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for this, all you need is too say name and species. I have no expectations

a short flyer is posted on a run-down intergalactic city street:

interested in well placed words and cross-perspective thoughts? the poets society offers a free exchange of ideas and short literature. every night. hosted by esteemed Gradient poet, Kaerch-prahget.

free warm beverages provided. open house, all week.

Spore: Creation Corner / Hiraak/Machy
« on: October 07, 2009, 05:22:26 pm »
the Hiraak

the gaurdian

the wise ones, the stategists, and the ranged fighters

the agressive melee fighters

the strong laborores

The Machy

machy lord


the light, agile ones

machy ka;

the powerfull monsterous ones

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / the wallowing hunt (rp)
« on: October 03, 2009, 11:10:56 pm »
classic style rp (individual characters doing what they do). trying a revival here. but nobody will notice. or participate. im just tired of all the goddamn 'evolution from a single cell', games, which are now spilling over to the normal rp forum

a large bounty and promises of epic adventure is calling expert (and not so expert) hunters from across the stars. the target: the wallower, a large, battle-weary beast of immense strength and stamina, on the desolate planet of Cragen.

usual character sheet;

Storytelling and Roleplaying / grumpy mcgrumpy, the grumpy squid
« on: September 24, 2009, 08:05:36 pm »

you are grumpy mcrumpy, the grumpy squid. he is grumpy. what should he do?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / you're a king
« on: September 20, 2009, 09:00:30 pm »
red: us
dark green
light brown

allies; purple
economics (in thousands)
food supply; adequate
resources available; clay, hardy crops, iron deposits, steel deposits, fish, stout timber, strange herbs
goods stocked; 1 fishsticks, 2 phonyshon cloth, 6 lumber, 4 raw iron, 3 raw steel, 3 ballistas, 5 cattle

population; 80, stable
worker demographic 25 farmers, 15 crafters, 2 miners(iron, steel), 8 fishworkere 2 3 deforesters, 1
 2 herdmen

army size; 1 berserker 8 crossbowman, 15 swordsman(shields, armor), 3 cow riders, 8 navy, 2 ramshark, 2  balista-shark, 5 ballista
transport; 4 small cannon ships, 2 ballista ships, 1 s.s. PWNSINGTON McSLAUGHTERHOUSE



Storytelling and Roleplaying / a snaky rpg ( the old, irrelevant one)
« on: August 23, 2009, 03:03:25 am »

techie health; 100% gear: laser limb, blade limb, energy shield, jetpack,
mechanics: 1; use of machines and technology
weapons: 1; use of andvanced weapons
cybernetics: 1; use of enhancments and shields

--flamer health; 100%
merge: 1; ability to become your element
growth: 1;  ability to make more of your element
wield: 1; ability to use your element

--tox health; 100%
merge: 1; ability to become your element
growth: 1; ability to make more of your element
wield: 1; ability to use your element

--wind health;100%
merge: 1; ability to become your element
growth: 1; ability to make more of your element
wield: 1; ability to use your element

--crazer health; 100%
minions: 1; creation of servants and fighters
obliteration: 1; creating singularities to engulf matter
shade: 1;  protects from physical attacks

--psion health; 100%
controll: 1; controll over minds
teleckenisis: 1; controll over matter
order: 1; protects from non-physical attacks

Storytelling and Roleplaying / affliction
« on: July 06, 2009, 12:14:50 pm »
this is based of a dream I had (and a rather dreadfull one). sort of a combination of the thing and pitch black. trying a different flavor for how you interact with the character though.

a strange creature of unknown origin attacked a polar reasearch team. some members were killed, some were afflicted, and slowly turned into one of them, and their minds and body changed. before they lost their minds to the beast, they returned home. it spread throughout the town.
you where one of the survivors, holding up in a safehouse with some other survivorse. but you where recently  afllicted by a sneakattack in which you were cut off from the group. you will slowly morph, internaly and mentaly.

the job of you guys is not just to tell him what to do, but to keep him from losing his mind. the poll will just determines what action you want him to take, and what you post can affect him in other ways.
location: hidden in a resturant's back-room
general sanity : 99%
physical transformation: 1%
inventory: nothing

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / crazens cute cuddly critters
« on: June 16, 2009, 01:12:24 pm »
(I gradualy deleted everything in this top post. check below if you want to see anything

this is my second attempt at a game like this. hopefully this one will do better.

you are an elite team of dinosaurs, performing special missions and such. you can also be a villian. if you are, you are liable to get killed off, but may make another character.

first, a few special ground rules:

-no ocean dwelling animals. decided to steer clear of that.
-no invertebrates
-no boring dinosaurs. you know who you are

character application

specialy: (i.e. tacticien, seige, etc...)

join the D-Team


world powers:

red: Tyrannosaur empire

green: union of herbivore

yellow: P.E.T.A.D. (pterosaurs for the extermination of all dinosaurs)

orange: intellectual carnivores coalition

brown: small, fury, defensless mammals

yes, I'm aware this is a chatch-all map, and that not all dinosaurs lived when this was formed. I don't care enough get a fancier one though. its not even really relevant to the game though, as this in an RP. its just for the fun of it.

you have won the opportunity of a lifetime! great fame and fourtune more fame will be yours! you have won this totaly free (and mandatory) opportunity to enter into the great nasty death tournament!
each of you will be droped onto the same, small inhospitable area, and have to survive off what you can find! dont worry though; we will provide many tools and weapons to help you survive. last one standing wins!

drinks provided by Thuli-Cola! (not that you'l be getting any, of course!)

anyone can join. one character per player only fill out a discription and post it. here there can be up to 12. note that most of your characters will die.

gender: (if applicable)

player: spartan king
name: Tereu'nah'ki
race: Sneal
age: 150 Snars
gender: Male

player: badgerman
name: He'Rhet'Ghu (Hernie)
race: Gorrillan
age: 25
Gender: Dominant

player: crazen
name: drajearus
race: graid
age: 94
gender: male orientation
short bio: an ******* whose trained his entire life. he's a villian. try to kill him

Storytelling and Roleplaying / snaky things2: mech snake
« on: April 29, 2009, 06:59:43 pm »
a tale of adventure, passion, and crappy ms-paint picks.

status (current)

independent thought processes; complex

Laser guided concussion blast+auto-targeting+ constant fire
flamable bolt

hover field projector + flight enabling booster
visual scanner
projectile shield+energy amplification+desintigration field
stealth field + stabilization
electronic controll

first, who will be the main character? these are recurring (i.e. the unkillable sand snake) and premiere characters (i.e. the mysterious and crazy green snake, who is more than you think) from the last snaky game. last time, the hero was the pink snake. this time, its open to be something else.

all non-selected snakes will still be in the story/game

pink snake: the hero of the wastland (fallout reference, for those who don't know) rather easy to piss off

black snake: the rather dull snake. helper of the pink snake. got his hands on some mech tech (laser arm)

red-eye snake:  the apparent main villain. hostile to most of the other snakes. he has mech tech, mindless followers, and fortified bunkers, so that makes up for it.

sand snake: a being of power, made of shifting and reforming sand. apparently indestructible, with unknown motives.

green snake:  'the quetzal', he calls himself. can actually use his wing-things to fly speedy, with some special tricks

mech snake: a mechanical snaky, who's technology has been seen used by the red-eye snake, and later acquired by the black snake.

waring: this will suck

players (max seven.too much of a hassle to do more first come first serve, but favors to people who didnt play last time)

-Name: Andrew Ryan (gray)
Empire: The Fourth Reich.
Capital: Germany
Racial Trait: environmental resistance
Unique ability/unit: The Super Evil Nazi War Machine of DOOM

Name: badger-man (brown)
Empire: Down Under
Capital: Australia
Racial Trait: aspect of the crocodile
Unique ability/unit: The Crocodile Hunter

Player name: munchkin (purple)
Empire name: Grand Britannian Commonwealth
Capital: Britain
Racial trait: Regeneration
Unique ability/unit: superior navy

player name: plank of wood (yellow)
empire name: Republic of Africa
capital: Libya
racial trait: heat advantage
unique ability/unit: rebellion

player name: Flamester (blue)
empire name: United States of Earth
capital: USA
racial trait: Patriotism (high economic supiriority for capital. counters rebellion)
unique ability/unit: advanced air-ships

Player name: Yuu (green)
Empire name: Divine Empire of Japan
Capital: Japan
Racial trait: big brains, weak bodies
Unique ability/unit: mind-controlled cybernetic soldiers

player name:  Spartan king (red)
empire name: Sparta
capital: Greece
racial trait:  SPARTAN super-soldiers
unique ability/unit: Madness

obviously this is the follow-up to this thread:
and this one (OOC)

so, I have reorganized the system. its almost finished. and I ridded the map of the 'lame' countries, too small to be practical (especialy for europe)

ill be writing it all down over the coming days


the player

(the player may choose several options to give there forces and advantage. here is the form to fill out. requests not in this format will be ignored:)

player name:  screen name of the player
empire name: the name you want for your empire. optional
capital: the country the player starts with
racial trait:  there was a nuclear war, and because of all the radiation, people have developed the ability to.. (shoot lasers out of their mouths, ect.  but use something rather practical or realistic)
unique ability: something only you can make or do (for instance, the Nazi war machine, swedish fish, ect)

The world

creatable things (subject to creativity of players)

the map (yeah, the contries are not the way they realy are)
the map on this page will not change

Storytelling and Roleplaying / cutting up the world: done
« on: February 15, 2009, 02:03:31 am »
people: manpower, for labor and millitary. the essential 'health' and power of an empire(creatable)
oil: power machines, infastructure, buildings, weapons etc. (exhaustible)
chemicals: , used for certain weapons, power sources, various (exhaustible)
metal: create machines, buildings, weapons (exhaustible)
rock: create buildings, various (exhaustible)
timber: create buildings, sea vehicles, various (creatable)
crops: food for the people (creatable)
meat/fish: alternate food source. twice as good a food. less common(exhaustible and creatable)

food is automaticaly used(crops support 10 mil each, meat/fish supports 20 mil each)

the blue, ashy color: wastland, usualy caused by nukes (un-ownable)

world condition: each time a milestone is reached, the world takes a toll for the damage, which can be an advantage, in some cases, but is usualy horribly crippling

nuclear fallout: [///////////////{1}////////////{2}//////////////{3}///////////////{4}//////////{5}]
the more area is nuked, the higher the fallout effect
global warming///////////////{1}//////////{2}//////////{3}//////////{4}//////////{5}]

-crazen: Argentina, bolivia, chile, Paraguay, Uraguay, peru, south africa, namibia, Botswana, zimbabwe, mozambique, DP of Congo, Tanzania, Ugunda, CAR, Camaroon, Nigeria, New Zealand ---purple
190 million people, all fed (stable)
total:         22crop, 30oil, 51metal, 14timber, 10rock, 6meat/fish, 22chemical
trade/etc:   0                                                                      +3
using:       -22       -25   -50         0           -1      - 6               -25
open:         0          5       1         5             9         0               0
space station (30metal, 20oil, 1crop)
~super laser ( 25chemical, 20metal, 5oil, 1rock) "fire when ready"
human bio-chemicals (5million people)

-Kenotai: Caribbean, Mexico, Mauritania, costa Rica, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea,Bissau,Morocco,Algeria, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Japan, Libya, [glow=green, Niger, Egypt, Chad, Guatamala, El Salvador, Oman, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan,  Kyrgyzstan----blue  
190 million people, all fed (stable)
total:         14 crop,  20meat/fish  36Metals, 44oil, , 20chemical, 7timber, 8rock
using:        0          -10              -21         -19     -20            -2           0
open:        14           10                15         25       0              5           8
planes( 2metal, 3oil, 1chemical)
ships ( 3metal, 2oil)
farmland (1timber, 1chemical)
submarines(5metal, 3oil, 2chemical, 1timber)
NUKES(10metal, 10oil,15chemical) "needs no introduction"
soldiers (1oil, 1metal, 1chemical)

yuu: UK Icland, Greenland, Philippines, Somalia, Ethiopia, Malasia, Laos, thailand, Burma, Nepal, Bangladesh, bhutan,Finland, Sweden, Norway, india, Yemen, Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan------yellow
800 million people, 470million fed (declining fast)
total:       48oil, 12rock, 43metal, 26chemical, 13timber, 11crop, 9meat/fish
trade/etc:                                                             +10     +4
using:      -15     -6       -33        -18            -3          -21     -13
open:       25      6         10          17             10           0         0
soldiers (1oil, 1metal, 1chemical)
~Exosuits( 1metal, 1oil, 2chemical)
human meat (5million people)
ships (3metal, 2oil)
metal gear: (10 metal, 3oil, 5chemical) snake! snaaake! snaaaaaaaake!
greenhouses (2metal, 2timber, 4chemical)
farmland (1timber, 1chemial)
radiation barrier  (10metal, 6rock, 2oil, 2chemical)
planes( 2metal, 3oil, 1chemical)
submarines(5metal, 3oil, 2chemical, 1timber)
Nuke disarmer (1metal)

-Huckbuck:  north/south Korea----orange
50 million people, 0million fed. (declining)
total:           4oil,  4metal,   4chemical, 2 crop, 2meat/fish, 3timber
trade/other: +2oil              +2
using:         -3     -1          -3           -4       -2             -1 
open:           3      3           3             0         0              2
human fuel (5million people)
anti-radiation suits (1metal, 3chemical, 1oil, 1timber)

-Bagder Man 22: Ecuador, Panama, Fiji, Congo, Madagascar------ an ugly mud color
60 million people, all fed (rising)
total:    4oil,  10meat/fish, 4crop 10timber, 6metal, 4chemical, 2rock
using:   -1      -3             0        -4          0         0             0
open:    3       7              3        6           6         2              2
boats(2wood) "one step above rafts"
wooden tanks (4wood, 2oil)

-Flamester_: Brazil, guyana, suriname, Colombia, guyana, French Guiana, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana----light green
210 million people, 210 million fed (stable)
total:    17metal, 12timber, 7crops, 7meat/fish, 5chemical, 6oil
using:  -5          -3          -7        -7              0            -1     
open:   12          9          0          0               0              5
Ironclad boats (4metal, 1oil, 2timber)
militia (1metal, 1timber)

Kronos: Canada,   Guinea, sierra Leon---------------brown
40 million people (rising)
total:          8metal, 8oil, 6timber, 7meat/fish, 3rock, 3chemical
trade/etc:             +1
using:        -3       -2    -2         -3             -2     -3
open:          5        7     4           4              1       0
border wall (2rock, 1metal,) "keeps those damn imagrants out"
maple fuel (2timber) 
war moose (1metal, 1meat/fish) "only in canadia....."
airships (2metal, 2oil, 3chemical)

USA, Argentina, UK


Post-wars :
USA, Argentina, UK (victors)  VS China(surrendered, became nation of Korea)  VS Germany(obliterated)

Current wars:

the map again, for convenience

Storytelling and Roleplaying / cutting up the world(OOC)
« on: February 13, 2009, 11:22:01 pm »
so, all modern government collapsed, society in ruins.  control the world and all thos kinds of things. counquer stuff. diplomacy stuff, ect.

if you are lacking a resource, you cannot do actions that require them. you will need to make arrangements with other countries to get them.
without food your population will decrease
timber, crops, and people can be created, if you lack them

people: manpower, for labor and millitary. more people means faster production and gathering of resources (creatable)
oil: power machines, infastructure, buildings, weapons etc. (exhaustible)
chemicals: alternate power source, used for certain weapons (exhaustible)
metal: create machines, buildings, weapons (exhaustible)
timber: create buildings, sea vehicles, various (creatable)
rock: create buildings, various other functions (exhaustible)
crops: food for the people (creatable)
food/fish: alternate food source. twice as good a food. less common and cant be created (exhaustible)

post your thoughts here


this will be an rp competition-combat type game. I think you can tell what its about. choose your side
and species(must fall within guidlines of team). weapons and boiography the like are not needed for now.

sharp-tooth (dinosaur carnivore)
-Kcronos; T-rex; airship captain
green-eater (dinosaur herbivore)

flyers (Pterosaurs)
-crazen;quetzalcoatlus; undefined

feathers (bird an bird-like)
Crazen; Troodon; military tactician
-veraal; raptor; fighter pilot

furry (mammal or mammal like)

swimer (fish)
- yuu;Leedsichthys; Submarine Admiral

swiming sharptooth!   (aquatic reptile, shark)
-Yannick: megalodon; captain (sharks dont need sumbarines)


squishy (cephlapods)

(most arthropods cannot be characters due to their lack of a persona. they can be used as creatures and fighters( thoughtless soldiers) , though. they cannot interact with complexity to other character; flight or fight responce)

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