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PC Games / Variety in game soundtracks.
« on: August 24, 2007, 07:28:31 pm »
I was recently posting here:
About this soundtrack:
And it got me to thinking, I haven't really heard much Jazz being played in game soundtracks .

For that matter I don't really hear much variety in terms of genres used in video game soundtracks at all. It's usually divided between Rock, Classical and Hip-Hop/Rap.

Are there any ignored Genres/Styles you would want to see more of in Video games?

Any video games people know of that use music not in the mainstream? (I like looking outside the mainstream. You miss a lot of really good stuff if you just stick with what's well known.)

As far as I know the people associated with spore development/developers still take an interest in our happy little fourm.
(On that note, Hi Guys! Watched any good movies as of late? Rented? Saw in theaters? I heard the Transformers movie got some decent reviews. I wouldn't know though. I opted to see Hairspray instead however, which in fact turned out to be a very good choice. Not because I think Transformers would have been a bad choice. I just really liked Hairspray.)

But anyway, I digress.

The reason I've posted this thread is because of this statement from Kotaku:
They also said that they are talking about whether to do an open beta, something that would allow them to stress test what are a whole bunch of new concepts in short order.
From this article:

Now I'm just saying. If people on the Dev team happen to currently be on the fence and such or whatnot over whether or not to do said open beta I would say...please do. Please. Over the last few days I've rediscovered my interest in spore just in this general coverage involving all the information they've released. Whereas, during the extended periods of no information/media being released on spore, I found my excitement in the game become less and less... relevent. Mind you, I still very much have always planned on getting it and playing it like crazy...but without any new information to get excited over during such a long period, It was hard to keep my attention on the game. An open spore beta would definitely do such.

Not to mention it would possibly give you a whole bunch of user created creatures already on the network by the time the game ships.

On the off chance anyone working on spore does come across this thread, I think much of the fourm would agree with me in that an open Beta would be very very appreciated. Very very very very appreciated.

(I did in fact calculate how many "very"s were necessary in that instance.)

Thank you for your time. (I also happened to like the Simpsons movie somewhat, but I'm still waiting for a Movie based on The Critic.)

For those who don't get the VG cats nod:

(Also I more than know about this thread, I've posted in it: I figured since this post was based on a specific article it deserved it's own thread. However if any moderators or fourmgoers disagree, feel free to merge them, or suggest that I ask a Moderator to.)

Anyone have any opinions? Comments?
Ideas on how they would do an open beta?

Short Definition:
"ty·pog·ra·phy (t-pgr-f)
n. pl. ty·pog·ra·phies
a. The art and technique of printing with movable type.
b. The composition of printed material from movable type.
2. The arrangement and appearance of printed matter."


It's really interesting what affect certain text can have on us, just by how it's presented, in terms of mood and style.
Not to mention things like this are pretty cool to watch:

More info in video form:

The Title I didn't use: If a Tree falls in the forest and Everyone is around to hear it, Many generations later when nobody who has any first hand account of the tree's falling is still living and any documents or information of the event if at all existant, are extremely limited, does it make a sound?

I say definitely Yes, but anyway...

Let's say it's thousands and thousands of years into the future any knowlege about this time period is almost entirely, maybe not destroyed, but somewhat hard to access.
Perhaps some sort of time capsule is eventually dug up that contains certain artifacts/media from our time period.

What sort of things would you want to be in there? What wouldn't you want to be in there? Why?

Videos, Pictures, Books, Plays, Documents, Technology, etc...
Just something for Discussion.

(If anyone is curious I mainly pondered this as I watched clips of old sesame street segments on youtube.
Specifically this one:
Although coming across this one didn't exactly break that train of thought: (Shiftiest Sesame street segment ever.))


Hard to describe, but really amazing.(At least to me, I find stuff like this pretty cool. ) It's somewhat like the Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window, only more Drama then Suspense. I've only fully looked through one other apartment story thing besides the main building.

A couple tips:
-The Time thingy at the bottom is somewhat hard to move around easily. If you click and drag you may need to hold it down for a second in the spot you want it to go before you let go.
-I didn't notice till a little ways in, but you can change the song that's playing if you want. When watching the apartment in the bottom right of the building (1B) I recommend listening to the second song on the list. It seems to complement what's going on in that area. As does the last song seem to fit best with what's going on in the story with Apartments 4A and 3B. At least in my opinion. You may find it differently for you.

(And I was kidding about the idea of this being hydro's next project, although if he wanted to try to reproduce this it would be interesting.  ;))

Everything Else / Dresden Codak
« on: June 09, 2007, 04:49:45 pm »
Anyone else heard of this?

I just found out about this comic yesterday. It's like my brain actually walked outside of my head and personally thanked me for reading it. Then we had tea.

It somewhat reminds me of the Twisp and Catsby segments from Penny-Arcade, but supercharged, mixed with the sometimes playfulness of VG cats, and a little of the humor from PBF.

one of My favorite ones so far:

Unfortunately there aren't that many of them, so I finished it pretty quickly.
According to wikipedia, one of the author's main influences is this comic:

This is a thread for posting things of any kind you feel are underrated. It can be anything.
Even Zach Braff:

People, Comics, Soft Drinks, etc...

I'm going to start off with these:
1. (A Devine Dramedy. Really well written continuing storyline web comic.)
2.'s (Dr.Brown's Sodas. I've actually only had the Black Cherry and Cream sodas, but they're really really good. I mean, in some cases better then Coke/Pepsi combined)

Mind you this isn't a thread about views on the administration in our country. (I think There's already a thread for that discussion) I'm just curious how everyone else sees us. The Citizenry. The People. Etc...

Remember to keep all replies civil. Please.

PC Games / Molyneux Knighted for spore?
« on: April 09, 2007, 09:16:58 am »
Interesting story...although sometimes the details seem to get lost along the way:

If Spore really had anything to do with the French Government knighting him...that would be kind of odd...

It did happen though (The Knighting I mean) so:
Like I said Interesting.

Forum Games / What do you think the biggest difference would be if...
« on: March 28, 2007, 03:09:53 pm »
Basic premise, provide a finish for that sentence, next poster gives, what in their opinion would be, the biggest noticable difference if something were different. (Historically, Physically, Scientificly, Situationally, etc...) and then provides a finished sentence of their own.


Poster 1
What do you think the Biggest difference would be if Crystal Pepsi had taken off?

Poster 2
There would be another explanation as to why the water I'm drinking tastes so funny, that and its popularity probably would have let to multiple beverage companies trying the see through idea. Can anyone say Invisible V8?

What do you think the biggest difference would be if Rock had been invented in 1445?

And the next poster would post a response and a question and so on.

No cap on length so be as long or short as you would like


What do you think the biggest difference would be if Captain Kirk had been played by Rod Serling?

Right now it seems we've got a plethora of information to look through. Videos, Screenshots, etc... (Still waiting on that demo, but meh.  ;)) I'm aware most of this is just GDC stuff, but do you think maxis may start steadly releasing info up to spore's due date? (admittedly if they did it would probably be at a lower level then the amount from the GDC.)

Or...are we just in for another long dry stretch for the next few months or so after this dies down?  :-\

Opinions? Thoughts? Ponderances?

Everything Else / We Feel Fine
« on: March 09, 2007, 12:56:31 pm »

This was posted at Penny-Arcade a while back, and I actually thought it was really interesting,
I mean really interesting to look at some of this stuff.

It's basicly quotes taken from random blogs that begin with "I Feel". You can organize them in a whole bunch of ways, narrow them down to a certain criteria and just look at some of the quotes.

According to Madam Lady of M (Who's royal status and/or possible superpowers are still unknown) ,
Steve has not forgotten about the forum, the site or the podcast. He doesn't have a place to record a podcast right now but that is being solved soon. Remember he said that in the last podcast? Well with a new baby, there is no where quiet in his apt. to do that. There will be more podcasts when he gets a place to record.
As far as the front page, he needs new blogging software that allows him to keep his current information and that has been a problem. He currently does alot of work behind the scenes on the forum. Have patience and faith, things will get back to normal.  :)

So...perhaps we should ask the fourmgoers, any thoughts/ideas on Blogging software Steve could get, or areas he could record in around the NYC area?

The sooner this gets figured out, the sooner things happen I suppose.  :)

Books / Know of any Good independent bookstores?
« on: February 09, 2007, 04:18:56 pm »
Although Borders and Barnes & Noble aren't necessarily bad environments to buy a book, there are a lot of really good (and I mean really good) independent book stores out there. You can see a lot more personal recommendation cards (Or things like that) in independant book stores. They're likely to carry books you wouldn't usually see in the major outlets, and they also have their own distinctive atmospheres which just adds to the fun of being there.

My personal main recommendation is for one my family and I first came across a few years ago on a trip to Vermont:
I've only been there twice as far as I can remember. (We went back on a daytrip over this past summer I think.)
But it's seriously a great bookstore.
Added Bonus: It's where I got started reading hitchhikers guide to the galaxy...

Do you guys have any bookstores you would recommend?

Everything Else / Wait, I have a response! It just took a few years!
« on: February 07, 2007, 03:43:41 pm »
Have you ever come across a conversation on the internet, very much so wanted to share your opinion and looked at the date only to realize the topic had died down sometime in the late 90's?
Of course wanting to share your opinion, but at the same time not wanting to pull up an old topic from the depths of the Weblantic Ocean? (Mainly for etiquette reasons)
Then this may very well be the thread you should post in.
The conversation can be from anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

My only request, keep the responses generally well behaved and calm. If it's a response that would have gotten you banned from the place you were planning on posting it, posting it here probably isn't going to work much better.

To get this off to a start.
No, I think you've confused Neutrality with Ignorance. Please leave the internet.

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