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Spore: General / Re: lets talk abou the water phase shall we
« on: September 03, 2006, 01:42:33 am »
Let's NOT talk about underwater creatures. It will just turn into a flamefest, and is going to lower the morale here by another 3 notches on the Newbdon scale.


Merely because you're too willing to accept the chance of its removal without a fight. Let's face it guys; You would enjoy having the water stage in the game. There's no reason not to enjoy it. So why are people defending the removal of this? Here's some of the arguments I've been hearing:

"If they work on implementing the underwater stage, we might lose out on some other cool features!"
First of all, what other cool features? Other cool features they haven't talked about, perhaps.  But then, why would we miss these features if we never even heard of nor seen them?

"Working on the underwater stage is going to eat up too much development time and the team won't make their schedule."
Last I heard they were ahead of schedule. On top of that; Have patience young grasshopper.

"They're cutting it out of the game so an expansion pack can be made out of it, chock full of other neat features!"
As much as you'd like to believe the expansion is going to be full of neat features; it won't. It'll be exactly what got cut from the game - underwater civilizations and/or creatures. You'll also have to pay $40 dollars for what should have been in the game to begin with. I'd rather see an expansion with things we don't know about than one that we do.

Novel idea: Ask yourself if you want to see the underwater stage of the game. It's a simple yes/no.

If you answer with a yes, send an email to will wright, or EA or Maxis, and say something about it:
Dear Mr.Will Wright/Maxis/EA

There have been rumours circulating that the underwater stage of Spore is being cut, and this tears a deep hole in my heart. Please, would you reconsider this choice for a very dear fan of your game? It pains me to see such opportunity and gameplay lost. At least consider some of the cool things about this stage: [Insert reasons why you think the underwater stage is good. Maybe throw in some of your own ideas.]

Good luck and best wishes,

If you answer with a no, you could send an email to them about why you don't like the underwater stage. Criticize the idea, point out where you feel it's flawed. [But do it politely!]

Who knows? Maybe, juuuust maybe, someone will listen to you, to us. Certainly there is no harm in trying.

Spore: General / Re: Expansion pack poll
« on: August 31, 2006, 11:52:18 pm »
This poll seems is rather biased.

In my opinion, if I see an expansion that is relatively worthless, I won't buy it. A lot of the Sims expansions fall under this category. Others include the downloadable content that you can get for Oblivion.

Bethesda is a particularly unscrupulous company that dishes out absolute crap in their expansions to the game. Their latest offering for Oblivion is a series of spells you automatically learn when you read certain new books. It seems alright for $0.99, until you realize you can make the exact same spells for free in the game already, with or without the free construction set. Not only that, but they still fail to fix the problem with xbox users being unable to delete spells they no longer want. It's pathetic. This kind of 'expansion' to the game could easily be made during a developers lunch break. Seriously. give me 5 minutes in the CS and I could do it.

Spore: General / Re: Spore excitement decreasing?
« on: August 31, 2006, 02:37:46 pm »
I say It's better for us if we think less of spore.
In Gaming try not to expect to much, You'll be let down if you hype too much over a single game, your expectations will probably exceed what the game can deliver and it wont be as fun to play.

If you forget or know little about a game, It adds to the fun as it'll exceed the non-existant expectations you've had for it. For spore i dont want to think that the game is possible of everything, For example even though WW is keeping the other editors and the other non-creature stages more secretive it add's to the enigma of the game.

As an example, i used to be a WoW player, i didnt expect much other than something reminicent of DotA, but it was a great game and it blew me away, how great it was compared to what i thought of it ^_^.

If you think too much about spore you'll end up expecting too much.

I'm not going to lower my expectations for the game, just so I feel good about it while playing. That just leads to publishers and developers releasing dumber games. "Hey, the core fanbase still likes it, and we bought off those magazines to give us rave reviews, who cares if the more well travelled players see through our farce and know the game for what it really is." After a game comes out you should not be lowering your expectations for the sequel, you should be raising expectations. Same goes for a game you're anticipating. If the previews started out looking good, but now they're not, you should not praise them just because you want to enjoy the game when it comes out. Doing so will just end up with you enjoying a steaming pile of crap.

As for the decline in excitement, I can most certainly say I'm very excited about spore, but I'm not without my complaints. For instance, I think the creature animation could use some work, I feel EA/Maxis shouldn't even think of cutting out the ocean phase of the game, I feel that the game needs to add more depth to the different stages than what we've seen.

Each stage on its own should be an enjoyable game, I don't want to be bored by the civilization or the galactic exploration stages, half the game should not be about making your own personal creature. I want depth, the more they can provide, the better. There are plenty of games to draw inspiration from: Civilization series, Galactic Civilizations 2, Total Annihilation, Warzone 2100, Populous, Black and White. I see no reason other than time restraints to put the good ideas from these games to use.

Spore: General / Re: Flaws in Creature Animation
« on: August 31, 2006, 02:09:26 pm »
Most of the creatures we've seen people make are all 4 legged and have the origional spine, and most walk the same way. Until we actualy see someone create a creature with 2 or 6+ legs we wont be able to see how the procedual animation deals with the new skeleton.

I'd like to see how Brandy moves.

That's exactly the problem. Every 4 legged creature shouldn't be walking the exact same way as every other 4 legged creature. There needs to be some more variance in there. Take weight/mass, intertia, and centre of gravity into account, and maybe even make it possible for your creature to screw up and trip over itself if it tries to do something its body just can't handle.

Spore: General / Re: Evening, chaps
« on: August 26, 2006, 03:45:40 pm »
Can you make snake-like creatures?

Note the lack of large visable feet on the snake. I'm wondering if this style of locomotion is actually possible.

Spore: General / Re: Evidence of no more water creatures.
« on: August 26, 2006, 12:49:01 pm »
I can't believe you guys are just taking this. I am OUTRAGED that they would even think of removing the vital water stage, and not one of you is upset about it. For ****'s sake, if you want to keep it in the game you better protest any kind of decision that even just hints at a removal of features you like. Take a stand with me, and show your support for this feature that I and many others feel is very necessary to the game.

Eh, I think that is a bit of a stretch there. The game is suppose to be a fun representation of the cycle of life in my opinion.

That's what I meant, the ocean is the great mother.  Conceptually I'm very disappointed that there won't be a water stage or the chance to return to the ocean later...

Leaving out aquatic life is like taking a beautyful woman and burning off one side of her face.

Without water, the game seems much more barren. There's land and colorful water - which has absolutely nothing!

If underwater creatures are relegated to an expansion pack, it looks like it will be quite some time before I buy either the game or the expansion; I'll wait until their combined prices drop to about to about the same cost as Spore alone when first released, though I realize this will take a very long time. I'm just not willing to shell out twice as much money to get the "complete" evolution experience.


Well they of course plan on releasing a ton of add-on packs ala Sims, so I think this just took to much time and they decided to pull it for now. Wouldn't be amazed if it returns in an add-on.
If you don't like it, say so. Say it with me even: "I do not want the ocean/water phase removed from Spore." repost that nibble, tell them what you would enjoy in that ocean phase, why you would enjoy having that phase. If we all sit back and say "Eh, they're making an expansion pack with stuff removed from the game, that sucks, but I'll buy it soon as it comes out." What do you think they're going to do?

If underwater creatures and civs arent included in the initial release, and if they arent made into a public patchified-update, then even if they do release it as an expansion pack, they'll need to polish it up and add some good stuff in otherwise nobody will buy the expansion pack.
Unfortunately, short of not buying the game/expansion pack to make a point, there isnt really anything we can do about it.
Unbelievable. Look, there *is* something you can do about this. Protest loudly, and do it NOW, while the game is a year from release. Think about this. If water life is in the basic game, any future expansions [as much as I detest the idea.] will have something new - something exciting, rather than ideas and features that could've shipped with the game in the first place!

it will be released in an expansion called "under the sea" or somthing, i do not think there is anything more to say about it.
What you NEED to say is, "NO."

I'm not really too bothered about the inclusion of water civilisations and species. I wouldn't mind if it was added but I wasn't planning on any aquatic/amphibious creatures anyway.
I'm not really too bothered about the exclusion of the city phase. I wouldn't mind if it was added but I wasn't planning on running a city nor was I planning on building one. We get to do that stuff in the tribal phase and the civilization phase anyways. May as well make the game nice and streamlined for me.

Then why were aquatic creatures in the demo I think will wright is talking about sentiant water creatures. Would they be so cut happy to cut a part of the game they already showed off?
I can give you an easy simple answer: They want more money. An Expansion pack should not be full of stuff that should have been in the game, it should be full of stuff that wasn't even thought of or implemented in the game. The underwater phase is already quite well developed, I DO NOT WANT and I WILL NOT BUY, an underwater expansion for Spore. I would politely ask the Maxis team to rethink any thoughts they might have of cutting it.

C'mon you guys, do you want this game to be dumbed down and ripped apart into tiny expansion packs so EA can make more money? Think about this. Tell EA, tell Maxis: "If you remove certain key, critical parts from the game, parts like the evolution of creatures in the water, we WILL NOT buy your game." It doesn't matter if you'll follow through with it or not - some will, some won't. But if the majority of players are telling them that their game isn't worth buying without feature [a] or feature , they will listen. I implore you, please take a stand on this issue, ask Maxis to make sure the water phase is in the game. It's a significant part of how life evolved on Earth itself. Do you want your planets to have no ocean life at all!?

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