this. So, every update, I'll ask for what people want. I'll update as we go along. So, without any further ado, let's begin!

Unit 1 (Solar System).1 (The Sun)

The first step is to decide what our Sun (or suns) will be like. The main questions that need to be answered are:
What is its name/are its names?
How many are there? I'm going to set the limit at five. Any more than that and it just gets silly.
What type/Where in the Main Sequence is it? You have O, B, A, F, G, K & M. Bare in mind that logically, only F, G and K stars could support life.
What number is it? F and G are numbered 0, 2, 5 and 8; K has 0-5 and 7. A higher number means it's smaller and cooler.

Criticism is welcome.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / What will you do?
« on: December 13, 2007, 10:18:58 am »
Despite the fact that this place has become a fasinating Science Fiction setting, I wonder if people have remembered why we did all this, for a computer game called Spore.

General was put up so we could talk about it, Creature Corner was put up so we could preview our creatures, and RP&S was put up so we could play with them in the meantime. But I think some of us have forgotten why we do this.

So what will you do when it comes out in Spring '08? Will you write a story/documentary on your creature's progress in RP&S? Necro your old thread with information, or make a totally new one? Or just not bother?

I might use the filming feature they talked about to create a documenatry, complete with my best David Attonborough voice, and put on YouTube.

Also, I want to know what you will do with the Demo they have told us about.

I'm just going to use to make ambient animals and plants, and make Sophonts with the Spore Game.

EDIT: I put this in RP&S because it seemed the most appropriate place.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / God Wars - The Southern Tribe
« on: December 02, 2007, 02:17:07 pm »
What's it like not to exist? It must be a very unusual feeling. But that's how many gods must feel. They are called into existance, much like you have, to cater, or not as the case may be, to the whims of mortals.

Because that is what you are. Peoples hopes, or fears, made flesh. You are as they see you. You are the ultimate Shroedinger's cat. People have no idea wheather you exist until you make yourself known.

And that is waht you have been called to do. A small island on the south of a world poulated by Gods. Good, bad; powerful and new. All carve out their own people's culture. They call you Cetmeeguel. But I know what you are. I know what all gods are. They are merely playthings for higher beings. I've seen you be good and bad to mortals. But what about the just plain cruel?

This is how the puny mortals expect you to look.

And the island you shall rule over:

Key: T - Chief Hut
       H - Hut
       W - Well

You can see the trees to the south, and the swamps and mountains to the east. That is a volcano, the one where you were born out of reportedly.

Population: 40
Faith: 15%
Power: 100
Affiliation: 0%
Thirst: 5

Chieften's Hut x1
Hut x4
Well x1

50 Spearmen (Flint-head spears)

Erect tents
Dig Wells
Make Spears

Available Tech:
Domesticate Animal (specify. It's a jungle enviroment, so boars, monkeys, tigers, etc)
Cultivate Crops (Friut orchards)
Build ships


Fire and Destruction
You were born out of the flame of a volcano. Fire is your strongest element. Spells cost 50% less.
Heat Up - 5

Water and Ice
Water is your weakest element. So spells cost 50% more
Rain - 15

Earth and Nature
Fertile Earth - 10
More for the Hunt - 10

Air and Energy
No known spells.

No known spells.

No known spells.

Yeah, starts the same as the other two, but I've added a new twist. I've wanted this to be based on Aztec/Inca culture, so I've added Thirst. Thirst for blood. The higher the number, the less spells you can cast a turn. As we can only cast one, it only matter when it's in the red. Here's how to keeep it down:
Blood of an animal (Must be domesticated): -1 (-1 Aff)
Blood of a Mortal: -2 (-4 Aff)
Blood of a Chieften/Hero/Meta-human: -3 (-9 Aff)
Blood of a God: Stays at 0 for three turns. (-16 Aff)

Storytelling and Roleplaying / A New World: The Journey RP
« on: September 19, 2007, 09:43:57 am »
September 19th, 2057, Kilamanjaro Space Elevator.
The President of the USA, Steven Gaming, stepped up to the podium. It was to broadcast to all homes, all stations, on all frequencies. "People of Earth, the Moon and Mars, today we step forward into our place in the universe, in the largest manmade structure ever. It cost every human $100 to build this, and now, half a million people will go to Ymir, a whole new world for humanity. For the past 25 years we've been waiting for this moment. I will now take you live to Commander Rhein, who will be in commanding this mission."
Every screen then cut to a tall, middle-aged man, whereing a crisp white uniform. "Guten Morgen vorld. I vould yust like too zank eferyone who helped in ze creation of zis ship vhere half a million people vill make zheir home fur ze next seferal of monzs. I hafe a feeling zis vill be a trip to remember."
Things went on like that for several hours, with various dignetries giving their say, such as William III of the British Isles, and the Middle Eastern Energy Compeny, who more or less funded the enterprise. While all this was going on, half a million people were subjegated to the most intence searches ever. They then took the elevator to the ship. When everyone was on board, after several hours, the elevators retracted. Cmdr Rhein gave his speach: "Today, ve take our place among ze stars!"

On board, everyone got their own large house, and a car-like vehicle. They were given their jobs, and luggage.

On the top deck, Rhein gave the commnad, "Start ze varp drife!"

Storytelling and Roleplaying / A New World: The Journey RP Planning Thread.
« on: September 17, 2007, 09:04:49 am »
Hello. This RP is set in the future. 50 years in the future to be exact. Humanity is taking a giant leap forward by going to Ymir, or Gliese 581c, mostly for research, mostly for expansion.
Plans for colonization began in 2019, when robots were designed and created specifically for this expansion. They left Earth 2025, and sent back a signal in 2050. 7 years later, and the colony ship Armstrong is taking all comers to it. It is probably the most secure place off Earth.
The UNSS Armstrong has the Command Deck, where the bridge and officer's quater's; the Military Deck, with bunks, stores and messes; the City Deck, with shops and resturants; the Suburban deck, or civvy quaters; the Server, where all the computer stuff is stored; the Engine room, where the stuff that keep the ship going is stored; the Farming deck, where the farmers amke new food, and oxygen; and the Docks, where the Pods, the way down to the planet, and Strike Shuttles, pumped up Shuttles, are stored.
Really, only two major advances have been made in Earth Technology. First, Warp Drive. The warp drive projects a field that creates a multi-layered bubble of normal space around the ship inside which the ship is never exceeding C, even though the bubble is. The ship can still see and be seen by objects around it. It can still collide with physical objects in normal space. Then there is FTL digital technology, which uses Induced Corna Belts (don't ask, don't tell). Other than that, just use common sence, it's just 50 years in the future, and ask if you need clarification.
You can play one chararecter.
My character will be:
Name: Commander Wolfgang Rhein
Nationlity: German
Age: 50
Career: Commander of the UNSS Armstrong

You can add more information as you see fit. But above is the bar minimum. We'll start when we have enough. About half a million people are coming on this ship, so you can create a new character as you see fit, as long as you only have one.
EDIT 20.9.07
By Alwayswatching.
Hm, maybe there should be a few grades of people living on this ship.

Higher Employee - Probably obvious. These would be leadersand important people in the running of the ship.
Employee - There is a thin line between Employee and just a civilian with a job. An employee works directly for the good of the ship, while other workers simply have a normal job.
Honourary Citizen - Important people who were invited aboard.
Paying Citizen - Most of the ships population. People who payed A LOT of money to board the ship.

Character list
By Didero
Wolfgang Rhein, commander (Haseri)
Jake, army recruit (Little)
Colbert Green, freelancer and xenobiologist (OathinBlood)
Christopher White, psychiatrist (Alwayswatching)
Dirk Bryson, propulsion engineer (Didero)
Cat (Kcronos)
Paul Marcele, surgeon (Plank of Wood)
Webster Astell, secret agent (?) (PatMan33)
Eirik Bloodax, engineer (Veraal)
Gerald Pryor, programmer / system debugger (neoadept)
Ghett Vellsoon, chief medical officer (TotalSandwich)
Henry Black, military / police officer (Snake)
Daniel Ashemford, street magician (Opium monster)
Alex Cameron, computer technician (Martyk)

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Beyond
« on: August 11, 2007, 09:47:26 am »

Mmm, my head. Wha-what's happened to my vision?

That's better. I can't remember a thing. Where am I? Who am I? What do I mean by who am I?
Ok, some stuff is coming back to me. I know basic things. I know I'm lead down, I'm female, with short brown hair.

According to the labels on me, I seem to be called Wenelynn.

Ok, over there seems to be a staff. Strange, it seems to be calling to me...

And some men... They don't look very nice.

What should I do now?

Off: 3
Def: 15
Sped: 3
HP: 9
MP: 14
Spells: N/A
Equip: Spellmetal Armour

Notes: Italics means it's Wenelynn's thoughts. The stats are Offensive (Attack), Defensive (Defence), Speed, Health Points and Mana Points. Yes, these things are a dime a dozen, but at least they are fun. I'll try to update the same time around every day, unless I'm internet-less.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Galactic Conquest
« on: July 26, 2007, 03:27:46 pm »
Breaking News26th July 2067 23:14 GMT
Good evening, I'm Newsbot, your ominpecent news droid, bring you the latest top stories. In a surprise press realease, the UN have decided that plans going in to space are going forward publicly. UN spokeperson Hagayada Tori had this to say:
"It is time for Earth to leave it's cradle, and venture out into space. We have two ships, one manned by the bravest men and women on Earth, to explore new worlds; and a colony ship, which will carry members of the public to a new world, where they will live. Thank you, and good night."

Well sir, it's official. As head of the UN, you are in control of the Earth's forces, and it's colonies. Earth is more or less united, with minor scuffles here and there, nothing drastic. This is a map of the inner planets

Pop: ~10 billion. Tre: $12,000,000,000 Inc: +$1,000,000,000 Hap: 95%
The blue circle is Earth. The grey circle is the Moon. We have about 10 billion people on Earth and about 20 million on the Moon.
This is the Argus class surveying ship they were talking about:

It is used for exploring. It's crewed my 20 men and women you have trained fo four years for this. If you have any questions, I'm sure I can answer them.
This is the Apollo class colony ship

It carries about 0.25 million civilians on board, and about 50 crew. Again, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

So, I guess sir, what is your will?

A. Explore the Belt
B. Colonise Mercury
C. Colonise Venus
D. Colonise Mars
E. Build Argus class $12,000,000
F. Build Apollo class $13,000,000
G. Research $11,000,000 (state what you want researched)

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Transcript (Has'ri Intro)
« on: March 17, 2007, 02:09:33 pm »
(Well, I have to introduce them somehow)

Audio Transcript
Taken: 24,087.54839
Participents: Emperor of Emerald and Polaris, Gabriel the Pure; Grand Adviser George the Wise.
//transript begins
the Wise: My liege, it gives me great honour to say, we are about to make first contact,
the Pure: With who?
the Wise: We are not sure, my lord, but they will instruct us to the state of our galaxy. And many will come.
the Pure: Realy? When will they be here?
the Wise: We expect them within the day, my lord.
the Pure: Tell my taliors to prepare a new suit! We must make good impressions to our visitors...
\\transcript ends   

Spore: Creation Corner / New Creature - Has'ri
« on: March 17, 2007, 11:25:50 am »
This is my first post ever on this thing, so, be kind, and have constructive critisism.

The Has'ri

The Has'ri are from the planet Emerald in the Polaris system. In eartly terms they are related to bats, due to the two wings sprouting directly out of their spine. They also have a pointed chin, claws the sive of knife blades and a tail that could smash bone.

Pronounciation: Hazsh-E-ree. Has'ri have invisible letters, like silent, but invisible.

Type: Warm Blooded Bipedal Winged Terrestrial Arial Vertabrate.

Life: Family groups numbering well over 30.

Habitat: Tall, evergreen forests, with space to fly.

Height: 6'-6'6''

Weight: 230-300lb

Diet: Carniverous, with a liking of internal organs.

Armour: No natrual armour, but blood clots quickly and veins, arteries and nerves heal quickly. Unmatched flying speed.

Weapons: 12 claws, 3 on each hand and foot and a club on the tail made of keritin (fingernails).

Lifespan: 840 years (slow motabilism)

Gestation: When the female recives the fertiliser, the egg splits, but doesnt join together. After 54 months, the female's uterus resembles a bag of living matter. In a birthing temple, the gas is released and spores float around. They then form in a mess of living matter. The mother swallows the mess, and gestion continues a lá human. After 108 months since fertilisation, the child is born.

Still to come: Polaris, Emerald, Ships.

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