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Forum Games / Join the conspiracy today! Confuss people to death!
« on: June 03, 2007, 11:33:15 pm »

Earlier we had alot of people in the conspiracy. After the old site got deleted everyone seem to dissapeared, so please say something if you are a part of your want to be a part of the conspiracy. I am not locking this topic so people can talk here, but remember you can also chat in the wiki posted above.

The conspiracy will be a picture or multiple pictures spread about the internet linking to a mysterious site. We still need more ideas and more people to back up those ideas before we can start.

Everything Else / Is there a insert button on macs?
« on: May 13, 2007, 08:40:00 am »
I need to know. Yes or no.

Everything Else / Happy 4/20 everyone!
« on: April 20, 2007, 08:12:35 am »
Incase you didn't know, 4/20 is marajuna (sp?) legalization day. Being a kid I don't really know much about that drug, but alot of stoners are trying to get school of today. In order to get school of, some people are trying to put flyers about this "holiday" around the school. But, other people have a different aproach. At one of the highschools near were I live, there have been bomb threats on Monday. On tuesday they sent another bomb threat, telling people that if they went to school that day they would die. On Wensday, they sent a tree on Fire. Yester day everyone needed to evacuate the school ecause they thought they saw a bomb. Today, people are still going to school because they think the bomb won't happen.

Also, a few years ago today there was a shoting at a highschool where 12 kids and one teacher died. At another highschool (the one that my sister is going to) they found a kid with a hit list. This kid was joking about the hit list either, he is an insane creep that wanted to kill everbody today. Luckily the poilce have him now, but still.

Also, today is Hitler's birthday.

 This will be a regular RP but wont have an exact story or huge concept at first.

Simple rules.

No god modding.

No spam.

Constructive post, but can be short.

Keep it realistic.


"Why did you do that!?" Phily McGee was so angry and the big bully that just throw all of his lunch into the trash can. "Do you have any idea how much lunch money that cost?! Now I am going to fail that test in social studies if I am to distracked by my huinger!" Phily gets angry to easily, for the rest of recess Phil would be trying to get revenge on the person thast threw away his lunch. But Phil did not see the one who throw away his lunch, he only new that the bully ran away to to sand box ammeditly afterwards.

"Come on, friends that sit next to me during lunch time, help do something bad to that guy that just did that thing to my lunch." Phil noticed that most of his friends weren't done with their lunch either, but he didn't really care.

Most of you probable think this is done as an April fools joke by the mods, but I have waited enough and it is time for the truth to come out. I haxered the forums. Oviraptor and LadyM don't even have mod powers anymore, I used haxing 1337 magic powers to make them look like the mods, with out the power. Allso, try to edit any post you have made or your avatar. You shall find that your sig, avatar, and posts are still editable, but they are also editable to me to. I banned Gaming Steve to. Oh, and in 2 days I will pretty much destroy the forums and delete most of your guys' post.

Why am I doing this? Because I am really Krajam, one of the first members. Don't remember me? Then you probable don't remember Not a Slayer, that guy on that forum, and Mr.Pengun. We (and hundreds of other people) came here for five years and formed a great community. We discussed politics, religion, and we found out the meaning of life. But Gaming Steve didn't want this. What Steve really wants is to control the media of video gaming and eventually control the world wide media. After he is done with that, he will brain wash as all for his own needs! Of corse everyone one the forum was banned, but somehow I bi-passed the code and made a new account in order to find more ways to hack into the forum. My post being or account deleted randomly? That is not me, that is GS trying to stop me. I was going to warn you guys earlier, but I didn't want GS who is secretly evil to ban me.

....I wasn't really sure where to post this but...

Read it. It works.


Even though everybody says that they stay away from the spore section and that they try not to be apart of it, the Spore section is a huge part of GS. First of all, we get most of our new members from the spore because people allways search for information on spore here. Second of all, the spore section is a place where newbies can practice posting. Once they are ready they move to the forum games section then to the rest of the forum. Basiclly spore is the thing that drives the GS forums. Basiclly Spore is the thing that keeps the pattren of the forum (People here about spore, think it is awesome, search for more information, check out and it's forum, post in the spore forum, slowly learn the ropes of GS, spread to the forum games section, spread everywhere else, soon become part of the GS forum "family" and hardly ever post in the spore section again) of corse this isn't the same for everyone, but for most people it is true.

So what will happen when spore is gone? I think there are 2 sceniors of things that can happen:

1. People will no longer want information on spore.
      Besides the common "Help how do I do this?" and "Man this game is great!" the spore section will slowly die. People will no longer want information on spore because they can simply play or figure it out at another website. This could cause a lack of new members, which can be be good, but can allso slowly turn the forum into a boring place. Even the people that are allready in the spore forum will stop posting, because there is no speculating to be done. Gaming Steve will become a smaller forum, at firt nothing will happen, everything will be the same. But soon thing will become boringer as more people leave. This will take a long time after spore is released to happen, but still.

2. Madness:
       The spore forum will bloom after spore is released. More fanfics, more discussions, more of those RP thing-a-ma-bops. When people search for information on spore they will come here, like usaul, but unstead of staying in the spore forum the whole time (which would be boring even if it was active) they would spread about the forum earlier then they normally would. It is a good thing that people will start to open their eyes to the rest of the forum, but without the Spore Section being active newbies wont have a place to "learn the ropes of GS" causing the spam and randomness that is in the spore forum now to spread everywhere in the forum. Imagine the interior forum to become like the spore section.

I could just be crazy from the lack of sleep I'm getting, but think about it, what will happen when spore is released?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Zombies! An RP
« on: January 28, 2007, 10:34:20 am »
Gunner!: ...

How about There is a wacko in the future

who creates a zombie army

and sends them into different timezones

to kill and make more


Inty|EatingBrain: the fiend

7 who ate 9: yea

Gunner!: you post it

7 who ate 9: Ok! So here I am posting the thread Gunner came up with. It's an RP that will take place mostly in Gabbly, I don't really know how that will work, I'm guassing Gunner will help that, I'm just posting this for him. The rules are like any other RP, no God Modding. Gunner will be the GM. The story is that some Wacko in the future decided the world was to complex and smart for him. This Wacko looked at the animals and thought, "Why can't life just be as simple as them?" That is when he deicided to make a more animal version of humans. He created a zombie army, but he realized it was to late for the world of the future, things were allready to complex. That is when he decided to send them back in time to the year 1987, but something goes wrong. The maching makes an error and seperates the zombies throughout time, now the zombies need to find there family while eating the brains of different time periods.

This. Is. Zombie TIME!

Forum Games / Making a game through a stream of thoughts.
« on: January 27, 2007, 08:06:14 am »
Basiclly this is just were we get to mkae a video game concept that is based around thoughts that come out of our head, I'm really bad with instructions so here's an example:

Poster 1: Okay, for this game we need a main character.
Poster 2: The main character is a orange named Robert, who has the power to shoot lighting bolts out of his eyes.
 the next poster needs to think of a story.
Poster 3: Umm, he needs to save his boss, fro the uhh, lemons. That are evil. Next person, post the genre or mood of the story.
Poster 4: Sci-fi action RPG. Next poster, give us a main villain.
Ect. Ect.

So you describe something about the game the above poster tells you to. You can not say, "that is a stupid idea we are not doing that." unless the person say something along the lines of "Your mom is the main character!!LOLZ!"

To start us of our main character is a time traveling rabbit that lives with dinosaurs.
Next poster must say the Genre or mood of the game.

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